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If (checkbox) = True, Add A Unstored Value To A Field?

Basically, i have several yes/ no boxes and i want to make a running cost sort if thing. If one box is ticked then Total cost will be £2 for example, and if you tick the next box then the cost will be £5. But if you untick the box the price will be taken away again.

Any help GREATLY appreciated!

Edit Nearly solved guys! Just have to keep at it!!! What i did was for each tick box create a text box and the put this in each text box's control source: IIf([NAME OF TICKBOX]=True,10,0) This then put 10 in the box if true and if false 0 i then changed the format of all the text boxes so that it displayed currency, Thus giving a price! I then created another textbox that allowed me to calculate the total of all the other text boxes (=[Text38]+[Text40]..). the next problem is that i have to store the value calculated into a field, but how can i do that?! (btw i appreciate that there muct be an easier way but i couldnt find it, suggestions greatly welcomed!!)


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Tick Checkbox If Database Is True
in my web page, i would like to user to see a ticked checkbox should the database = True however, i cannot seems to be getting it. Would anybody be able to help me out?

strSQL = "SELECT DeptHeadA FROM Employee WHERE EmpId = '" & strEmpId & "'"
nRecDHA = GetRecordset(strSQL, arrDHA)

if arrDHA(0,i) = True then
arrDHA(0,i) = "Checked"
arrDHA(0,i) = ""
end if

<TD valign=top width="27%"><font size="2"><b>Department Head Alternate (1st) :</b></font></TD>
<td width="72%">
<input type="checkbox" name="DeptHeadA" value="<%=arrDHA(0,i)%>"></td>

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If (checkbox) = True, The (textbox) = "Yes"
I want to add a textbox to my forms that either says "Yes" or "No" depending on what a non-visible checkbox is. My forms look funny with checkboxes all over the place (Yes or No fields). My reports would look better with "Yes" and "No" rather than checkboxes.

The question is, the control source of the new unbounded textboxes (or anything else for the matter), I don't know how to write the expression for it.

Can I just say...

if checkbox1=true then

I understand how to write these in the VBA builder. But in the expression builder...

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Make Field True If Other Field Is Null
Is there an expression in a query, that if want to say, if one field is not null make another field say true?

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Open Query If Field Is True
I have 3 queries that pull from 3 dfferent tables. All 3 tables contain a field called Acct but the other fields in the 3 tables are different. What I would like is to have a form field that the user can input an account number and depending on which query the account number is in, that query and result will display. I have been trying the dlookup function but can't seem to get the coding down. Also, if the account number is not in any query I would like a message box to display saying it can't be found. Thanks for any help!

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Open Query If Field Is True
I have 3 queries that pull from 3 dfferent tables. All 3 tables contain a field called Acct but the other fields in the 3 tables are different. What I would like is to have a form field that the user can input an account number and depending on which query the account number is in, that query and result will display. I have been trying the dlookup function but can't seem to get the coding down. Also, if the account number is not in any query I would like a message box to display saying it can't be found. Thanks for any help!

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Open Query If Field Is True
I have 3 queries that pull from 3 dfferent tables. All 3 tables contain a field called Acct but the other fields in the 3 tables are different. What I would like is to have a form field that the user can input an account number and depending on which query the account number is in, that query and result will display. I have been trying the dlookup function but can't seem to get the coding down. Also, if the account number is not in any query I would like a message box to display saying it can't be found. Thanks for any help!

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Query Criteria True/false Field
I'm trying to limit the records on a subform via an option group selection. The group has 2 options: optionTrue (option value = 1) and optionFalse (optio value = 2). I have the following code in my query criteria of the true/false field.


The false part works, but the true part doesn't. I've tried many variations using true/false, using checkboxes, etc. and nothing works.

The database is SQL Server if that matters.

Any suggestions?

Also, is their a way to have an option for True or False or ALL?


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Setting Table Field To True When Exporting To Csv

I export a query as csv to upload to another database on a web site. When that csv file has been exported I'd like the query to be emptied, so that the next time I export I don't export duplicates. What's the easiest way to do that?

