Display Record Numbers On Form

Mar 24, 2006


I am trying to display the records (counts) on my Invoice form.

I tried to put one text box and typed as follows:


This kind of text box we normaly use to count records on Reports and it counts well. But this did not support me on form.

I need, it should display records from 1,2,3 and so on upto the last record entered for that invoice.. Each new invoice should start from 1 to the last record number.

Any idea ?
With kind regards,

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Please Help, Form With Record Numbers

Dec 21, 2006


I thank everyone in advance if they can help me with this.

What i would like to do is display the record number on my form in between the record navigation buttons that i have allready added.

I can hear poeple now saying, " why dont i display the navigation buttons in the form properties?" and the reason i do not wish to do this is because i do not want poeple to be able to add a new record!

so, if someone can help me remove the "New Record" button from the standard navigation then that would be excelent.... but if not then how can i replicate the record number into my form?

Thank you all again for your help with this


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Record Numbers In Continous Form

Aug 19, 2005


How can I make Records numbers in Continous form?

For Example, in Continous Form I have 10 records, the numbers are from 1 to 10. Then I make filter and see only 4 records. I need to see from 1 to 4.

Any ideas?

Thank You in advance.

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Reports :: Numbers Display -2E-15 Instead Of 0?

Sep 19, 2013

I have a payroll database and my report that lists vacation time is not displaying correctly (for one person only). Every entry into my payroll tables are in this format: ##.## (24hr) I've double checked all entries that they are entered in this fashon, and found nothing out of the ordinary.

So when I run my report's query I grab VACATION_EARNED from my EMPLOYEE table; subtract VACATION_USED (as a sum from my PAYROLL table) and subtract VACATION_SCHED (as a sum from my FORCAST table) to get VACATION_REMAINING.

if I look at this in a query instead of a report; my results are exactly what I would expect to see. I.E. JohnDoe, 40, 32, 8, 0 Yet when I view the data in the report, instead of the 0 showing for VACATION_REMAINING I get -2E-15

Now I recognize this as a scientific notation, but why?!?! I've set the report field's properties and backtracked all my number fields to be sure all of them are set to the same properties

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Unable To Display Numbers In The Tenths

Jul 16, 2007

I am using Access 97 and I have the Table and text box formats set to fixed and decimal place is 1. Access appears to be rounding.

Is this normal or id there something I can change?

Thanks for your help.

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General :: Bound Form With Search Box - Select Record In Dataset And Display In Form

Aug 19, 2014

I have a bound form which is from tblEmployee, I'd like to have a dataset below (like a splitform but not a split as they have limits) so when i search in the box it gives me say all the smiths - i select for example david smith and it displays his information in the form objects above so they can be edited?

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Forms :: Subform To Display Words Instead Of Numbers

Apr 5, 2013

I have a main form and a subform. The main form displays the information as combo box = column.2 (in other words it shows the actual word not recorded y/n checkbox = obviously shows which is checked

However the subform shows

combobox = 1 or 2 etc the recordid
y/n check box 1 for yes 2 for no

How do I get the subform to display the words instead of numbers? (can live with the Y/N)

have basically the same issue with a split form (combo only) shows words and datasheet view shows corresponding record id number

tried using =[coffeetype].[column.2] on both the subform and split form datasheet but doesn't work.

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General :: Display Numbers As 0001 Or 0012

Dec 4, 2012

- I have a table "Quotes" with fields "UserID" and "Quotenumber"
- I have a form "Make quote" with a textfield "txtQuotenumber" and "txtUserID"

With the following code "txtQuotenumber" gets the highest quotenumber for the current "txtUserID" from the "Quotes" table:

=DMax("[Offertenummer]";"[Offertes]";"[Offertes].[Gebruikers-ID]=" & Formulieren![Offerte formulier]!txtGebruikersID)+1

It displays quotenumber 1 as "1" but what I actually want is it to be displayed as "0001". Quote 211 will then be displayed as "0211". I tried this by entering "0000;;_" into the property "input mask" of "txtQuotenumber" but that results in "1".

