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If Field 1 Is Yes, Then Field 2 Must Have Comment

I just can't figure this out..I have two fields in my database that I want to be able to have a regulation that if the user Enter Yes to field1 than they MUST enter some comment on field2. They can't skip it. However, Field1=No, they can skip field2..Is this possible? is this have something to do data validation? Please help..thanks in advance..

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Limit A Field To User Defied Values Depending On The Input Of Another Field.
Hey all,

I have two fields 1 & 2

field 1 is a simple combo list of user defined values ie A, B, C or D

Field 2 relates to a attribute of the data in field 1 and is not always the same for A, B, C and D. i.e

A could have a,b,c,d or e
B could have c,e,f,g or h
C could have a,g,h,i or j
D could have v,w,x,y or z

I would field 2 to have a combo box which only displays a,b,c,d, or e when A is chosen in field 1; c,e,f,g or h when B is chosen; etc

How do I do this?

Cheers all,

Matt :confused:

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Some (expert) Advice Needed Please (linking Field With String In Other Field

I hope someone can help me, I have a database compiled from different sources which means that information in fields that need to be linked are written differently, meaning that I can't just simply make a relationship between them.

The two tables I would like to link are,
Table 1 has the fields OCCUPATION and AMOUNT and contains over 740,000 records.
Table 2 has the fields COMPANY_NAME and TICKER and has 500 records.

I need to find a way for all COMPANY_NAME fields in table 2 to be cross-referenced with the OCCUPATION field, so if COMPANY_NAME is part of the string in the OCCUPATION field then the TICKER (of that company) can be attached to the record in table 1 (specifically to AMOUNT).

The problem is that the OCCUPATION field is not written in a standard form and can include either only the occupation, only the company name, or both in either order.

I can make a seperate query for each company by using as criteria "like "*[COMPANY_NAME]*", but then I would have to do this 500 times!!! Is there a way to automate this?

The final purpose is to link the AMOUNT to TICKER so as to find the sum of all the amount associated with a company.

I really hope you can help, I have little programming knowledge and it will save me the time of making 500 seperate queries. The final use is for my thesis studying private contributions in the american elections.

Thanks in advance (I hope),


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Convert Text Field To Number Field But Keep Leading Zeros
I need to convert my text data to a number but when I convert using the VALUE function or use "format cells" to the numbers category, I loose the leading zeros. I need to keep them for sorting purposes.

What formula do I use?

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Make Field Auto Populate Based On Value Of Field In Another Table
I'm creating a database that keeps a track of questions and scores.

The questions in the database need to be dynamic and are changed frequently.

I have a scorecard table which keeps a record of scores and the applicable question at the time the record was saved. I need to do this because in 6 months time we may want to provide feedback. As the question may have changed we need to be able to refer back to what the question was.

I want the question field in my scorecard table to populate with the value in my question table.

I have tried a number of things including setting the question field in the scorecard table to a lookup based on the following query:

FROM tblQ1;

This works however only as a list or combo box. I don't want the user to have to select the question. I want it to auto populate, is this possible?

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Field Update Using DSUM: Field Joins Are Not Working Correctly
I know there are numerous threads regarding dsum() on the forum, but I wasn't able to find the exact answer to my problem.

The root of my problem is that I'm trying to update a field on a table using dsum, which references another query to update the table. Although I have all of the correct keys from the physical table joined to the query in the dsum function, the code/ms access seems to ignore the joins. As a result, all payees are having their "vol" field set instead of a select subset.

Query (GetTxnVolAmtTR"):

SELECT p.payee_id, sum(txn_volume) AS vol,, t.period_id
FROM ft_payees AS p, ft_txn_summary AS t
WHERE p.payee_id=t.payee_id And
GROUP BY t.payee_id, t.period_id,, p.payee_id;

Update statement (references the query above):

UPDATE tmp_ft_component AS rc
SET rc.volume = Dsum("vol","GetTxnVolAmtTR","GetTxnVolAmtTR.payee_id= " & [rc.payee_id] And " " & [] And "GetTxnVolAmtTR.period_id= " & [rc.period_id] & "")
WHERE rc.component_name='Total Revenue';

as you can see, I have all of the fields I want joined, but the code seems to ignore this. I've tried looking at this site: , but haven't found my answer. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Lock A Field On Main Form If A Field On A Subform Is Complete?
hi, i would like to be able to prevent a user from being able to change a field (lock a field) in a main form if a field in a subform is complete. (the field in the subform is named: "new_weekly_base" if this is complete then i would like the field: "weekly base" to be locked on the main form. is this possible?, please help.

the main form is named: "SCREEN-MAIN"
the subform is named: "SCREEN-SUBFORM"
(the main form has a button on it which loads the subform.)

ive tried the below code but it doesnt work, any help would be excellent.

Private Sub Form_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
If [NEW_WEEKLY_BASE] >= 0 Then

.Visible = True
.Enabled = False
End With
End If
End Sub

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Send A Content Of Unbound Field In A Form To A Field In The Table
in my form I created an unbound field with a requested combination, now how can I put those in a table field.
in other words, how can I send the content of a form's unbound field to a field in the table?

your help is very appreciated.


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Automatically Populate A Date Field Based On Value Entered In Another Field
I need to create a New Form control for this situation:

If I enter a date into a field and the choice for another field is equal to a certain value. How can I get the date I entered to be automatically populated into another date field.

For example:

If I enter 11/10/2005 in a date field and I choose either "BN", "BA", or "BT" in a text field, I need that date of 11/10/2005 to be automatically populated in another date field on the same form.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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