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Calculated String Input Field In An Input Form.

I need to create a field in an input form that is simply the concatenation of two other text fields. I have tried all sorts of things, but when I look at the data in the table that field.

I have a field called ID that I want to be created like this:

=Format([UniqueID],"00000") & "-" & [Mosque]

This works well in my output fields, but does not work the same way on the input form. It needs to be based on the currently input values from the current record. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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Filter A Report USING A Forms Filter Results
I am using MS Acess2000 and need to make a report that will be passed around with production work. My primary key is the invoice number of the work order. Currently to open an invoice i have a macro, attached to a query with the following qualifiers; Like [Enter invoice]

This pulls up the current record fine.
for the form and flags the folloing in the property filter sectin of the form

(((([CustomerTableMasterRef].[Invoice]) Like [Enter invoice])))


Now I am trying to use microsofts how to filter a report using a forms filter...
This picks up on the Invoice query as shown above but does not just insert the query results...

Is there better code or another way to approach this... Currently i am using:

Caption: Open Report
OnClick: [Event Procedure]

Private Sub CmdOpenReport_Click()
If Me.Filter = "" Then
MsgBox "Open an Invoice First"
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptCustomers", acViewPreview, , Me.Filter
End If
End Sub

Using this code not only does my report not detect the correct fields to import data (no data is filled in) but it requerys the invoice or atleast should, which I could do with out all of that code...

Where should i go from here?

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Why Does AND Filter Also Filter NULL
Hello Everyone,Been a while since I needed to post on this forum, but I found something rather disturbing today; either that or I have missed something obvious. I have a large query of financial data, and I filter out certain codes which I don't want to include. The filter is;<>"BL01" And <>"SS01"Which works as it should, filtering out all BL01 and SS01. However, it also filters out any NULL values, which is something I would not expect it to do. When I enter NULL as a filter, I get the records I expect. What am I doing wrong here? I am using Access 2003 SP3 on Windows XP Service Pack 2

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Input Box
hi guys

i hvae a situvation that i hvae to take password from the user for that i am using inputbox option to take password. the problem is if i use input box we can't mask the input text box as far i know. so do we hvae any other option without creating another form for that.

thank you

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Input Mask

I want to use input mask in my email field i.e the @ must be present but i must be allowed to input values or numbers before and after the @. This did not worked because i have fixed the values: ????@????

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Input Mask
Dear All,

Is there any way that I can use an input mask to enter serial numbers of softwares.....

the data will be like this...


Thanks in advance


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Input Box And Limit
I am trying to uses a inputbox. I need it to end the script if cancel is hit, but the value from the input box can be zero? So cant filter it that way.


Does the SQL command LIMIT work in access and is it possible to number row in order?

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Input Mask Maybe
What I have is field called contract number, and its entered as 09-0011, which is ok.

Now I like it to show up in a different field as 090011. I guess my first question can this be done. Or even better how would I do it?

Now your question is. Why don't you put it in correctly the first time, and the answer is we want the number to have a dash.

Any suggestions

Never can be easy for me.

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Rs232 Input
Does anyone know how to get input from a com port and parse it into access?

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Looking For Suggestions & Input
Hey all, I am currently looking to make a great database system for use within my community. What I currently have is a mdb with just 3 tbls but will be building from there. I have the normalization down thus far, but wanted to put things out there for any suggestions or ideas to make this a useful system. This is not a profit situation, and will generally be used only by myself or possibly one or two others.

What I have is a database that tracks the homeowners within our community (subdivision) and their properties. So far I have 3 tbls

- OPkey (autonumber)
- OFname
- OLName
- OStAddress
- OCity
- OState
- OZip

- UnitPKey
- StNum
- Street
- Check2005

- UnitPKey
- OPKey

Structurally this works great so far. I can easily relate properties to their owners and link multiple properties to those who own more than 1 (landlords). I structured it this way since the two tbls had many to many relationships, so the junction tbl made the most sense.
Now I am looking to add information from a tract search (mortgage holder information) which technically relates to both of these tbls (Unit & Owner) as well. I already know that most of the owners with multiple properties will most likely have the same mortgage holder, but that is not definitive. Since the same mortgage holder could easily be associated to multiple properties within the community, I know I have to have an independent tbl for that information as well.
What I would like to head for is something that will allow me to send notifications, letters, flyers and the likes to either the owners, residents, mortgage holders, or any combination of the three. I have attempted to create a few thus far but have issues with getting all of the required data output to Word, so I am thinking I may need to design these items in a Form instead.