I've been thinking of having a field in the table with a check box that is checked when the file is exported. The query then selects only those records where that box is not checked.

But how can I check those boxes on Export rather than when I run the query? The reason being that I may want to preview by running the query, without having that affecting the check box.

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Display Checkbox Value In Another Field
Hello everyone, I have some experience with access but am having difficulty at the moment with a command. This is what I am wanting to do;

I have some checkboxes which when checked I want a separate field to display a number. i.e. When 'Taster' is checked 'Overall Price' will show '225' but also when 'Meal' is checked 'Overall Price' shows '500'.

Can anyone walk me through this please?



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Using A Checkbox To Restrict A Field
hi all

i have created a form to enter details into a 'job' table.

here is the part of the form my question deals with.

FIELD- Terminal DATATYPE - Lookup wizard (the values 1-5 stored in a separate terminal table)

basically the system involves entering minicab jobs into the database.
the job may or may not be at the airport.


if the airport checkbox is ticked (Yes), then the terminal value can be set (1-5) from the form.
if the airport checkbox is unticked (No), then the terminal value cannot be changed from the form.

if this can be done, how can it be done? anyone..??

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Checkbox To Enter A Value To Field
Hello, I want to add a checkbox in my form which will update or enter a value to a field. To explain more better the form is access of application so the question will be does the user have Network Account. if the check box is checked then it should add a value to its own field or another field in the same table Network Account. If its not checked then the field should be blank. The way i am doing is i created a check box field and then there is seperate field hiden or in front of checkbox. The control source i put is iif([checkbox1]=-1,"Network",ISnull) this way i get the value in form field but its not linked anyway to table field.

Is there any easy way to populate a field i will be having couple of checkbox like this.

Thanks for your help

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Checkbox Activates Field
I'm fairly new to Access and have a question. I've been able to set up a decent database (my first) but am looking if certain Form functionality is available. I have a checkbox that is checked when a certain criteria is met. When that's checked, there's additional data that I need to enter. Is there a way to make those additional data fields either disabled or not visible at all until the checkbox is a yes? I appreciate your help!!!

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Can I Use Checkbox To Trigger Field Input?
Here is what i want to do:

I have a main order form with a subform for order datails (products, quantity, extended price, etc..). The default way of calculating a selling price is by using the cost plus a profit margin (the margin is a percentage defined on the main form)

But sometimes we want to define the selling price differently, bu using the List price instead, on which I can apply a discount. So what I did is put a checkbox field on my subform, and when the checkbox is "true" the selling price is now the list price field from the products table instead of the "cost plus" calculated field.

So far everything works perfectly as described. The only that I am now left to do is to be able to "ask" for the desired discount when the checkbox is selected. What I mean is that when the checkbox is clicked (true), I would like for a dialog box to pop-up and ask for the discount that should be applied to that record in the subform...Is there a way to do that with a "msgbox" or should I make a small form with only one field on it?...

The main reason why I want to do it this way is that I dont want to put the "discount" field on my subform as it would be on every item line and it is used only rarely because 90% of the pricing are bases on "cost plus".

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Creating SalesTax Field Based On Checkbox
In my checkbox named Taxable I have the following in the afterupdate

Private Sub Taxable_AfterUpdate()
If Me.[Taxable] = True Then
Me.[Tax] = 0.06
Me.[Tax] = 0
End If
End Sub

This will only insert whole numbers in the Tax field as I have tried several
combinations of numbers. How can I get Tax = 0.06?

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Creating A Checkbox Field Through A Make-table Query
Hello to everyone,

I have a colleague who executes a make-table query that reads a txt file. While doind this, he wants to convert two columns (binary format) to checkboxes (Yes/No format). Is there a way to do that?

Thanx in advance

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Sync CheckBox To Update/Write To Text Field
Hey Guys,

I'm looking to create a "Same As Billing Address" check box that would automatically udpate the address in an order to reflect the customer's billing address.

