Hourly Rate Of Pay For Access Development

Nov 8, 2005

I am self-taught on Access and have designed a quite basic database for a friend who owns his own company. This is a client contact database designed to hold information about his clients and their companies, but also to send reminders to Outlook when they haven't been contacted for a while - ie. to make my friend more proactive in his business.

This was a project which I originally agreed to work on for a fixed price. Needless to say, I undersold myself and probably because I am self-taught, with the number of hours I have put in, I probably got paid 2p an hour!

The project is drawing to a close, but he wants to pay me per hour for any further development to the system, and for any similar work he wants doing, problem is I haven't a clue what to charge him per hour?

Any ideas, without divulging your well-earned salaries of course!

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Concerning Prices: Hourly Rate / One-time Amount

Mar 26, 2008

I'm asked to do a specific task, a database concerning of:Tables: 25Forms: 25Reports: 40-45Build from ground up, multi-user, accounts, account-restrictions, has to be linked to an already existing database, will need a fair amount of VBA coding.I would like to know specifically two things:--> what is your common hourly rate --> what would your common total-price-estimate for a project like this.

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Reports :: Hourly Rate - Calculated Totals Not Adding Up

Sep 5, 2013

We recently have had a change to our hourly rate that we pay and now the Totals calculation is not adding up the numbers correctly.

In the query that the report is based from:

ExtendedTotal: CCur([Hours]*[Rate])

In the footer of the report: (Provides a Total for each Day)

Sub-Total: "Control Source" is: =Sum(CCur([ExtendedTotal]))

Report Footer: (Provides a Grand Total for the Month)
Total: "Control Source" is: =Sum([ExtendedTotal])

Problem comes in with the odd dollar rate time partial hours. For example:

$9.73 x 4.5 hours = $43.785 (Rounds to $43.79) which is fine...

but when you have a whole column of these rounded numbers, the totals are coming out off by pennies which add up to a good bit at the end of the month. I cannot match up the totals with the invoices that are coming in either.

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How To Get Started With Access/Web Development

Aug 26, 2005


I've been using Access as my database development tool for a few years. Now I would like to start learning how to use Access in conjuction with other tools (such as ASP, vb.Net, etc.) to develop web applications. Can anyone point me in the right direction, offer ideas on how to get started? I don't know how things work between an Access db and the Web.

Thank you very much.


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Access Development Prices

Oct 16, 2005

I recently got asked by a friend to set up a database for him to store his business contacts (so he can do mailshots etc) along with some basic order history. I've come up with the basics of this database (attached). There is still some work to do on it, a bit of tidying up and some reports etc but I need to go and see him show him what I've done and to clarify exactly what reports and stuff he wants.
I'm only doing this in my free time but he has said he'll pay me for my efforts. I don't feel I can really charge an hourly rate though as I'm still only learning the ropes and what might take me several hours might only take an experienced developer an hour or even 10 mins! :o
So I guess what I'm asking, is could those of you who are self-employed, or indeed anyone who has some idea of what the going rates for databases are, take a look at what I've done and give me an estimate of how long it would have taken to put together something similar and how much you would charge for it (either in total or per hour).
I'm also sure that some of what I've done could have been done a lot better, so if anyone has any views on improvements I could make, I'm all ears. :)

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Access Development Extensions

Oct 27, 2005

I am need of urgent help with the following situation:

Currently my project has been developed on my computer with frontend Access, backend SQL Server (on our companys server). Now that I am testing release as soon as I create the package and install it on any other computer it says that it cannot connect to the SQL Server...

Is there something I should add (macro) or otherwise to make sure that it recognises the SQL server and connects?

As a point of note the release will be on the RunTime engine rather than full access.

Thanks for any help.


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Hide Development Tools / Tables / Queries Depending On Access Level

Jan 8, 2014

I have created a simple login form that is based on User Name and Password.the table contains UserName, First Name, Last Name, Password and User Role(dev, admin...ect.)How can I change who can access different parts of the database?I want all the Development tools only accessable to People who have "dev" as a "User Role".Admin can only access the forms related to data entry and managers can view all forms but not the tables, querie and tools...ect.

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Forms :: Button To Reset A Hourly Production Log?

Jul 17, 2015

I currently have a continuous form in my database that has 24 records in it. every record is blank except for a time (I will post a screenshot)

Our employees are instructed to enter various information every hour in this form. coding a button that, when clicked, will create 24 new records in the table that this form is based on, insert times in those 24 records, and then display those 24 records in the form. It would have the illusion that the end user it "resetting" the form at the end of his shift and preparing a clean form for the next person.

