Embedding Google Maps - Version: Any Version

I created a sample database of something I am incorporating into a larger project. This database will allow you to put in the address and not only bring up google maps, but to also grab the longitude/latitude. What I am trying to do here, is to just get the 'map' portion. Currently it shows the whole maps.google.com website.

Google has a 'Link to Page' which generates a "S=' parameter which is an encrypted code that is generated based on the address. Not sure why they did this. I know I can't recreate this encryption, so what I wanted to do is to programatically get to the website, have it look up and copy the code from the 'Link to Page' link. I am already doing this when I get the longitude/latitude in my code, however this 'Link to page' has a small pop-up box which I don't know how to read from programatically, or the specific url google generates.

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Google Maps W/ Access

The table I created keeps track of several addresses and I use a report to print them into a booklet. I'd like to include a small map in the printed booklet for each group or one map showing all the addresses in the booklet but I am not sure if there is a simple way for Access and Google Maps to communicate. Anyone have experience in this area? Thanks in advance.

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Google Maps - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Has anyone ever done something like this. I would like to be able to measure the travel time from one point to another using a tool like google maps or something similar, then display it on my form. So say you have a fixed address that you are traveling to. Is ther a way to call up a mapping program and insert the address on the record and have the estimated travel time displayed in a control on a form?

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Calling Google Maps - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

I saw the code for calling maps in mapquest, does anyone know how to do the same for google maps??

Any help would be great

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Call Google Maps With Start And End City - Version: 2000 (9.0)

I haven't found anything on this so I'm laying down the challenge. ;-)

So far I've seen and figured out how to call Google Maps. But what I haven't seen is the ability to enter a Starting City and and Ending City to get directions. I have an application that uses zipcodes with latitude and longitude to get distance. But when there is no zipcode available I want to use the existing address to get the distance from Google Maps.

Any takers?

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MS Maps - Version: 2007 (12.0)

I am creating a scheduling database for my cleaning company. Is there a way that I can set up a form so that once I have entered a customer's address, I can click a button and it will obtain a map from either google or MS maps, and place an image of the map in a dedicated spot on the form?

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Integrate Maps - Version: 2000 (9.0)

I'm not even sure that this is possible, but is there a way to integrate map onto access? I'd like the ability for users to:

a) Be able to find a location stored on file (assume that all fields - city, state, street, etc. - are correctly filled out) to give cross streets and such

b1) Be able to provide driving directions from user input (again, assume that fields are filled correctly)
b2) Result should also estimate amount of time driving, nice to have but not a must
b3) Result should open in Access, not in a new browser window

Any tips/ideas?


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Google Search

Hi, Im trying to make a google like search query on my database so a user can type in one word and then the database will search for all the records which contain this word and display them.

Any ideas?? I only want it to search through the one table,

Im no expert on VB so if someone could translate it into basic english that would be good.


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Using Google To Search The Forum

Did you know that you can use Google to search the Access Forum and get a more refined result?

I find that the search facility provided is excellent at searching for single words. However it does not provide the sophistication of tools like Google for searching for exact phrases.

To get this sophistication do this:

Open Googles advanced page: (http://www.google.co.uk/advanced_search?hl=en)

The first section of this page is shaded blue, and contains the following items:

with all of the words
with the exact phrase
with at least one of the words
without the words

You can add words to varying degrees of sophistication for your search.

This is the important bit!
Just below this blue shaded area there is another section, go to the fifth item down in this section which is:"Domain" also make sure "Only" is selected. In the next text box (to the right of Only) place the domain you want to search in, this case you want to search the Access Forum so place in this box the following:


Now give it a try! Try searching for: "Date Selection" (without the Quotes)

If you search for this with the above Google method, you will get 90 results, If you search this result with the Forum search then you will get over 300 results.

Your search will only return items within the access-programmers site, and only items that are allowed to be indexed by Google.

Cheers Tony...

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Embedding Objects In Access. - Version: 97 (8.0)

G’day all and sorry for the rather long explanation, hope it makes some sense.

There may come a time when you need to embed a document, font, image or whatever in an Access table.

For example: -
Your customer is at some location that you can’t get to and you would like to embed and register a bar-graph font, which is not on their system.

Or you may have a help file as a Word document that requires updating from time to time and it too uses a font that may not be on their system.

Or their Company logo might need some work, which they can’t do, so you send them a new version.

The general method is not to embed objects, and for very good reason…it bloats the database something terrible, but to have these objects in a subdirectory and link to them.

Generally speaking, it is not the object that causes the bloat but the support software included with that object. Take for example a 10K jpeg image. When stored as an OLE object I have seen one image that bloated a 70K database to a 400K database. 10K file and 320K support software… obviously not good.

