DVD Rental Database

Apr 3, 2007

Hello all,

I am a student and in need of some serious help. For our Coursework we were told that we needed to create a database for a company of our choosing. I did some research and decided to pick a DVD rental shop as i thought this would be a good idea at the time. Now its come the time to actualy start making the thing and i am in serious trouble..i have no idea how to use access..i have tried going through all the tutorials but they confuse me more!

all i have so far is 4 tables..customers..DVD's..rentals.and Suppliers..i need to know how to create a input form so i can add new customers but when i try to create a form and then go to pick out the feilds..there is no fields to choose from!

i really really really need some help here.

thanks foe reading


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Equipment Rental Database

Oct 13, 2007

Hi, I am new to access and was if someone could assist me in designing a database exactly like the rentmaster software on this website(http://www.rentmaster.info/trial.html). I was told to design a database just like this one but, I am not all that familiar with ms access 2003. I've try searching google and microsoft's website for database templatesand I didn't see anything similiar to it. Any help with this is greatly appreciated and if I didn't go about posting this in the correctly, I am extremely sorry. Please don't hesistate to tell me and/or guide me to the right place.

Thanks, Val

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DB For Rental Company

Dec 26, 2007

My company rents equipment to our customers. I am looking for a db to track our stuff. There are three possible locations of everything. Warehouse, employee trucks, and Customers. I assume that warehouse can be added to the employee table. I can set up these 2 tables and one for our equipment list, but the hardest thing I am having with is with the table for transactions(I believe it should be a table), this needs to allow batch transations, because typically more than one piece of equipment is moved at a time.

I will need a report that will show each equipment id number in a customers home from date to date (date it was placed and date it was removed), one that will show a list of all equipment locations on a given date, and one more that will show equipment that has been in a customers house for 5 days or more so I can verify that it is still there, becuase equipment typically should never be with a customer for more than 5 days.

Right now I am using excel, but its not working well. I would greatly appreciate some help! The attachment only has the info I need for the 3 tables I mentioned above that I know how to do, and my best guess at what the transaction table should look like.

See atached.

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Cottage Rental Problem

Dec 27, 2006

I've created a database consisting of 10 tables in total (see image).

I've had no problems constructing the database, however when I come to create a booking form I came across a problem. If I add in payment details into the booking form, it won't show records or let me add one, if I take payment details out it works fine.

This makes me think there is possibly a problem with how I have linked the customer and payment tables together but having problems seeing where I am going wrong, could anyone offer a little help?


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Convert Listed Dates To Duration To Calculate Equipment Rental Fees

Apr 7, 2015

I'm new in access I working on DB for my company equipment

I used tables and queries and reached to the following query

Query name (02-By Project)

KSC_NO From_Project To_project Date_of_Trans
K-01-037 52500 12013 02/14/2014
K-01-037 12013 52500 03/31/2015
K-01-037 52500 12013 04/07/2015
K-01-129 52500 12013 03/03/2015

I want to make query to give me the following

KSC_NO IN_Date Out_date Duration (months)
K-01-037 02/14/2014 03/31/2015 13.6667
K-01-037 04/07/2015 Today 0.0333
K-01-037 03/03/2015 Today 1.2

Is that possible?

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Database Size Limited To 2GB / Query Multiple Database Without Linking Tables?

Sep 7, 2011

I'm trying to set up a simple query that links four tables. However, the tables are extremely large, all in excess of 1.5GB each so I had to split the tables up into four separate DBs. I've tried the following with no success:

1) Link the 4 tables in the DB which contains my primary key. This quickly inflates increases the file size above 2GB and won't let me go any further.

2) Build a remote query to connect the four tables. This looked promising until I tried to run the query and it became evident that it only knows to point to the last database source that you specified.

I'm running everything locally on my C drive. The data source are simple text files (1.6 million rows) from the FDA website.

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Forms Count Of Other Database Without Opening That Database Physically

Oct 7, 2005

Hello All...

Well, I am facing one problem..in my application; I need to show all forms / reports name of other database( .mdb ) file without opening the other database physically. I tried a lot but didnt succeded. I tried with below code..

