How To Relate Tables And Display The Correct Values..

I'm sorry if this is obvious, but I have asked local professionals and scoured this site for answers before posting...

I have a database that I'm using to store and analyze language samples (basically, the mistakes that students make when trying to speak in another language). For each bit of language, I want to be able to say what domain the mistake belongs to - e.g. the 'clause', 'phrase', or 'word' domain. I have a table containing the five domains. I also have a table for each of these domains, containing the specific types of mistakes relevant to that domain. It is conceivable, but unlikely, that I will ever add to the domain table, but highly likely that I will add types of mistakes in the five related tables.

As I analyze bits of language, I will be appending each analysis (record) to a table as shown in the attached image. So far so good. The part that I cannot fathom, though, is how to display (let alone perform calculations on) this data: While the ErrorDomainID is a foreign key to the ErrorDomain table, the ErrorUnitID could refer to one of five tables, so that an ErrorUnitID of 2, for example, could refer to one thing if the Domain is 1 but quite another if the domain is 1 or 5 or whatever.

I've tried all kinds of coding and SQL workarounds, but I have a feeling I'm just missing something very basic here. If anyone could offer some guidance, I'd be extremely grateful!


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Correct Way To Relate Tables - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I have a current database that I am trying to go back an properly normalize the data for. I have made a copy and am trying to make the changes to this copy. I am stuck on assigning a primary and foreign keys between 2 tables. My main table tblContract, is auto number/primary key and contains all the details of particular contracts. I created a second table called tbl_EntityNames as a look up table where it is auto numbered/primary key and contains all the states that are related to the specific contracts. Now, I am trying to relate the two.
I am trying to mirror a database example from a class where there is a People table (that contains name address etc) and a CollegesNames table listing all the possible colleges. In the sample database, they have linked these 2 tables by creating a third table tblColleges. In this sample it looks like this. Below this sample, I have listed how I am setting mine up.
IDNumber(PrimaryKey)(Auto Number)

tbl_CollegeNames (This is a lookup table)
CollegeID(Primary Key)(Auto Number)

ID Number (Pimary Key)(Number)(The "Primary Key" in the tblPeople table is the "Foreign Key" in this table.)
CollegeID(ALSO Primary Key)
-In the CollegeID Field properties Look up, Display control is Combo Box, Row Source Type is Table/Query, Row Source is SELECT tbl_CollegeNames.CollegeID, tbl_CollegeNames.CollegeName FROM tbl_CollegeNames ORDER BY tbl_CollegeNames.CollegeName;

ID Number (Primary Key)(Auto Number)

tbl_EntityNames (This is a lookup table)
EntityID (Primary Key)(Auto Number)

Now, my problem is relating these 2 tables via a 3rd table similar to the sample database. I first created a tblEntity with field IDNumber (Made this Primary Key), Data Type =Number. The second field is EntityID (In the sample database this also has a Primary Key Icon assigned. If I assign this the pirmary key it takes away the key from the IDNumber field. Then, similar to the sample tblColleges, for the EntityID field properties, look up, Display control is Combo Box, Row Source Type is Table/Query, Row Source is SELECT tbl_EntityNames.EntityID, tbl_EntityNames.EntityName, tbl_EntityNames.State FROM tbl_EntityNames ORDER BY tbl_EntityNames.EntityName;

I then created a one to many relationship b/w tblContract and tblEntity using the IDNumber field. However, unlike the sample database, I cannot get the primary key icon show for both fields (IDNumber)(EntityID). Now, I had a guy in our IT Dept that said I should not have a 3rd table, but should simply create an EntityID field in the tblContracts and create a many to one realtionship b/w this field and the EntityID field in tbl_EntityNames. Then create a lookup in the tblContracts to the tbl_EntityNames.

Please Advise. Thank you.

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Help ! Display Values From Tables!

Hi guys,
I need urgent help on a simple question. I hope you will be able to help me.
I have a table CustomerMaster which stores customer number and name. (Customermaster)
I have another table which stores the product details for customer. (customerProduct)
I have another table which shall store order details. (CustomerOrders)
On the form, the user selects a customernumber, the system then displays the customer name.
The user then picks up the product ordered by customer (picked from combo box). On the combobox on recordsource I have given a select query which fetches the records matching the customer selected from table
Now I want the Product Price, tax and duty of the product to be displayed for the selected product. Somehow, I have to again make that as a combobox and then select the price (although there is only one record...
Can anyone tell me how to do this?