But there is a way to overcome the bloat and that is by storing the object as a ‘raw’ Long Binary Object without any of the support software. This method increments the database size 10K for a 10K object.

The code works thus: -

When the database is started the Macro AutoExec calls Public Function AutoExec().
Function AutoExec() calls Sub InstallUserFiles().
Sub InstallUserFiles() opens a Table that might have the Objects already stored.

For each Object in the Table…

A check is made to see if the Object is in the current running directory.
If it is, the Object is transferred to the Table as a Long Binary Object.
(That’s how it gets into the Table in the first place.)
If the Object is not in the current running directory, it is transferred from the Table to that directory.
A check is then made to see if it requires registration.
If so it is registered using Fabrizio Ranieri’s code.
(It does not need to be moved to the Font directory in order to be registered.
This has the advantage that the Font directory need not be known for the system.)

Next Object in Table

At design time, all of the Objects are linked to the Objects in the current directory, none are embedded.

At database closure a similar process takes place but in reverse order: -
If the Object in the Table is a Font it is de-registered, again using Fabrizio Ranieri’s code.
The Object in the Table is then deleted from the current directory.

It is important to delete the Objects, in the current directory, on database closure because that’s how we protect their integrity.

The embedded Word document, in the demo, can be modified by the end user, they may even save it back to the current directory. But at database closure their efforts will be deleted and at next start a ‘fresh’ copy will be downloaded to the current directory.

The database file is 242K and it contains the following files: -

Background.bmp 41K
Edbindia.ttf 71K from http://www.1001freefonts.com/
Help.doc 20K
Indians.txt 2K

To embed a new object…
Make a copy of the object and place it in the running directory.
Shift down start the database and copy the name of the object to the table.
If it’s a font you will also need to check the entry in the table so that it may be registered.
Close and re-start.

The database is a little unusual in that it contains and uses no references to DAO or ADO.
It converts up to A2K without problems.
Because of the AutoExec Macro, A2K3 users may get a warning.

Have fun and regards,

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Button Link To Google - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

can anyone help me. I have a Access Data page and I want to call a google map from a button on the page based on data in and adress field. can anyone help me on how i do this? I am a beginner in html script and have no idea how to do this.

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Interface With Google Earth - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I have a access database where I interface with mapquest via a hyperlink that I feed the gps cord through to mapquest. Is there something similar for google earth. Been looking but haven't had any luck yet.



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Icon As DEFAULT, When Embedding PDF's

In an attempt to keep the aged and wise users of the DB from overlooking the "display as Icon" cbo when embedding PDF's, and thus finding them unaware of attached documents, I'm searching for a way to select this by default to eliminate the problem altogether.(leban's didn't seem to say anything helpful on the matter)

Any ideas, virtual-mentors?

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Embedding Loads Of Photos

I am wondering if it is possible to embed all of the photos that I have into my photo table automatically. I have the table set up with all of the data that needs to be there but I have over 1500 photos that need to be embedded and wanted to save myself some time and automate the process somehow. I already know that embedding these photos is going to make my database huge but that isn't an issue for this particular project.

As far as I can tell from this forum, the help and the Northwind database this isn't possible without manually going through every photo but I am pretty new to Access so thought I would throw the question out there.


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Embedding A Report In A Form

Is there any way to embed a report in a form?

What I want to do is something similar to using a subform, but I want to use a subreport as part of a region of a form (linked by the master/child fields).

The reason for this is because it is impossible to draw lines on a form. I MUST be able to do so (I've been through all the API stuff and after 3 hours, I realize it's just not an option). I can easily get a report to look the way I want it, and I want to display the section that has lines in the report.

Yes, I realize that it's read-only; there will be another interface for getting the data in. I just want to display it graphically with connecting lines.



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Sub Query Unsure And Google Failed Me

i have been running a query


[Select * from tblStudents]

Now this is part of an ASP system which logs when the students log in

[SELECT * FROM tblStudenttracker ]

now I dont update the student record regarding when they log, I track when the logins occur so I have a login history.

But I have now been asked to track the last logged in date

so I figure

[SELECT fldStudentID, fname, lName, [SELECT TOP 1 [tblStudentTracker]![fldDateStamp] FROM tblStudenttracker where [tblStudentTracker]![fldStudentID] = [tblStudents]![fldStudentID] ] FROM tblStudents]

apparently access says this is incorrect :(
and complains about the FROM in the SUB query

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Embedding Charts In Reports - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Hi All,

I have a couple of questions:

Q1. The only way to place a chart in a report is by inserting it. True or False?

Q2. What is the latest (or best) Active X Chart Control for use in Access Reports? MS Graph?

