Inserting Records Into A Table Through A Form

Jan 28, 2006

Hi all,
Really, I am very happy to be a member in this great forum with those great members....

I have a form with three text boxes and one button "Submit". This form is build based on a table with three columns. How can I insert records into this table through that form by clicking that button "Submit"....

Thank u and sorry 4 bothering u....

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Inserting Records Into A Table Through A Form

Aug 1, 2006

Hi all,
Really, I am very happy to be a member in this great forum with those great members....

I have a form with two text boxes and one button "Submit". And also, I have a table with two columns. How can I insert records into this table through that form by clicking that button "Submit"....
I think it is simple, but I am very beginner in Access....
See the attached file....

Thank u and sorry 4 bothering u....

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Forms :: Inserting Multiple Records From Form Into Table?

Jun 18, 2014

I have a tabular form with many rows of records. Users add some additional information and now I would like to insert it into a new table.

I tried to use below code and it works but it inserts only first row out of many. So I just wonder how to amend it to insert all data?

CurrentDb.Execute "INSERT INTO [PO Lines - Table] ([SKU], [SKU Description], [Barcode], [Qty], [Unit Price], [PO Number], [Range])" & _
" VALUES ('" & Me.SKU & "','" & Me.SKU_Description & "',''" & Me.Barcode & "''," & Me.Qty & "," & Me.Unit_Price & ",'" & Me.PONumber & "','" & Me.Range & "')"

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Inserting The Records Into The Table

Oct 31, 2006

Please, please, please help me!
I have created a form that should get Date, Day inputed by a user. Then it must place 8 the same records in the table.
Any help will be appreciated
Thanks in advance

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Inserting Multiple Records Into Table At Once

Mar 4, 2015

How does one get multiple records inserted into a table at once, when you press the "Add Record" button? Resulting in the table below:






This is how it must be setup, all I need is to know how.

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Inserting Records VIA Form

Aug 31, 2005

Hey guys, got another question for you.

I have a table that has the follow fields (this is for a mailing schedule)

Job Name, Mail Date, Job Number, ID #, Material Due Date, Quantity To Mail

Here's the problem I'm having.

For each "Job" that we have, it can have multiple "Mail Date(s)". I'm trying to create a form that will allow a person to enter one "Job Name" and multiple "Mail Date(s)" and have it create a total number of records based on the number of "Mail Date(s)" (total possible is 4). Example below.

I'm creating a mailing for "Free Hot Coffee", I enter the "Job Name" once, and enter 4 "Mailing Date(s)", then click a button and have Access add 4 records for "Free Hot Coffee" each with a separate "Mail Date"

Is this possible? If so how? I was thinking of using a For loop but didn't know if it was possible.

Thanks in advance.

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Queries :: Query For Inserting Random Records Into Temporary Table

Jul 16, 2015

I'm trying to insert 10% of a dataset from dbo_billing into another table Random_Temp. Another form is open when this query is to be ran that passess in the billyear and billmonth... I'm sure it's a syntax issue as I can isolate the random number part and it displays the appropriate data, I just can't re-write it to insert into the other table:

INSERT INTO Random_Temp ( indx, peopleId, audited )
SELECT TOP 10 PERCENT b.indx, b.peopleId, b.audited
FROM dbo_Billing AS b
WHERE (((b.billYear)=[Forms]![billing]![billyear]) AND ((b.billMonth)=[Forms]![billing]![billmonth]) AND ((b.recertifying)=-1))
ORDER BY Rnd(-(1000*b.indx)*Time());

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Inserting Data From Form Into Table

Nov 2, 2005

i have a problem adding the data from the fiels on the form into a table. I know you can just click on the navigation arrows and it will save the record but i want to use a submit button as this is more user-friendly and suitable for the work i'm doing.

I have attached the database... the form that needs the code for submit button is 'frmNew_JobStatus' and the table i'm trying to insert the data into is 'tblJobStatus'

can anybody have a look at what i've done so far and suggest how i can fix this... sample code would be very usefull as i'm not an access expert.

thank you all

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Inserting Data From One Table To Another Through Form

Aug 25, 2004

I want to design a form , please note I have beginners information regarding Access,
I have 2 tables , 1 table has Project No, Document No, DEpt NO. with all the information

There is another table-2 with Project No, Document No. and Resourcrce. There is not data
in this table

What I want to do is , I want to create a form where in I select the Project No. and
Dept No. When I select these items the form should list me the data in Table 1 for that
Project no and DEpt No. , after this data is listed , I will add the REsource data
and all this data has to be stored in table-2. I hope some one will be able to guide me on
how to do this.