Set AcApl = New Access.Application
Call AcApl.OpenCurrentDatabase(strfolder, True)
Set AcProj = AcApl.CurrentProject

Set frm1 = AcProj.AllForms

intCount = frm1.Count

But here wen the second line AcApl.opencurrentdatabase get executed at that time the database get open physically, and i dont want that..So is there any other way around..If so..please please help me..

Thanks in advance..!!

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Modules & VBA :: Open Database / Run A Query / Close Database

Aug 22, 2014

i have a database that runs updates from within itself.what i need is, this database to then open a another database run a update query, then close it.

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General :: Updating From Local Database To Central Database

Sep 12, 2012

Database: Access 2007

I have designed a touchscreen input system using Visual Basic.net and this writes to an Access Database. Each Touchscreen has its database locally so it can still work even if there are Network problems.

Now what I would like to do is have all these local databases write to a central database say every minute but only write new records to the central database. The Central Database can either be Access or SQL.

What is the best way to do this?

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General :: Database For Metal Market Prices To Be Used In Another Database

Jun 24, 2015

I have been working on a database for over a month now, and my boss just threw a monkey wrench in my work. I believed that the Metal Market Prices would be entered once a week in the current DB. My boss informs me today that he wants an employee to go in every morning and enter that days Price for Each Metal with respect to many different markets.

There is a total of 12 metals, and 5 markets. I need the data to be stored first by date, then by either market or metal, and lastly by which ever isn't used second (Either: date-market-metal, or date-metal-market). I think the Latter of the two methods makes the most sense. Is it possible for my current DB to lookup values from the Metals Database based on date-metal-market?

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Jet Database Engine Error On Non-shared Database

Jul 7, 2005

I have a problem that seems to be happening on several users' databases and is causing a big problem. None of the databases is a shared database...they are all single-user databases on stand-alone computers. I have tried looking for help within previous posts, but all seem to be related to shared databases.

I am getting an error message: "The Microsoft Jet database engine stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time." The database cannot be opened, imported, repaired...nothing seems to work.

Again...these are NOT shared databases. I appreciate any help I can get. I created the database for all of the secretaries in our school district to keep up with absence data. It involves many tables, queries, forms and reports, and has generally worked well. However I am now seeing several that are getting similar errors as mentioned.


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Best Way To Import SQL Database To Local Access Database?

Dec 25, 2005

I'm new to Access and VBA, for the record. What I need to do is copy a SQL database (table structures and records) and save it as a local Access database, so that the user can query and make any changes on the local file without editting the SQL database.

Looking around, it seems like the best option would be to use the TransferDatabase method with the acImport option. Does this sound reasonable, or can someone with more experience suggest a better way to go about it? Thanks.

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Tables :: Create A New Database Y And Link To Database X

Aug 28, 2013

I am testing the security of my DB X on Acccess 2007. I could create a new database Y and linked to the database X. Unfortunately i could change the records on the tables. I don't want other DB that make connections to my DB to change my tables!

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Accessing A Table In Database A From Database B

Aug 29, 2005

Is it possible to access a table in one Database (Database A) from a separate Database (Database B) and if so how. I should clarify that this is an Access Database.

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Create EXE From Database And Have Several Project Using Same Database

Oct 24, 2013

I created a database with forms, querys, etc. Now I was thinking of creating a exe so everyone can use this database without having access to all the design functions.

the only problem I see about doing this is if we need to use the same database for different project, we need to always create a new exe for each project.

Is there a way to make a empty database exe with just the layout, querys etc but with no data on the tables and have a save, open and save as option. So we can have several projects using the same database?

I was thinking to create a VB code for the database to delete all data on the tables when the database is open.
and before closing the database exporting all the data to a txt file or something.

Then the next time someone opens the database goes to the main form which has a open bottom which imports the txt file into the tables.

This way we can have several txt file for several project and use always the same exe database.

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Linking To Another Database From On Database

Nov 20, 2006

I am working on a database that will be an addition to an existing one on the company server. However, to make the overall layout not so complex and allow room for other additions in the future, I'd like to keep the databases separate. This will also ensure more efficiency, integrity and troubleshooting overall.