In the spreadsheet that we currently use, there is a button that, when pressed, saves the workbook with the date in its file name and then clears all of the end-user's data so that the next shift has a clean spreadsheet to use. I would like to mimic this button as closely as possible in MS Access

I understand that this database design is not exactly ideal in the world of database engineering; however, I was told to make this a perfectly seamless transition from the excel spreadsheet we currently use (there is a folder with 900+ workbooks from over the years. This obviously makes the information useless - we need all of the information in one file - this database)

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Generate A Field In Query With Hourly Incremented Data Between MIN MAX Interval

Aug 12, 2015

How can I put a field in my query, with all data hourly incremented between 01 January 2015 to 31 December 2015.

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Count Instances Of Records At Each Hourly Interval Within A Selected Date Range

Sep 30, 2014

I've got a single table with multiple fields, three of which are a date field ('DDate'), a time field ('TimeET') and a unique identifying field ('Unique Call Key').  I'm attempting to write a query in the QBE that will allow me to count the number of instances of 'UniqueCallKey' for each hourly time interval (7:00:00 AM - 7:59:59 AM, 8:00:00 AM - 8:59:59 AM, 9:00:00 - 9:59:59 AM, etc) for any selected date range (BETWEEN 'DDate'(1) AND 'DDate'(2)).  When I try to simply use the Count function on 'UniqueCallKey' as an Expression and 'TimeET' with 'Like '7:*AM' as a Where criteria then do the same with another instance of 'UniqueCallKey' and 'Like 8:*AM' as the criteria for a second Where criteria for 'TimeET' the query returns an empty set.  What I'm trying to accomplish would be a column of dates, a second column that counts the number of instances of 'UniqueCallKey' at the 7AM interval for each date in column 1, a third column that counts the number of instances of 'UniqueCallKey' at the 8AM interval for each date in column 1, etc to a final column for counts at 7PM.

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Web Development

Dec 5, 2005

I'm after a bit of advice....
Have developed a booking system for a client, Access 2003 adp front end with SQL Server 2000 backend, they want to offer search and view facilities on their intranet and possibly on the internet. Very broad but Simple question, whats the best way to do it ?:eek: having never done any web development....

It will purely be a couple of combo boxes populated from the SQL server for selection, followed by the display of the results, possibly with an email button.

At a loss as to where I should start, can I do anything in Access or possibly ASP.NET or something else ????

Apologies if this is in the wrong thread, and many thanks in advance for any responses,


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Development Contract

Oct 30, 2006

Placed this query in another section of the forum without response - possibly wrong section so please forgive me for duplication

Does anyone have a sample development contract subject to UK legislation. I need one for a project that is quoted at 4,500 stg and as this is my first biggie I want to keep myself covered.

whilst I know you may suggest I go to a solicitor I can't really afford to. some of you may say that I can't afford not to but hopefully after a couple of biggies like this it will be possible.



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Development Issue

Nov 28, 2007

Is there a way to kick all users out of the database so updates can be made? I have an Access database that is used by several different machines. I need to make my updates around 4pm each day but sometimes the operators forget to log off. I need to be able to kick everyone out so that I can get my updates made on time.

Any ideas?

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Need Development Advice

Jul 22, 2007


I am looking for some advice on how to go about solving a problem.

I created a database 1 primary table with 1 other table, linked in a form with a 1 to many relationship.

The PK is auto assigned for both tables.

I want to have say three different companies use the same database but with some kind of unique ID for each company so when I bring all of the data together into one database it will all merge but be sortable by the company that created the data.

As some of you will note I thought that defining the PK for each record was the way to go but it seems that this is not going to work.

Any suggestions?


Fen How

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Development Plan Db

Apr 10, 2008

I doing a db that is supposed to show the development plan of some persons.

2 tables:

in the graduates table there are among other data about the graduates, four fields for their departments in the next year.

i have called them:
rotation 1
rotation 2
rotation 3
rotation 4

these rotations should be choosed from the departments table, so i have created a lookup dropdown list in these fields.

now i want to show a query that shows a list of all the departments with the linked graduates. something like this:

Rot 1: Rot 2: Rot 3: Rot 4:
dep 1: Ben John - James
dep 2: James Ben John -
dep 3: - - James -
dep 4: John - Ben -
dep 5: - - - John
dep 6: - James - Ben

'-' = meaning empty field (onley for illustration in this forum)

My question is how i set up the links between the tables to create a query that show this.

