OK, I'll Try Again - Autofill And Dlookup Help PLEASE

Aug 18, 2004

I have been struggling with Access and the dlookup / auto lookup function.

I'll include my last post with the layout of my 2 tables and what I am trying to do

Please help if you can:

table 1 - OCMembersPayment

| transaction# | member ID | Payment Date | Payment ID | Payment Amount | Chit_checkNumber | Last Name | First Name | Notes | Ticket Number |

Table 2 - Member Roster

| Unique # | Member ID | FirstName | LastName |

Ok, I have eliminated any relationship between the two tables

What I want to happen is this:

When people put data in, the first data they fill in is member# - ex 2515 and then hit tab to move to the next field

When they hit tab, I want the expression to look at the member roster and find that #. when it does, I want the first and last names to get writen to the fname and lname fields on the form.

date is automatically filled in and Payment code (accounting code) is automatically filled in - default #

currently, this is the dlookup script I am trying to use and I get compile errors:

Private Sub MemberID_AfterUpdate()
dlookup("[memberID]","member roster","[memberID]=form!ocmemberspayment.[lastName]")
End Sub

(it is currently on the the Member # field on the form).

Later, I want to be able to ADD new members as they show up to the member roster table. So if the lookup does not return a name, once the transaction is filled in and saved, it will put the name in the member roster table. First things first though

thanks for any help

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Reports :: DLookup Criteria - Autofill Product Name Based On ID

Apr 2, 2013

Im trying to make an invoice,

Im trying to autofill the products name using a dlookup

The ProductID1(2,3,4 OR 5) is selected from a list in a form and is sourced from "Products!ProductID"

=DLookUp ("Products!PName","Products", where "ProductID1" = "Products!ProductID")

How do i make this work,

Without the "critera" the lookup returns only the 1st record of "Products!PName" for every transaction even though the ProductID1 differs

How to i get it to show the correct corresponding name to ProductID1??

Ive attached a screenshot....

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Autofill Field Based On Value From Table Using DLookup Not Working

Jan 8, 2013

I am new to Access (using Access 2012) and All I am trying to achieve is to autofill the field [Frequency] from Table FullList based on the value of [Frequency] from Table Courses using a DLookup code used to update the FullList form. The code is not updating anything! It is frustrating! Frequency is a number (integer) and while Course is a text. The figures of my Access database are below.

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Mar 29, 2005

I have a form based on a table with several fields. The table contains names of employees and their departments, etc.

When I fill in the form with the employees name, how can I have it autofill the dept?

I am not a programmer so if specific code is required, I would need to know exactly what it is.

Your assistance is appreciated.

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Dec 10, 2005

Two questions,

1. After my relationship table is built, is it possible to have some tables automatics fill in according to what another field in the table is inputed? EX: I have a Ordertable(orderID,itemID,Itemdesc), and a Inventory table(ItemID,Itemdesc), When you select an Itemid to put in the order form, the order Description from Inventory would appear in the Itemdesc of the order form.

Is this possible? If so how?

2. In tables, is it possible to make a cell = to something? So like if I wanted to add a subtotal and a final total after tax, I could use = * .08 or something?

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Apr 22, 2006

Can I fill all cells in a column that dont contain any data with the same value?

I have a table with about 1000 records, I have a column called "brand", half of the records contain some data but the other half dont and I really the ones that dont to contain the text "none".

Any Ideas?


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Feb 12, 2005

I have 2 tables tblcontact and tblinfo.



I want to build a form and have a combo box autofill these fields on the form. how can i do this?


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Apr 16, 2008

I am trying to self teach myself and I am sure I am going about his wrong.

I have a form with a fillable text box called ProcessCode, a drop down box called CostContainerSize, and a fillable text box called disposal cost. Their are dozens of possible process codes and container sizes of 55,30,15,5,P,Y etc... I want the disposal cost box to auto fill based on Process code and disposal cost. I wrote the following in the control source IIf([ProcessCode]="LF" and [CostContainerSize]="55","$65.00") THis works to auto fill, but obviously only for that particular set of parameters. I have tried adding "or " comments to include other sizes for that particular process code with limited success. I have tried IIf([ProcessCode]="LF" and [CostContainerSize]="55"or"30","$65.00"or"$50.00") among other variations.

