Hourly Rate Of Pay For Access Development

I am self-taught on Access and have designed a quite basic database for a friend who owns his own company. This is a client contact database designed to hold information about his clients and their companies, but also to send reminders to Outlook when they haven't been contacted for a while - ie. to make my friend more proactive in his business.

This was a project which I originally agreed to work on for a fixed price. Needless to say, I undersold myself and probably because I am self-taught, with the number of hours I have put in, I probably got paid 2p an hour!

The project is drawing to a close, but he wants to pay me per hour for any further development to the system, and for any similar work he wants doing, problem is I haven't a clue what to charge him per hour?

Any ideas, without divulging your well-earned salaries of course!

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Concerning Prices: Hourly Rate / One-time Amount

I'm asked to do a specific task, a database concerning of:Tables: 25Forms: 25Reports: 40-45Build from ground up, multi-user, accounts, account-restrictions, has to be linked to an already existing database, will need a fair amount of VBA coding.I would like to know specifically two things:--> what is your common hourly rate --> what would your common total-price-estimate for a project like this.

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Hourly Rate - Version: Any Version

Hi UA,
I created few databases as a employee some time ago. I received a call last week with request and quote submission for creating additional reports.
My question is, what hourly rate is reasonable for something like this?
Thanx UA.

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How To Get Started With Access/Web Development


I've been using Access as my database development tool for a few years. Now I would like to start learning how to use Access in conjuction with other tools (such as ASP, vb.Net, etc.) to develop web applications. Can anyone point me in the right direction, offer ideas on how to get started? I don't know how things work between an Access db and the Web.

Thank you very much.


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Access Development Prices

I recently got asked by a friend to set up a database for him to store his business contacts (so he can do mailshots etc) along with some basic order history. I've come up with the basics of this database (attached). There is still some work to do on it, a bit of tidying up and some reports etc but I need to go and see him show him what I've done and to clarify exactly what reports and stuff he wants.
I'm only doing this in my free time but he has said he'll pay me for my efforts. I don't feel I can really charge an hourly rate though as I'm still only learning the ropes and what might take me several hours might only take an experienced developer an hour or even 10 mins! :o
So I guess what I'm asking, is could those of you who are self-employed, or indeed anyone who has some idea of what the going rates for databases are, take a look at what I've done and give me an estimate of how long it would have taken to put together something similar and how much you would charge for it (either in total or per hour).
I'm also sure that some of what I've done could have been done a lot better, so if anyone has any views on improvements I could make, I'm all ears. :)

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Access Development Extensions

I am need of urgent help with the following situation:

Currently my project has been developed on my computer with frontend Access, backend SQL Server (on our companys server). Now that I am testing release as soon as I create the package and install it on any other computer it says that it cannot connect to the SQL Server...

Is there something I should add (macro) or otherwise to make sure that it recognises the SQL server and connects?

As a point of note the release will be on the RunTime engine rather than full access.

Thanks for any help.


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Access 2007 Runtime & Development

Hi My 'Utter Friends,

I installed both the A2K7 Runtime & Development files on a laptop running XP,
But 'Development' dosen't show up in the ribbon.

It installed fine on a desktop running XP.

Any ideas?

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Access Database Development - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

I am in the process of creating a database for a friend's business. I was using Access 2003 when I found out that the database needed to run on Windows 98SE and Windows XP. I read that Access 2003 only runs on Windoes XP. So I started to use Access 2002. Luckily I was not far enough in the development of the database. I just want to make sure that by developing the database in Access 2002 that it will give me a wider base of users that may have different versions of Windows OS such as Windows 2000, 98SE, and XP.

I have also seen a lot of posts on using front-end and back-end databases. What are the pros and cons? Should I do this?

My last question is that not all the machines have Access installed. I was told that I could purchase Microsoft Office XP 2002 Developer Kit to package the access runtime with the database. Is this correct and is it hard to do? I am not that proficient in Access, but I know enough to get by.

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Development Of Access Quality Database - Version: 2000 (9.0)

Good Day All,

Does anyone have any good table designs that would help in building a quality database? I will be building a database that would be along the lines of conducting a Quality Audit. Example would be an Auditor would use the Database to score each claim process to ensure all processes were completed by rep. The database would be based on point value and %. Example, if one process had 10 different Quality Audit checks the Auditor could assign a point value for each step the rep needs to complete correctly. If the rep complete all 10 they would get 100%. The Auditor would use a form to score the claim and want a report that could display detailed discrepancies. Any samples would be greatly appreciated.


