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Database Locked By Another User

I have a problem with a database. There are 4 users who tries to work with it at the same time, but they have problems allt the time. It often happens that they got an error "The db is locked by another user" and then they canīt do anything.
Please any idea why? Or a solution?

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Database Locked By User
I have a 2000/2003 format database used only for reporting.

It has linked tables to an SQL Server database.

It automatically opens a form with two buttons on it (no data) and hides the database window and the regular menu, replacing it with my own toolbar.

The default open mode for the database is "Shared."
The default record locking for the database is "No Locks"
On the opening form, the record locking is set to "no locks."

Yesterday, no problem for two of us to share it.

However, when I open it on my computer (not to edit - to use. I simply open it - not in exclusive mode.), and then another person opens it, they get the message that says "the database has been placed in a state by "Admin" on machine (my machine) that is locked and will not be able to be opened." (not verbatim, but close.)

When the other person opens it first and then I try to open it, I get a message that I don't have exclusive access and will not be able to save changes. I have to hit okay about 6 times, but then it opens.

Some users at off-site locations are having problems sharing - some are not.

Any ideas?

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Multiple User Receiving Record Locked

I have a database we use to enter new account numbers and several other atribbutes about the account and it is split into a FE/BE with the BE in a shared folder. I have the open database using record-level locking checked but it seems to me that the database is opening up with page-level locking. Multiple users will receive a message that the current record is locked and I am sure that they are all not updating the same record. Does anybody have any idea's of what I can do? If nothing else I am going to have to recreate my form as an unbound form and see how that goes.

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Locked Database
i have this database with tables i can't access, so i had to import the data into a new database , given the size of the new database JoeCruse (form this board) pointed out that it could be that the front end is separated form the back end. and i can't find the front end anywhere

i want to press F11 and see the tables and so forth open up when i launch the original db. how do i go about doing that.

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Database Locked Up NEED HELP
I have a database that I password protected. Somehow, in the process of applying the password, the file became corrupted and now I am getting the following error message:

"This database is in an unexpected stat; Microsoft Office Access can't open it.

This database has been converted from a prior version of Microsoft Office Access by using the DAO CompactDatabase method instead of the Convert Database command on the Tools menu (Database Utilities submenu). This has left the database in a partially converted state."

Does anyone know what this error is and how I can retrieve my data?? I have tried to import the files into a new database, convert the database into a different version and compact and repair. Nothing has worked. I have looked into recovery tools and two of them do get me into the database and let me see some of the data, however, the programs are holding my information hostage until I purchase the software which is running around $300.00. Any ideas???

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Locked Access Database
I have a MS Access 97 database that seems to be locked. I wish to update it but I cannot open it as a regular file. When it is opened, there is no way to edit the database or access any of the controls that are usually present. The tool bars are even different.

Any idea?


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Database Locked Error
OK, I have a database that works great when used on 1 computer. Basically, a friend of mine has a dj show, and he wants an electronic request system. So, I came up with this database, which works great on one computer. I am attaching the database.

So, the problem is, the database is on the dj computer, and then there is another computer on the network that will be setup for accepting requests. When I have the database running on one computer, when you try to open it on the other, it gives me a locked database error. Obviously the requests need to make it from one computer to the other. I'm pretty sure I didn't have it open exclusive. Any ideas...... I'm having a brain fart today, and I've not had much sleep.

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Locked Out Of My Access Database
I am completely locked out of my Access Database!

Basically, I have 3 forms which have all got the properties set to DISALLOW right clicking on them to prevent users accessing the design of the form, they all have code behind them so that they cover the entire screen and block ALL menus/shortcuts apart from those available on the form and I have set up a command button on each form which is password protected to ONLY allow Admins to access the design/backend of the form/database when they enter a valid password.

However, I was playing around with the settings of all these forms and have inadvertantly locked myself out, the last thing I remember doing was setting up a "Password" form to collect the Administrator password which had code attached to allow access to the database design. This was working fine until I tried "tweaking" it and now whenever I input the CORRECT password, I get the error message;-

"Error 2585: This action can't be carried out while processing a Form or Report event"

If I enter an INCORRECT password, I get the standard "Login Failed-Please try again" form that I have set up.

The "Password" form doesn't have an override/Cancel (I wanted to make it REALLY secure) it means that although I can use the database fine for entering/editing information/data within the database when it first opens, as soon as I want to make changes to the design and try to log in with "Admin" privellages using my custom made "Password" form, it then pops up with the password screen and goes no further.

