Export An Access Database Structure (i.e. No Data)?

Jan 30, 2007

If I want to duplicate just a table, I can easily select "structure only" under paste options. Is there an easy way to do the same thing for an entire database (tables, queries, etc.) all at once?

In short, someone has a database. They're willing to share the database itself, but not necessarily its contents. The database has a user interface, so the people who use the database don't necessarily know much about Access. Therefore, I can ask them to follow a few basic, built-in Access menu options, but can't ask them to do something manually, such as copying the entire file and then manually emptying the tables. This seems like something that should be easy, but I can't find it. Any help?



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Export Data From An Access Database To MYSQL

Jul 17, 2007

Hi There,

Whereabouts would I change the date format from the access database from yyyymmdd ?

I am trying to convert this table from access into mysql, and when I ouput to a csv file the date is in access.

Many Thanks


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Export Structure?

Mar 22, 2007

I'm trying to find a way to export the structure of a table in my Access database.

I created a new table and I want to put it in the database on my website. However, my site is constantly being used so I have no way of downloading the database, modifying it, and then uploading it again without losing some data.

I do have a database editor on my website that allows me to run queries. So If I can get a query with all of the CREATE TABLE information (all the fields, whether they are Allow Zero Length, etc.) then I can just use that.

I can't seem to find a way in Access 2000 to export the structure of the table.

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Export Structure

Mar 23, 2007

I'm trying to find a way to export the structure of a table in my Access database.

I created a new table and I want to put it in the database on my website. However, my site is constantly being used so I have no way of downloading the database, modifying it, and then uploading it again without losing some data.

I do have a database editor on my website that allows me to run queries. So If I can get a query with all of the CREATE TABLE information (all the fields, whether they are Allow Zero Length, etc.) then I can just use that.

I can't seem to find a way in Access 2000 to export the structure of the table.

The database on my website is also Access 2000.

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Export To Access Database

Apr 27, 2007

Hi, just a quick question. Is there any way of exporting say a query, or a range of quieries to another seperate access database file? ie. create a new database in code?

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Export OLE Object From Access Database

Feb 9, 2006

OK, I have a very large Access database with embedded bitmap photos.

I have realized the error of my ways and would like to list them as linked.

The problem:
How can I get the embedded files out without individually going through, viewing and saving and naming?

Is there a way to save a file do a directory and name it, say the primarykey.bmp or something?

Please help!

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General :: Export XML Out Of Access Database

Apr 17, 2013

I am new to access, and am having trouble getting a correct export of XML out of an access database. I am not sure if it is a schema setup or something else.

I have attached a file that shows the format that is coming from access (Bad Format) and the format I am needing (Correct Format).

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Access Truncating Data In Export

Mar 3, 2006

I am trying to export an Access table to a csv file.
I have several fields in the table that are type double and go to 3 decimal places. When I export the data, it truncates it to 2 decimal places.
I changed the table design from "Auto" decimal places to 3. and that didn't help.
When I am in the Table Export wizard, it shows all 3 decimal places, but when I look at the text file, it's only 2.
Anybody ever have this problem?
Thanks in advance!

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Automate An Export Of Data To Access Tables.

Jul 28, 2006


Would it be possible for me to build an interface for a customer to use for importing data. So that they customer could choose from a drop down list, or input into a text box where they want to export from, and where they would like the export to be imported?

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Export Access Data Into Excel Column

Sep 13, 2005


I have a table in Access and would like to export it using code into specific fielfs of a template in Excel.

My table has 3 fields:


I would like to export the recorsed to a template named MyTemplate. This template has a workbook named MyWorkbook.

The only problem is that I need to copy the active recorset (meaning the one which I will select) in a column and not into a row.

Example: I will select a record using a combo and then data will be copied from my Table into the cells B1 (ssn), B2 (FIRSTNAME), B3 (LASTNAME)

Any idea or help? Thanks

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General :: Export Data From Access To Excel?

May 5, 2013

i have access 2013 and when i try to export data to excel with "Analyze data in excel" when the file is open i excel i get this error message file error: some data may have been lost". (and a whole row has not been export)

i tried to fix this file with excel open and repair option and i click on "extract data" but then i got this message;
Excel attempted to recover your formulas and values, but some data may have been lost or corrupted.
Excel found errors that may cause some recovered data to be put in the wrong cells.

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Can I Export A Data Access Page To Static HTML?

Jan 15, 2008

Good morning! I'm using Access to redesign our company's electronic phonebook. Our intranet uses SharePoint technology and our IT people have cranked our security settings up pretty high, so I can't use data access pages or ASP. Therefore, I'm going to use static HTML, producing a single page which the CEO's secretary will upload once a month, allowing our 800+ employees to view the entire phonebook at once. CTRL-F is their friend.

I've managed to design a data access page that looks very much like we want it to, but I don't know how to export it to static HTML. Can such a thing be done, or am I just being wacky? If so, is there a way to automate it so the secretary can just push a button to generate the page?


