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How Do You Hide Top Toolbars When Open Database - Access 2007???

I want to hide the top toolbars when my users open my database in Access 2007! i have an autoexec macro to maximise the window which gets rid of the navigation bar on the side but cant work out how to hide the top bar? do i need to write code? if so what code and where would i input it.. any help would be much appreciated...

many thanks,


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Hide All Access Toolbars And Menubars
The below code will hide ALL menu bars and ALL tool bars. Ensure that you have a way to unhide the menu bars and tool bars before you hide them! You should place the hide all tool bars routine in your opening splash screen form for it only needs to be run once when the db is first opened.

This will hide all menu bars and tool bars
Dim i As Integer
For i = 1 To CommandBars.Count
CommandBars(i).Enabled = False
Next i

This will unhide all menu bars and tool bars
Dim i As Integer
For i = 1 To CommandBars.Count
CommandBars(i).Enabled = True
Next i

An added bonus is the right-click mouse button option is disabled if the menu bars are disabled with the above code.

Use the 'ShowToolbar' command if you need to display a tool bar or menu bar...
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "YourToolBarNameHere", acToolbarYes

This will hide a tool bar or menu bar when needed...
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "YourToolBarNameHere", acToolbarNo

This will hide the menu bar...
DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Menu Bar", acToolbarNo

You can also hide/unhide the database window with code...

Hide the database window
DoCmd.SelectObject acTable, , True
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdWindowHide

Unhide the database window
DoCmd.SelectObject acTable, , True

Remove the "Type a question for help" on the default menu bar in Access 2002 or 2003
Application.CommandBars.DisableAskAQuestionDropdow n = True

This command will prevent the db from opening up a separate window tab on the Taskbar
Application.SetOption "ShowWindowsinTaskbar", False

The above commands have been successfully tested with Access 97 and Access 2003.

Read this if you do not understand where to post your questions! >>> Please Read Before Posting (

Please do not directly PM me with any questions related to my Hide all Access Toolbars and Menubars code. Please do not post any questions related to my Hide all Access Toolbars and Menubars code in the Code Repository forum. If you have a question related to the Hide all Access Toolbars and Menubars code... Please post your questions in the appropriate forum and include a link to this thread if you have a question or problem related to my Hide all Access Toolbars and Menubars code. I will be glad to help if I see your post and if I am available.

Key words: toolbars, tool bars, menubar, menu bars, hide, unhide, enable, disable, right click, right-click, database window, hide database window,

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Create A Shortcut To Open An Access Database Object For 2007
Running 2007. In 2003, to make a shortcut for an object, all I had to do is right click and place the short cut where i wanted.

I can't seem to find anyway to do it in 2007

Anybody have any clues?

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Open Password Protected Access 2007 Db In ASP
Hi, I have been opening password protected access 2003 databases with ASP / ADO for years now. However now we have updated to office 2007 everything gone bottoms up.

I have an access 2007 database (newly made, not converted from 2003), and a fresh asp page. I've gotten the new connection string information for Access 2007 from the internet yet the page cannot open the database.

connection string being used:

sConnString="Provider=Microsoft.ace.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=" & strPath & ";Jet OLEDB:Database PASSWORD= password"

When I try to open the page the error i get is - "Not a valid password" - 80040e4d. I'm 100% sure the password is correct, the driver is right (the server has office 2007 installed, and the new access driver from the M$ website). Every page i've seen on the internet says that the code I'm using is correct, yet asp still can't open it.

If i remove the password from the database it opens fine, so it's not a corrupt database, or bad path in the code.

If you can shed any light on my problem I would be eternally grateful - been working on it for hours now!

Many thanks

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Cannot Open Access Database...
Hello. I haven't seen this before with Access; I've searched the forum and haven't found anything yet...

I have an Access database that was being used by about 9 different people. Everything was going along okay, but one day it became read-only for no reason. Once everyone got out of the DB it said it needed repairing. So with only one person in I ran the repair, but the horror-inducing message "The Microsoft Jet database engine stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time." appears and when I click "OK" on the message nothing happens whatsoever.

Luckily backups existed, but some data was lost. Is there anyway to run a repair on the database that won't open? Or is it a lost cause?

