How Do I Restrict Number Of Records In Form?

My "customer" form is based on sigle table. I have to restrict no of customers only 5 customers. can anybody help me ?
This is required for distributing a database.



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Restrict Number Of Table Entries?

Hey all,

I'm having a horrible time trying to get this to work. Basically, I have a database which has multiple tables. All of my tables are being generated with a CREATE TABLE statement. What I would like to do is add a validation rule or something else upon creation so that only X number of entries can be entered into the table.

Initially, I just added a rule that said id<5 or whatever manually to the table in order to restrict the number of entries, but I can't figure out how to do this automatically in my SQL statement or Visual basic. I want to be able to have this check added upon table creation. Surely what I'm doing must be possible.

Am I going about it the wrong way? Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Restrict Records

I have a database that I want to install on a client's pc as a demo only. I want to restrict the number of records he can enter to 3. Is this possible in access? I will appreciate any help. Thx!

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Restrict User Access To Specific Records

I have a staff database in my office which holds, amongst other things a list of staff holiday taken. Presently the staff have no access to view holidays because they will also be able to view other employees details. What I need to do is enable members of staff to see their own holiday, but no others and Im really not sure how to go about it.

I have a workgroup in place; so each user has their own login/password.

Any ideas would be gratefully received.


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Restrict Records In Aggregate, Or Consider Alternatives? - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I'm creating a fairly simple report from a parameter query, summarizing the clinical trials audited by QC during a specified interval.

Fields include: Protocol ID, Subjects, Checkpoint, QC Date.

Each Protocol is audited at multiple checkpoints, but I'd like a total # of subjects to reflect the number enrolled in the studies audited that month (not counting them again at each checkpoint). Ignoring duplicates won't do the trick, because multiple studies are likely to have the same number of subjects.

Alternately, I could change the query & report to list each Protocol ID as a record, without the individual Checkpoint & Audit Date details. (I still need the QC Date field in the query, since the Select criteria are based on the dates, but I assume I could Hide that field, or not put it in the Report.) Would it be possible to have a field in that report count the number Checkpoint records with the same Protocol ID?

Bottom line, I want to have a list of the Protocol IDs, a total number of subjects, and a total # of audits performed. I'm willing to redesign as needed.


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Add Records, Restrict Entry To Prevent Blanks, Option To Cancel

I have a form I use to manage the records in a database. It has navigation buttons to browse through all records, a combo box to select a specific record by name, a delete button, and an add button. When the add button is clicked, a blank record appears on the current form. I would like to set the add function up so that:

1) Prevent the newly created record from being saved when field1, field2, and field 3 are not filled in.
2) Prompt the user to fill in field1, field2, and field3 WITH an option to cancel.
3) Disable all the other 15 fields on the form until fields until field1, field2, and field3 are filled in.

More specifically, I don't want them to have the option to go to field2 without completing field1, and to field3 without completing field2 while giving them the option to cancel when prompted that the field1, field2, or field3 are required.

I've tried various combinations of On Update, Before Update, etc. in the field and form, but haven't been able to come up with the desired results. Either the record

Can someone give me a strawhat outline of how this can be done. What is the right combination of Events, etc to make this happen and where do I place them?

I've searched throughout this forum and others and cannot find anything that does what I need.

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How To Restrict The Form Size During Form View - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

Just wondering if there is a property setting or technique to allow a form to be restricted to only having its width or height increased in form view by grabbing the horizontal or vertical border. That is, sometimes I have a form with a large number of line items and I'd like to allow user to 'pull down' the border but NOT grab the vertical border and increase the width (for no apparent reason). Thx all!

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Login Form Which Restrict The Access


i am having a login form.
where i have only two users..may be 3
suppose it is admin and guest
then i have a main form where i have 5 tabs,...where each tab contains 7 or more command buttons which will open some forms
what i need is when the admin is login he should be able to edit add delete
but if it is a guest then all the forms should be read only
i know abt the allowaddition and etc..but i don't know where to use it..
is it in the login form or in the main form or in each and every form


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Counting The Number Of Records On A Form

How would i count the total number of records on a form

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Displaying Number Of Records On A Form

Dear All:

I am curious to see if threre is a way to display the number of records on a form in a text box. I know access has this number on the bottom of the form, but it's a vision issue for me.

Any ideas on how to get this done?

I am most appreciative of all the help.



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Default Number Of Records In Continuous Form

Hello, i have a question,

I have Main form, and Subform (which is continuous form). Now when i open main form (or even subform itself) i see continuous form, and two empty rows.Whenever i fill first row and press on second, third row appears, and so on.