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Modules & VBA :: Inserting Into Table From Form

Dec 29, 2013

I am building an application using MS ACCESS for a local volunteer ambulance corps and have almost complete it except for the last challenge. I have built many applications like this, with an form to add, modify and delete option for a single table. This time, the accountant asked for data to be saved before being deleted to another table so he can review it after it was deleted by a user and then delete it from that "backup" table. I am at a loss to write the code. However, being a reader of this forum taught me many things in the past and I decided to join and ask this query of the community. I know it is an insert command and I have created a mirror table for the real one with all of the twenty or so fields. The fields are the usual name, address, city state and zip with telephone numbers and some other info.

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Inserting Data From Two Tables Into Another Table Using A Form

Oct 22, 2007

I am new to access (using Access 2003) and am having trouble working with forms. Here's what I want my form to do:

-Use a combo box to select a specific system
-Given the selected system, pull up ID numbers and descriptions (in separate text boxes) from two separate tables corresponding to that one system
-Navigate through those ID numbers/descriptions from each table independently to find ones that match
-Store the ID numbers of the ones that match into another linking table

The biggest problem right now is being able to navigate through the different table ID numbers/descriptions and add both ID numbers to a row in a different table. I've tried using a combo box with the INSERT INTO statement into the code builder, but I keep getting syntax errors.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a better way to do this?


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Inserting CAC Digital Signature Into Form Or Table?

Oct 29, 2010

adding digital signatures to a form or table? my dilemma is this:

we issue out badges to people based on their clearance. if someone has a Top Secret Clearance, they get a green badge. If they don't have a TS Clearance, then they get a Red Badge. When we issue out badges, we take their CAC from them to hold in place of the badge in case they never return the badge, and we have them sign out the badge # in a paper log. I wanna get rid of the paper log and replace it with something digital if possible.

What I'm wanting is an Access table that can hold their digital signature from their CAC. They insert their card into the CAC Reader, type in their pin and press enter, done. Access inserts their digital signature into to the table and locks the record so that editing of that particular record cannot be possible.

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Queries :: Current Date Field From Form Inserting In Table

Mar 7, 2015

I have a form, has some fields, one of them is the current date, so when the user click (save )button , which make (add new record )to the only table I have the problem that .all fields are inserted in the table , except the current date !! it is a text box ( Now() )!!

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Inserting Records...

Aug 4, 2005

Ok, I know this is already part of another thread, but my problem is a bit more complex...

The database I've been designing catalogs traffic signal equipment at every intersection in a 12-county area. There's about 480 intersections in the database. My boss pointed out the need to have the intersections listed in geographic order. For example, if I have three intersections on IL Rte. 5 - John Deere Rd, Bauer Parkway, and Industrial Park Rd, they need to be listed in the order in which they exist on the road (from east to west or north to south). Alphabetically, the intersections would be Bauer, Industrial, John Deere. But, as you drive down the road (from east to west), the intersections occur as Industrial, Bauer, and John Deere.

I can sort the intersections according to their "corridors" without any trouble, but I have to force the geographic order of the individual intersections by assigning each an index value (like "1", "2", and "3"). Better yet, I can assign the indices in multiples of 10, 100 or 1000, (1,2,3 becomes 10,20,30 or 100, 200, 300, etc.) and guarantee there will likely always be a sequential position available in the geographic index for a new intersection. Plus, I can always pick the "middle" of the range for each new insertion. For example, if Bauer has a geographic index of 200 and John Deere's is 300, then I can give Zebulon a value of 250 - leaving equal room for insertions before and after Zebulon in the future.

Pulling this off isn't hard - I know how to do it. The problem is running out of positions in the index. In the case of my database, it is unlikely we'll ever add more than two or three intersections between two existing ones, so using multiples 100 is probably best. In this case, I can add at least 6 intersections before I run into the possibility of having two intersections whose indices have a difference of only 1. Using 1000, the value goes up to 9. Each multiple of ten gives you 3 more entries (minimum) before encountering consecutive indices. I guess the inherent problem is figuring out a more "infinite" way of accomplishing this. I don't readily need it, but on the off chance that I do end up with consecutive intersections (that I have to insert between), it'll require manual re-numbering to fix the problem.

That's my solution, but there may be something simpler. Any thoughts?

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Missing Records When Inserting

Feb 5, 2008


I hope this is the right section for posting this Q.

I use Access 2003 on WinXP pro as front-end & for back-end a MySql on a Linux server. I use MyODBC to connect to the back-end and all the tables are on the back-end. The workstation is connected to the server via VPN (so the server and the station are on different locations).

Quite often I get a problem that not all records are inserted into a table. E.g. I have like 5 - 15 records (up to 10 fields) in one table and I want to transfer/copy them to another:

strSql = "INSERT INTO tblDetailNakup " & _
"SELECT tblDetailNakupTemp.* " & _
"FROM tblDetailNakupTemp;"
docmd.runsql strSql

most of the time it works OK, but from time to time a couple of records are missing.

What could be the problem? Is there any way for somekind of a check, if all has been inserted otherwise the query is repeated?

