Format For Phone Numbers

Jul 31, 2006

I set my phone number to be formatted like (920)123-4567

I copied data from an excel spread sheet - now the phone numbers are like 920-123-4567.

Is there a way that I can update the phone numbers to be the correct formatting (920) 123-4567?

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Invalid Phone Numbers

Feb 17, 2008

I am trying to run some queries on a large customer file that has very poor data - particularly in the contact number fields.

If there are more than six "1"s, "9"s, or "0"s in the number, then we are planning to treat it as an invalid number and replace it with a null.

Any ideas about how to do this?

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Validating Phone Numbers

Mar 25, 2008

I am trying to work with a large table of customer data.
I know that there is a large number of invalid values.
I would like to run a make table query that would check the phone number against a table of known invalid numbers (e.g. 1234567, 11111111, 99999999, etc).
If the number exists on the invalid table, then I would like to replace it with a null value.

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Displaying Phone Numbers

Oct 19, 2014

I have three fields in a database with phone numbers. They all appear to be set up the same. They all display the phone number format (xxx) xxx-xxxx when data is entered. One of them looks like a phone number in tables, forms and queries. The other two display as a 10 digit number.

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General :: Phone Numbers From Excel To Access

Jul 22, 2015

I have an excel spreadsheet linked to a table n Access. I have phone numbers that I would like to transfer. I set a format in Excel that made it automatically change to the (###) ###-####, but when I look on the table in Access it shows up ###-#######.

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How To Import Phone Numbers In Access Database

Oct 31, 2012

I imported an Office 2010 excel file into Access 2010. All the headers match.

All the data transfered, but the phone numbers.

In Design View, the phone numbers are listed as numbers, not text.

Then I tried to copy the two columns from Excel and past into the two columns in the database. No go. It did create a new table called Paste Errors.

How do I move that into the Table that I first created?

I need to know how to get the phone numbers in their because I need to import several other excel files into this table.

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Query Phone Is Specific Format

Jan 11, 2006

I need to query a table for phone numbers that do not meet the following format: ###-###-####

Any idea on how I can do that??

Hope someone can help!

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Queries :: Search Like And Phone Number Format

Apr 12, 2013

I have the following VBA code to search for a string

'Search by Phone
Private Sub CmdSearchPhones_Click()
strSQL = "SELECT Tbl_Contacts.ContactID, Tbl_Contacts.FName, Tbl_Contacts.LName, Tbl_Contacts.Address, Tbl_Contacts.City, Tbl_Contacts.State, Tbl_Contacts.Zip, Tbl_Contacts.HomePhone, Tbl_Contacts.WorkPhone,

[Code] .....

My issue is that this works 50/50, because phone numbers on the database are NOW being stored in this format (000) 000-0000 and previous DB phone numbers got stored as 0000000000. The above code finds previous DB phone numbers (even if we dont enter all 10 digits) without a problem but has issues with new phone numbers stored in the new format UNLESS I specify the search with (000) 000-0000 (but we want to be able to search without adding that and without typing all 10 digits - in case we forget part of the number we are looking for)

How can I tell my query to find both formats, with the (000) 000-0000 AND 0000000000 ....

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Phone Number Format Problem With Mail Merge

Jul 26, 2006

Twilight Zone Phormat Problem

I have a mail merge from Access into Word that works great except for a baffling problem with phone number formatting. Instead of (987) 654-3210, on certain records the merge produces 9876543210. I cannot identify a pattern to explain it, but it is not random. Certain records consistently leave the format behind on the phone number, some on the fax number, and some on both. This problem is affecting about 1/3 of the contact records. I have the Input Mask on Phone and Fax in the table set to !(999") "000-0000;0;_. Is anyone familiar with this problem?

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Queries :: Convert Phone Number In Text Format And Remove Dashes Or Parenthesis

Aug 7, 2014

Is there a way to convert a phone number in text format into a number and remove any dashs or parenthesis. What function can I use ?

old format (951) 244-3011
new format 9512443011

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Help With 4 Digit Numbers To Date Format?

Dec 31, 2006


I have extracted 4 digit numbers from a long strings of characters and numbers which I have identified as date. Some are inputted as

mmdd (example: 1129)
ddmm (example: 2310)

I have to calculate the number of days between the start and end dates. I tried formatting as date, but I can't get it to work.

Any suggestion?


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Format Numbers In Query Text Field?

Nov 10, 2005

I have a field in a query that contains numbers and text (text field). The numbers displayed come from a percent calculation and display with many decimals ie, .99898745987245. Is there a way to eliminate the decimals with code in the query field? For example .99898745987245 to equal 99%? I can’t format the field as a number or percent because it has both text and numbers. HELP!!

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Tables :: Format Control On Auto Numbers

Jul 4, 2014

I would like to expand on this questions. I would like to generate a number based on a reference I use, a format like "14/000" where I use "14" with the last 2 digits of the year. However i want the auto number to generate the the last 2 digit automatically when the year changes i.e. when 2015 comes the field generates "15/000" without any prompt from the user.

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Queries :: Fixed Format Numbers Required From A List?

Jun 28, 2013

I have a table which contains list of data like,

etc.. etc.....

Now, I need a data which contains numbers 5 digits before decimal point & 3 digits after decimal point.


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Reports :: Changing Numbers To Correct Date Format - IIF Statement

Dec 17, 2013

How to get this expression to work? It works by changing the numbers to correct date format, however, if the field is null, I want a blank to appear instead of "type"

=IIf([DATE_APPLIED_X] Is Null,"""",CDate(Mid([DATE_APPLIED_X],5,2) & "/" & Right([DATE_APPLIED_X],2) & "/" & Left([DATE_APPLIED_X],4)))


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Tables :: Showing Negative Numbers In Brackets Without Selecting Currency Format

Jul 7, 2014

Is there a way to show negative numbers in brackets without selecting the Currency format?