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Access Spontaneously Quits While Doing Development - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

Occasionally Access (2002 on WinXP Pro) will just quit. It disappears from the task bar and task manager (tasks and processes). All unsaved changes are lost. It seems to happen when I am trying take an action such as a save or switching to another view (I think...I haven't been able to nail down an exact sequence of events). Probably always happens when I have VBA open, but couldn't swear to that.

Is this happening to anyone else? Any ideas what is causing it and how to prevent it?

Bob Arnold

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Access Development - Beginner's Questions/issues - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

I have been tasked with adapting a small inventory program in Access. I have the task mostly complete, but have a few glitches that I am struggling with.

Here are the objects:

Tables are Products, Categories, Sites, Transactions, Units, Vendors, and Switchboard Items)

There are 2 main queries/updates:

For adding to inventory:

UPDATE Products, Transactions SET Products.[Units in Stock] = Products.[Units Sent Out] Transactions.[amount added], Transactions.[date posted] = Date(), Transactions.Posted = 'Y'
WHERE (Products.Model)=[Transactions].[Item] AND (Transactions.[transaction type])= 'atb - Add To Inventory ' AND (Transactions.Posted) = 'N';

and for removing from inventory:

UPDATE Products, Transactions SET Products.[Units in Stock] = Products.[Units in Stock] - Transactions.[amount added], Transactions.[date posted] = DATE(), Transactions.Posted = 'Y'
WHERE (Products.Model) = [Transactions].[Item] and (Transactions.[transaction type]) = 'dfb - Remove From Inventory' AND (Transactions.Posted) = 'N';

The basic process is I add/remove to/from inventory, then perform a Post action to commit the add/remove. The Add part works fine, but the Remove does not commit. No errors, it just doesn't commit.

I have compared the SQL between Add and Remove, and looked at the properties of the two, and they seem identical to me.

Any ideas?

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Are There Access Development Tools Worth Purchasing? - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I know there is alot of free code available on this site and elsewhere, some of which I have used, but is there a packaged set of Development tools that anyone would highly recomend purchasing?

Thanks again for any input!


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Going Rate

Hi. I am a recruiter for an IT consulting firm and I am trying to fill a position for an important client in Houston. I am trying to find out what the going rate is for an Access Developer in the Houston area. Can anyone help me out?

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Rate My DB

Hoi, Well, this is my 1st EVER database and whatever I've learnt is either from here or 'on-the-way'..It's a Libr4ry Database for a college assignment.Basically, I'm a DBA and also an employee at the library.Nurseries come to us/me to hire books for their students/children/whatever.In my DB you canAdd Authors (of books)Add Books Add copies of booksAdd NurseriesDelete authorsdelete booksdelete nurseriesLoan booksReserve booksReturn booksview all authors reportview all booksview all nurseriesview current loansview current reservationsI've attached my DB, have a little play around say what you think about it..I know at the moment there are a few issues: Adding a copy of a book is annoying because you have to add the book first and then go into an other form and add it as many times as you have it. On Loan report you can't see whether or not the book has been returned Authors_ID are stupidly HIGH and i have no idea why? Autonumber 1,2,3-100? No! 1,2,3,4120032,4120033,4120034 etc! Books can be loaned MANY times Reservations can be made MANY times with the same book Can't view the stock level on a book (haven't done this yet) RETURN table doesn't show necessary data such as names of book and nursery just their ID's which can cause confusion RETURN table 'returned?' combo box shows 0/1 instead of Yes/No although Yes/No are in the drop down box it'sself.. LOAN Table 'date due back' textbox shows '#error' when there isn't a date entered in the Loan date textbox..That list isn't conclusive :' )I'll probably find loads more thing wrong with it..But, if you could..just gimme your feedback and what COULD be improved.. and what's sh-t and what's not etc.Database password is my username.Cheers for all the help with it guys/guyesses!:D:DEDIT: if problems opening .zip, rename it too whatever.rar.

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Billing Rate

Hello all,

I am talking to a potential customer about doing some contract work using access. This would be my first contract using access and I was just curious what some of you are charging as your rate. I'm a strong developer but my experience has been in a full-time position so I'm not sure what contractors would get paid.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Exchange Rate

Hey guys,

I have a form that works out the cost of products from to by calcuation where the user puts in the current exchange rate into an unbound text field.

i was wondering is this is at all possible:
to get the current exchange rate automatically off the internet from some kind of website

i would love to hear suggestions.. what kind of problems i am likley to encounter or if any one has attempted or succesfully managed to do this or something similar.