TNX in advance,

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Inserting Records To Two Tables At The Same Time

Jan 31, 2008

hi all,
I have created the database with multiple tables. I've created one main table to store all records from other tables. Then I have make several forms to enter record into several tables.
What I'd like to make is that when I enter new record to any one of those other tables, then it will be automitically add to the main table also. The record no of main table will be automatically increase by itself when the new record came in.
Can anyone help me with it?

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Forms :: Inserting New Records With Button In Subform

Jul 25, 2013

I have a database consisting of two tables. One table is meant to be a running log of entries (Table A) and the other is simply used to house specific information relating to certain records (Table B). There is a form within the database that is used for data entry. Within that form there is a subform that has a button that will automatically insert a new record into the running log (Table A). This button currently carries over one value (a Doctor's ID) but I also need this button to begin carrying over my employee's name as well. I have tried numerous times and I can not get this second value to carry over.

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Inserting Photos As Records In Access 2003

Sep 6, 2012

I have created a tabel in access 2003 which has information about employees and i have to put even their photos as records so i can see them in a report that i have created too.

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Need Help Inserting Table

Jul 31, 2006

I have a database that contains a few tables and queries etc. I made a copy of this database so that I could change some of the VB code with out affecting the database information. I have completed all the code and now I want to input those old tables into my finished verion. I am not sure how to do this. Any ideas on how I could do this would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.

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Inserting Into A Table

Apr 23, 2007

just wondering if anyone knows how to insert about 10 lines of data into an already existing table?

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Inserting Into A Table With 2 Pks

Apr 5, 2007

The security table is made up of two primary keys: thing, personorgroup
When i run this statement to insert into the security table

INSERT INTO security (thing, personorgroup, accessrights)
SELECT '252600649', '4020', '255'
WHERE not exists(select * from security
where security.thing = '252600649' and security.personorgroup = '4020');

I get this error:
Server: Msg 2627, Level 14, State 1, Line 25
Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_SECURITY'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'SECURITY'.
The statement has been terminated.

Anybody know how i can perform my insert successfully? :D

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Inserting Value In Table

Sep 23, 2004

i am trying to achieve a simple thing (at least it seems so to me!)...
I am trying to add a new record to a table (LP_Product_Name) with only one field (Product_Name) as a part of a 'on Lost Focus' event of a text box (txb_ProductName).
Code:Private Sub txb_productname_LostFocus()' Declare Variables Dim db As Database Dim rs As DAO.Recordset Set db = Nothing Set rs = Nothing' Assign Values to Variables Set db = CurrentDb() Set rs = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("LP_Product_Name")' Enter New Product name to the table With rs .AddNew .Fields("Product_Name") = Me.txb_productname End With ' Close variables Set db = Nothing Set rs = Nothing' Restore Visible formMe.cmb_productname.Visible = TrueMe.cmb_productname.SetFocusMe.txb_productname.Visible = FalseEnd Sub
When I type something in the textbox and shift focus to another field, nothing happens... no error message and no added value to the table! I dont know what is going on. It just doesnt work!

On the same form I also have a combo box that uses the same table (LP_Product_Name) as its rowsource. I want the Combo box to immediately show this added value.

Can someone please help!?!

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Inserting An Object In A Table

Jul 28, 2005

I have been inserting thumbnail pictures into my table for the last six months with no problem. The field in my table displays "Microsoft Photo Editor 3.0 Photo." Now when I enter my thumbnail by inserting an object, the field displays the word "package" and the photo does not appear in the form where the pictures are displayed.
What would cause the word "package" to appear when I am inserting an object just like I have been doing for months?

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Inserting Numbers Into Table Instead Of Text

Mar 8, 2006


I have a strange problem, I have created this query:

SELECT QPTActions.Assigned_To
WHERE QPTActions.Entry_Date<=DateValue('1/2/2006') And QPTActions.Close_Date>DateValue('1/2/2006');

It works, but it inserts Numbers into the Assigned_To column in the table WEEKONE. When I looked in the QPTActions database the values are text but the type of column was originally set to Number. I changed this to Text but its still inserting Number values into the destination table. How can I fix this?

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Doing Calculation And Inserting That Value Into New Row Into Query Table

Apr 13, 2008

Hi, I am wondering If I can Sum the value of rows in one field of my Query Table and Inserting that Calculated value into the bottom of the summed Row in the VBA or through Query Design View.

Please let me know, Thank YOU!

Below I have attached the picture of the data that Im trying to sum and insert into a new row that Hopefully can be created through MS access Query.

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Combo Box Not Inserting Record In Table

Mar 14, 2005


i have attached a document with print screen of the form and combo box properties i am working on

the way it works is, when the user selects a code, the appropriate desciption, uoi and price is displayed. but for some reason the price combo value is not being written to the price field in the table. all the data on the form except for item desc and uoi is written to tbl_waste. the item info for the combo boxes comes from qry_items.

please help..i have been banging my head for days now...thanks

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