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Export Table Data Into An Excel SpreadSheet (VBA, ACCESS)

Mar 3, 2008

I have an export function below that will export my table "Test" to an Excel Spreadsheet.

However I want it so i can choose where that data in the "Test" table will go in the Excel Spreadsheet i.e. I want to export all the data in to Cell "B2" of the SpreadSheet - at the moment it will export all the data into "A1"

Any help or ideas?

Private Sub Command3_Click()

'Export function

Dim strExcelFile As String
Dim strWorksheet As String
Dim strDB As String
Dim strTable As String
Dim objDB As Database

'Change Based on your needs, or use
'as parameters to the sub
strExcelFile = "E:CSCLDMSLDMSDatabaseAppLDMS_Spec.xls"
strWorksheet = "WorkSheet1"
strTable = "Test"

Set objDB = OpenDatabase(strDB)

'If excel file already exists, you can delete it here
If Dir(strExcelFile) <> "" Then Kill strExcelFile

objDB.Execute _
"SELECT * INTO [Excel 8.0;DATABASE=" & strExcelFile & _
"].[" & strWorksheet & "] FROM " & "[" & strTable & "]"
Set objDB = Nothing

End Sub

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Modules & VBA :: Export Data From A Table In Access To Excel

Apr 16, 2015

i have the following code and it runs without error but when i want to open excel file, i have the following message and i can't open it.

DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel12, "tbl_userinformation", "G:Rasteh MonaName.xlsx", True

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Export Access Data To Create Excel Charts

Apr 7, 2015

I am using this code it is giving me error 3828 at the line marked red. Says cannot reference a table with multi-valued field using an IN clause that refers to another database. Query has fields which gets input from combo box but only one value is saved in it.

Dim xl As Object ''Excel.Application
Dim wb As Object ''Excel.Workbook
Dim ws As Object ''Excel.Worksheet
Dim ch As Object ''Excel.Chart
Dim myRange As Object
Set xl = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

[Code] ....

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Modules & VBA :: Naming Range To Export Data To Access Table?

Dec 15, 2014

I am trying to write code in an excel worksheet to try to export excel data to a table in access.

The range in which the data is situated in excel varies. So the range address varies with the data. After a lot of searching I wrote the following code which works for a range which is fixed. The code is the following:

Dim acc As New Access.Application
Range(Range("b22"), Range("b22").End(xlDown)).Select
ActiveWorkbook.Names.Add Name:="ghazla", RefersTo:=Selection
acc.OpenCurrentDatabase "D:PayRollFactoryJasminePayroll.accdb"
acc.DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet _

[Code] .....

As one can see from the first two lines of code I am trying to first delineate the range and then to name it. The intent is to name the range "ghazla" and so to cater for the fact that the extent of data varies.

The code works with the fixed range ="Sheet2$B140". However what I need to do is to adjust the code so that I can insert "ghazla" as the range name so that this can vary.

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Modules & VBA :: Export Data To Excel Then Link That Workbook Back To MS Access

Apr 17, 2014

I have a question about the best way to go about linking an excel workbook to an ms access table? I have researched hyperlinks and attachments and ole objects and I am not sure what is the best option. I believe hyperlinks will be best, because the attachments will bloat the database, but I am not sure how to go about doing that in vba? My process is such:

1)Users enter project information
2)Users enter the sample information for each project
3)The project and sample information is combined by a query
4)The user clicks a button to print forms, which runs the query and opens an excel workbook template.
5)The data is exported to a specific sheet in the workbook
6)Using vba in excel, the data is used to populate cells in different sheets depending on critera.

After all of this is accomplished, I need the user to SAVE AS the excel workbook and it needs to be "attached" to the ms access 'project' table. I am not sure what is the best way to link this back to the database. I would like to automate it with vba if possible.

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Button VBA To Export Data From Access To Multiple Sheets In Same Excel Workbook

Oct 15, 2014

I have an access query with around 10 columns. One of the columns is city. There are total of 5 unique cities. I need a macro for the button in the access report that will export the data from the access query to the ONE excel workbook in such a way that each city filtered data from access is exported to city name worksheet. So Excel file would have in total of 5 worksheets with the relevant city data.

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General :: Access Data Export Into Excel As Data Linked To Excel

Oct 21, 2012

how i can export the data from Access to excel using Access VBA for the specified sheet using data linkage with access database. Like we used to do it manually in excel as external data from access.Like we have some codes for linking excel file to database mentioned below;

DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acLink, , "region", "F:DB PracticeBook1.xlsx", False, "region"

Can we have something like this to link database table in excel file automatically.So that the excel size won't be that big and also it saves processing time.

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Database Structure

Feb 14, 2006

Is there any way to keep track of a database structure in access? For instance, which query relates to which report? Sometimes I create queries that are no longer needed but if there are a lot (which there are!) it can be easy to delete one that's needed.

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Database Help - Structure

Mar 5, 2006

I created a database to track tardies and absences of my employees. I would like to be able to sum the number of absences and tardies for each person per month and graph it.