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Help ! Display Values From Tables!

Hi guys,
I need urgent help on a simple question. I hope you will be able to help me.
I have a table CustomerMaster which stores customer number and name. (Customermaster)
I have another table which stores the product details for customer. (customerProduct)
I have another table which shall store order details. (CustomerOrders)
On the form, the user selects a customernumber, the system then displays the customer name.
The user then picks up the product ordered by customer (picked from combo box). On the combobox on recordsource I have given a select query which fetches the records matching the customer selected from table
Now I want the Product Price, tax and duty of the product to be displayed for the selected product. Somehow, I have to again make that as a combobox and then select the price (although there is only one record...
Can anyone tell me how to do this?

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How Can I Display Values From 2 Tables On One Form? - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Access 2003: I want to display certain record values from two tables on one form without creating a subform for each of the 30 forms.

I am creating input forms for 30 departments, on each department's form, I have the Acct#'s, original plan, changes to plan, and then the new plan total. The form collects the data for my "new table", but I would like to display a summary section on each dept's form of values from a different table without having to do 30 subforms.

What is the best way to handle this?

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Relate 2 Tables

I am trying to figure out create a new table from two other tables. It is a tax document and one has a pin field that is unique and the other the pin field is not unique. So in the table the that doesn't have a unique pin field, the pins occur multiple times for all the different tax enitites people pay to. I need figure out how to make one table that combines these too. I have tried using the relationshop function but i am not sure if this is what i need to do and i am not that familiar with access. If there is anyone that can help me please let me know. or if you need any more information.

Mclean county regional planning commission

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Trying Too Relate Data Between Two Tables

I am using Access 2003.

I am creating a subform [Billing]! that is intended for collecting billing information. I have the [Start] and [Stop] times for appointments calculated to provide the amount of [minutes]. I than need these minutes converted to billable units.

[Stop] – [Start] = [Minutes] need to arrive at [units]

I am attempting to do this by:

I created a table [Patient Billing]! that contains fields for [billable minutes] and [units] – creating the relationship.

I would like to be able to use that table [Patient Billing]! To calculate the units billed that appear on the [Billing]! subform.

How do I accomplish this comparison between minutes in to tables to arrive at the units amount?

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How To Relate Two Tables One-to-many - Version: 2007 (12.0)

I'm creating a database from a data that I found, but I need to relate one primary key (of a question) with exactly four records (four answers). The questions with primary key are in a table and the answers without any primary key are in another table.

Is there any way that I can "easy" create a new table with both data merged. One question with primary key with its respectively 4 answers.

Tnx in advance for any help.

Edited by: yoyo18 on Thu Oct 25 9:03:37 EDT 2007.

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Display Form Correct With Different Resolutions

One of my probs with access is changing the form when a different resolution is being set.
Is there a visual basic module or something else to display the form properly dependent of the selected resolution?

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5 Parameters But Not Getting The Correct Results When Values Are Nulls

I have a question I hope someone can help me
I have 5 parameter query that gets its value from 5 combo boxes from a form

following function is in the criteria grid for one of the fields:

Like NZ([forms]![searchform]![combo69],"*")

when I enter data for a combo box for one of the combo boxes then if there is a null value in another one of the parameters combo boxes then it does not show. so I tried this:

Like NZ([forms]![reports_switch_main]![combo70],"*") or is null

but then when i run the form and i put an value in one of the combo boxes if there is a null value in the results it shows also, i don't want that. My form has 10 columns in which some have data and some dont for all rows

is there any way to do this? help!

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Are My Tables/relationships Correct? - Version: 2003 (11.0)

In the process of designing my Inventory system for my truck dealership application I have come across several roadblocks. But fortunately, several members here have helped me scale these obstacles or eliminate them altogether. I have made several corrections to the design and done my best to follow the rules of normalization. But like any application, if you make a few changes later in the design, you have to go back and compensate for these changes wherever they may cause problems.