I understand how to sync a combo box to an option group ( -- great article by the way)

I Guess what I'm looking to do is:

1. Sync a "Same As" Checkbox to multiple text boxes in the form (Unit, StreetAddress, City, Province, Postal) such that these fields are UPDATED (writen to) with the same information as the billing address

2. [U]IF the "Same As" Option is selected, I need the updated fields to lock, allowing no further update... but must by unlocked if the "Same As" option is NOT selected.

Please help me out with this one guys.. I really need it.

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Input Current Date Into A Field By Clicking Checkbox
Does anyone know how to automatically enter the current date into a specified field by simply clicking on a check box. I imagine the IIf function would work when entered into 'Control Source' but I also need the check box to be linked to the underlying table.
i.e. I tick the 'Paid' checkbox and the current date is automatically entered into the 'Date Sold' field. I also need the -1 generated by clicking on the checkbox to be stored in the table.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, although I am no good with code, so if you could post an example or an easier way to do it I would be most grateful

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Form Field Validation - "Cancel = True" Problem
I'm calling this code on my Form's BeforeUpdate Event which I understand should only run if the form is dirty. In this example, the code should check to see if 4 fields ("txtField1", "txtField2", txtField3", "txtField4") have data present, if not highlight them yellow.

Function Msg()
Dim ctl As Control
Dim strFields As String
Dim strControl As String
Dim intCounter As Integer
Dim blnEmpty As Boolean

For Each ctl In Me.Controls
blnEmpty = False
If ctl.ControlType = acComboBox Or acTextBox Then
If ctl.Visible And Len(ctl.Tag) > 0 Then
Select Case ctl.Tag
Case "txtField1", "txtField2", txtField3", "txtField4"
If IsNull(ctl.Value) Then
blnEmpty = True
ctl.BackColor = vbYellow
ctl.BackColor = vbWhite
End If
Case Else
If ctl.Value = 0 Then
blnEmpty = True
ctl.BackColor = vbYellow
ctl.BackColor = vbWhite
End If
End Select
If blnEmpty Then _
strFields = strFields & ctl.Tag & vbCrLf
If blnEmpty Then _
If Len(strControl) = 0 Then _
strControl = ctl.Name
End If
End If

If Len(strFields) > 0 Then
Cancel = True
MsgBox "You have not completed all data fields, " & _
"please enter data in the following fields:" & vbCrLf & strFields, _
vbExclamation, Me.Caption
Me(strControl).BackColor = vbWhite
Exit Function
End If
End Function

However, it keeps falling over at:
Cancel = True saying "Compile Error: Variable Not Defined"

I want to be able to run this code from a "Close Form button" to ensure that either the record is not created unless the fields listed are filled in or the form closure is cancelled so that the user can complete the missing data.

I've seen varients of this code on a couple of Access forums but can't find a solution for the "Cancel = True" issue.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Tabbing Checkbox To Checkbox
I have a form with a rather long subform. The subform has various data entry controls. Tabbing through the subform works fine unless focus leaves a checkbox and is set to another. When that happens, the subform is repositioned to the top (kind of like it's been requeried). The user then has to scroll back to where the focus is. Any ideas on how to remedy this?

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If A Is True, Then Do B

The above formula works as is in the field I have it in, but need it performed only if [Label5] is marked yes. I guess what I need is what goes in front of the above formula. I've looked through the forum, but it is so huge I had no luck finding what I needed.

If [Label5] is no, I need it to go to [Label6] and if [Label6] is yes, perform another calc like the one above. If [Lable6] is no, I need an error message.

Hope this is clear. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Allowaddition = True
Hi all very simple question i'm sure but had a look through the forums and couldn't find anything.

On a form i have 2 buttons, one for new data and one for editing data. When either of these buttons are clicked a few text boxes pop up and immediately display data (The first record of the recordset). For the edit button this fine, however how do i get the text boxes to display a new record and not allow the user to head backwards through the recordset only onto a new record??

Thanks in advance

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Posting A Pic When A Value = True
Hi everyone,

I have made a form for our database and I would like to have a .gif image display when a certain checkbox is checked. Any idea how to do this?


