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Math Operations On Values Question

I have created a table that holds the inventory information of some items i have in stock. What I want to do is this:

1.)When a customer orders something, i enter the quantity ordered and hit a process button. When this button is clicked it automatically reduces my inventory count to reflect the reduction

2.)When I receive shipments, i want to enter the information and hit process so that it automatically sets my inventory counts to reflect the addition of the new units

I am having trouble figuring out how to go about doing this. I was thinking of somehow setting up some textfields and then adding buttons that set fields accordingly.

Any help would be most appreciated.

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Dealing With Null Values In Math Expressions
Hi all,

I am in desperate need of some advice. Today I set to work building some math functions in my queries to calculate delays/turnaround times for work, etc.

I have found that where there are null values in my table - the calculation seems to break down.

Let me explain...

In it's simplest form (I have removed some fields and will deal with DATE only, not TIME which is a seperate field) I have the following -


I have the following expressions in my query -

Turnaround: Date_Completed - Date_Received
TimePended: Date_Recommenced - Date_Pended
TimeInactive: Date_Started - Date_Received
Workrate: Turnaround - (TimePended + TimeInactive)

The query calculation will only work when all fields contain a value.

For instance, sometimes the work may be started, then completed. Skipping the 'Pended' and 'Recommenced' steps.

Can anyone tell me what I need to include in my maths for Access to treat a null value in the table as zero? Or any other approach.

Please help!!!!!


Rob :eek:

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Bitwise Operations?
Do queries support bitwise operations:


2048+512+128 = 2688

Field1 = 2688 in the table

MyField: ([Field1] And 512) = 512


Jaeden "Sifo Dyas" al'Raec Ruiner

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Date Operations
Hello everyone,

I need help in writing a query that would return the records that are not older than two weeks.
I would appreciate your help in advance. :o

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Operations Must Use Updatable Query?
Please help, this error is wreking my head:
I have a VB APP updating a an Access DB, i get this error every so ofter:

-214 (load of numbers) Operation must use an updatable query.

I have given full control to to the directory on which the App and the Access sit..
any ideas?

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Math Help
I have an artwork book which I am cataloging. Each page of the book contains 24 pices of artwork.
What I need to do is display a page number to whatever record number I enter into the field.

Example 2: I enter any record number from 1140 and the field will display 48 for the page the artwork is on in the book.

Example 2: I enter any record number from 1153 and the field will display 49 for the page the artwork is on in the book.

Example 3: I enter any record number from 457 to 480 and the field will display 20 for the page the artwork is on in the book.

Thanks for any help I can get on this

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Best Way To Do The Math
I am a wiz at formulas in excel but am not sure yet how to make them work in access. I have a main form into which I put the date recieved of many items for each facility. Next to each of the dates I have entered I want to have a non inputable text block that will look at the date then do the necassary math automatically. Some of the formulas will also contain conditional statements based off of a date, type and rating. Can anyone suggest the best way to do this or point me toward a resource that explains how to use formulas in access. Here are a few examples of the formulas that are already in place in the excel version.

=IF(I28="Unsatisfactory",C28+60,(IF(F2="AA&E",C28+365,(IF(F2="Major Funds",C28+365,C28+1470)))))
in the above formula C28 is a date entered by the user, otherwise most formulas I need to input are simply (date + 1 year or date + 4 years)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Math Funtions
What the best way to perform math functions on data in a table? I have a form and a subdatasheet in it. I want to be able to: Average out data in cells. I.E One field will have a list of numbers and I want to be able to average those out.

The other is that i want to be able to check the previous cell(year) and see if the number has gone up or down?

Many Thanks :)

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Failed Math Can't Add
I have 6 fields that display a price based on a combo box selection
I can get one to subtract from another but not all add up
It should also be a running total so it updates as I pick more options

And how can you get the combo baxes to start out blank they all have
selects already made when I open the form

Thanks I'm fairly new to access

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Query Math With Dates
I want to have a query that will subtract a Due Date from todays date and tell me how many days are left/passed in either a positive number or negative just like the DateDiff Function. how do i do this?

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Failed Math Update
Its in the control source of the text box I want the total stored in
=Forms![Estimate Maker]!Tank.column(2)+Deck.column(2)+[Internal Valve].column(2)

The data entry setting did the job thanks much

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Help A Newbie Understand Simple Math Functions
I am completely new to Access but probably all I will need is a gentle push in the right direction. I'd like to think I'm fairly quick at learning new things. Thank you in advance, here's where I am, (first step anyway):

Table 01 Parts List
ID - name - cost

Table 02 Item List
ID - nick name - description

Table 03 Items to parts relationship (this is where I fall apart)
ID - Item ID (relationship to table 02) - Item nickname - PartID (relationship to Table 01) - Part name - Part quantity.

What I am trying to do:
I resell items in table 02 which are built of various parts from table 01. I need to generate a table that says:
Item 1 is built from 4 of part 1, 2 of part 2, 9 of part 3, and the total cost of parts for Item 1 is x. I want to update the parts list cost on a regular basis and have the item price change reflected.

If I can understand how to make this work, I can ultimately add in labor and overhead etc etc. Baby steps for now.

Thanks again

Here's a copy of my sad little db

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INNER JOIN Based On Equivalent Values, Instead Of Equal Values
I'd like to create a query which will consist of simple SELECT statements as follows:

SELECT [table1].[field1], [table2].[field1], [table2].[field2]
FROM table1 INNER JOIN table2 ON ([table1].[fieldX] = [table2].[fieldX]);

The challenge arises b/c instead of joining on equal values, such as the following:
[table1] INNER JOIN [table2] ON [table1].[field1] = [table2].[field1]

I would like to join based on equivalencies, such as:
[table1] INNER JOIN [table2] ON [table1].[field1] = 34 is equivalent to [table2].[field1] = 2;

I do not know the proper syntax, so this is where I need help. I tried to search online without any success.

I appreciate your help in advance.

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Converting Numeric Values Into Time Values
I have a travel time database that should tally the number of minutes traveled and convert them into a time (hours and minutes). I, however, am having difficulty converting the numeric values cleanly. Is there anyway to convert 102 minutes + 100 minutes + 110 minutes = 312 minutes to 5 hours and 12 minutes cleanly? I need to take averages of time traveled and hours worked but cannot do this correctly. Thank you for any help in advance.:eek:

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Checking Values Of Textbox With Table Values
There is a text box in a form that user can enter the value.
How can I check if the value entered by user is already existed in the record of the linked table or not?
If the value (or record) do not exist, that new value/record will be added to
the table.
If the value do exist, just show the msgbox to indicate.

How can I do that ? :confused:


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YTD Values And A Year From To Day Values
I need help on calculating the amount of money the agencies for a company has collected for the month specified by the user, year to date value, and the same month compared to last year.

I have two tables, Agency and Data.

Cash collected would be called Amount.
Each day of the year cash is collected so it is called Dat (daily meaning the values are usually 1/1/06,1/2/06, etc.)
AgencyNumber - the number assigned to each agency and also serves as the link between the two.

AgencyNumber represents the number assigned to the agency.
AgencyName is the name of the agency.

So basically I need the query to be able to calculate the month's total cash collected for each agency, the amount of cash collected so far for the year (YTD), and the amount of cash collected last year for the same month. I want to be able to turn it into a report like this:

# Agency Mar 2005 YTD March 2004
X XXXXX 12354 4548687 13245

There's of course going to be a dialog box that would pop to determine what month will show and that won't be a problem for me. It's just the coiding that's giving me the trouble. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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