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Make All Text Caps

I need to make all my text in all my fields Caps.
The users want type the text in the field and have it be caps even if they don't have the caps lock on.
Is there an easy way to do this?
Any help would be great!

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Can You Make Just One Part Of The Text In A Text Box Bold Or A Different Font Size?
Is there a way to make just part of the text in a text box bold, or to use different font sizes in the same text box?

Something like this:

Heading in bold: description in regular (not bold)
(a smaller height line used as a line space)
Another "normal" line
a larger height line
a normal line....all in one text box!

One thing I'd like to be able to do is to specify the line height of a blank line in a text box. I'm using carriage returns created with: Chr(13) & Chr(10). I could see defining the font size of a hidden character, but I'd need to know how to assign a font size to a piece of the text in a font box.

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How To Make Text Box Appear?
I haven't used Access in a looooong time and building a document tracking database for work. I am setting up my data entry form and would like to have a text box appear depending on the selection from a combo box. So, if the user selects "In Review" a text box will appear for entry of the reviewer's name, likewise if the user selects, "In Work." In the other cases (options in the combo box) the document is not being revised, so no name needs to be entered--so no need for the additional text box. Make sense? Any guidance/advice as to how to go about this? Thank you!

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Caps Lock
How can I convert the lower case data into upper case data automatically while entering data without using Ucase() function, in each and every textboxs or other objects in the forms ..

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Returning Caps On A Form
Heeelo all:

I have a form with text fields where I am entering customer last names and first names in different fields. Does anyone know how to return UPPER CASE letters automatically?



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Using Date And A Value To Make A Text Box True
Hey all, i got another small problem with this bloody database!

The problem today folks is this, im making a booking system (well the booking is a small part of the overall system) so i have DateArrive, RoomID, and all the usual.

now what i want is to make a query that says
if DateArrive & RoomID (Booking Table) then make RoomOccupied(Room Table) true

if that makes sense, i tried some in sql and got the date bit working, but wasn't sure how to go further so as to make it so RoomID is involved

(ill say in another way If a room is booked on a specific day i want to make Occupied true)

thanks for anymore help u can give

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Make A Text Box Visible On Cmd Button
Hi, I have a form with a INFO button, what I need is when the info button is pressed a text box becomes visible on the form and when pressed again the text box become not visible, this will allow the final user the have additional information regading compiling the form etc!

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Combo - LimitToList Small Caps.
I have a combo with the LimitToList set to yes so I can add new data to the underlying tbl. This works fine with one exception. When I enter the data I occasionally want to enter it in all Capitals but when I select Ok to add it to the tbl the first letter is a capital & all others change to small caps. I'm a little rusty on Access at the moment so I need a prompt pointing me to what I need to change to fix my problem. I'm thinking this is a formatting problem? :(

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Make Table To CSV, Remove Text Qualifier
Thanks for looking!

I'm using a query to export a table to a text file, i.e.

SELECT * INTO [Text;HDR=No;Database=C:].[test#txt]
FROM [TestTbl]

Text fields end up surrounded by double quotes as a text qualifier. Is there a property I can use to get rid of the text qualifier within the SQL (similar to how HDR=No gets rid of the headers)?

I've tried searching and guessing, but nothing has worked yet. Thanks!

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Can Selecting A Combo Box Make A Text Box Visible Again
Is it possible when choosing a combo box to have it make a text box visible, when in this text boxes properties you've chosen visible=NO. Can an event procedure or some code be written that will make visible=YES.

Thanks any help with be greatly appreciated

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How To Make A Button That Autofills Text Into A Form?
I have a database form where I have a lot of like data I type.
Can I make buttons to automatically put text into the form field?
How do I do this?

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Can Selecting A Combo Box Make A Text Box Visible Again?
Is it possible when choosing a combo box to have it make a text box visible, when in this text boxes properties you've chosen visible=NO. Can an event procedure or some code be written that will make visible=YES.

Thanks any help with be greatly appreciated

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Make Text BOLD On A Report (criteria).
Not sure if this is possible but here goes (even if I make a fool of myself for asking).

I have a report that lists data based on criteria set in a form. The main criteria is Month (Month4Report) and Year (Year4Report).

The report lists all jobs that started that month and also any jobs that had work done during that month - even if they started in the previous month.

What I would like to do is highlight any job that has an actual start date prior to the current searched month (Month4Report). By making it bold or other way.

Is this possible?



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How To Make Validation Text Give Different Error Messages
In of my tables called Employee Payroll, I have several earnings fields, and in a previous post I mentioned that I have implemented a validation rule for them which is 2.50 or 2.75 or 3.10. I have also used an error message in Validation Text to help the user if they enter an invalid value.
How can I change this message to reflect what the user types in? For example, if they enter an erroneous value like 9.34, the error message would say, "You have entered an erroneous value" or if they type an extreme value like 3.40 or 0.01, the error message would say, "You have entered an extreme value".
I understand that I would need to state when the data becomes erroneous and when it becomes extreme- so I thought, anything above, 4.00 should be erroneous and any negative values too. Extreme data would be anything between 0.00 and 3.10.
Would I need to use some kind of code in VBA?

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Column Names. Can I Make The Name Field "higher"? (to Make Room For More Lines)
I'm currently working with a form, which is in datasheet view. I have many rows which are combo boxes (yes/no), and the name is rather long. So each line (each row) spreads on to 2-3 pages to the right.What I would like to do is make the namebar, on top of every column, a little bit higher, so the name would be split into two lines, or three. Allowing me to make the width allot smaller.Here is an example of my problem: my question is, can I change the height of the column name? Or is there some trick I can use?regardsFrímann Kjerúlf

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