Thank you.

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Database Development

Apr 11, 2007

I need to create a Database in Microsoft Access. Can anyone name me 3 different development methodologies I could use?


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Software Licensing DB Development Help.

Aug 15, 2007


I'm building a Software Licensing Database & I have come across this particular problem and i am not 100% sure which way would be the best way for me to solve it. So far I have created the database so that a user/software/license can be added to the system. The main form display's users information and below in a tabbed subform it displays the installed software on the machine. On the second tab it displays the license's attached to that machine. On each of these subforms its provides the user to add/delete software/license's however my problem is with error handling within the system. I have managed to make it so that a user can only selelct license's that are specific
Each License can cover anywhere from 1 to <x-amount> of pc's. What I want to be able to do is the user can select a license if their is 1 available and a small text box which denote's how many license's are available. So i know im going to need a license count which is easy enough using a SUM within a query. It is the error handling that im stuck on. I need to create a statement using the 'equal to or greater than' operator if possible saying
If NumberofLicenses >= then add license
Else If vbOKonly message - "Insufficient License's to cover this piece of software please purchase & add the new license to the system then try again"

Something along those lines.. I just dont know where this would go or how to write it! If anyone has a better way of achieving this.. fire away im open to ideas!



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General Database Development & Design Help!

Jul 27, 2007


Right at the moment i'm baisically designing and building a software licensing management system fro my boss at the moment but I have had a snag, the face that its 3pm on a friday is not helping with my concentration either.

Ok so my problem is that i've got 3 tables (tblUser_Informantion, tblSoftware_Information & tblHardware_Information) all of which are related via a 4th table (tblReference) which holds the primary keys of each of the other 3 tables mentioned.
For all intents and purpose's the primary keys are named according to their tables i.e. (User_ID, Software_ID, Hardware_ID, Reference_ID etc...)

On my main form a User can select via a cmbo-box or search for a Person via Surname or search via Machine Asset number. Upon selection this fills a number of pre determinate box's below that containing you typical standard information. However under this is a subform showing what software the user has installed on the machine and on an alternate tab it shows the software license's purchased and assigned to that machine. So far so good.

However I want to create a button in which the user can add software for that particular person in the fields. The user will select the software from a listbox filtered by combo boxes filtering by Software Vendor etc... My problem is that when the user has selected this software title either via double click or an update button i want it to update the tblReference table. So baisically i need this button to grab the User_ID, Software_ID and Hardware_ID and place it in the tblReference table as a new record.

Hopefully i have explained this well enough for people to understand below is a jpg of my current main screen so you can hopefully get a jist of what im trying to say and do. However im open to suggestions if people feel they know a much better way of achieving my goal.. as i sed its friday afternoon and im feeling particulary slow so you'll have to forgive me!

Any help is much appreciated.

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General :: How To Open MDB In Development Mode

Aug 15, 2012

how do I search for how to open an MDB in development mode, not active running mode ?

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Rate My DB

Mar 23, 2008

Hoi, Well, this is my 1st EVER database and whatever I've learnt is either from here or 'on-the-way'..It's a Libr4ry Database for a college assignment.Basically, I'm a DBA and also an employee at the library.Nurseries come to us/me to hire books for their students/children/whatever.In my DB you canAdd Authors (of books)Add Books Add copies of booksAdd NurseriesDelete authorsdelete booksdelete nurseriesLoan booksReserve booksReturn booksview all authors reportview all booksview all nurseriesview current loansview current reservationsI've attached my DB, have a little play around say what you think about it..I know at the moment there are a few issues: Adding a copy of a book is annoying because you have to add the book first and then go into an other form and add it as many times as you have it. On Loan report you can't see whether or not the book has been returned Authors_ID are stupidly HIGH and i have no idea why? Autonumber 1,2,3-100? No! 1,2,3,4120032,4120033,4120034 etc! Books can be loaned MANY times Reservations can be made MANY times with the same book Can't view the stock level on a book (haven't done this yet) RETURN table doesn't show necessary data such as names of book and nursery just their ID's which can cause confusion RETURN table 'returned?' combo box shows 0/1 instead of Yes/No although Yes/No are in the drop down box it'sself.. LOAN Table 'date due back' textbox shows '#error' when there isn't a date entered in the Loan date textbox..That list isn't conclusive :' )I'll probably find loads more thing wrong with it..But, if you could..just gimme your feedback and what COULD be improved.. and what's sh-t and what's not etc.Database password is my username.Cheers for all the help with it guys/guyesses!:D:DEDIT: if problems opening .zip, rename it too whatever.rar.