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Practical Use Of Build Numbers In Access Db Development - Version: Any Version

OK. I think I understand the purpose of build numbers. What I am looking for here is some insight into how anyone develping Access applications uses and applies build numbers in their day to day work. What constitutes a build? Some build number systems use an xxxx.xxx build numbering system. Do you increment the "fractional part" for each compile? Do you incorporate the build number into your work in progress folder or file name? Do you have a way of automating the build numbering process?

Any and all comments on build numbering are welcome. But I would especially like to see a practical case example described. On the other hand, if you do not use a build numbering scheme, why not?


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Anyone Used Alison Balters 15 Cd Set Of Access 2003 Development? - Version: Any Version

Hi just wondered if anyone has this CD set?

Is it any good?

Would you want to sell them on?

Or sell one of the 5 licences?


Neil B

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Access 2002 Application Development Assistance... - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

Hello all!

I am developing an a database/application for a friend which is essentially an advertising management system using Access - but only for the "inventory, accounting and orders" portions (internal management) of his business. Forgive me but I am not a huge MS Access developer and have only done smaller or more basic implementation to this point. Besides, it seems straight forward enough.

After much thought of the database topology/schema, his needs I thought there was little reason to 're-invent the wheel' and could use preexisitng solutions and samples as a basis to to create a custom solution for him.

As such I downloaded and analyzed templates/samples from Microsoft that are their 'Orders Sample', 'Inventory Sample' and 'Ledger Sample' from their website. After looking at them and wondering how easy they would be to intergrate, I starting noticing that they already crossed over quite a bit (Orders table and transactions tables in both inventory and orders, etc.)... 'Great' I thought. Now, I have been strictly tracking naming conventions of all three original DB's and only deleteing tables once I am sure that the base table I am going to use has all the attributes necessary for all implementations.

Okay, so finally the question bits of this. Is this a good idea or bad idea? I figure once I get each section working like I want them to, and then integrated, I can just slap a new switchboard with the three main forms from the original databases (like "Manage Client Orders", 'Manage Inventory' and 'View Accounts'). Create some new queries for more intense reports and possibly for seamless integration by apply changes/updates of the three systems transactional histories...

One of the things that I am worried about, is that I would like to go through and rename a lot of the attributes so that they more correctly represent his business. However, I know from experience that this can be a pain in the buttocks - going all the way through all levels of the application can be nightmare and missing one reference can send the whole thing down the tubes...

Then I saw today on MS's site that there is this nifty wizard in the MS Vis Studio 2003 Tools for Office that there is a tool that handles all of the conversions and tracks them throughout the applciation. I don't suppose there is a tool to do this for 2002?

Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. Also, if there are any "super-experts" among you who might be available in a pinch if I get hung up over the next couple of weeks who is interested in making some extra coin please let me know (PM me or post here). I am willing to pay cold hard cash to sleep better at night!


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Exchange Rate Problem

I've got a question about MS Access.

I've got a table with different customers and different rates that they offer for certain products. The problem is that different customers deal in different currencies. The currencies are one of three; Euro's, Pounds or Dollars.

I would like to create a query that would convert each customers rates to the same currency (pound).

The information is divided into 2 different tables. A customer table and a product table. I've created a form that is based on the customer table and features the product table as a sub-form.

What I would like to do is have an option that would enable me to enter the current exchange rates (as they are constantly changing) which would be used to convert the individual rates depending on the currency used by customers.

Form fields as follows

- cust_id
- cust_name
- company_name
- company_add1
- company_add2
- company_pc
- company_country


- prod_id
- prod_name
- currency
- prod_rate
- convert

I'm sure this is possible, but my knowledge on this matter is limitted.

Thanks in advance for any advice given.

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Calculate Rate Between Date

Hi All.
In my employee's table I have EmployeeName, Rate, Date and I need create query to calculate Rate for each eployee between Date if ration during this period of time was diferent.

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Connect Rate With Description.

I was wondering if it would be possible to type in a description eg.(Days, nights, O.T.,ect.) and have excell automatically insert the rate I specify into another cell.

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Microsoft Access And Survey Development - Version: Any Version

Are there any books on survey development with Access? Thanks.

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Comparison Of Access To Other Development System - Version: Any Version

Dear All Guru ,

If someone choses MS Access like a database development environment , is it a good choice for the future ?
Will be continously developed this system by Microsoft or will broken in some years ?