Q3. Is there a better third-party Active X Chart Control available for Access Reports?

Thanks to all in advance,


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Embedding Files To Contacts - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Does anyone know how I can embed or attach a file (like an excell file) to a record in Access?

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Displaying Results From A Google Search - Version: 2003 (11.0)

After following freakazeud's tutorial on "Use Dynamic Web Data in Access Application!" I developed this little app where his tutorial left off.

I take and take from this forum, and I'm finally able to give a little back. Makes me feel all good and tingley inside

I'm sure there are better ways of doing what I did, but it works!


note added by Argeedblu - you may need to add a reference to the Microsoft Scripting Runtime library.

Edited by: argeedblu on Mon Apr 24 11:53:03 EDT 2006.

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Embedding Single Page From Report In An Email


From advice I have read on here I have worked out how to create a button on a form which opens a report to show the values which match the record open on the form. It then attaches that page as a txt file to an email. Which is great.

What I would like it to do though is insert into the body text of the email the text from the report. Have looked as much as I can at the properties of DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport but cannot achieve this myself.

What I have is pretty much this:
Code:DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, "Your matching details this week", acFormatTXT, Me!PersonEmail, , , "Details this week " & Date, "Please see the attached text file for details this week which match your selection criteria.", False

How can I make the text appear within the email body?

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Embedding .swf Files Into Asp Pages Using An ACCESS Database.

Hi Guys, I'm trying to work out how to go about this. I maintain a website built for a client built with asp and it is updated using an access database and an access CMS. I have already got include files in all pages that are updated via the CMS these are used to place banner ads and smaller ads in the left-hand column of the site. It accept .jpgs and .gif files. Which are just placed in a folder by the client and uploaded into the appropriate positions using the CMS. What would I have to do to the code so that I could use the CMS to also embed .swf files into these .asp files as well.
I'm assuming it would be some sort of if else statement that if the the file was a .swf file then extra code would have to be included instead of the <img src> code that is witten to display jpgs and gifs but I haven't got a clue how to go about it. Could you please help or point me in the right direction if you know of any articles that might help me. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks in advance.

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Access Embedding SQL Reporting Services Objects - Version: 2007 (12.0)

Hi there

I have currently got Access linked to SQL tables via ODBC. I am using SQL 2005 Reporting Services, published via the web browser. Is there a way to link these reports directly (or embed the browser) into my Access forms?

I don't really want to use hyperlinks, it seems a bit of an unelegant solution.



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Embedding VB Script In Access Memo Field - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I would like to use VB Script variables in a memo field of an Access table however so far it is not working as I want or expect.

I have a memo field with some text (such as this) and I have placed in the text something like this - <%= variable %> so that when the data is displayed on a dynamic Web page, it will call the variable which I have defined in the web page before the field is being displayed.

So far it neither displays the variable nor even shows the text. Everything between and including the brackets has vanished.

Can anyone help with this as it is a key feature to "personalise" the text being displayed.

Thanks in advance for any help - and I hope this is the right section to post this query.


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Embedding Picture Into Excel Spreadsheet From Access - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Hello All. I hope I'm posting in the right section, forgive me if not. I am using a form in Access to export some values to an excel spreadsheet. I can get this to work fine. I also am trying to embed pictures into the excel spreadsheet, which also works fine. The only problem I am having is the picture isn't inserted where I want it in Excel. Here is the sample code that I am using as an After Update in the form:

Private Sub Text0_AfterUpdate()
' Open an Excel sheet
Dim xls As Object
Dim wb As Object
Dim ws As Object
Dim r As Variant, C As Variant
Set xls = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
xls.workbooks.Open ("C:Documents and SettingsKevinDesktopPicture.xls")
xls.Visible = True

' Delete any existing pictures from the template
Dim Pictx As Object
For Each Pictx In xls.ActiveSheet.Shapes
If Pictx.Type = 13 Then
End If

' Embed a new picture
Dim Pict
' Provide the path of the picture
Pict = "C:Documents and SettingsKevinMy DocumentsMy PicturesHPIM0495.jpg"
'Select the upper left cell of where you want the picture
xls.Cells(8, 5).Select
' Insert it
xls.ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert (Pict)

End Sub

As you can see I select the cell (8,5) in which normal circumstances when you select a cell and insert a picture it will use that cell for the upper left boundary of the picture. It's not working in this case and I have no idea why. Even after the picture is inserted the right cell is still selected.

I have searched and posted in Excel forums with no luck, so I thought I would try the Access Forums. Please help if you can. Thank you.

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Pass Value From Form To Google - Version: Any Version

Hi All

I'm am trying to push data from a control on my form to run a search on Google.com. If i get it to work with Google.com I hope to also use Hoovers.com.

