One Form - Want To Populate Two Tables At Once

Jun 9, 2006


I have a form created from Table1

I have another Table2 - which is identical to Table2

I want Table2 to automatically update with the information put on the form (which currently only populates Table1) without asking the user whether they want to do this. And when I say update, if a user adds a new record to the form, I want that new record to be put on Table1 and Table 2.

I am using Access 97....

Help :)))



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Populate Form From Other Tables

Feb 27, 2005

I have 5 tables (Client, Driver, Appointment, LessonType & Booking). The Booking table is empty as it is made up from the other 4 tables. I want to have a form (Booking) which collects data from the 4 tables to create a record.

I want this to be automated as much as possible rather than typing the data into a textbox, because this would be difficult for the user and there would be conflict.

The Booking form will be split into 4 sections relevant to the above tables. For example, select ClientID from a combo and the other fields populate, such as forename, surname, address1, address2. And then select DriverID and this populates the relevant fields and so on, until a booking is created.

Ive tried After_update and couldnt get that to work. Any suggestions or help will be much appreciated as this has been a headache for a few weeks now. Thanks

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Populate Three Tables From One Form

Aug 27, 2004

I am having the hardest time with this.

Tables: Employee Record
HR Record
Orientation Record
Certification Record
Optional Certifications

All are related.

I have a form where I do data entry, with all of the fields from these tables on the form.
I want to type in the name only once, at the top of the form, and then have it populate the
Name field in EACH of the above tables. Can anyone help me with this? I've been working on
it for two weeks now. I'm sure it's an easy fix that I haven't thought of.

I've already tried using subforms, but unless I type in the name in each of the subforms for
the above tables, I end up with blank name fields in all the tables, except for the one I pointed
the data to go to.

I'd be SO grateful if someone could help me figure this out. Thanks!


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Populate Form From Other Tables

Feb 27, 2005

I have 5 tables (Client, Driver, Appointment, LessonType & Booking). The Booking table is empty as it is made up from the other 4 tables. I want to have a form (Booking) which collects data from the 4 tables to create a record.

I want this to be automated as much as possible rather than typing the data into a textbox, because this would be difficult for the user and there would be conflict.

The Booking form will be split into 4 sections relevant to the above tables. For example, select ClientID from a combo and the other fields populate, such as forename, surname, address1, address2. And then select DriverID and this populates the relevant fields and so on, until a booking is created.

Ive tried After_update and couldnt get that to work. Any suggestions or help will be much appreciated as this has been a headache for a few weeks now. Thanks

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Forms :: 2 Tables - Auto Populate Field In A Form

Oct 7, 2014

I have 2 Tables with following fields

Table [APM]: apm_id, apm_owner, apm_values
Table [DATA]: apm_id, serv_name, serv_place, serv_choice, serv_role

Both tables are joined with 1 to 1 relations based on apm_id as both of the fields are same. The table [APM] is pre filled with data. The idea is to list data from [APM] and collect data from user to be saved in [DATA] based on the info from [APM].

I created a form which list all the fields from both tables. The fields from table [APM] are only for displaying data and created a combo box based on [APM].apm_id to display the fields by chosing an APM ID from the drop down box.

A user adds a record and moves on to second record, completes the second record. Now if the user wants to list the first record by chosing the APM ID from the drop down box it only populates the fields from table [APM] but not the fields from table [DATA] which the user just added. Infect the fields related to table [APM] changes, but the fields from table [DATA] stays the same.

How ever if I click on the small arrows on the bottom which lets you cycle through records than it populates all the fields from both tables correctly.

How can I fix the issue so that all the fields would populate based on APM ID selected from drop down box.

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Modules & VBA :: Using Unbound Form On Front End Of Database To Populate Backend Tables

Apr 12, 2015

Is there any particular reason I would choose to use

DoCmd.RunSQL "insert into...


CurrentDb.Execute "insert into.... ??