The application is simple. Track inventory for the dealership. There are only 3 types of stock: Trucks, Trailers, or Equipment. All of the attributes for the stock are stored in one table: tblInvAttributes. Each type of stock will have a unique stock number starting at a specific number. Trucks start at 100000, Trailers at 200000, and Equipment at 300000. A letter prefix will be added later.

Based on the information you guys have provided (in another thread), I decided to create a form with a combo box where the user can select the type of inventory he/she will be entering (Truck, Trailer, Equipment). This form will also contain an area for a subform. Based on the users selection from the combo box an AfterUpdate event will open the appropriate subform. This main form with the combo box control would use table tblInventory as its source. The subforms would all be based on a single table tblInvAttributes.

I have attached a JPG of my relationship screen. Should I move the fk's to tblInvAttributes, leaving only the StockNum, then restructure my relationships?

How would I best make this work?

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Setting Up Correct Tables - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I have been given this database (attached) to work on, and I am not sure the data is being stored in the best way. In order to populate the data entry form, two columns were added to the table, named 'column' and 'row', which will determine what unbound control on the form the data will be displayed. The person I inherited this from had already started to code this, and it works for the data currently in the table, but adding a rew record would be troublesome as both colum and row would have to be calculated and then saved back to the table.

Is there a better way to store this data? It just doesn't seem right to me, but I don't know why, or indeed how to correct it!

Any ideas would be appreciated!

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How To "Relate" Tables

Hi I have read quite a few posts and googled loads after advice fron some of the forum users and am still confused (which is not hard :confused: )

I am in the process of designing a new database to keep records for patients (medical type!)

At the moment I am designing the tables and am somewhat confused as to how I would link these in the future?

The tables I will have are

Patient Details (First Name, Last Name, Date Of Birth, Address etc...)
Treatment Table (various fields relating to a treatment)
Consuambles used Table (induvidual items used to treat a patient and the quantities used, bandages plasters medications ect)
Vaccination Table (Various field relating to vaccinations)
Accident Report Form Table (various fields relating to a treatment that was need because of an accident)

What I hope to be able to do in the end is to "pull" up a form / report that will show all the treatments and consumables used for that treatment, Vaccinations and accidents a particular patient has had?

I really would appriciate any help anyone can give me on this but more so if they could explain it very basically

Cheers guys

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Normalizing A Mega Table To Correct Tables. - Version: 2007 (12.0)

Ok, I asked this question on another forum, and I got too many technical answers, none of which helped me solve this problem. Here is my problem:

When I started a job with the city a year ago, I found that EVERYTHING was doen with paper and pencil. In order to make my job a little easier, I thought I would learn how to build a database and bring my laptop to work.

Well, I kind of built this thing before I understood relationships, and basically have ended up with one very large table (all the available fields are used up!). I finally have the concept of relationshiips down, but by now I have over 17,000 records in my DB along with many forms and reports which took me hours to create when i did them.

Another forum suggested that I copy the table in the database and then take out the fields I dont want repeating until I have broken up the db into the correct table structures. So I did that.

But I still cant get it to work. large numbers of records are missing from some of teh tables. My 1st mistake was the key fields I used in each on I called whatever the name of the table was and ID example: Lease Table has Lease ID for the key field. But my mistake was that I set those as auto number, since that was what my original table had. So I tried to correct that by deleting all of the records in the Lease table and then running an append query from the Budiling Data table (which was the mega table and had the orignal ID #s before deleting all of the fieldss that didn't have to do with building data.) but when I do this, It shows 17,xxx records like it should, but they are all blank!

Can anyone help me on a step by step basis to get this working right? My knowledge level is like kindergarten so please explain accordingly.

Thanks for any help in advance, I truly appreciate what you guys are doing here.

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Creating A Solid Foundation (correct Tables, Fields, Relationshi - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I'm a newbie to UA and I've read a few posts, I think from Alan to another newbie) about the importance of creating a solid foundation for his database.

Anyway, I have created a database and would like to make sure I have the right foundation for it.

Purpose of the database: I am writing a business book and will be collecting information for it over the next 12-24 months. I have made a database in order to store the information I come across and then hopefully retrieve it when I begin my writing.

