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Import Data To Overwrite A Table?
I have a table with a primary key.
This table has address type information in it. I have an import *.csv file that I want to overwrite to this table. I want it to identify the primary key and then update address fields if applicable. I also want it to recognize when no key exists and than create a new record. However, I'm getting an error because the primary key exists and then it doesn't update the other fields. PLEASE HELP ME. How can I overwrite data in a table?

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Setting Data Import To Overwrite Data On An Existing Table
I have a database that I import data from an excel spreadsheet into multiple times daily. The table that this data is imported into has several key fields that if the data already exisits in the table, and I attempt to import data that is the same except for one or more of the key fields is different. At this time the database it creates a different record. I am trying to get the database to overwrite the data in the database.

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Access 2007 Crashes On Excel 2007 Import
On trying to import an Excel 2007 file into Access 2007 I get the following:

1) Choose "External Data," Import, Exce
2) Select small file in MS Excel 2007 format.
3) Click on Import the source data into a new table ...
4) Choose OK

Immediately get "Microsoft Office Access has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution to the problem..." This message never resolves, so I have to click 'Cancel'.

Then I get "Microsoft Office Access is trying to recover your information..." I have to click "Cancel" here as well and then kill MS Access in Task Manager.

Event Viewer gives following message, which is of no help:
"ID: 2, Application Name: Microsoft Office Access, Application Version: 12.0.6211.1000, Microsoft Office Version: 12.0.6215.1000. This session lasted 710 seconds with 120 seconds of active time. This session ended with a crash."

Trying to import a small Excel 2003 file leads the same result. The same happens with a CSV file.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Office 2007 as well. I am using Vista Ultimate.

I have turned off DEP.

How can I get MS Access 2007 to import Excel?



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Entered Value In Form Must Not Overwrite Tables
HELP!!! I am getting quite desperate. I am a novice. I have made a database for customers, products, etc. They all have good relations. I have made a query where I can see who bought what and when and how much it costs. Now here's the problem. When my prices in my product list (this is the table of which the prices show up in my form) have to be altered (because of prices going up), it automaticaly changes the query and the form!! According to messages stated in this forum, I have opened the properties in the text boxes and changed the price fields, "enabled" to no, "locked" to yes, and the forms DataEntry to yes. Strangely in the North Wind example, the prices shown in the form (entry form), are extracted from the subformdetails table. But how can you extract something from a table if there is nothing in the table?? Totaly I have four tables (Orders, Orderdetails, Products and Customers) Alle these tables are joined on a one to many basis.
Please can somebody help me.....
Thank you
Anouk (Netherlands) :confused:

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How To Overwrite The Result Of A Query Calculation?
As Access won't permit this, please can someone tell me the best way to edit the result of a calculation in a query?

I was thinking of having an "adjustment" text box on the data capture form (from where the query gets its data to perform various calcs) that when left unchanged will allow the query's calculation to stand or be overwritten if the text box has data in it - with an Iif expression.

As this seems a bit cumbersome, please can someone advise me of a better way of achieving this?

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Export To Excel And Overwrite Existing Data
I have the following statement which exports data based on a query to a .xls:

DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel9, "qryreportsbydate", "C:Documents and SettingspdaintyDesktopRawQualityData_Weekly.xls"

This works fine it exports the data and names the sheet rawqualitydata.

The problem i'm having is when i come to run the export again Excel tells me the file already exists. What I want it to do is overwrite the data in the rawqualitydata sheet in the same file.

Is this possible?

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Code To Link Tables - Overwrite Specific Links
I searched and couldn't find anything on this specific issue.

I'm on the verge of designing a pretty big database and I've run into what may become a bit of a problem. There will probably be several backends in different locations. Should another backend ever be created or if the location for one changes, the user can use a form to refresh the links to the tables on that specific database.

The way I've done this so far is by having a piece of code that checks the tables for a connection string. If the table has a connection string, its a linked table, so the link gets deleted and replaced with the new link. Well this will no long work since there will be several backends and only 1 of them may need its tables relinked and using that code will delete all the table links, including the good ones.

Is there a way to make 'DoCmd.TransferDatabase' overwrite table names instead of giving the duplicate tables a number suffix? I think that doing this would be easier than retrieving the table names from the new backend and comparing them with the linked table names in the frontend so the old links could then be deleted.

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Import Excel 2007 Spreadhshet Into Access 97
I am having trouble trying to import (manually) Excel 2007 spreadsheets into an Access 97 database on Windows XP.

I have an Excel 2007 workbook saved as .xlsx. When I try to import it by changing the "files of type" drop down list to "Excel" and typing in the file name of the 2007 file with the .xlsx file extension I get an error message

“The Wizard is unable to access information in the file ‘Filename’. Please check that that the file exists and is in the correct format.

I have changed the registry to allow .xlsx files to be imported, but still get the error.
I have changed the registry

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftJet3.5Engi nesTextDisabledExtensions
To include .xlsx

Any ideas you may have would be greatly appreciated.


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