Thank you! :D

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Access 97 Database Won't Open
We've got a client that runs two access 97 based databases on their network. up until recently both databases worked

fine on all workstations (all XP Pro).

About 3 weeks ago they called me to report that one of the databases would not load on 3 workstations. It opened

fine on all the others. I checked out the permissions on the database (which is stored centrally on the server) and

everyone had full control.

Within the last week they have added two new xp pro workstations to the domain - neither of which can access the

database in question. they can access the other database no problem - as can all the other workstations.

The occurs as follows:

1. Double click on the icon for the database

2. access 97 loads but does not load the database's interface - instead it opens an empty version of access (with

file menu etc at the top)

3. no specific error messages at all.

4. close access and the standard xp program crash message appears (see screenshots below)

As mentioned above, other workstations can open the database fine.

the only thing that has changed on the network is the installation of some server and workstation based production

software - we have not yet consulted with the company that installed this - we felt that if it was this software

causing the problem then all workstations would be suffering. we wil have to consult with them once we've exhausted

all the possibilities.

Thanks in advance for any advice

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Access Database Does Not Open
I have a user who is having trouble opening a database he created. Here is his description.
I am having an issue with Access that has occurred today and once several weeks ago.

First, I build a complex database for Safeway report. It functions correctly, I can access it from excel.

Problem, I go to update or modify the databases, Access gives me the macro message which I override.

The access database window will not open, no error appears, just a blank access screen with tool bars above.
I have tempted to do a compact and repair of the database which did not help.

Microsoft Online help says the issue can be cause by old Anti Virus Software.

The database will permit excel to pull data from it.
Does anybody have an answer.

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Can't Open Database In Access. Please Help!!
I've inherited a database and I need to export the data to a new program. I can access the DB through a front-end program, but it doesn’t give an option to export the data. I have a username/password for the program, but I can’t open the DB in access. I can't even get to the point of entering a password. The program is 8 years old and the company has been acquired by another company. I tried contacting the new company and they’ve never heard of the version that I have. I’ve even tried contacting a supervisor.

On opening the db immediately gives the error:

“You do not have the necessary permissions to use the ‘C:.....mdb’ object. Have your system administrator or the person who created this object establish the appropriate permissions for you.”

I’ve tried the following with no luck:

1. Create a shortcut to use an alternate mdw file. "C:XXXMSACCESS.EXE" "C:XXXdata.mdb" /WRKGRP "C:XXXSystem.mdw"
2. Holding down the shift key while opening the file
3. Compact and repair
4. Converting it to prior version
5. Creating a new database and importing all objects

Is there a way to "read" the db file to see if there is a valid user name?

I found the following suggestion, but have no idea how to do it: and this
and try the .mdw files again, using the users(and/or groups) that have permission

If it's still not working?, there might be a way to jerry these

I'm not a programmer so if anyone has any easy solutions (or even better a sample!) I’d greatly appreciate the help!

Thanks in advance!!


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Access Crashes When I Open A Second Database
If I already have an Access database open (sometimes I've forgotten about it), when I try to open another one from my desktop, it maximizes the first Access window, and then my computer freezes--I have to CTRL-ALT-DEL and close both of them through Task Manager to continue.

I have never seen this happen on anyone else's computer. Does anyone know what is causing the problem? It is not any one database; the problem occurs no matter which are opened.

Thanks in advance.

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Cannot Open Access Database On Network
We have 11 computers on the network. One has an Access back end file. When we try to open this file via the network some of the computers can open it others get the follwing message.

"Microsoft Access cannot open this File

This file is located outside your intranet or
on an untrusted site. Microsoft Access will not
open the file due to potential security problems.

To open the file copy it to your machine or an
accessible network location."

Do not understand why all the coputers cannot open the same access database file. Please Help Regards Keith

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Sharing Access Database So That ASP Can Open It
I have an access database which is shared, I can open it on 2 pcs at the same time no problem. I also have an html and asp page which is used to add recoreds to the database, this works fine if the database is closed everywhere else but this cannot be the case. I am now desperate for answer to any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have attached the asp file, I can upload all files and database to a server if someone requires them (too big for the forum).



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