I have created three Tables:

-SubjectID (PK) (AutoNumber)
-Subject1 (Text)
-Subject2 (Text)
-Subject3 (Text)
-Subject4 (Text)
-Subject5 (Text)

Purpose of tblSubjects: to classify the information I come across so that I can retrieve it using key words in query searches.

Subject1 = Marketing
Subject2 = Brand Managment
Subject3 = Identity

Subject1 = Websites
Subject2 = Hosting Firms
Subject3 = Directory

-InformationID (PK) (AutoNumber)
-Date (Date/Time)
-SubjectID (FK - tblSubjects) (Number)
-Information (Memo)
-Details (Memo)
-Source (Memo)
-WebsiteName (Text)
-WebsiteAddress (Hyperlink)
-Notes (Memo)

Purpose of tblInformation: to store the information I come across.

Information: browser built for blogs and social networking sites
Details: has panel that tracks updates on blogs, RSS feeds, and social sites
WebsiteName: Flock

-IdeasID (PK) (AutoNumber)
-Date (Date/Time)
-SubjectID (FK - tblSubjects) (Number)
-Idea (Memo)
-Details (Memo)
-Notes (Memo)

Purpose of tblIdeas: to store my own ideas.

Is this a good foundation for my database?
Is there anything I'm missing in terms of tables or fields?
Any other advice anyone can give me?


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Message Box To Display Values

I tried to research this in the help topics but alas I returned fruitless back at square 1. T_T

Can a message box display the value inside a text box? Some sample code would help.

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Display Only Positive Values In My Query

Hi.. I am a beginner using access and there is probably an easy solution for this which i dont know about!

I have made a query where i calculate the tax deductions for a payroll system. my problem is that different workers are to be taxed differently given maritial status and number of kids as well as net income.

I have managed to calculate everything with the kids and wifes but now i need to sort the table after how much they earn to deduct taxes. I have a "first stage NetPay field" now, where i can see the Gross pay minus allowances for wifes and kids.

Now, if that value(first stage netpay) is under 8840 no more deductions are to occur. If the value is between 8840 and 10000 i have to deduct 15% of the excess above 8840

If the value is between 10000 and 20000 i have to deduct a further 174+ 25% of excess over 10000

If the value is above 20000 i have to deduct 2674+ 31% of excess over 20000

So far what i have done is make a new coloumn, where i take "first stage netpay field" and subtract 8840. If the value is negative i thought i could show only the positive values by enterin >0 in the criteria field for the query, this however will make no posts show up..

(I tried entering Abs() in the Field coloumn where i made the expression, and this worked. )

So my question is: is there a function like Abs() i could use that would convert negative values into 0?

Or do any of you guys have a better idea of how to solve this?

Hope someone can help me...


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Combo Box Values Display Slowly

My Combo Box is tied to a table with many entries. When I click on it to display the table values it takes several seconds to display. Is there any way I can "pre-load" the Combo Box (such as on form load, etc.) so when I click on it it displays more quickly? Or is there another way to speed it up?

Thanks ...

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How To Display On Form? Sum Of Values For Given Date Only! - Version: 97 (8.0)

I have a form like so




I want to display a further field which will take the current value in AbsenceDate field and calculate the Sum of all TimeTakenOff for records in my table with that date.

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How Do I Use The Combo Box To Display Desired Values? - Version: 2007 (12.0)

I have a table with a field name called 'Professions'. There are many same multiple values for this field, for example, there are many records with the value 'Doctor' under this field.

Here are the values under this field in the table:

Teacher Scientist

I want to make a form with a combo box where the combo box shows values under 'Professions', but I do not want the value 'Doctor' to be repeated more than once in the combo box... How can I do this??

I have already tried creating a combo box query, but then the value 'Doctor' gets repeated more than once in the combo box because of the many records...

When I open the combo box, I get these values:

Teacher Scientist

but what i want to get after opening the combo box is:

Teacher Scientist

How do I do this? I hope I've made myself clear...

