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Disable Shift Key, F11 Etc..


I am just about to set up user level security for my database. Before I do, how do I disable the holding the shift key thing when opening a database to get into the database window?

I want to make it so the users can't see the database window or access the backend data. As I will need to give permissions to use most of the tables, how is this done?

I am using Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Disable The [Shift] Key
I need to disable the [Shift] key so that when the users open my MS Access database, they cannot by pass the open form and display the database window.

We had code that worked correctly with an MS Access 2000 MDB, and even works with an MS Access 2003 ADP, but the same code is ignored by MS Access 2003 MDB.

We add Module named "DisableByPassKey", here is the code...

Public Function SetProperties(strPropName As String, varPropType As Variant, varPropValue As Variant) As Integer
On Error GoTo Err_SetProperties

Dim prps As AccessObjectProperties
Dim prp As AccessObjectProperty
Dim isPresent As Boolean

Set prps = Application.CurrentProject.Properties
For Each prp In prps
If (StrComp(prp.Name, strPropName, vbTextCompare) = 0) Then
isPresent = True
Exit For
End If

If (isPresent) Then
prps(strPropName).Value = varPropValue
prps.Add strPropName, varPropValue
End If

Exit Function

If Err = 3270 Then 'Property not found
Properties.Append prp
Resume Next
SetProperties = False
MsgBox "Runtime Error # " & Err.Number & vbCrLf & vbLf & Err.Description
Resume Exit_SetProperties
End If

End Function

The code does not cause an error, it just seems to do nothing. When I set the [Shift] key to "disabled", then re-open the database, the [Shift] key works once again.

If you have any ideas, it would be great.

Thank you!

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Disable Shift Key On Load
Ok, I'm new the access database security. I want to disable the shift key
as soon as the database is opened to prevent users from getting to my data. I
do have userlevel security in place with modal forms. This is my final step...I

Is there any code or sample database that I may download? Thank you for your

Best Regards,


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MDE/Shift Key
I've written a database for a handful of users in my office, split it and compiled the mde, which they are using fine with no problems *touches wood* so far.
This is the first time I've compiled a database into an mde, and I've just noticed that if you hold down Shift when opening the mde, it opens up the database window, showing the forms, queries, reports and macros. The tables are shown as linked, and you can't get into Design view on the Forms and Reports.
I doubt that any of my users are savvy enough to have figured this out, but even so, I was wondering what would happen if someone got in and started changing things?

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Shift Key
I have a question about security. I have a database. I want all users to have access to edit or delete data via the forms. What I want to prevent is the user just holding shift and editing the tables directly. I really don't want the users to have to log in or use a password, they already have to log on to a secure network. I was wondering if there is a way to just prevent, or password protect, opening a table directly. I still want them to be able to edint table data, I just want to make sure they go through the form to do it. Thanks for your time.

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Shift Between Two Forms
I've a form "data-order" and a button which opens a new form "specific data" passing a value with openargs.
I just want to insert data in the second form, minimize it clicking on the "hide" button, insert other data in the first form (eventually re-open the second form to modify the specific data) and save all in their tables clicking the "save" button of the first form.
Is it possible to hide the second form without losing the inserted data (to re-view and modify it - if necessary) going back to the first form?

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Shift Bypass
Is there a way to change the shift key and use another key on startup?? Security for me isn't a big issue... but I'd still like to protect things from being tampered with. I don't want to use MS security (I use it on other DBs) but its not really approriate on the one I'm developing. Any ideas??

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Shift Rota/Calendar
Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone as delt with creating shift calendars(rota). I had an idea to create a calendar simular looking to the outlook design, but wondered if there were any other ideas out there.

To give you info, I want to create a rota so each shift can see what days they are working. There are 5 shift groups and they all work for 6 days before having 4 rest days. In the 6 days they work, the staff work 2 mornings, 2 Afternoons and 2 night shifts. In effect its like a 10 day week instead of (a normal) 7 day week. Of course there will be holidays, sick's and overtime so the rota needs to be flexible to change each persons shift pattern.

I've seen many calendar programs on the forum, but been unsure how these forms work and so wouldn't know where to start for me to adapt them to my needs.

Any ideas will be much appreciated.

Deckspin74 :confused:

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Opening Db By Holding Down Shift Key

Believe it or not, we just upgraded from Access 2000 to 2003. In Access 2000, I have my dbs set up so that you must hold the shift key down while opening the db in order to see the database window. In 2003, holding down the shift key isn't working. Is there another way to get the database window open (or am I doing something terribly wrong)?