I do have a backup of this database BEFORE I set up the "Password" security to collect the "Admin" Password but I can't remember the code I used and although I can work it out again, it will take me a LONG time to work it out again. So I was wondering if any of you might have some ides or a workaround I could try to gain back "Admin" rights to my database.

Does this makes sense? As stated I do have a backup so if all else fails I'm going to have to try to remember how I got it working in the first place BEFORE I cocked it up but if any of you could save me the trouble that would be very much appreciated!

Thank you very much


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Access Database Locked / Time Out
Hi Folks!! - Iím new to ASP and need to produce display some data with access. The following code I have used works but when the data is refreshed, the browser reports - a unspecified error, if I wait a while and refresh the browser it works again! Refresh it again immediately it fails! Please Help!! - Below is The Code -

<title>Connect To Matrix!</title>

Dim objcn
Dim recrs

set objcn = server.createobject("ADODB.Connection")
' "DRIVER ={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=C:Matrix Builderparts.mdb"
objcn.Open "DSN=matrix"
objcn.CursorLocation = 3
set recrs = server.createobject("ADODB.recordset")

SQL = "Select * from Parts order by category, description" sql, objcn

response.write recrs.recordcount & " RecordCount <br>"
while recrs.eof = false
response.write (recrs("category")) & "&nbsp; &nbsp;" & (recrs("description")) & "<br>"


set recrs = nothing
set objcn = nothing

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Server Dumped...Database Locked...What To Do?
I log into my server via remote connection from 3000 miles away. My database resides there.

If for what ever reason, I dump locally - the server does not recognize that I dumped - and thus keeps me logged in.

When I log back in, it logs me in as a second instance.

Here is the problem:

I was in access changing a form when I was dumped. (power went out). Now the server thinks I am still connected working on it. How do I shut down the service that has the DB locked - and delete the record-locking file that resides in the directory beside the database. (this record-locking file is the file that access creates whenever you start editing your database forms..etc...). I can't just delete that file - as access tells the server that it is still in use.

I am almost sure a reboot would rectify this issue - is there ANOTHER way to do this? (what is the service that is running that can be forced down?)

Thanks in advance,

Belchlord - way down South.

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User-only Browsable Database
I was wondering if there was a way to view mdb file without the navigation pane and ribbon (for Access 2007). I know I've used an access database that someone else made and it was done in a kind of "user-only" style interface where all you saw was the forms and reports in a dialog box style. This kept the user from seeing any of the tables and queries and all the "under the hood" types of things.

Does anybody know how to do this?

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Multi-User Database
I would like your opinion on this; I have a ms access database that will be used in a multi-user environment, across different Teams. Data will be loaded from text files several times a day in a MS Access table, users will retrieve the data from the tables and displayed in a form. Their job will be to add comments and select drop down boxes for actions they have taken. Since the data is downloaded in the tables and retrieved from the user instead of the user keying in the data from scratch I would like to know how to best design this. Iím thinking of having a query run to display the data in the user form but is there a way that I can have the data refreshed every so often so that users can be presented with the new records that are being downloaded. What best practice should I use to avoid conflicts like example splitting the database or using record locking options

Any help is appreciated! Thanks

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Need Help On A Multi-user Database
Hello Everyone! I have a project that is driving me crazy!! :mad:
I have a form on a database that retrieves data from a query; this database is in a multi-user environment. What I am trying to accomplish is to allow the form to bring up the next available record that has not/or is NOT being worked on yet. The form I built does a re-query every time the user goes to the next record and looks for anything that has not been worked on yet. It does this by looking at the timestamp the user has placed once completed the record on the form. I also placed my record locking option to Edited Record. However when the users sign on simultaneously they still get the same item on their screen. Is there a way to create some sort of locking mechanism that would allow the form to display to the user the next available record that has not been or is not being worked on by a user at this time? Theoretically I am looking at something like this: Once a user opens the form and the record is displayed on the screen, lock the record and avoid any user from viewing or editing this record. All other users should be directed to the next available record, every time the user hits the next button move to the next available unlocked record and immediately lock it from viewing or editing from everyone else.

I appreciate any help you can provide me on this!!

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Multiple User Database
I searched around to have multiple users and the only thing I found on the topic was
the following:

On the Tools menu, click Options.
On the Advanced tab, under Default open mode, click Shared.

and its suppose to work (which it didn't since I'm posting)

I have a few tables and a few forms, and I need to be able to have 2 or 3 people on at any given time.

Thanks for any help or even looking @ my post

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