Any help is appreciated.

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Autofill Help

Apr 3, 2007

Ok, basically I have enough Microsoft Access knowledge to be dangerous.

I'm in the military and built a database that keeps track of the members who misuse their government travel card.

What I'm trying to do is enter a SSN into my form and have it fill in their name, rank, unit, etc if they are already in the data base.

I'm pretty sure it is possible, but not sure how to do it. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Help!! Autofill Troubles

Dec 1, 2005

I created a form from a table (maintbl) with a combo box. The combo box retreives information from another table (model#tbl)and autofills it in the fields below. the information that is autofilled does not automatically get entered into maintbl. Theres probably a good reason for this but i cant figure it out. Anyone?? Im not very good with code but if thats what it takes thats what it takes.

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Autofill Fields

Oct 22, 2007

Hello everybody!
Im new in Access as well as in this Forum! Glad to be here :)
Im currently developping a small application in Access 2003 and here is my problem:
I am trying to autofill the value of the field OrderID in this form : "FRM/SupplierID/CurrentYear/OrderNumber"
Where the SupplierID is charged once the SupplierName is selected from a combobox and the OrderNumber entered from another textbox.
Note: SupplierName values are from other table: Suppliers

Any help is highly appreciated,

Thanks in Advance

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Autofill Query?

Jun 16, 2006

Hi everyone,

I have a table which includes several columns. Two of these columns are important for this update query I wish to do. In my table, I have two columns like this:

API# Current Operator
1 |
1 |
2 | Bob
3 | Joe
1 | Mike
3 |
2 |

I am wondering if there is a way to run an update query which would automatically fill in the blank fields in column 2. The numbers in column 1 will always correspond to the same person in column 2.


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Autofill Fields

Mar 11, 2005


Need some help with a table, or possible more to do with a form design..

I'm looking to autofill in a field depending on data that's in the previous field.

E.G. I have too fields.. One for employee and one for department.. I want the department field to automatically select the department whenever the employee is selected from the drop down list.

It's probably a simple query or something I need to do..

can anyone help..


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Autofill Dept

Mar 28, 2005

I have a form based on a table with several fields. The table contains names of employees and their departments, etc.

When I fill in the form with the employees name, how can I have it autofill the dept?

Your assistance is appreciated.

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Validation Autofill ?

Mar 30, 2005

Hello !

I am having some headache trying to figure out how to autofill or validate some fields in a form. (pardon my english)

This is what i want to do:

I have a form with these fields

combobox named "status" (contains 3 values)
textbox named "date"

What i want to do in the form is to automatically set the status to a value when date is filled.

If someone could help me with this i would appreciate it alot.


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Autofill Subform

Feb 22, 2006

Can anyone please help:confused: . I am setting up a database for events for local companies, I have an events table (event title, date, time etc) and a company table (name, address, postcode, tel, etc) They have a one to many relationship, with the events table being 1 and the company table being many.

I have a main form with the event details and I want to add a subform for companys, but would like this form to autofill the companies address and contact details when I enter the company name. Is there a way you can do this? :)

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Autofill Text Box

May 5, 2006

Sorry me again,

I have a combo box for rooms: single, twin, double, suite, grand suite

This is found from a lookup table

In the next field on the lookup table is the cost per night for the room, how can i get the cost per night to automatically appear in a text box when the type of room is selected?


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Autofill Form

May 24, 2006


I'm new to Access Programming and the whole Visual Basic bit and I have a project I need to finish.

Well I created a Form and what I want to do is this:

If I enter an ID number, I want the Form to populate the rest of the fields automatically (eg. phone number, address etc.).

Can you please give me ideas on how to do this? Thanks a lot. :)

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Autofill Form

May 24, 2006


I'm new to Access Programming and the whole Visual Basic bit and I have a project I need to finish.

Well I created a Form and what I want to do is this:

If I enter an ID number, I want the Form to populate the rest of the fields automatically (eg. phone number, address etc.).