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MS Access Display Excel First Column Values - Version: 2000 (9.0)

This portion of the coding (below) will show the first column (which usually contains column headers) when I select an excel sheet. I was wondering if a loop could be used instead to show all first column values until end of recordset.

strOutput = "Column A1 contains " & objActiveWksh.Cells(1, 1).Value & vbCrLf & _
"Column B1 contains " & objActiveWksh.Cells(1, 2).Value
MsgBox strOutput, vbInformation + vbOKOnly, "Smart Access Answer Column"

End If

For example, Right now, I have a message box will open and show Column A1 As Shipment #, Column B1 as PO #, etc.

Sub ReadFromWorkbook(WorkbookName As String)
' This code was originally written by
' Doug Steele, MVP
' http://I.Am/DougSteele
' You are free to use it in any application
' provided the copyright notice is left unchanged.
' Description: This routine opens an Excel workbook (passed as a parameter)
' It displays a message box showing the contents of cells A1
' and A2 on Worksheet(1) in that workbook.
' (NOTE: Worksheet(1) isn't always the left-most sheet when you
' open the workbook!)
' Inputs: Workbook Name Fully-qualified path to an Excel spreadsheet (String)

On Error GoTo Err_ReadFromWorkbook

Dim objActiveWkbk As Object
Dim objActiveWksh As Object
Dim objXL As Object

Dim booXLCreated As Boolean
Dim strOutput As String

' Check to make sure the workbook exists

If Len(Dir(WorkbookName)) = 0 Then
MsgBox WorkbookName & " not found.", vbOKOnly + vbCritical, "Smart Access Answer Column"

' Get a instance of Excel that we can use
' If it's already open, use it.
' Otherwise, create an instance of Excel

On Error Resume Next
Set objXL = GetObject(, "Excel.Application")

' An error will be raised if Excel isn't already open.

If Err.Number = 0 Then
booXLCreated = False
Set objXL = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
booXLCreated = True
End If
On Error GoTo Err_ReadFromWorkbook

objXL.Application.Workbooks.Open WorkbookName

Set objActiveWkbk = objXL.Application.ActiveWorkbook
Set objActiveWksh = objActiveWkbk.Worksheets(1)

strOutput = "Cell A1 contains " & objActiveWksh.Cells(1, 1).Value & vbCrLf & _
"Cell A2 contains " & objActiveWksh.Cells(1, 2).Value
MsgBox strOutput, vbInformation + vbOKOnly, "Smart Access Answer Column"

End If

On Error Resume Next
objActiveWkbk.Close SaveChanges:=False
Set objActiveWkbk = Nothing
If booXLCreated Then
End If
Set objXL = Nothing
DoCmd.Hourglass False
Exit Sub

MsgBox Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description & " in ReadFromWorkbook", _
vbOKOnly + vbCritical, "Smart Access Answer Column"
Resume End_ReadFromWorkbook

End Sub

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Display Running Total In Mainform With Detail Values On Subform - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Hi. I have this question. I have a subform (datasheet) which contain a field that holds the number of bottles (lets call it NOB), which I am summing up (SUM([NOB]) and putting the result on a textbox in the footer but not visible. The subform is showing data based on the mainform's record key ID. On the mainform I have a field that holds the number of bottles ordered (Lets call this BO). This is my difficulty:

I need to display a textbox on the mainform to hold the difference between the OB and the sum of NOB from the subform. It is kind of working right now. What I want is when a new record (or if the value is modified) is entered in the subform. I want the difference to get reflected right away on the mainform textbox. Currently, you have to click on the subform's records 2 times before the number on the mainform is refreshed.
I have codes in the subform's NOB afterupdate event and subform's current event to update the difference textbox in the mainform.

Please advise.


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How Would I Relate These... - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

Okay, I am relatively new to Access 2002/3, so don't laugh too hard.

I am working at a church and recently discovered that the records they keep for those in the congregation that have keys are on PAPER! Oi! What a nightmare. Anyway, I would like to build a database for this, especially since pointing and clicking is easier than filing the forms and retrieving them when the keys are returned.

However, here's why I am having trouble relating...

One person might have Key A.
The next person might have keys A & B.
The next person might have keys A, B, & C.
The next person might have keys A & C, but not B.