Access has wide area of possibilities for developers.
It can work with serious database servers (like MS SQL).

Why not popular on the developer area , why not based many big systems on access ?

Have you any table about benefits and disadvantages about access related other database systems ?

Thank you for your answers in advance


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Calculating Depending On The Currency & F/x Rate


I have a query in which I try to calculate field values depending on the currency and foreign exchange rates.
I have a currency field with the amount value and a combo box where I select the currency for that amount which can be (USD, Euro, BRL, or INR). I have got also another 4 fields with each of currency foreign exchange rates.
I am trying to obtain in a new calculated field of Price in Euros if the amount I have in the 1st field is not already in Euros.


Field 1 Field 2 Field 3
amount currency F/rate

2000 in USD or Euro or BRL or INR 0.8754
depending what is selected
in combo box.

Field 3


field1 * field 3 in Euro depending currency selected in field 2

Can anyone help, plese?

thank you


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Using Country Field To Determine VAT Rate.


i have a customer form which includes a "Country" combo box.. the reason i did this is because i have a separate table with a list of countries and their VAT (Value Added Tax, you americans call it sales tax i think :)) rates.

i want this country saved in the customers table.. i need the country table to act merely as a source of data. Now ive spent a good hour tying to fix it messing around with the relationship between the two tables and the combo box itself.. but ive only been able to come to two end results

a) access tells me i cant save the new customer record cause a related record is required in the country table.

b) access enters a new line in my country table with the autonumber of the country selected on the add new customer form in the Country field.

im stumped as to where the problem is:// how can i fix it?

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Best Way To Maintain Billing Rate History?

I have created a table for customer bills, and a table for customer profiles which contains rates associated with them specifically. The problem is that after a new rate change has been imposed I want to be able to look at an old bill, via a report, and have it reflect the "old" rate within proper historical context. I'm looking for suggestions on how to best manage ongoing rate changes while maintaining a billing rate history in my reports?

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Rate My Relationships - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I"m new to Access... and, I just finished setting up tables and relationships for the very first time.

I attached a snapshot of the Relationships...I appreciate if anyone has comments or feedback. See any problems?

My database is for Inventory Control for fabric. I'm just now starting to create forms and subforms to test this thing out.

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How To Pull Rate From Website - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP


I want to pull the current prime rate from this web page .

Any ideas on the simplest way to do this. It is for an adp, not mdb if that makes any difference.


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Error Rate By Month - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

Good day!

I need to make a query for a report.
The query needs to look like this:

I have multiple tables that need to be included in this query. The table structure looks like this:


The query should seperate the items by month (ie. "1/*"), then it should look at the "GoodBad" field of all tables... add up the unchecked (0), then add the checked (-1) then divide the bad (unchecked/0) by the good (checked/-1) to get the error rate.

Does this make sense?

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Import Exchange Rate From Web - Version: 2000 (9.0)

I wonder if the Daily Exchange rate can be imported from the Web on a daily basis.

I need the following currencies

ZA Rand vs US Dollar (Sell)
ZA Rand vs US Dollar (Buy)
ZA Rand vs Great British Pound
ZA Rand vs Euro

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it a lot.

Thank you


PS: ZA Rand is South African Currency

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How To Summarize Hourly Data To Daily Data


I have a table with a date field wich contains date & time in the following format: 10/09/2004 02:00:00. I want to convert it to 10/09/2004 but preserve it as a date. (I really want to loose the hourly info not hide it)

I want to sumarize the remaining fields of a table in a daily basis. I'm using the formula FORMAT(<date>, "dd-mm-yyy") to give me the date, but it seems to lose the date format so I cant't query for dates, as the field is now seen as text...

Bottom line:

I have this
Date A B
01/10/2004 15:00 5 4
01/10/2004 16:00 3 2

I need to have this
Date A B
01/10/2004 8 6


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Determining Min And Max For 24 Hourly Counts - Version: Any Version

I am currently receiving an Excel file which contains the unit count for each of the 24 hours in the day (columns), sorted by 30 different entities (rows).

My task is to determine the maximum and minimum counts for each entity and the earliset time (hour) that each ocurred. I have to wind up with four columns showing:
1. The highest count (Max) for each entity, and
2. The earliest that ocurred.
3. The lowest count (Min), and
4. The earliest that ocurred
for each of the 30 entities.

I have been able to do this in Excel using some obscure functions, but I would like to automate the whole process in Access. The past two days of experimenting have been VERY frustrating, with no success at all

If necessary, I can obtain the data in another format or design.

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