Can you please give me ideas on how to do this? Thanks a lot. :)

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Autofill On Checkbox

Jun 18, 2006

I've searched the forums and Google. I've possibly come close to finding a solution, but can't quite get it right.

I have a checkbox that I want, when it's checked, to put the current date in a Date Completed field.

I know I have to edit the OnClick event, but the code has puzzled me.

Thanks for your help.

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Desperate Autofill Help

Jul 21, 2006

Ok here goes

I need some help with getting my form(form 2) to autofill from another form(form 1).

Now i dont want to use combo boxes or command buttons as i only want to use the keyboard and not the mouse.

Basically when a customer phones up to get prices they tell me there account code( this is in the customer details table) and i enter it into a text box on form 1 and after pressing enter it opens up form 2(this bit i can do) but i cant get it to open the form and display the correct details from the table on the form.

p.s why is it access books tell you everything except what you want to know.


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Autofill Combo Box

Aug 15, 2006

I have 2 forms with 1 combo box in each form. I would like to be able to choose, for ex. a date in 1st combo box and be able to have that displayed in the 2nd form in the 2nd combo box.

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Autofill Via A Combo Box

Sep 9, 2006

Hi sorry I am only new to this, I am trying to learn as I go so please excuse my ignorance. (I have done some searching on this forum but am just getting more confused)
I have a form which is based on a table that holds all the info for orders placed by customers.
It holds info on all the orders plus some info about the customer

Example of Orders Table

Order ID
Customer No
Item Number
Qty Ordered
Order Type
Day Received
Last Dispatch Day
Actual Dispatch Date
Date Due at Customer

On this form I would like a combo box which is linked to a Customer table which has all the details regarding the customers. When I pick the customer I would like all the other fields relating to the customer on this form (Customer No, State, Suburb) to be auto populated to save entering data individually.

Example of my Customer Table

Customer Name
Customer No (not unique)
Customer Factory
Rail Terminal code
Destination Rail code
Destination Road code
Cust Code

I have tried many different ways but no success.

Any help or advise would be most appreciated

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Autofill In A Subform

Oct 12, 2006

I manage a self-made database of property deeds for my business. Since it often happens that there are multiple owners and multiple buyers of these properties, and that many of the owners and buyers are the same people from time to time, I think I can manage this database more efficiently by using subforms that autofill when I start to type a person's name. I hope this is possible.

My main table and form are based on the deed description. Each deed will have unique buyers and sellers and each buyer and seller can be on many deeds. Thus far I have created tables and queries for sellers and buyers. The seller subform is set up and can accept entries in the form view. When I scroll from record to record, the names seem to show up where they belong, so I'm happy with that. The problem is that when a name comes up a second (or more often) time, I end up typing the entire name in again. This sort of defeats the purpose of having related tables. How can I get it to recognize that the name is already there and perform an autofill for me? What am I missing?

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Autofill Problem

Dec 1, 2006

Hello friends,

I have exhausted my resources, and have not figured out how to get my text boxes to automatically fill with data associated with the selection of a combo box.

I have a table with the following fields:
PK - autonumber
Frequency - text
TimeD - text
TimeN - text

The frequency entry describes the frequency at which paramaters are to be measured, and Time1/Time2 are the times that are set by each frequency for Day and Night resp.

I know this has been discussed ad nauseam, but I have spent almost a week searching this forum as well as a couple of others, and just keep coming up short.

I have uploaded a zipped db that will better illustrate where I'm at with this project. Please have a look.

thanks in advance.

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Autofill From A Previous Value

Sep 1, 2004


What I need to do is two fold. I have a table in which I track clinets coming in and using our services.

Question 1: I want to be able to have a a date field default to the date I first type in when I open the form and remain there in all
subsequent records till I change it. The data is only entered once a week and we usually have 400 client visits per week
with about 75 - 120 per day. So it kind of gets repeatitive to keep typing in the date. I am aware of the CTRL+', but the staff who use this database do not even want to do that.

Question 2: Next problem....How would I create an autocorrect function that will automatically fill in a name...i.e. I begin to type jo and it will automatically fill in the hn...but I want the values to come from previously entered data from past records, similar to the way Excel does it in spreadsheets.

Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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