I am using an unbound form on the front end of my database to populate the backend tables (multiple tables). Some forms only have a few fields, while other forms have about 15 fields with 3-4 tables updating.

I am okay using the DoCmn.RunSQL , but I keeping reading on the forum that others chose CurrentDB.Execute and it has me thinking.

My database is stored on a network drive with only on front end.

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Forms :: Create A Form Using Combo Box To Populate Multiple Fields And Tables?

May 26, 2013

I'm trying to create a form using a combo box to populate multiple fields and tables.

I've created a text field to display the added information using this format:


in the text box control source field, and this works for display purposes.However, I need it to populate this data into a field on a table.

For example:

My combo box looks up data that has 2 columns, Part Number and Description.

The control source for the combo box is "Part Number". And that populates the part number in the "Main" table no problem.

The text box I created using the above format in the control source populates the field in the form, but not the "Main" table.

Is there a way for the other (description) field to also populate the "Main" table as well?

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Using List Boxes To Populate Tables

Nov 9, 2006

Hi all,

I need some help with regards to a small db application im developing.

I currently have a form that contains two separate list boxes.

The first contains "Measures" and the second "Dimensions". They are based on the underlying tables Measures and Dimensions respectively.

My intention is to be able to select whatever Measures I want and select the dimensions they relate to in the other list box then click on a command button to run a query that would update/append my underlying table, Measures2Dimensions, which is linked to the tables that the list boxes are based on.

I hope I've described my problem well enough for someone to provide me with some help.

Many thanks in advance!

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Tables :: Display And Populate In 2D Matrix

Apr 27, 2015

I've been asked to consolidate data from a number of different sources, rationalise and set up some access controls to restrict viewing/editing. The raw data is combination of personal data, cost codes and dates.

My company supply labour and materials to offshore facilities, where our staff work on a rotational basis. These swings typically run 2 weeks on/2 weeks off, but often can run shorter periods. We need to track who is offshore and at which facility, both to prevent double bookings and identify when we can book people in for training etc. This data also needs to form the basis for our timekeeping application.

I've created the base tables successfully, rationalising where possible, however I cannot for the life of me figure out how to replicate the current process of assigning people to their rotation.

The travel team currently use a matrix where the user info is broken down by trade and name in the left hand column, then the dates are displayed in a row across the top. The process of allocation is then simply colour code the dates where the person is booked on or off.

__________________|1 Feb|2 Feb|3 Feb|

Is this possible in Access at all, or if not, is there a means of at least displaying the data like this?

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Tables :: Populate A Column Automatically

May 21, 2015

I made a bunch of tables by importing them from excel. Then I had someone ask me a question regarding a specific instrument. My tables have a bunch of parts and id's but I don't have the instrument associated with a specific part in the table.

Is it possible to add the data into the new column automatically using a query. I tried the append query, but I'm either doing it wrong or it won't do what I'd like it to do. I just want every record within that table to have the same instrument in an instrumentId column.

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Tables :: Populate A Field From One Table To Another

Aug 7, 2013

I have a small database to keep track of some student information. Right now I have one table where a student is first entered with their contact information and then other tables that house specific information about other areas related to the student (if there's no longer with the school, paperwork is complete, etc.). The primary key for all of it is their student ID. The tables are linked parent/child with forms, etc., so that when I open a form having to deal with one of the related tables (student active status), and pull up the student's ID from the first table, it'll then populate that ID into the status table, even if something else isn't added.

What I need is really that when I create a new student on the first table with their contact information, that their ID is populated into all of the related tables, without waiting for additional information to be added. This is because I need to run reports to see who is missing information, etc., and without their ID showing up in that second table, I'm not getting accurate results. How would I set this up?

Sample of tables with smaller number of fields:

Table 1 - Contact Info (always done first for a new student)
Student ID

Table 2 - Student Inactive Status (want the ID numbers to be the same quantity as table 1, even if Student ID is then the only completed field in this table)
Student ID
Inactive status type

Table 3 - Paperwork (same issue as table 2)
Student ID
Submission Date
Approved By

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Populate Fields Using Data From Different Tables?