My form has a control txtSearch and a cmdGo but that's it.

I could use a jumping off point


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Embedding A WAV File In Access - Version: Any Version


I'm very new to access, and am working on creating a database for a linguistics project. Ideally, we'd have a sound file in the form itself that you could click to hear (the sound file would be a word/sentence clip from a foreign language). Currently, I have been able to include a box for inserting an object - in this case, the wav file - into the form. Is there any way to embed this wav file so that it is a part of the database itself?

Also, on a different computer when I double-clicked the sound file, it just played without opening anything else, however when I open it on my laptop it opens the sound clip in iTunes. What settings should I change to get it to simply play the file witout opening additional programs?

And finally, if there aren't good ways to do this with Access, are there any other programs that would be better suited to this?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Search Like Google - Version: Any Version

I need to give my users a search that works like a Google search - and hopefully just as fast. Here's what I mean.

In a database containing stuff related to litigation there's a large table (about 500k rows). The field I need to search is the caption of a case. This is always entered by hand and may have misspellings, transpositions, inconsistant abbreviations etc. Like "Jones vs. Smith" / "Fred Jones .v. Mary Smith", "Smith v Jones" etc...

I want a search where the field is searched for all the words entered and the possible hits are listed and rated - like Google. And fast - like Google....

I was thinking, maybe build some sort of a index table as part of an overnight process...????

Any ideas?


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Embedding A Text Field And A Date Field Into A Body Of Text. - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I would like to create a merged letter which includes a text field and a date field directly into the body of text. I have been successful at merging names and address etc, on the letter but have not had any success at putting text directly into the body of text. I have done this in the past using word so ‘m assuming it can be done in Access without having unnecessary spaces.

In addition, I’m having trouble with the date field as per the example provided below. In both the table and the query the date field is formatted to long date such as, Tuesday, November 14 2006. However, when I try to put them together to embed them in the body of text the date converts to 2006-11-14.

=Trim([Holiday]&” on “&[HolidayDate])

Hopefully someone can provide me with a solution


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General User Version Vs Development Version - Version: Any Version

Even though one can save in the 2000 file format - doesn't 2003 have embedded functions/commands that would not be recognized by a machine with Access 2000?

Would like some advice on this point.......

If the user environment is a mix of Access 2000, 2002, 2003 on a variety of desktops - - - then should one develop the application in the lowest common denominator i.e. 2000?

and Part II: if indeed one should avoid developing in a higher version than the user has - - - does this therefore mean one needs a separate physical machine for these varying versions of Access? as it seems improbable to be able to have simultaneously loading various versions of Access unless one really gets into splitting drives and such...

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Check For Version No & Download Latest Version - Version: 2000 (9.0)


I've been searching for a way to check the version no of an app from off the website and if it is the latest, then download a file (FE) via http. I've seen the FE updaters on these forums but most seem network based.

I found this code but I need help figuring out a way to check a current version no from off my website and IF > then download file.

Thanks for any help.

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Normalizing A Database Version: Any Version - Version: Any Version

I read: Noah's FAQ on Normalization along with a bunch of other helpful hints from: argeedblu. I am having trouble with my design and I am hoping someone can help. My database is VERY similar to the one descibed in Noah's FAQ on Normalization. The only part I am not understanding is how to handle a situation where the part price is constantly changing. For example, if the part price was $1.00 on 1/1/06 and then it was $2.00 on 2/1/06 I want to make sure that when the database makes calculations for the entire year that it can distinguish the fact that the price for the same part was different during those dates. Are they any good documents to read over that address this issue of changing prices?

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Access Runtime-version Problems? - Version: Any Version

When distributing an Access mdb, which is the best Runtime version to use?

The mdb that I distribute is in A2k but my users can have all sorts of combinations of Windows and Office on their PC.
One user currently has A97 (part of office pro) but also has A2002 runtime and is getting errors that I'm not sure are caused by tha Access version.

What are the issues concerning using a runtime version alongside previous full (or runtime) versions and
can I mix and match runtime versions with earlier/later versions of Windows?

Thanks very much for any help on this.

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Checking Acces FE Version With BE Version. - Version: 2000 (9.0)

Hi, Im having some trouble finding info on automatically checking whether or not the FE and BE Access Versions are the same. Everytime a user logs on to the front end, i want to do a comparison of Version numbers. And if the BE has been updated to a new version, then I want to force the user to update there version of Access. Also, I was wondering what is the best way to install a FE for each user. Can each user make a copy of the FE or should each copy be unique. Also, is there a way to automatically update the users FE on their computer/user account instead of doing it manually for each user?

If anyone has any suggestions, they are very much appreciated. Thanks!

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