PS - sorry if this is a noob question...I don't use access much

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Locked=True Fuzzy
I have a form that has code tied to the 'on open' event that is going to be accessed by users where we want them to only have access to certain fields which we want them to fill out. The fileds that will be locked will change based on the field called 'Item Number'. The code will be long because there are 30 different Item Numbers and about 10 to 20 fields that we will disable based on the Item Number. The code is like:

Dim Item_Number As String
If Me.Item_Number = "32000" Then
Me.Batch_Lot_Number.Enabled = False
End If

This is all great except that the disable makes the field kind of obscure by the color it gives it. I don't want to use the lock property because that doesn't give you a visual clue that its locked.

Is there a way to change the color of the field background using VBA?

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Iif With True Part Containing 2 Values
First Post - please be gentle :)

I may be missing something here, but can any one help?

I am using a Iif statment in a query to filter records as follows:

If([value from a form]= "all holidays",("weeks hols" or "days hols"),"not a holiday")

This is returning a to complex to calculate error - I think it is a Syntax error but could be wrong
but if I enter The string "week hols" or "days Hol" as the criteria without the Iif statment that works fine.

Thanks Dean

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Counting True Items
Can anyone help?
I have a table with the following:
Booked with a y/n field
Person Name with a text field
Yes(True) Jim
Yes(True) Jim
No(False) Jim

What I need is to be able to show a query that shows if the checkbox is ticked (True) and the Name is Jim total up how many true items there are. So from the above I can see that Jim has 2 true items. I would then like this shown in a text box is this possible?
Also, it is not always going to be a person called Jim so... (From above)
Yes(True) Jim
Yes(True) Jim
No(False) Jim
Yes(True) Jack

So how would this go on a query in a sub form? So Name Jim would show 2 and Jack would show 1? At the moment is is grouping the name and I dont want that.
Any ideas

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Is It Possible To Return No Value When An If Statement Is True?
This should be really simple, but I am stumbling on the criteria. I have a combo box which returns "Y" or "N". I'm using this value as criteria for a field called [Planned=Y/N]. This field stores either a "Y" or a "N" to indicate that a network outage was planned or not. If the combo box is "Y" I want to return all values(Y and N). If the combo box is "N" I only want to return values of "N". I've tried the following in the criteria without the desired affect:

IIf([Forms]![frmOutagemenu]![cboflag]="Y","","N") - only returns records when "N" is selected.

IIf([Forms]![frmOutagemenu]![cboflag]="Y",null,"N") - only returns records when "N" is selected.

IIf([Forms]![frmOutagemenu]![cboflag]="Y",In("Y","N"),"N") - too complicated for Access to decode.

Is there another way to return nothing for the criteria when "Y" is selected?

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True Date Ranges
I run various queries on a daily basis for multiple date ranges (previous day, week to date, month to date, and year to date). The below criteria allows me to get WTD numbers but it has a flaw. When I run the reports on Monday, this criteria gives me Sunday and Monday's data when I actually want the previous week's data. Does anyone know of an iif statement that basically, says, "If today is Monday, give me last week's data, else give me wtd of the current week?" Right now, I manually change the criteria on Monday morning to hard code the dates and then revert to the formula on Tuesdays but I need to have this completly automated because there are a large number of queries and I don't have time to change them all. Thanks for the help!

Between Date()-Weekday(Date()-1) And Date()-1

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Count Of TRUE Statements?
Hi! When it rains, it pours, right? I'm wondering if any of you know of a way to count true statements...

What I mean is, I have a query where I have a series of 5 different OR statements, meaning I want to see records with either a min. ed. number, or a years of experience number, etc...

The query returns every record with at least one of the criteria being met. What I need is to count the statements that are true for one record. Let's say I have someone who meets all of the OR criteria, I need a way to count the number of criteria that they met. Is there a way to do this? Maybe with a crosstab query??? Thanks!!


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Open Query If Condition Is True
I have a database with 3 tables. Each table has an account number field however the tables are completely different as are the account numbers that populate them. To go with the tables are queries that will bring in desired information. What i would like is for the user to input an account number on a form and have some code in the background that will find the account number in the table it is in and open the corresponding query. Is this possible? Thanks for the help. I have been trying to write code with DLookup but can't seem to get it to do what I want.

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