Feb 6, 2012

need to create a database for work. there would be a way to select an id based on a previous table and have parts of it populate in this new table.

For example:

Table A - Webinars (Webinar ID, Webinar Title and Client)
Table B - Sessions (Session ID, Date, Webinar Title, Time, Facilitator, Session Occurred, Reason, Conference Call) [Webinar Title I used a look up field and just select the corresponding Webinar Title and it works nicely]
Table C - Users (User ID, Status, Prefix, Last Name, First Name, Email Address, Component, Role and State)
Table D - Registrants (User ID, Session Date, Webinar Title, Attended).

So in Table D I would like to add Role and Component, so when I select User ID #1 the Role and Component Field populate with the info based on Table C.

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Tables :: Auto Populate Fields In A Database

Dec 6, 2014

I have a table called Jobslog which contains records for my permanent jobs I have to do for customers in one week.Structure is like:


Each job is assigned to a team, but is following same schedule every week.Can I create like a module or query to autopopulate the table with next week jobs, but putting the date as well, not only day name.For example, each Monday job should have a date field which should be 8/12/2014, Tuesday jobs should have 9/12/2014 and so on until Sunday.Usualy they are more jobs for each day (not day and job).

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Tables :: Auto Populate Field In Table

Feb 15, 2015

I have a table ([AllNames]) that a field ([Past_Employers]) is being auto-populated, and I don't want it to.

[Past_Employers] population is setup form a form, which references a separate table of employer names [Employers].

If I enter a new record directly in the [AllNames] table the [Past_Employers] field populates.

[Past_Employers] is a multi-value field (yes ugh - I know!!!) and is not required.

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Tables :: Populate Lookup Table With Data?

Nov 22, 2013

I have problems understanding lookup tables, especially how to populate them with data. I'm working on an exams database, and have many such tables...

Table for Students
Table for Subjects
and a lookuptable for studentsubjects

Table for Classes 1, 2, 3, 4
Table for Subjects Eng, Math, Geo, Chem... 11 subjects in all
and a lookuptable SubjectClasses

Having inserted data for all subjects and all classes, should I then go ahead and Insert data for SubjectClasses? There will be 44 items!

Even more appalling, studentsubjects table will have (no of students * 11) for my small school, it will be 1,760

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Forms :: Populate Combobox With Data From 3 Tables

May 17, 2015

Is it possible to populate a single combobox with data from 3 different tables.

I have a table called observations (for observing deer), in that table is a field called Location, I have 3 other tables that list possible locations t_foodplots, t_stands and t_section.

I would like to have a combobox called location on my observations form that will allow me to select the proper location from one of those 3 tables, the choices would be something like this...

Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Stand 1
Stand 2
Stand 3
Foodplot 1
Foodplot 2
Foodplot 3 etc....

The chosen value would be stored in the t_observations "location" field.

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Tables :: Populate A Table With Report Names

Apr 1, 2015

I want to populate a table with the database's reports.

And somehow be able to select a row and open a report in design view.

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Populate Junction Table Related To 3 Tables

Dec 8, 2013

I explain , I have 5 tables :

Class ( classID , classname,... )
Student (studid , firstname, lastname , classID ,....)
Course( courseid , coursename )
Term ( termid , termname , begindate , enddate )
Score ( scoreid , studid , courseid , termid , score)

Note :
1) A class can contain one or more students (one-to-many between Class and Student tables)

The table "Score" is a junction table between three tables : Student , Course and Term because it contains three foreign keys ( I could use a combination of 3 foreign keys to make a primary key ! ) .

The tables ; "Class", "Student", " Course ", "Term " already contain data for each table I created a data entry form .

My biggest problem is how to create a form to enter students' grades or scores for each student that belong to his class.