Per our attendance policy, 6 tardies = 1 absence. I need to take the total number of tardies that month/6 and add to the total absences that month to equal the total attendance for the month.

I need help. Can you please view my database and give me some ideas?


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Help With Database Structure

Apr 18, 2005

I am designing an application that tracks information on Choir membership and sheet music that we have on file. I am starting with a database of church members. There are four different choirs and choirs share some members. Some members of some of the choirs are also not members of our church so I will have to place non members in the member table. I am new to database design and would like the collective wisdom of this list to tell me of any problems I may encounter before I start doing any detail work.

What is the best way to deal with someone who is a member of more than one choir and may belong to a different section in this other choir (Tenor in one and Bass in another). An individual may also hold different offices in various choirs.

The table structure I have is as follows

MemberId Autonumber (pk)
FirstName, Text
MiddleName, Text
LastName, Text
DateJoined, Date
Phone, Text
Address, Text
City , Text
Zip, Text
BirthDate, Date
Member, Boolean

CHOIR MEMBERSHIP DB (How do I efficiently track someone in > 1 choirs)
MemberId, FK
ChoirId, FK
ChoirOfficeId, Fk

CHOIRS DB (This lists the various choirs in the Church)
ChoirId, pk
ChoirName, Text
DirectorId, FK (Pointing to Member DB, Person may not be member of any Choir)

CatalogId, PK
Type (Single Copy/octavo or book/collection)
PublisherId, FK
VoicingId, FK (From table with possible voicing)
UsageId, FK (Where in the service is it appropriate
Location, Text (Where in the filing system, or off site)
ClassificationId, FK (List of classification/genre in table so can update)

PublisherId, PK

ClassificationId, PK
Classification, Text (Christmas, Easter, general anthem etc)

To be able to track performances and plan services and performances I have the following table.

PERFORMANCE DB (This is to keep track of and plan the regular service)
PerformanceId, PK
Pdate, date (Date of Past/Planned performance. Possibly more than one per day)
ServiceTypeId, FK (From table of types of performances morning service, evening, etc)

I would also like to be able to prepare mailing labels for the various choirs as well as the general membership from this DB. My primary focus will be on the music. I would like to have an efficient music DB that I may find out what music I do have and when I last performed them, what options for performance (usage and classification)

Would be grateful for your comments, Thanks!!


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Help With How To Structure A Database

Jan 14, 2005

I am trying to figure out how to store data into a database to be use later in a web app. So I have a shirt and it can come in four different colors. What would be the best way to enter this into the database. I'll have shirts, jackets and accessories which I have give each their own table. The shirt one is giving me trouble though, I just don't know how to organize it.

Thanks for the help

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Locking Down The Structure Of A Database

Aug 7, 2007

Dear All,

is there any way to look-down the structure of tables within a database so users cannot change tables?

Is it possible to make this password protected so only certain users have rights to change the layout of the tables?

Would this still allow users to create queries and enter data?

Thanks, Steve

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Database Structure Enquiry

Aug 14, 2007

I'm doing some changes to a database in work, but the person who created it doesnt work there anymore and so nobody knows anything about it. The database has been split into a front and back end, which is fine, but there appears to be 3 seperate databases linked to the main one, each with a .mde file for security. Depending on which department you're in, you access your database. Any information being added is updated in the main front end database. Does anybody know how that will be linked? I'm just probably going to have problems when encorporating my changes.

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Database Structure (many To Many Issue?)

Oct 22, 2004

I am looking for someone's professional opinion to help me clear up some unresolved technical issues in my mind... =P
Ok, I have a contact management database that would seem really straightforward to me except for the fact that I am dealing with 2 primary entities. In this I mean I have an Individual table and Organization table. These two tables have primarily the same field data, such as both having address data, phone (contact info) data. There are some unique fields to one entity that aren't contained in the other entity though, and visa versa. One important issue is that 0, 1, or more individuals can be related to an Organization. Therefore I now have linking tables for IndividualOrganization, as well as linking tables for Phone and Address data.
My primary complication is that since both Individuals and Organizations have address and phone data, the respective linking tables for them contain: an addressID/phoneID key, for the appropriate linking table, with an OrganizationID key and an IndividualID key in each table. So, the way I am thinking is that if the record pertains to an Individual, the appropriate ID will be in IndividualID and the OrganizationID will just be 0, or empty. This brings up issues with primary keys being blank.
I am wondering if there is a better way to do this that I am overlooking or if I am in fact on the right track? I have contemplated combining the Organization and Individual tables into one but that really doesn't seem like the best solution. If anybody has any ideas then I would GREATLY appreciate it. I had a working database the other day but now I am separating the phone and address info out of the primary tables and have really got a mess on my hands. =P If anybody would like to look at my database structure I'd be more than happy to post the back_end and the front_end for you to give me your honest opinion about any trouble areas.
Thanks BIG TIME in advance to any nice souls willing to help out a struggling programmer who doesn't have any close support on this one as I am working alone, :rolleyes:
Dana S.

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