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Data Dictionary Help
is there any way to print off data dictionary from an access 2002 database ?

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Create A Custom Word Form Letterdoc From Access Data
For keeping record of provient fund, I have made a access/(or excel) database with many fields like ID, Name,contribution for months eg March, April,,Feb,etc.It contains 50 records.

Now I have to print the provident fund statements of my 50 friends. This statement consists of some text language and some data(It is a word form letter document).The statement also shows some data which has to be calculated from the data of database eg grand total, cumulative total, interests etc.

Now I want to print the statement for all or selected no of people. What I want is to make the statement proforma in another excel sheet and then merge and print the statements for selected no of persons eg for ID 1 to 20, 50 to 70 etc. I do not want to make statement in MS word and do not want to merge it there, but I want to do it in excel just as we do in MS word mail merge.

Pl help me how can I do it in access/Excel? Can i calculate in word or should I calculate before hand in access before merging data?

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Making A Dictionary
Does anybody know if its possible to export data from Access into a "filename.LEX" file for use in MS Word?

If so - Do you have any idea what the fieldnames/file structure looks like.
I have tried oipening a .LEX file to check this out, but with no success.


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Create A Direct Link To Some Data
I currently have a form in Access 2003 which is filled with quite a lot of data. Each new form need to be approved by some people, and I send them an email through Access to ask it.
Is it possible to have a direct link to the form filled with the particular data they need to approve without creating a website?

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How Do You Create Acces Data Pages For Update
I am a first time user of access. i am trying to create an Data Access Page which will list all entries in a table and then allow me to add, change and delete them. I have created the page using the wizard but it will not let me add, delete or update. i view all the entries at one time but that is all. the navigation toolbar shows up at the bottom but it is grayed out. any ideas on what i may be doing wrong?


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Data Entry Interface (Create New Record) Help
Could anyone of you give me some sugguestions on designing a nice/efficent Data Entry interface (Form design) for adding new records?:

I have bound a Form with a table and linked all the textbox with the relevant fields in the table. I created a add new record button through the wizard provided by MS-Access as: DoCmd.GoToRecord,, acNewRec.

While, each time when I opened that Data Entry Interface, the current always pointed to the first one rather than leaving the blank field for data entry. Even I changed the value in those textbox, the system didn't create a new record in the table at all, only modifying the first record.

I know how to write the VBA code to open table and add new records by retrieving data from the Form interface, but I wonder whether there is more efficent solution by combining the default function/facilities from MS-Access itself and some VBA code. Also, it can have some validation before storing data into the tables.

Many Thanks

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Can You Create New Column In A Query Based Off Of Data From Two Columns Already There
I will need to create a new column in a query with data based off of two columns currently in my DB.

Current fields are: [TestType] & [TestReason].
New TEMP field will be [TestCombo]

TestType has 4 possible option via drop down.
TestReason has 21 possible options via drop down.
TestCombo will be one of 10 options depending on the data in TestType & TestReason.

examples: (here is an example of how the combo field will be populated. There will be ten total rules like this. one for each possible text option in the combo box.)
If [TestType] is "DRUG" & [TestReason] is "PRE" or "RAND" or "PA" then [TestCombo] would be "DOTDT".

If [TestType] is "ALCOHOL" & [TestReason] is "PRE" or "RAND" or "PA" then [TestCombo] would be "DOTAT".

If [TestType] is "DRUG" & [TestReason] is "N-PRE" or "N-OTHER" or "N-FUP" then [TestCombo] would be "NDDT".

The data does not need to be saved anywhere at all in the database, just generated when pulling this query. It will then be exported and dumped into another system.

Thanks. Here is a temp copy of the database with some junk data to maybe make it a little more clear.

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Newbie Question! Getting A Cmd Button To Create Data In Table?
Hey all,

I've never used Access much...i was able to use it OK at one point but ive forgotten all about it now.
I need to create something very simple for the reception at my work...

When a customer phones we want to be able to keep track of how they heard of us - so we want a very simple access/VB program.

The best way would be to have buttons of each of the magazines our company is listed in..then when someone phones and says "ahhh magazine 3" the receptionist can press a button and the button will add 1 to a field in a table?/report? next to that magazine.

Hope that makes sense :s

Any help would be very appreciated! - It seems very simple to do ?


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How To Create My Own Message If A User Enter A Value Not Match With The Data Type?
In MS Access form, how can I create my own message if the user enter a value that not match with the data type of a field in underlying table? Thanks a lot!

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Dynamically Create Text Fields In Form And Fill Data
I want a help on this complicated issue:

On running a select query with "a*" of names in a table:
Results are : America, Argentina

Now I want this to dynamically create 2 text fileds in a form and fill America &".snp" in first and Argentina &".snp" in 2nd filed.

It is not regarding subform to display data of query result.

This I am going to use to add attchment for outlook email session as being discussed in my Email from access with attachment thread.

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How To Create MDB-bank Without Access ?
Is it possible to create MDB-bank without Access ?

Thank you very much!



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