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Production And Development Versions Of My Database Update Each Other

Mar 14, 2007


I keep the production version of my database on a server, and a copy of it for development work on my desktop. Today I've made several changes to the development version, which didn't work. I then opened the production version held on the server in a separate MS Access window to compare the queries/results to see where the problem was and have found that the changes have automatically updated in the production version. Can anyone explain this? They shouldnt be linked at all. The 2 versions both link to a datawarehouse through an ODBC link, but shouldn't be linking to each other (I'm using Access 2003).

Cheers :)

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Modules & VBA :: Connection Cannot Be Used - Error On Production But Not Development

Jul 24, 2013

old Access database that's been upgraded through to Access 2000 or 2003 (probably 2000), but not beyond. Was rebuilt in Access 2003 format around 2006/2007 (by someone else who no longer works here). Being used now in Access 2007 and 2010. Uses DSN to connect to SQL Server backend. Last week it was SQL Server 2005, moved the back end on Saturday to SQL Server 2012. Changed the DSN when moving to the new server. But I don't think this has to do with the DSN (it's getting data just fine).

There's a data entry form. User enters a Generator ID, event triggers it to look for the details for the generator and load them into a generator subform. After it loads the information into the subform, and before the user does anything else, it throws "This connection cannot be used to perform this operation. It is either closed or invalid in this context."It triggers post update of the Generator ID:


Private Sub txtGeneratorID_AfterUpdate()
On Error GoTo Handle_err
Me.txtGeneratorID = UCase(Me.txtGeneratorID)
Call FillHandlerSubform(Me.subGeneratorInfo, Me.txtGeneratorID.Value)
If GetGenStat(Me.txtGeneratorID.Value) = "N" Or GetGenStat(Me.txtGeneratorID.Value) = "OB" Then
MsgBox "Warning Generator Status! " & UCase(Me.txtGeneratorID.Value) & vbCrLf & _
"This Generator has a status of N or OB!", vbCritical, "Bad Generator Status!"
Cancel = True
End If


It doesn't throw this error in the development copy of the database, dev copy works just fine. It only throws it from the production version. They are located on the same network, just in different folders. They are pointing to the same database on the same SQL Server using a DSN file located inside the folder where the .mdb file is located (this is a change in the front end, prior to this it was using a DSN on each individual machine, but I changed it to stop that).

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Billing Rate

Aug 28, 2006

Hello all,

I am talking to a potential customer about doing some contract work using access. This would be my first contract using access and I was just curious what some of you are charging as your rate. I'm a strong developer but my experience has been in a full-time position so I'm not sure what contractors would get paid.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Exchange Rate

Jun 18, 2007

Hey guys,

I have a form that works out the cost of products from to by calcuation where the user puts in the current exchange rate into an unbound text field.

i was wondering is this is at all possible:
to get the current exchange rate automatically off the internet from some kind of website

i would love to hear suggestions.. what kind of problems i am likley to encounter or if any one has attempted or succesfully managed to do this or something similar.

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Exchange Rate Problem

Sep 17, 2005

I've got a question about MS Access.

I've got a table with different customers and different rates that they offer for certain products. The problem is that different customers deal in different currencies. The currencies are one of three; Euro's, Pounds or Dollars.

I would like to create a query that would convert each customers rates to the same currency (pound).

The information is divided into 2 different tables. A customer table and a product table. I've created a form that is based on the customer table and features the product table as a sub-form.

What I would like to do is have an option that would enable me to enter the current exchange rates (as they are constantly changing) which would be used to convert the individual rates depending on the currency used by customers.

Form fields as follows

- cust_id
- cust_name
- company_name
- company_add1
- company_add2
- company_pc
- company_country


- prod_id
- prod_name
- currency
- prod_rate
- convert

I'm sure this is possible, but my knowledge on this matter is limitted.

Thanks in advance for any advice given.

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Calculate Rate Between Date

Sep 27, 2007

Hi All.
In my employee's table I have EmployeeName, Rate, Date and I need create query to calculate Rate for each eployee between Date if ration during this period of time was diferent.

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