DoCmd.GoToRecord , , AcNewRec

Aug 15, 2006

i have a listbox that manipulates records on another form but in case i click on one of the records in the listbox that doesnt have any corresponding record in the other form then instead of it saying that it cant locate the record i would like the form to go to a new record....

i've been trying at it but cant get it right...

plz assist... anyone.

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DoCmd.GoToRecord Help Needed

Oct 27, 2005

Hi there

I am making a form that has been set up to have a number of tabs so I can have more then 1 page on the form.

One of the tab pages is used as a search form.There is a couple of textboxes and a listbox where the results end up
What I am trying to do is have a double click set up on the listbox so I can double click the result I want and have the forms ID goto that record.

Its a bound form. The primary key is called PersonalID and its bound to a txtbox called txtPersonalID.

this is my code but its not working

Private Sub lstSearchResults_DblClick(Cancel As Integer)

Dim strPersonalID As String
strPersonalID = Me.lstSearchResults.Column(0)
DoCmd.GoToRecord acActiveDataObject, "PersonalID", acGoTo, strPersonalID
DoCmd.GoToControl "pgePersonalInformation"

End Sub

When I try run the code I get an error 2489. saying The object 'PersonalID' isn't open.

What am I doing wrong?

Can anyone help out


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"DoCmd.GoToRecord , , A_NEWREC " What Action Will Be Taken When This Stmt Executed

Aug 30, 2007


could you please tell me what action will be happned when this both statement executed..

DoCmd.GoToRecord , , A_NEWREC
SendKeys "%N", True

Form ahse defines these statement as well.

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

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GoToRecord New

May 9, 2005

I'm having trouble getting my subform to go to new record from a main form.

How would I go about making a command button(new record) on a main form link to a subform.

Example: After clicking on command button I would like my main form and subform to go to new record.


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GoToRecord Procedure

May 7, 2007

I have the following code in my VB:

DoCmd.GoToRecord , [Response Tasks], acGoTo = [Response_ID], "08"

This is not working however.... The table name is Response Tasks, the Column name is Response_ID and I am trying to pull the info from the one named "08". What am I doing wrong in the procedure?

Thanks in advance

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Gotorecord Subform

Sep 1, 2005

Hi All,

I have a subform in which users kan edit a field. Some contain more than 100 records. After 'an edit' the code save the adjustments in the table. Then the subform automatically jumps to the first record, but I want it to go to the previous record which they just edited. Is that possible? Here's the code so far:

Private Sub Afgehandeld_Click()
If Afgehandeld.Value = 0 Then
AfgDatum.Value = Null
DoCmd.OpenForm "formulier5"
End If
End Sub

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GoToRecord Problem!!

May 25, 2006

Hi there I currently have a DB with a ton of records. What I want to do is have a search box pop up when the user presses a button on the main form. When this search box comes up there is a list box with all the records. The user will then double click a record on the List box and it should appear on the main form. However this is not happenening. Here is my code for the double click in the list box.

Private Sub List3_DblClick(Cancel As Integer)
On Error GoTo Err_List3_DblClick
' Open the info form based on the selection in this listbox.

Dim strFormName As String
strFormName = "complaints"

DoCmd.OpenForm strFormName
DoCmd.GoToRecord , strFormName, acGoTo, " caseid = " & Me![List3] (I think this is where the error is)

DoCmd.Close acForm, "frmLookup"

Exit Sub


Someone please help!!!
MsgBox Err.description
Resume Exit_List3_DblClick
End Sub

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GOTORECORD On Tab Control?

Apr 23, 2008


I have a subform on a tab control. How do I go to the last record of that sub form?

If I use the original form (not as a sub-form), the following code works, but when in the tab control I get an error that "blah blah Form is not open"

Any suggestions? Thanks

Code:DoCmd.GoToRecord acDataForm, "Stock Transfer", acLast'works when main form, but not as subform =/

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Modules & VBA :: GoToRecord Moves In Subform Not Master?

Dec 28, 2014

On a Single Form with a sub-form I have set up the typical navigation buttons using the DoCmd.GoToRecord, ,acx where x = Next, Previous.

These navigate through the sub form records. I only want to navigate through the master records.

Extensive searching did not turn up the answer. There are many articles on moving through the sub-fom but nothing about just the master.

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Sep 7, 2006

have searched on above but could not find anything

I want to start another database from within a database from a command button

Use the wizard option for RunApp and it appeared to work okay. definately pointing at the database.

Event procedure is

Private Sub Command39_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_Command39_Click

Dim stAppName As String

stAppName = "msaccess.exe C:LenWorking DatabaseSingle Non Conformance SystemDatabaseSecure Defect Docket Database.mdb"
Call Shell(stAppName, 1)

Exit Sub

MsgBox Err.Description
Resume Exit_Command39_Click

End Sub

Getting error saying that I was trying to use an option in command line that was not recognised.

Few clicks on the OK and the error message cannot find file

Any clues please


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Feb 1, 2005

I have aproblem with the range of this thing. I think I have a wrong synthax or something.