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Open A Form And Display Last Record

Mar 29, 2005


I've searched for this but can't find how to do it, When I open this form I want it to display the last record in its control source, This is probably a simple one but I just can't seem to make it happen...



P.S. This is what i Have so far...

DoCmd.OpenForm "frmAbout"

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Sub Form Record Display Dilemma

May 26, 2005

I have a form with a sub form that opens based on a record search for a patient, whose details are displayed at the top in the main form.
The sub form displays visit information for that patient (there can be multiple visits).

On opening the sub form is filtered and only shows one record at a time. I would like it to open and show all existing visit records for the patient and be ready to enter a new visit!

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Add Selected Numbers From Across Fields And Display Real Time

Aug 15, 2006

I am trying to display a total based on 3 separate combo boxes in a form. there is a name with an associated number value using 2 fields. the values come from a linked value spreadsheet. the name field is "text" and the number is "number". the user selects their name and number using a combo box drop down window. this occurs 3 times in my form and i want to sum them in a 4th combo box. this is about how it should look, where "Total" happens automatically depending on the name selected.

Lewis 3 Smith 2 Parks 2 Total= 7

thanks for helping.


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Display List Of Numbers Stored Into Field Of Database

Jul 7, 2014

I have a question regarding the display of a list of numbers that are stored into a field of my database. Currently the numbers are comma-delineated which is fine with me, but I was wondering if there is a way to change the display of those numbers on the form so that it is easier to read.


current format - 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10
desired format - 1-4, 7-10

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Display Form As Datasheet With Many-record Queries?

Jan 2, 2007

I want to build a form for my users to allow them easy access to data shown in datasheet or continuous forms view.However, the problem is that they want to also see on the same form Contact details (Name & Tel.no). This is a one to many relationship with the underlying query so I cannot build this data into that query as it then makes it un-updateable.I had thought of putting the contact details into a subform and then putting that onto the continuous form but Access does not allow that.I am currently trying to get it work using an Unbound listbox and then using either a query or DLOOKUP but so far I cant get it to work.It seems to be something to do with it being on a continuous form.Any ideas please?

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Calculate Last Record Value Plus 1 / Display Result On Form?

Nov 18, 2014

I'm trying to use the job number field, which is my primary key in my table, to auto assign the new job number on my Forms. Currently, I have to enter a new job number manually, and it has to be unique because that is the way I have it set. I can't use autonumber because Access does not allow you to select what number you would like to start from, which would not play well with my current job numbers.

Basically I need Access to get the job number from the last record and add 1 to it, or just find the last / highest current job number and add 1 to it.

I created a query (qryFindJob#s) that list all of the Job Numbers, but I'm not sure how to add the query results to my Form to display the Job number + 1. I created a text box, typed a simple expression in the control box to see if I was on the right path (=[qryFindJob#s]) but I keep getting a #Name? error in the txt field.

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Display Multiple Images Per Record Or A Form / Subform

Sep 27, 2011

Is it possible to display, in either a form, multiple images that are dynamically linked? Can they all be displayed at once 1 to many images, either by using navigation bars or scrolling through a subform? The links would be stored in another table within the same database and not as hyperlinks.

Conceptually it would be like scrolling through multiple records on a subform with images rather than alphanumeric data in fields.

Would like to know if this is possible and if so in what versions of ACCESS.

Is there add-on software that would make this possible.

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Display Field From A Query On A Form Not In The Forms Record Source

Jul 27, 2005

In short can I display a field on a form that is not in the forms field list without using a sub-form? I am trying to show a value from a query on this form. I tried this in the control source:
[qry_op500_entry_delta]![countofphone model]
I get an error stating that this is not in my field list for the form.
If the answer is No or if needed I can give more information on what I am trying to do.

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Forms :: Display Button On Selected Record In Continuous Form

Oct 30, 2014

I have continuous form in Access 2010. I highlight selected record. Now I would like when user will select record, that record will display button to give ability user delete it. For not selected records button not visible and disable. How to display button only in selected record in continuous form?

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Move Numbers From Record To Next Record

Apr 10, 2012

Access 2000 Win 7. I want to have some numbers move from the record I am using to a new record when I move to the next record when it opens?