What I would like to do is make it so that I can put a name, some contact information, and click a Yes/No for the keys that they are in possession.

I'm not asking anyone to build this for me, I'm just wondering if I need to create a table for each key in order to pull this off, or is there an easier way, and what would it be.

(Maybe a better way to put it is that I am having writer's block?)


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Relate Chart To Search Form On The Fly


I'm having problems relating a pivotchart with search criteria automatically after the search - all on the same form. This will be a nifty trick if it is possible, and I can imagine other uses for a form like this.

Without being overly wordy, I attach a mdb in hopes that someone with a bit more skill than I will take an interest and set me on the right track.

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Relate List Of Colours To Unique Product Id


I want to select a product then be able to select a colour from a list that relates to it.

I want the colour lists to be different for every product. (clothes)

Whats the best way to do it?



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Problewith Relate Betwen Table And Form

Hello I.m new and thankyou for designer this forum
I have this question :
i made a Table and made a Form from Designer Form
and put a textbox on it , so how to show the data in the text and sva it in the table or by another way how to relate betwen the textbox and table
and thankyou for help

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Populating The Text Box’s That Relate To The Chosen Combo Box’s With The Sum Of A Cal

Hi, I'm in the process of building a program in access 2003 for estimating roofs, I've ran into a little problem, as described below. any suggestions would be very useful

Populating the text box’s that relate to the chosen combo box’s with the sum of a calculation.

In other words if X combo box is chosen (There are many combo boxes to choose from) populate xx text box with the sum of a calculation.

Refer to the print screen example of my program:

Notice under the label felts the 15lb 36” felt combo box is chosen and it displays the value of 11 and next to the combo box is a text box that displays the value of 25 The calculation will be (11*25) = 275 this value of 275 must be added to the text box values that are being shown in the forms header under 30yr where it reads $4,606.80 and 40 yr $6002.80 only, this is because the 30yr comp and the 40 yr comp combo boxes are the only chosen roof types under the label roof types above the felt label.
Hopefully this makes sense.
Thanks -- Any help with be greatly appreciated.

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Can I Relate Two Fields Within A Table? - Version: 2000 (9.0)

I'd like to "relate" two fields within a table. How do I make it so that if one field is populated, a different field MUST be populated as well.


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Ahhhhhh! Relate Record Headache - Version: 2000 (9.0)

I am using code to copy default values to a new record

Me.Initiator.DefaultValue = """" & Me.Initiator & """"
Me.Department.DefaultValue = """" & Me.Department & """"
Me.AffectedSamples.DefaultValue = """" & Me.AffectedSamples & """"
DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNewRec

It does this just fine. But when i try to move to the forms Subform it says "You cannot add or change a record becase a related recoed is required in table "TableName"

Yes, the form and subform are linked through Parent/Child . How do I get the Main form to save/update itself so i can move to the subform. If I select one of the fields manually in the main form and change it then I can move to the subform...

Why can't I seem to automate this??????

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How To Display OLE Images In Forms From Tables

I've got a form about personal attendance list (table: ATTENDANCE) where I need show their photos (these OLE images are save in another table PERSONAL)

How I can show photos in the attendance form ?

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Display Data From Two Tables In Query

I have a database which contains details of groups of students. Groups are assigned tutor(s) using a link table between the Groups table and a Tutors Table.

I want to create a query which shows each group with their tutor. If I add the three tables to the query I can correctly generate a list of groups with their tutors, but any group which hasn't got a tutor (i.e. where the Tutor column would be blank) doesn't feature in the results.

I want all groups to be listed, even if they haven't got a tutor. Is this possible? How?!

Thanks in advance,


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Query 2 Tables, But Only Display Fields From One Table

I have two tables:

TokenID (PK)

TokenID (PFK)

I am trying to display all the fields from Employee table where Employee.TokenID= Rating.TokenID but I only want to display the fields from the Employee Table and not from the rating table. And each record displayed should be distinct by the TokenID....

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How To Display Field Types Of Access Tables In Vba?

How to display field types of access tables in vba?
can any one show me how i can display display field types(like : phone integer ....) of
access tables in a text box using vba? I have no idea how i
can obtain that information using vba. Looking forward to your

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