Thanks in advance.

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Password On Opening With [SHIFT]
Our db is protected, in other words, when an user opens the db, no possibility to open any menu is availiable. However, if the user is smart (some are :D) then opening the db with the [SHIFT]-key held down the db opens and those users can edit the tables etc.

It would be just enough for our situation to have the possibility to set a password to the [SHIFT]-key when opening the db.

Is it possible? and if it is, please explain to me how

Thanks in advance.

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Shift Design Query
Hello,I am attempting to create a database for a charity organisation, the database will hold information about there volunteers, roles, languages, building, and shifts.One of the main problems I have at the moment is how would I cater for the shifts. Open Sunday - Monday 6 Shifts at present different days are open for different shiftsAny help pointers greatly appriciated.

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How To Bypass Shift Key And Secure Your Database
I just post this one because it took me more than an hour to find a comfortable solution for access 2003;en-us;826765

To set the AllowBypassKey property to False, follow these steps: 1. Start Access.
2. Open an Access database project.
3. In the Database window, point to Macro on the Tools menu, and then click Visual Basic Editor.
4. In the Visual Basic Editor, click Immediate Window on the View menu.
5. Type the following code or paste the following code in the Immediate window, and then press ENTER.CurrentProject.Properties.Add "AllowBypassKey", False

6. Close the Visual Basic Editor, and then close the Access database project.
7. Open the Access database project. Try to bypass the startup options that are set for the Access database project by holding down the SHIFT key while you open the Access database project.

The functionality of the SHIFT key that permits you to bypass the startup option is disabled. Although you hold down the SHIFT key to bypass the startup options, the startup options are executed. You cannot bypass the startup options.

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Hid Everying Upon Startup: Shift Key Not Working?

I hid everything upon startup and holding down shift key isn't working? What am I doing wrong?

Do I hold it down after Logon or before...not sure why it all of a sudden stopped allowing me to bypass.

Please Help.

Thank you.

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Display Shift Based On Time
I'm making a dispatch call database that will be sorted at the end of the month based on call types and which shift that call was originated on. Our shifts are 6a-2p, 2p-10p, 10p-6a.

I am figuring that the time would be converted to minutes and then the display would be figured based on which times the minutes occured between. IE: the call origintaed at 0100hrs = 60 minutes. It would figure that 60minutes translates to "Night Shift".

How would I convert time into minutes and how would the if/then be established?

Thanks so much for all your help

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Block Shift Button When Starting Up Application
Hi, in some application I have made using a switchboard after starting up, I saw that when the user holds the shift button, this switchboard does not show up automatically. How can i fix it that the user cannot interfere holding this button?

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Access 2007 - Disabling Shift Key And Hiding DB Window

I have a couple of databases set up with shift key bypass and DB window hide and a couple of menu bar commands hidden (All code taken from this great forum :) ). Recently my company decided to upgrade Access 2000 to Access 2007 and they have given me a test environment and a time frame to convert / test all my applications.
I found this concept of ribbon and office links very different and shocking.
Is there a way of hidding somethings that you can do with the office links (like compact and repair) and a way of hiding some clusters in the ribbon (like export and import data, have a dtaasheet view of any form? etc) Any help or link along these lines would be helpful..

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Calculating Shift Patterns/rosters In Access 2000

I wonder if someone could point me in the right direction with this one....

I need to be able to check at any time which person is working a shift on a specific day, and whether they are working a day or night shift. In effect I have 4 engineers, who work on shifts A B C & D. All the engineers work a 4 on, 4 off shift pattern, so for example if engineer A is working day shift, engineer B will be working nightshift, C & D will be on rest days. The pattern rotates every 4 days, so in the case of engineer A:

1st - days
2nd - days
3rd - days
4th - days
5th - rest
6th - rest
7th - rest
8th - rest
9th - nights
10th - nights
11th - nights
12th - nights
13th - rest
14th - rest
15th - rest
16th - rest
...................and so on.

I need to be able to pull up a form that tells me which engineer is working which shift on a selected date -I hope I've explained myself properly. Can this be calculated 'on the fly' using VBA & a reference table or lookup? I'd prefer to do this by programming if possible.

Hope that someone can help.

Many thanks,


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