Can i set somewhere to show me only 1 empty row on this continuous form, and when i fill it, second row appears, and so on. E.g. is there any options for customizing how many empty rows are displayed and the begining of continuous form?

And how "saving of records" work here, because if i fill one row, it won't save will save it only when i press on other row (when third row creates)

Thanks for your help

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Restrict Spell Check To Active Form - Version: 2000 (9.0)

I have a module coded to run spell check before a new record is added to the underlying table. I do this via DoCmd.Run Command acCmdSpelling. However, the spell checker checks the entire table. Is there anyway to restrict it to the current record or even the text box on the form that contains the text I would like checked? Thanks!

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Report Prints The Same Number Of Times As The Number Of Records

I've created a report and report has the same number of pages as the number of records that it's displaying.

If there are two records, the report has 4 pages...the first 2 are the actual report and then the other 2 are a copy. If there are 3 records, the report would have 3 copies (...6 pages).

Any idea how to change this so that I have only one copy of the report?

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Appending Records With A Desired Auto Number In A Table With Auto Number

Here is my issue. In a table with an Auto Number index some records have been deleted. I have been able to recreate them along with their original auto number. The problem is that I do not know how to append these records forcing the original auto number. I have tried changing the auto number field to a number field in the table, this works except I cannot change it back to auto number.

I am sure Iím not the first with this question or issue. I did search through a couple hundred entries about auto number before I posted this question.


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Restrict Access

Is there any way for me to have a button on my frontpage visible to only people i name
if user = john smith or user = fred bloggs then show the button if not do not display it.?
Being a novice step by step idiot proof help would be appreciated

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Using A Checkbox To Restrict A Field

hi all

i have created a form to enter details into a 'job' table.

here is the part of the form my question deals with.

FIELD- Terminal DATATYPE - Lookup wizard (the values 1-5 stored in a separate terminal table)

basically the system involves entering minicab jobs into the database.
the job may or may not be at the airport.


if the airport checkbox is ticked (Yes), then the terminal value can be set (1-5) from the form.
if the airport checkbox is unticked (No), then the terminal value cannot be changed from the form.

if this can be done, how can it be done? anyone..??

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Restrict Action Queries

Hi all,

I'm not sure where this question belongs, but as it involves a query I'll try here. I have searched the forum but, to quote U2, "I still haven't found what I'm looking for". Apologies if I am repeating another thread.

I have a multi-user database that from time to time needs to have it's basedata updated from the SQL server datasource. It is not possible to have the basedata running 'live' as it slows the database down too much due to the complexity of the data it needs to access.

Is it possible for an action query (maketable in this case) to be disabled when more than 1 person is logged in to the database. I.e. I only want to allow the basedata to be updated when the user performing the update is the only person logged in.

Thanks in advance,

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Restrict Access To Forms

I have impletemented a user system for my database with different access levels relating to entering and editing data.

I would like to make certain forms only accessible to a specific group of users. Is this possible and how?



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Restrict Data Entry In One Field


Is it possible to restrict data entry for some users only on one field?


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Northwind, Need To Restrict Customers To One Category Only

Using the MS Northwind db as an example and without changing the table/rel structure or using vba, how can I implement the follwing...

'Customers cannot use the same Product Category more than once'.

i.e. on a customer order form a list (query) will show products from only categories that they haven't had before in previous orders.

Also, can't drill through Categories first.

I thought this would be straight forward, but am having problems creating a query for this.

I know I need to maybe start with a nested query so I have created a query that shows all DISTINCT customers and Categories that they HAVE used.

After that, I'm a bit stuck!


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Restrict Data Entry For Dates

I have a HUGE system which presently restricts updating a "Final Action" date to today's date only. However, I want to change it so users can input dates for only the present working week. The present coding is as follows...

Private Sub dteActioned_AfterUpdate()
Dim strTime As String

strTime = "07:30"