I do not know how to do it especially since the idea is that :

On a form I would like to use ComboBox to select a class that displays student's list from class selected and a ComboBox in same form to select course and another ComboBox to select a term and then enter grades or scores for each student

This is my general idea to enter students' grades. The rules are :

A class contains one or more students
Each student takes one or more subjects.
Each student gets scores for each subject and each term(quarter)

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Tables :: Auto Populate Field With Now Date Stamp

Jan 25, 2013

I need to autopopulate a field with now datestamp when another field has been filled in?

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Tables :: Get Table To Populate When User Moves Onto Next Record?

Sep 20, 2012

My form has been set up to enter and display info.However, the table it goes into is not populating until the user has finished his/her session and closes the form down. We need this info to update earlier, preferably on entry, as we require certain elements to be able to populate other forms.

The MainForm displays all information and the School or Team name is entered through this form, going into the School or Ministry table.This generates an autonumber which is then used in the TeamMember table to identify team members within each team. the only way we have access to this autonumber is by shutting the mainform down and then reopening it. Which event in the property sheet do I require to get the table to populate when the user moves onto next record?

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Tables :: Auto Populate Date Field Just Once (on Creation)

Jul 21, 2015

First hurdle in my database tables, I have a field called Date_Created which I want populated just once, whether from a form or an import.

I have another field called Date_Updated which I want to update any time the record is changed. I know I can do this by using the default value of Now(), but how can I get the Date_Created field just to update when the record is created and not any time after ?

I also want to show these values on the form, but have them as view only, hoping that is possible ?

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Union Query - How To Populate 5th Table With All Data From 4 Tables

Sep 24, 2014

I have 5 tables in access 2010, 4 of them have data in them and I need to populate the 5th table with all data from the 4 tables. I know you have to create a Union query, but i dont know the sql statement

Table 1 - data
table 2 - data
table 3 - data
table 4 - data
table 5 - combine data from table 1, table 2, table 3, table

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Forms :: Unbound Combo Box Populate Fields Linked Tables

Jul 18, 2014

I have form with an unbound combo box which is populated from a query

It should populate a field in a table which is related to another - however it only works when i query by id number (primary key) and not the text value i want - is it possible to query both so it returns say 1,option 1 - then when selected it will place a 1 in the table - which is related to option 1 in another table instead of just having to select '1' which will mean nothing to a user?

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Tables :: Populate Date Based On Specific Text In Another Field

Mar 27, 2013

I would like the "DateOfConfirmation" to populate with today's date when "SSurvDiagThisYear" is Confirmed.

The DateRecordCreated is a simple =Date() that populates when the record is entered into the table.

SSurvDiagThis Year is the case outcome - Pending, Probable, or Confirmed. It is possible that the case could be confirmed on the same day it was entered into the table but that is RARE.

I am hoping for the The DateOfConfirmation to capture the date the case is confirmed so that I can gather some duration between the case being opened to confirmed.


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Link All Tables By Special Number Will Info Auto-populate?

Aug 20, 2013

I have a few questions about tables and forms joining, and auto-population of data.

If I join all 8 of my tables one to one to one to one to one, is that possible? That is my first question.

Secondly: If I have my RSN number that I'm using to track each record, is it possible that if I type in the number on a different form, and two of the fields are similar on every form that they will auto populate since the tables are joined?
And if they're filled out in one form, they should know that these were the fields we said were attached to this number it'll just appear? Is that a real thing?

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Find Matching Dates In Tables A And B / Then Populate Blank Fields In A From B

Apr 30, 2012

I have a table tROE with a field listing all dates starting 1/1/10 to date (populated), and three fields for currency exchange rates [USD], [RSD] & [EUR] which are empty and need to be populated. I have another table tROEPartial that has the exchange rates for some of the dates starting 1/1/10 but not all. Their structures are identical. I want to add the exchange rates from tROEPartial to tROE where the dates match, leaving the unmatched fields in tROE blank.

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