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Record Numbers

Mar 22, 2005

I am wondering if it is possible to code something that changes the record number of a selected record. I have a form that lists the schedule of the company. I want to be able to move the position of the records around so it can be changed. The form is based on a query and is sorted by date and sequence number of that date. For example, I would want to be able to move record number 3 on the form to record 4 and vice versa. Thanks :)

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Forms :: Combo Box Search - If Record Not Exist It Will Display Msgbox To No Record Found

Oct 28, 2014

I have a problem with my database I have a combo box that will search for my record. Actually its working I input the specific number it goes to the specific record. But I want, if there no existing record in my database it will display a Messagebox that "No record Found" I try to put a code in a macro builder in a after update property field but nothing happened.

Expression code that it will display the msgbox if there's no record found.

the given code from macro builder is attached. I try to have an if else statement but I dont know how to not equal that giver conditional expression.

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Modules & VBA :: Display Last Record Next To Empty Space On Current Record

May 6, 2015

I'm trying to make a form that shows what the last record was next to the empty space where you enter a new record.

This is so the user knows that what they are entering is roughly in line with what has come before.

So for example if I was recording temperature every May, I would like a form that has a field called temperature and next to that field I would like to see last year's temperature.


Date | Temp
2014 | 20.5
2013 | 18.5
2012 | 19.0
2011 | 22.7
2010 | 15.2

So when I enter the record for 2015 I have a box that says: Temp and next to that box is "Last year was 20.5" or something like that.

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Hiding Record Numbers

Jun 6, 2005

I would like to hide the record number scrolling feature in my forms. How is this done? I have searched through the properties of the form but am missing something I suppose.
Thanks, Joe

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Forms :: Display Data In Form As Select Record In Subform In Data Sheet View

Nov 11, 2013

i have a main form named(EMP) i have a subform named(SEMP)with EMPID i have an another form Named(SDetail) with EMPID i want to open form Sdetail with filter records for data select in subform (SEMP) ,EMPID field Subform SEMP in as datasheet view. i can open sdetail for selected records only

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Display A Record Once If Data In Two Fields Have Matching Record

Nov 4, 2005

Hello eveyone . . .

i am attempting to create a VERY complicated query . . . it's sort of confusing:

I recieve data from an outside source and it is up to us to format it for our own analysis . . .
i have fields:

MethodCode..... AccNo .....PatientName.....MR..... TestCode ..... etc, etc

The fields we want to focus on is "AccNo" and "TestCode"

Now i want to filter based on this condition:

If "AccNo" AND "TestCode" BOTH have duplicate data in a record. Show that record only once. Remember. . . "AccNo and TestCode, both these fields have to have duplicate data in a record.

MethodCode..... AccNo .....PatientName.....MR..... TestCode ..... etc, etc
CAPT.....M566679.....John Blue.....123456.....CBCA
CAPT.....M566679.....John Blue.....123456.....CBCA
the example above should only display once because of the repeated AccNo and TestCode

MethodCode..... AccNo .....PatientName.....MR..... TestCode ..... etc, etc
CAPT.....M566679.....John Blue.....123456..... CBCA
CAPT.....M566679.....John Blue.....123456..... LIPID
the example above is just fine because the TestCode is not matching

How do i create a query to accomplish this? someone please help, i've had troube with this for the passed couple weeks . .. .

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Adding Record Numbers In A Report

Nov 14, 2004


I 've created a report that uses a query to show some specific records of a table. I'd like to use a text box that has a nuber for each filtered record shown.For example:
Number Name Surname Age
1 Jim Powell 27
2 John Doe 30
Thank in advance

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Detailed Record Numbers By Group In QUERIES

Oct 24, 2007

I have a table that looks like this:


I want to create a crosstab query that looks like this:

Date1 Date2 Date3 etc etc
caseID value value value

There are 500 caseIDs in my table. Each caseID has up to 5 corresponding dates/values. Therefore I only want 5 dates as the column headings....listed as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc NOT the actual date (as I then end up with hundreds of column headers).

Does anyone know how to create a detailed number by each group (similar to the runningsum feature in Reports)? I know I need to somehow assign each date a "date number" but I dont' know how to.

Any ideas??

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