I need to have the first 120 records of columns A and D
The first two lines aren't records but titles

So I had:
DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acLink, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel8, "ExcelTEMP", mijnFile, False, "A3:A122;D3:D122"

Access tels me there is somthing wrong with the range, though it works in Excel :confused:

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Jul 27, 2006

I've the following SQL query in my database:

DoCmd.RunSQL "INSERT INTO tblPlanner ( RACF, [Date], [Day Capacity], [Role Title], TimeWork ) SELECT tblStaff.RACF, [txtday1] AS Expr1, tblStaff.[Daily Capability], tblStaff.[Role Title], tblStaff.[Contract mins] FROM tblStaff WHERE (((tblStaff.TeamName) Like [txtTeamName])) WITH OWNERACCESS OPTION;"

The problem is everytime it runs it informe that the query will change data in the table. What can I do to stop it?


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DoCmd Problem In ASP

Oct 29, 2004

I am trying to develop a page where users can click on alphabets to look for a company name that starts with the selected letter.
Searching through the forums i came across the method of using DoCmd.

alpha = Request.QueryString("alp")
if alpha <> "" then
DoCmd.ApplyFilter "", "[com_name] Like ""[" & alpha & "]*"""
end if

The 'alpha' variable here holds the alphabet selected by user from another page. However, I'm getting an error message saying

Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01F4)
Variable is undefined: 'DoCmd'

Initially i tried the usual filtering

if alpha <> "" then
rs.Filter = "com_name LIKE " & alpha
end if

The pages are suppose to display records in 10s. But instead of showing only the records of company starting "A" (example) it shows everything.

Please kindly point me to the correct direction to solve this problem.

Thank you so much.


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How Can I Do A Simple "GoToRecord" In A Form?

Jul 20, 2005

I have searched the forum for questions similar to mine, but they all seem more complicated than what I need... and so I am getting a little confused with it all!

I would like to create a "GoToRecord" field in which people can enter a name which then take them to that record (stored in my "ClientName" field) on the Main form...

Can anyone help?


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DoCmd.Maximize... Not Working

Apr 27, 2006

I have tried using the following code to maximize my form on open but it is not working, any ideas?

Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
On Error GoTo Err_Form_Open


Exit Sub
MsgBox Err.Description
Resume Exit_Form_Open

End Sub

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Difference Between 'Call' And 'DoCmd'

Apr 8, 2008

Can someone tell me the difference between 'Call' and 'DoCmd' and how each are executed. For my level of programming, an newbie at that, I've used it interchangably so far without a problem. But I'm beginning to think that there is a difference. I don't want to later have to go back to redo my code down the line. I'm beginning to think that I've been very lucky so far in being able to use it interchangebly and my luck will run out soon.:eek:

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Docmd.openquery With Parameters

Mar 5, 2007

I need to execute an append query from my vba code but I have to pass in a parameter. I can't set the parameter equal to a form control. I have to actually pass in a value. I don't want to use a querydef because I don't have any result sets.

Any help would be great.


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Error: DoCmd.RunSQL

Jul 12, 2007

Hi guys,
what's the problem in this code:

DoCmd.RunSQL "SELECT * FROM SecounderyInfo WHERE [LangEs]=Yes;"

every time i excute it an error appear:
Run-time error '2342'


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Help For Newbie , DoCmd.RunSql

Mar 2, 2008


im creating a small database and am extremely new to vba, ive got stuck on running a select query from within the vba code itself, the book im currently reading while learning about this stuff suggests my code whould work but after looking into it i believe its wrong as ive read various threads saying you cannot use docmd.runsql with a select query, just wondering if anyone could help and throw some light on how to get this little bit of code working. below is the part of my code that falls over,

basicaly it should lookup the weight based on what the parcel type is and find the price, the parcel type is worked out earlier in my code and is held in strParcelType, theirs probably an easier way to do this as well but have'nt got that far in my book :)

intWeight = Me.txtWeight

Select Case intWeight
Case 0 To 100
intCost = DoCmd.RunSQL "SELECT pricetable1.[Postage Name], pricetable1.[0-100g] FROM pricetable1 WHERE (((pricetable1.[Postage Name]) = strParcelType))"
Case 101 To 250
intCost = DoCmd.RunSQL "SELECT pricetable1.[Postage Name], pricetable1.[101-250g] FROM pricetable1 WHERE (((pricetable1.[Postage Name]) = strParcelType))"
Case 251 To 500
intCost = DoCmd.RunSQL "SELECT pricetable1.[Postage Name], pricetable1.[251-500g] FROM pricetable1 WHERE (((pricetable1.[Postage Name]) = strParcelType))"
Case 501 To 750
intCost = DoCmd.RunSQL "SELECT pricetable1.[Postage Name], pricetable1.[501-750g] FROM pricetable1 WHERE (((pricetable1.[Postage Name]) = strParcelType))"
Case 751 To 1000
intCost = DoCmd.RunSQL "SELECT pricetable1.[Postage Name], pricetable1.[751-1000g] FROM pricetable1 WHERE (((pricetable1.[Postage Name]) = strParcelType))"
Case 1001 To 1250
intCost = DoCmd.RunSQL "SELECT pricetable1.[Postage Name], pricetable1.[1001-1250g] FROM pricetable1 WHERE (((pricetable1.[Postage Name]) = strParcelType))"
End Select

