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How To Disable Action Query Popup Messages

I'm told (via the non-helpful help system packaged with MsAccess) that the way to 'turn off' the helpful confirmation message related to an action query is under tools>Options>Edit/Find tab, and then uncheck the appropriate boxes.

I've done this. In fact, right now I have all three boxes unchecked which relate to confirmation messages (record changes, document changes, and action queries) - and I'm still having that same popup message every time I run the query, or have a report pull the query for me.

this wouldn't be more than just a hassle, except that one of the end users for this system isn't the most computer-savvy person in the whole world. In fact, I desperately need to "steve-proof" this system! I have this nightmare of being woken up at midnight because of this little glitch. any ideas how to disable that popup confirmation message for good??

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Annoying Popup Messages
I have no idea wheather this is supposed to go in Queries or Forms, so feel free to move this to either.

Here's my problem:

I made a query that looks at three text boxes on a form. I'm not sure how to set up the buttons correctly so I just bluffed it (like always :) ). Every time I run the query it keeps wanting me to re-enter the data that it was supposed to look at anyway! If you need more info, just ask. Thanks.


P.S.: I'm really new at this. I just learned about Access a week ago.

P.P.S.: I use Access 2000

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Command Button To Perform Popup Action

I am having trouble making a command button do what I want. I have a subform within my form, but I only want it to appear when I click the button. I tried using the wizard but there is no option to open subform, only open form. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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Disable System Error Messages
Is there a way to disable the automatic error messages that occur when a user:
1. enters a letter in a number field
2. enters a date in the wrong format (should be MM/DD/YY and they enter MM//DD/YY, etc.)
3. clicks on a button that will open a hyperlink (Currently a message pops up to make sure the user wants to follow the link, by selecting "Yes" the hyperlink opens.)

I would like to add in my own error messages for the above errors but I don't know how to disable the system generated error messages.


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Default Access Messages On Query Run
Hi there,

I have an access database in which I am updating a table from a form using visual basic for access. I have got the update to work, however before the application appends the table, it asks a question "You are about to append a row" then an option for "yes or no"

I have a custom message that appears after the appending, but I do not want the message in bold above to appear at all. Does anyone know how I can suppress that message?


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Remove Append Query Messages
Hello friends,

I have slitted my database and given each user a copy of the front end so tha I can work on the master. I have notice that each time I sent them an updated copy of the new file once they replace the old one in their C drive, when they run a push button which makes run certain append queries, I have noticed that the message comes up although I have removed it from the Options settings. I was wandering if there was a way I can exclude this via code. THank you.

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How To Stop Append Query Event Messages ?
Hi everyone, I'm nearly done finishing a database for a legal firm and one of the small issues I'm having with this project is that, I have a button that creates records in other tables once a record is created in a primary table.

I have a table called tbl_login, it has a field called job_number (which is an autonumber), and when all the info is entered in the form associated with tbl_login I want a button to give the user the ability to create a record in tbl_billing with the value of job_number, now this is a easy append query, works great, but the problem is, when the button is pressed there is an event message, "You are about to update an table....." this is the natural warning even message that access gives before a change is made, my questions is.

To please me end users, how do I get that event message to stop popping up. So they just hit the button, it appends, no warning.

I'm open to suggestions,

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Modal Popup Query
Is it possible to make a query Pop-up? All of my forms are set so the Database background is hidden and they popup. I haven't been able to figure a way to do this with a query. Any help or suggestions would be great :)

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Modifying An Action Query
I need to add a new field to an existing action query, using Access 2002 on the front end and SQL 2005 on the back end. I have added my new field to the existing action query, but the results are not what's wanted. The new field shows up on the affected report, but the data is not imported to the report. My guess is that I need to link the two tables in the action query where SQL is pulling the data from, but I'm not sure how to do that. The existing action query only has one table and not the one I need to pull the data from. Can someone tell me if I'm on the right track and if so, how to proceed? I've already been warned to backup the existing tables before executing the modified query. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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Action Query Question??
Can this be done??