I want to show (75,000.00) and not -75,000.00

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Phone Number Formula

Oct 23, 2006

hi Iam new to this can anyone help i want to be able to enter phone numbers the code that ive found only seems to allow me to enter first 3 numbers were actually the areA code has 4 can any one give me correct formula

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Phone Number Suggestion

Jul 2, 2005

What is the best way to setup a phone number field that will contain numbers from North America and Europe?

Is it just one field that is text and no input mask? :)

Any suggestions?


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Phone Number Input Help

Jan 20, 2006

Greetings... I am setting up a text box to accept a phone number with an input mask of 000-000-0000;0;_ but it isnt doing quite what I want it to do, I would like it to start at the begining when clicked to prevent the error of a user typing in the number a space too far to the right. (right now it places the cursor where ever the user clicks, which becomes a major pain when you want to just be able to click the field anywhere and type from left to right for sake of speed)

thanks for any solutions you might have to offer

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Phone Book Problem

Nov 23, 2004

Here is my setup:

In Acess 97 I have a single data base with 5 tables, Attorneys, Employers, Health Care Professionals and two others. All tables have exactly the same fields.

I am trying to create a “phone book” made up of all the records in the data base. The form for this phone book has only a few fields such as fname, lname, phone, address. It also has the autonumber field. The record source for the form is a Union Query. When I open the form it works well. I get lawyers, employers, doctors , etc. all in alphabetical order.

Here is my problem:

I have a command button labeled “View Record.” I want to be able to click on this and have it find the record in its original table and open the form for that table so the record can be modified (on exiting the record I have it requery so the phone book is updated).

I can only get this to work with one table at a time, that is, the table that is named in the event procedure code. So if I am in, say, an Attorney record and tblAttoney is named in the event procedure code, all works well. But if I am in, say, an Employer record I get a blank Attorney form opened.

How can I get it to trace the autonumber to the proper table and open the record . I assume that the autonumbers are unique ACROSS all five tables since they are in the same database.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Add Padding To Phone Number

Nov 27, 2006

I have a list of about 900 phone numbers, which have been formatted in excel to have a 0 at the beginning of the phone number. However when i export the data to access, so it can be viewed on a webpage this formatting is lost.

How best can i go about adding a zero at the beggining of all of the phone numbers in my list? Can it be done using sql or is there another function in access that can do this.


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Phone Number Input Mask

Jan 10, 2007

Ok I have an excel spreadsheet with over 6000 phone numbers that I need to import into a table. I have set up my field with an input mask to display a phone number as (xxx) xxx-xxxx. I have also set up my excel spreadsheet to have the numbers set up like 1234567890 to make it easy to throw in and let the input mask take over. My question is: I have some numbers that have an extension and are set up as 1234567890 x 102. I can take out the "x" and have all of the numbers run together, but what is the input mask syntax to have it display as say "(xxx) xxx-xxxx"?


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Queries :: Search For Multiple Plot Numbers Preferably In One Parameter Prompt With Comma To Separate Numbers

Aug 12, 2014

I'm having multiple problems with my database like things such as -

i'm currently working on the Query 2 - On the Phone database (ignore Query 1) and i want to search for multiple plot numbers preferably in one parameter prompt with a comma to seperate numbers. (this could be a multitude of numbers so i would like to be able to input as many as needed). Also when i do search on this query since the Criteria is a 'Between' Value i would expect everything between the 2 numbers input to show up - but a lot of numbers out of the range show up too - why is this? (The Numbers are like "69 to 136" and they will show up - but 1-69 and 136-170 would too

I would also like to implement the search results from Query 2 into the Form i currently have made but it just opens up a access table when the search is made?

i cannot link my database as it is too big for the server - But here are the Criteria for Query 2:

Plot No - (criteria = Between [Enter First Plot No:] And [Enter Last Plot No:])
Site - (criteria = Like "*" & [Enter Site:] & "*")
Product - (criteria = Like "*" & [Enter Product:] & "*"

The Query is the one im most concerned about , i can live without a form.

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Looking For Free/shareware PDA And Cell Phone Tracking Database

Nov 13, 2005


I have a list of 500 PDA users, spread over 7 offices.
I want to keep an eye on what happens with the devices and their SIM-cards. As they are often swapped between offices and SIM-cards get lost.
I am pretty sure that I don't have to re-invent the wheel.
Do you have any idea of a free/shareware tracking tool for PDA's and cell phones ?

Thanks in advance !

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RecordsetClone Problem On Northwind's Customer Phone List

Feb 16, 2006

When attempting to select a letter in a form copied from the Northwind's Customer Phone List Form, I am now getting an error message that says "The object doesn't contain the Automation object "RecordsetClone'".
I never had that problem before.
Appears to be something in the Option Group that has gone awry, but I cannot access the Visual Basics behind the Macro.
Is there a way to suppress this message? It does not appear to be a problem in bringing up the sought after page.
:confused: :confused: Please help!!

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Auto Transfer Phone Number From Telephone To Database

Feb 27, 2006

wot i want..

the phone rings.. the phone is connected to the computer..
the incoming caller's phone number is sent to the database.. and then possibly used in some way..(eg in a query or displayed on the screen in the database)

anyone had any experience in this process or can recommend a phone/cable setup url...


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