Does anyone know how this is done?

Thank you in advance for your help,

~Kilch :eek:

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How Can I Save My Database As A MDE Database.

Oct 2, 2007

The menu for make a MDE file is blanked out or grey’d out. The database is partly made using access 2000 then xp


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Launching Another Database From Within A Database?

Dec 21, 2013

I have a series of unrelated access databases and I would like to have one 'super menu' where i can click a button to go to different databases.

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Car Database Help!

May 24, 2005

I have a car dealership database and have a servicing section.

I want to create a form to service these vehicles.

The only vehicles which will be displayed on the from are the sold ones (because you cannot service a vehcile which hasnt been sold) which i have a query for.

I also want the form to display the customer who owns the car the service details (eg what they need), the parts availiable and the parts required for the service.

The calculations i need to make in this form are as follows

quantity needed (parts required table) - quantity in stock (purchasing customer parts table)

quantity needed (parts required table) * price (Parts Table) + labour (servicing table) = part/labour costs (servicing table)


any suggestions on how to do this would be fantastic

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I Really Need Help With My Database

Jan 4, 2006

i havent been able to figure out how to get my subform to work properly....
i've posted in the forms section (http://www.access-programmers.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=99624 )

it is really important that i figure this out so that i can keep my job..

how else can i obtain help? even if i have to pay for it?

what do you guys suggest?

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Can't Log On To Database

Feb 13, 2006

Hi all,

I was playing with passwords for one of my access db.

I tried opening the db with the password, but it won't work. So, I thought I forgot the password. I checked some posts on this forum that helped in retrieving the password and it's the same that I have been trying. I am not sure if the Name is correct, is there a way to retrieve the log on name?

I also noticed that when I try opening any other db on my system, it asks me to log on, I though I was only applying a password to one file.

Please help


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Apr 3, 2006

Hello Here is my question I have a datbase with 4 tables
I have one of the table related to the other 3 by agent name.

I Have a page with the agents and all thier info. NO problem
I want to create a link from each agent to thier listings..

Do I need to have a seprate page for each agent or can one page
create the info I need with that agent..??

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Help With Database Set Up.

Apr 15, 2006

I have been tasked with setting up a database for all employees the info contained is along the following lines:

Employee Number:
Qualification Status:
Qualification Run Out Date:

To name but a few of the parameters

I have currently set up the start up screen, main switch board and the complete employee records table with form (for simple viewing/input).

My problem is this we have four departments that require access to the database

Admin - Require access to all employee records (View)
1 Dept - Require access to their employees (View and update records)
2 Dept - Require access to their employees (View and update records)
3 Dept - Require access to their employees (View and update records)

Currently i have created one complete employee record table (Admin) how do i break this down for each department so that when the info within each one is updated it in turn updates the main Admin table?

I started by copying and renaming the Admin table for each department but this never updated.

Any help and info would be appreciated.

On a slightly less important note for the time being at least can i password protect each command button on the main switchboard?

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Database Help

May 16, 2006


I basically started teaching myself how to use Access 2000 about a week ago. I am working on a project for work, that requires to have a report of all the training records. But my boss wants it to be color coded. He wants one color to show the people's training classes that are 45 days out from being over due, he wants another color to show what classes are due. And another color that shows classes that are over due. In my table, I have a column for the classes that show the date that they took the class, and I have another column that shows the due date of the class. But I have no idea how to go about getting the report color coded with what he wants. Any help at all would be great. Many thanks in advance.

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Database Name

Jun 28, 2006

I am being asked to modify a old program for a new similar function.

In the blue heading bar above the tool bars there is a name (ECB License) for the database. I need to modify this name to the new name (wheat license).

Thanks for your help. GG

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Looking For Database Or Something

Aug 2, 2006

I have be requested to find or create something that will track and reports meals served at the camp.

They require breakfast,lunch,dinner and midnight meals recorded for each section and for the day.

I have look for an access db or and excel spreadsheet samples but not able to find anything.

Maybe someone here is already doing this or knows where I can finded something like this.

Thanks for everyones help.


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