gintChanged = gintChanged + 1

If Not IsNull(Me![dteActioned]) Then
If Me![dteActioned] > Now Then
gintReply = MsgBox("Your actioned date is later than today !!", vbOKOnly + vbCritical, "Oops")
Me![dteActioned] = Null
GoTo Exit_dteActioned_AfterUpdate:
If Format(Me![dteActioned], "dd/mm/yyyy") < Format(Date, "dd/mm/yyyy") Then ' final action earlier than today
If Weekday(Now) = 2 And Format(Now, "hh:mm") > strTime Then
' If Weekday(Now) = 6 And Format(Now, "hh:mm") > strTime Then
' Not acceptable to enter a previous date
' older than 7 days is not acceptable
gintReply = MsgBox("Now too late to accept this 'Final Action' date !", vbOKOnly + vbCritical, "Oops")
Me![dteActioned] = Null
GoTo Exit_dteActioned_AfterUpdate:
' Previous date is acceptable but only as far back as 7 days
If CVDate(Me![dteActioned]) < CVDate(Now) Then
' older than 7 days is not acceptable
gintReply = MsgBox("Now too late to accept this 'Final Action' date !", vbOKOnly + vbCritical, "Oops")
Me![dteActioned] = Null
GoTo Exit_dteActioned_AfterUpdate:
End If
End If
' Actioned date is acceptable since it is today's date
End If
End If
End If
' if today is a Monday Only accept final action dates which fall within the previous week if today


End Sub

Probably very simple but I just can't get it to work. Help please! Time is short.

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Combo Box: Restrict Data Entry


I have several list combo boxes on my form that I want to prevent users from adding data to. How can I do this? For example, there is a list box for insurance carrier, etc. :confused:

Thank you,


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Restrict Character Of A Textbox To Numeric Only?

Hi all,

I was wondering how i would be able to restrict the entry of a textbox to only numeric data input. I have a input append form and to reduce errors one aspect is limit the entry in a textbox to numeric data only (i.e. numbers). Any help appreciated, thanks in advance,

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Restrict Modifications - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Hello. How do I restrict access so that users are unable to change the prices for items?

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Maximum Number Of Records

hi all,

This is general question only. How many number of records that Access can handle as a maximum records?
Or it only depend on size limit (4GB)???

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Limit On Number Of Records?

Is there a limit on the number of records you can have in an access database? I've got one with 8500 records and it's been a PITA! I have a webpage on our intranet so users can go and enter their information to it, and they get a nasty error whenever they try to enter information. I'm trying to figure out why and i was just wondering... i know it's not the webpage because when i connect it to my test database it works fine? so i dunno :confused:

any help is greatly appreciated!!

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Limit Number Of Records....

Hi All.
Is it possible to limit the number of records in a form, to a number given in a linked form.

For Example.



I would only want the number of records in tblB to be the same as No_Of_Houses in tblA.
I have seen previous threads where you can limit it to a number, but do not know where to go from there.

Can anyone help?



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Combining A Number Of Records Into One.

I have a table that contains a number of email addresses. I need to combine a number these into a single record to allow me to email a report to a number of different recipients depending on the client the report is for.

At this point Iím not even sure were to start.

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Selecting Specified Number Of Records

I have a database that allows the user to order clothing items.
Each size of each item has a different stock number.

I have [StockNo] - [StaffNo] - [Qty] i need to generate [OrderNo].

The problem i have is that [OrderNo] is incremented after every five five items (ie[StockNo]).
This gives me my first problem of selecting just the first five records of a table in order to allocate an order number.

The second problem i have is that in order to allocate an order number, i have to summarise the [Qty] by [StockNo].
This gives me the opportunity to select the order number but i lose the individual [StaffNo] information.
This information, together with the [OrderNo] is needed for a master order table.

I have created a crosstab query which summarised the [StockNo]but how do i retrieve the [StaffNo] information from the column headings.

I am new to Access and would be grateful for any help or comments as to whether i am going about solving this problem in the best way.


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Number Of Records In A Query

I have a form (frmdetails) to store job details and another form (frmMaterials) to add materials to each job. They are both linked via a field Project_No

I have a query (QryTotal)that when run will list the materials used for each project, that is all OK.

What I am tryng to do, is add a text box to frmdetails, that will just tell me how many materials have been booked against each job. Just a running total that will tell me that for project number 100000, 4 items have been booked.

I have tried using subforms (using =count(*) ) but this doesn't seem to be working. I also added =Count(QryTotal!Material) to a text box but this doesn't work.

Can someone help?



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Auto Number Records

I have a query that pulls data from two tables. I need to have another column in the query that numbers the rows like a primary index or gives each records a different number. Any ideas without adding any columns to the orginal tables.

Thanks in Advance,

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Total Number Of Records

I want to run a query to add up the total number of records in a table.

i have looked at the Microsoft help but that tells me how to add together the totals of the fields but not the total of fields

any ideas?


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Sequentially Number Records

Hi, i have a query which contains two fields: PtId and visitdate. I'd like to create a field that sequentially numbers the visits.

If you're really smart, the second part of my problem involves computing the time from the last (or max) visit to the visit before it. I was thinking if I had the visits numbered it would make this task easier, but if there is another way, that would be even better!
Thanks so much for your help!

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