I want to open a report, run an action query to create a table I want to use for the current report?? If It can how would I do it??


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Need To Expand Popup Query List
On my main screen I have a button that I press and it pulls up a
pop up the box you type in one item and hit ok then
the query goes and gets the results.

My quesion:
how do it make it so when I click the button the pop up box
has lets say four areas where I can enter different items and
then it goes and gets all four...or three or whatever I need ?


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MS Access Query Popup Entry Box Help

I'm trying to implement a new pop up on one of my queries.

When the user runs the query a pop up will appear and he will enter a currency number (19.95) and it will display all currency (<) less than 19.95.

I use this wild card pop up currently and have tried to modify it, but can't seem to get to do what I need.

Code:Like [Enter Min-Amount] & "*"

Thanks for your help,


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Action Query - Deleting Records
Hi friends,

I am trying to append records from sales table to sales archive table if salesdate# is <#01/05/2006
It works fine if the sales archive table is blank else it give me an error null conversion failure.

how do i fix this?


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Action Query Warning Trapping
Hi there,

I like having the action query warning appear with what I am doing - "You are about to update xxx rows". The problem that I am having is that when my RunSQL statement in the code executes and selects no to the warning, I get the error -

Run-time Error '2501'
The RunSQL action was canceled.

How can I trap the no selection so that this vba error does not appear?

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Delete Action Query Is Not Working.
This is a copy of the SQL statement used to update records from the tblContentImport Table to the tblContent Table.

UPDATE tblContent INNER JOIN tblConentImport ON (tblContent.Code = tblConentImport.Code) AND (tblContent.Type = tblConentImport.Type) AND (tblContent.Title = tblConentImport.Title) AND (tblContent.LoginName = tblConentImport.LoginName) SET tblContent.[Date Assigned] = [tblconentimport].[Date Assigned], tblContent.[Date Started] = [tblconentimport].[Date Started], tblContent.[Last Accessed] = [tblconentimport].[Last Accessed], tblContent.[Date Completed] = [tblconentimport].[Date Completed], tblContent.[Time Spent (min)] = [tblconentimport].[Time Spent (min)], tblContent.Score = [tblconentimport].[Score], tblContent.Result = [tblconentimport].[Result]
WHERE (((tblContent.LoginName)=[tblconentimport].[Loginname]) AND ((tblContent.Title)=[tblconentimport].[Title]) AND ((tblContent.Type)=[tblconentimport].[Type]) AND ((tblContent.Code)=[tblconentimport].[Code]));

Now I want to Delete these same records from the ContentImport Table. I change this statement to start with the word DELETE and Access want me to identify which table to delete the records from. What is wrong with my statement. Please help?

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Query Will Not Show Values In The Popup Form
I have a popup form called Labor that is working perfectly fine, what i mean is that it is getting populated with data from the query I built using a single table called PrimaryBid_Master. However I have had to add many fields to this table before invoking a query on it, now I'm running close to the 255 field max limitation.
So I have created a new table called Labor_Primary with all the fields that I need and took them out of the PrimaryBid_Master table freeing up about 50 fields.

The query I made combines 2 tables: table1=PrimaryBid_Master table2=Labor_Primary, they are linked by a common field called invoice#.
But now when I’m in the PrimaryBid_Master form and click the command button to go to the popup form Labor non of the values that were populating the popup form from the primaryBid_Master form work, they were working fine the only thing I changed was the popup forms record source to the new query I built.
Here is a print screen of the new query I built using 2 tables, and I also show the old query that works fine using 1 table.

Maybe you can see some thing I did wrong; do I need some type of filter to fetch the fields? When I open the new query there is no data/values in it.

Thanks--I appreciate any help.

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Make-Table Action Query Column Data
I use a Make-Table Action query to import data from a linked table into my database. The linked table is on a network server that is automatically updated.