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. I know I am heading in the right direction, but just putting it out here for the Access community to put in their 2 cents.

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Best Format To Use For Input
An application I am building sends out a detailed information report to volunteers giving them background on cases. I felt using snapshot would be useful for this to build in confidence.
However there is also a report that the volunteer needs to complete and send back to H/O so it can be input to give details of how case developed.
Currently they use Word and then cut and paste in. I have floated the idea of on-line access to the db but that is in longer term thinking.
Would I be best sending a seperate rtf file for the additional information when I send the snp file, so that they can complete, save and send back to H/O for cutting and pasting or is there a better way?

I have done similar using Excel where I import it into a table and then process automatically but the responses here are likely to be two to three paragraph text responses so Excel not suited.
Is rtf robust enough to try the same approach?
Thanks for any input
Best wishes

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Date Input
Dear fellow forum members have been trawling the forum but unable to solve what seems a simple issue.Have a form with a field for a short date input.I would like the year to be input automatically and the user to be left to input day and month.Have played around with format(date(),mm-yy) but unable to crack it.If someone can save me another sleepless night I would be more than grateful.

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Input Mask
let's say i have a field, in which i store and identity card number. This number may consist up to 7 digits (of which 3 are mandatory) plus 1 letter (mandatory) at the end. Thus a valid identity card number may be the following: 1234567M, 123M

Eventually, since the field must always contain a letter, i set the data type to Text with field size of 8 ... and i set the inout mask as follows:

9999000L (since the first 4 digits are mandatory). With this input mask, if i have an ID Number of 123M, i have to input it as 0000123M.

Although, I would like to have the leading zeros, is it possible that during data entry time, i would simply type 123M, and i will get the zeros automatically, after the field loses the focus, rather than having to type them myself ?

Thank You

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Input Masks
I want to force user to input state in capital letters, ie; CA, CO, WA, etc., with two text characters only. Working in design view, I used this character: > in the input mask field property area,
which I understand (perhaps mistakenly) will convert characters to uppercase. Now, I cannot enter any info in the state field.
Any help would be most appreciated.

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Pop Up Input Boxes
Hi Guys,

I posted on this forum a few months ago chasing a solution and still haven't found something. Is ther any way in vb that you can prompt the user to input a number? I was posted the code below to try and help. In the example below, i would like to be able to have the end user input the first and last numbers (11000 and 11100, in the example) in a pop up box, as these vary, not have them defined in the code, is this possible? In the database, the first and last numbers in a string are all that is needed and the db fills in the gaps, so to speak

Const MyTable As String = "YourTableName"
Const MyField As String = "YourFieldName"
Dim db As DAO.Database
Dim rs As DAO.Recordset
Dim intCounter As Integer
Set db = CurrentDb
Set rs = db.OpenRecordset(MyTable)
For intCounter = 11000 To 11100
rs.Fields(MyField) = "TP" & intCounter
Next intCounter
Set rs = Nothing
Set db = Nothing

Thanks for any help you can give. I hope it is pretty straight forward, as my vba skills are fairly limited.

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Input Mask
Trying to set an input mask to Capitalize the first letter of a surname but also to do this for ie MacDonald or O'Brian? How can i do this?

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Input Mask
When you add a new column you can select different data types such as text, memo, currency,...

When I pick currency and typ in 12345 in the column and press tab it automatically puts the € sign behind 12345.....

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Need Some DB Design Input
Hey guys,

I'm creating a database based on an Excel file. The Excel file has about 180 columns and are only linked by to distinct fields. Is there any possible way that I can break this down into easier to manage tables? There are different categories of columns such as

Financial Info
Personal Details

I'm not too sure how to link these categories other than the two distinct fields I've mentioned and I know it's not a good idea to have 5 tables with identical primary keys across all 5. Can anyone offer some input?