Me.txtEstimate = strParcelType & intCost

many thanks to any gurus who can point me in the right direction or show me a easier way to do this

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DoCmd.OpenForm Arguments

Jan 24, 2005


I have got an unbound access form, and in this form I gather 2 dates (i.e. through txt fields). Once I have these fields, I want to open a form that has one list box on it. This list box should populate based on the dates that I gather on the previous form. How do I specify this through the DoCmd.OpenForm arguments? Currently I have the following code, but it is not working:

Form 1:
Dim whereClause As String
whereClause = "SELECT * FROM qryInvoice WHERE tblInv.InvDate Between #" & txtStartDate & "# And #" & txtEndDate & "#" & ";"
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmInvoiceFax", acNormal, , , , , whereClause

Form 2:
public Sub Form_Load(args As String)
MsgBox args
lstInvoice.Rowsource = whereClause
End Sub

I know I am not doing it the right way (because it is not working), but I can't actually find how to do it. Help!

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DoCmd.OpenForm Troubles

Mar 18, 2005

I have a form(frmGetRecord) with a subform(frmSubGetRecord). frmGetRecord has a combobox cmbCNO to choose the patient. The subform displays the admit date and discharge date(if there is one). There can be multiple admit/Discharge dates for a patient. Based on the values from fields on the form and subform, I would like to open a data entry form(frmEvents) for the particular record. I have a command button to run the code to open frmEvents. I am having trouble with the criteria in the where condition.

stLinkCriteria = "[CNo]=" & "'" & Me![cmbCNO] & "'" _
And "[AdmitDate]=" & "#" & Forms![frmGetRecord]![frmSubGetRecord].Form![AdmitDate] & "#" _
And "[DischDate]=" & "#" & Forms![frmGetRecord]![frmSubGetRecord].Form![DischDate] & "#"

DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName, , stQryName, stLinkCriteria, acFormEdit

When I click on the command button I get a type mismatch error. If I test the StLinkCriteria separately, the DoCmd.OpenForm will work for just the CNO field or just the AdmitDate field. If I test those two strings together, I get the type mismatch. Also, DischDate could be blank and I'm not sure how to add an IIf statement to the string to test for that in the where statement. I'm also not sure how to make sure it picks the correct record if there is more than one admit date. I would like to select the desired date record, then have the command button open the appropriate record.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks for any help.

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Error 2486 On All Docmd

Jul 6, 2005

Here is a strange problem I had never encountered before.

I have a form with a few command buttons. One button runs a Docmd.RunSQL code which append some records to a table. Another button runs a Docmd.RunSQL code that delete some records from the same table. The table is a simple table with only 5 fields.

The problem is after I opened the form I can only use one of the above buttons ONCE, after that I got this error message on all codes that began with Docmd.:

Run-time error '2486':
You can't carry out this action at the present time.


I could not close the form. I could only close the databse file but could not exit MsAccess. I had to use Task Manager to end MsAccess process.

I had searched several forums but could not find any clue. Hope that I don't have to do the form from scratch again. Thanks for any help.

Peter :confused:

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Problem With DoCmd.Close

Jul 28, 2005

I have a group form with extra buttons to print, review a report or close the form.

If I use a Macro then I can close the form.
I converted the macro to code and I get the error message:
A problem occured while Microsoft Access was communicating with the OLE server or ActiveX Control
*The expression may not result in the name of macro, ...........
*There may have been an error evaluating........

What am I doing wrong :confused:



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AcFormatXLS In DoCmd.OutputTo

Mar 23, 2006

Hi all,

To export a file to MS excel from my form, i used the command

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, langName & partName, acFormatXLS, exportPath, False

however, i realised that the format of the excel spreadsheet (excel version 5.0/95) that i have exported is slightly different from the format of the spreadsheet if i had exported by clikcing on FILE, EXPORT...

how can i specify the excel version for the exported file? i wan it to be in the latest excel version else i am unable to perform some of the marcos i have written in the latest excel format?

Thks FT

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DoCmd.SendObject AcReport

Jan 26, 2005

I am trying to find a way to use the "DoCmd.SendObject acReport" feature WITHOUT using Outlook. Does anybody know of any code or a setting that will enable me to specify another e-mail program, such a Thunderbird?

I should add that I am using Access 2002, SP3, running in Windows XP Professional, Version 2002, Service Pack 2.



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Attachment In DoCmd Function

Sep 1, 2006

I have this code for email function from form of DB

Private Sub Email_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_mail_Click

Dim stDocName As String

DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, stDocName, acFormatSNP, Me.ClientEmailID, Me.UMLEmailID, , Me.Subject, Me.Message

Exit Sub

MsgBox Err.Description
Resume Exit_mail_Click
End Sub

As can be seen there is one report which gets attached to email message. But here I want to have one condition, means if
[Forms]![frmLogon]![Project]="P-159" then this attachment is ok else [Forms]![frmLogon]![Project]="P-172" then it should change stDocName to another report.

Any help plz.

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