One column of the linked table is named "QTY/PARTIAL" and approximately 10% of the 500 records have a "P" after a number i.e. 1000 P. I would like to separate the number and the P into separate columns in the new table to faciliate being able to compute the total number "QTY".


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Use Query Results OnLoad Of Form To Conduct An Action
Alright. I've tried searching, but to be honest, I'm not even sure what to search for.

I want to create some VBA that onLoad of the opening form of the database, it will take info from a query that looks for data entered for a student. It will be looking to see if there is data in two date fields. If it finds data in both fields, then I want to make a change to the EnrollmentID row of another table to changed the graduated column from No to Yes.

To expand on that, I'll want to check each ClassID row and if all of the associated students of that class have the column Graduated checked as yes, it will place the date in the date column for that particular class.

This is essentially my way of auto-archiving data as the combo box selections on my forms don't allow for class data to be shown if there is a Closed Date entered for the class and you won't be able to enter more test results for a student if the Graduated Column is checked in the Enrollment table (associates memberID, ClassID, CourseID into a single table)

Any insight on how to do this would be greatly apprecaited.

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Disable Query Prompt
I have a database called Tables.mdb with a Make Table Query called Qmak_Tables that I want to run nightly.

I have set up a Scheduled Task to run Tables.mdb every night. I have created a Form that loads on start-up. I have created a Macro that runs the Make Table query when the form loads. I have also de-selected the confirm record changes/document deletions/action selections in Tools > Options > Edit/Find menu so the query won’t be stopped by a prompt that needs manual input. Here’s the catch:

After the query runs, it displays the prompt, “The existing table will be deleted. Do you want to continue?” How do I disable this prompt so my task can continue to run?

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Disable Datasheet From Poping Up After Query Execution
I am trying to take input for my reports based on a query result dynamically for which i dont want to display the Datasheet after the execution of Query ,inturn i am displaying results in Report. Any help on this would be appreciated.

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Action Query To Make A Field = Another Field
I have two fields the have differing dates in them. I need an action query to make the date in one field the same as in the other. I have thousands of records to do this to. Is there a way via an action query (update?) to do this or does it have to be an SQL statement query?

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POP UP Messages.....
Does anyone know if it is possible to add a pop-up message to an individual record in a database? and if so how do you do it???

I have a database which holds infomration about suppliers, some suppliers give us fixed prices for some products to general customers but they also offer another price for certain customers of ours. What i want to do is have a pop up message displayed to users that pull up these products with varying prices..

Anyone got any ideas???????????????????

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Weird Messages
I modified a form in an existing split database, by simply adding several fields. Now, I get various messages such as " not Access database "
or if it opens, the following message when I try to close it:
"Your last change may not have been changed because an internal buffer was locked by another user... "

Plus, when I do get out, I cannot delete the .ldb file which it says is open by Administrator. The thing is I ma only one to try this new database and I set no permisasions or... ?

Please, any ideas?


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Has Anyone Got Code For SMS Messages?
Hi All

Been asked to build a module to enable the user to send SMS text messages to mobile phones. I know Access can do this and some sample code I have seen was in VB and it uses MSXML2 but if anyone has any different approaches I would be interested.


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Update Messages
I have a form that has a bunch of text boxes and a few drop down boxes (that reference lookup tables) that allow the user to add to a lookup table.

I have this working and the tables are beign updated. My question is that when I go to save I get a message box saying ("YOU ARE ABOUT TO APPEND 1 ROW (Yes/No)") for every look up table.

Is there a way to not show this message box. I think I am getting one for the form and other text boxes in general and then 7 more for each Lookup table. I am cool with one, but want to get rid of all the Lookup Table message to update.

Below you will see a bit of the code that I am using to update the Lookup tables.