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Input Mask Help
I am trying to create an input mask for a name field. I have Spanish names with two last names separated by a hyphen, a comma after the two last names, a space, and then the First Name a space and the Middle Name. The First Last Name needs to be in all capitals like the example. Example: NARANJO-Ramirez, Jose Luis

Can someone please help me format this mask. One trick is that there aren't always middle names. Since all parts of the name are different lenghts for everybody, I need to have an optional number of characters for each of the four parts of the name.

Thanks for your help.

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I’m reading “Selecting the Data” from Running Microsoft Access 2000, pp. 87-94. The confusing part is the input/output explanation. When I think of input I think of typing, keying, or entering raw data into the computer. Output to me is information displayed or printed.

Okay, here is what was printed:

“A data item is an input for a task if you need to read it from the database (but not update it) to perform the task. For example, a customer name and address are some of the inputs needed to create an order. Likewise, data is an output for a task if it is new data that you enter as you perform the task or that the task calculates and stores based on the input data. For example, the quantities of items you enter for an order are outputs; the shipping address and phone number you provide for a new order are outputs as well.”

The above is confusing me. Can anyone explain it better so this dummy can get it? Thanks!

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Problem With Input
I'm having an usual problem. I can input the value "BVE" in a table field and save it. When opening the table back up, the value is changed to "BE".

Any ideas??


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Input Parameter

In MS Access:

In the query:
I set a input parameter: [Please enter the date:]

I run it, enter a parameter. The results come out, it is correct.

And then I sort the ascending order of the Vendor Name.
And close the query.

Second time, I run it, It give out 2 times [Please enter the date:]

I need to enter twice input. Why?
How can I solve it?

Please let me know, thanks.

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Help With Query Input Please
I have a query that has the following script.

[Enter oner1, such as m20] Or [Enter oner2, such as m20] Or [Enter oner3, such as m20] Or [Enter oner4, such as m20]

Basically, it pops up one window after another as you input your info.'
Then after the four pop ups it will go and retrieve the needed information.
It works great for me....

Is there a way for me to take this query script and if I leave one pop up blank it would just go and find what I put in without having to press
"enter" for the additional inputs that I did not want...
It's a pain when I increase this to 10 pop ups and one need one...

Example :

Lets say I only want to input two and then go
find the information.
right now I have to continue closing the pop ups until
I have cycled through all four and then it will go.
I want to eliminate the additional ones.

I'm not a genius at this so please make it as easy as you
can if you have any ideas....


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I have an InputBox date box created in a query, How would i change the title of the input box from "Enter parameter value" to "Works order Import selection". iS IT POSSIBLE

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Input Mask
I have a text box on a form that holds a grid reference, (2 letters and 6 numbers). I have set the box up with an input mask, (>LL000000;0;_). Is there a way that when the user clicks in the box that the cursor will go to the start of the box. At present it goes wherever they click in the box. If they dont notice then the machine starts beeping at them, most annoying!

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Input Mask HELP!!!!
I have created an input mask but it depends what type of currency is..

If Me![Currency Counter] = "1" Then
Me![Serial No].InputMask = "LL00 000000"
If Me![Currency Counter] = "2" Then
Me![Serial No].InputMask = "LL-00000000-L"

The problem is that if for example the currency counter = 2 the serial must be
AA-11111111-A but it is saving AA1111111A and i dont want it to save it like this.

Any help pls...

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Input Form

in my form, which exists of cbo's and text fields, I want to put in new data in order to update my source table. In the menu properties, which is related to my form, I chose the right options to update this table, etc.
Here is my problem; when I go to the form display and making some attempts to put in my data, the following message appears in my status-bar: "Can't update this Record-set object."

I just wanna know how I can configure my form in a way that I shall be able to put in my data.

thanks in advance & grts

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Input Value By Combox Only

In MS Access, the form,

I make one combox, I want anybody input the value by dropdown list, they cannot input the value by typing in keyboard.

How can I lock to enter the value by typing, but they can input it by dropdown list.

Because, if I lock the field, then we never enter the value, if no lock, then we can enter it either dropdown list option or type in keyboard.

I just want to make dropdown list option to enter the value.

Please let me know, thanks.

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