SQL = "INSERT INTO tbl_CITY VALUES ( '" & CITY & "' )"
SQL2 = "INSERT INTO tbl_INSP VALUES ( '" & INSP & "' )"
SQL7 = "INSERT INTO tbl_ZIP VALUES ( '" & ZIP & "' )"

DoCmd.RunSQL (SQL)
DoCmd.RunSQL (SQL2)
DoCmd.RunSQL (SQL3)
DoCmd.RunSQL (SQL4)
DoCmd.RunSQL (SQL5)
DoCmd.RunSQL (SQL6)
DoCmd.RunSQL (SQL7)


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&lt;HELPpls&gt; Update And Messages
Please can someone give me a hand. I dont know a lot of coding but what I want to do is when I add a record with a IDnumber to a table I want the System to Check automatically if that IDnumber has been entered in 10 times in the table, if it has I would like a message to popup

Any ideas my brain hurts???

Cheers All

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Modifying Error Messages
Hi to all. I need to modify some existing error messages in my form so that I can create messages that will be more user friendly. I know that it is possible but searching for this issue was a bit confusing. How do I do this?

Thanks in advance

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Access Error Messages
Hi all,

Is there any resource that gives a definitive run down on all the errors that can exist within access; their causes and solutions. For example; the enter parameter msg box that appears when it doesn't recognise field value.

Just curious.


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Aaarrrrghhhh - Error Messages Like No Other!
OMG - I've have spent what seems like forever doing this database and I've opened it and it has listed the following saying that they are broken references and I must fix them but I don't even know what they are!

What I have to fix is:-


I could just about put my head in my hands and cry - I just want to get this done so that I can get it invoiced before the month end.

Many many thanks to all that know what these strange alien messages are.

Donna x :eek:

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Delete Security Messages
Hi, when I want to open my new database a lot of messages appear, which are not really friendly for the user. Does somebody know how to avoid them?

The application "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice11msaccess.exe" is set to be launched by this pdf file. the file may contain programs, macros, or viruses that .......Then you are able to click on Open or Do Not Open


Opening Database.mdb
This file may not be safe if it contains code that was intended to harm your computer. Do you want to open this file or cancel the operation?
Cancel, Open or More Info


Security Warning: Unsafe expressions are not blocked. Do you want to block unsafe expression? Yes, No or Help

thank you for the Help. Mirj

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Error Messages On Forms
I have a form with the text box "Project Name"

I have used a command button placed next to the project name box which if clicked opens up a finance details form for the project name box.

Problem is if that project does not have any finance details it still opens up the form but just comes up as totally blank.

Is there anyway i can get an error message to come up and say
"No matching data found for this project" when they click the command button to open up the finance form, but there is no finance data?

I have tried but unsuccessfully.

I entered this code

Private Sub Label75_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_Label75_Click
Dim stDocName As String
Dim stLinkCriteria As String

stDocName = "Contract Filtered"

If Combo22 = "" Then
MsgBox "No Matching Data Found", vbExclamation

End If

stLinkCriteria = "[Project Number]=" & Me![ProjectName]
DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName, , , stLinkCriteria

Exit Sub

MsgBox Err.Description
Resume Exit_Label75_Click

End Sub

But instead of not opening the blank form, it comes up with the error message and then opens the blank form.

Or if there is finance data for that project it comes up with the error box still and opens the form

Any ideas people?

Thank you please

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Create Error Messages
I have a very simple database I wrote a few years ago that provides reports on data (mainly calculating sums & percents on those sums). When run, the reports open form-dialog boxes that prompt for criteria. The dialog boxes then become invisible & the query accesses the data in the invisible form & allows the report to run.

What is the easiest way to have the program display error messages when
1. The criteria entered is not found
2. The form/dialog box has an empty field

Right now, the computer has an automatically-generated action failed message and the macro halts. These are confusing to the user.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Change Error Messages

I have two problems.

One when a required field is set to yes - i want to change the error message to something more meaningful.

Two i would like to stop people enetering data into a sub form on the main form when there is no data in the main form? I linked them using the wizard.

So main product linked to sub form with productID?

Many Thanks


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