Open DBF Files In Access

Oct 24, 2004

Hi All,

I am trying to open a DBF file in VBA, I get the an error:
Run-Time error '91':
Object variable or With block variable not set

here is my code:
Dim oConn As ADODB.Connection "Driver={Microsoft Visual FoxPro" & _ "Driver};SourceType=DBF;SourceDB=c:Mine01;Exclus ive=No"
I tried the following code as well, but it gave the same error :
Dim oConn As ADODB.Connection
With oConn
.Provider = "Driver={Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver}"
.ConnectionString = "SourceType=DBF;SourceDB=c:ME01;Exclusive=No"
End With

Any ideas?

I need to open the DBF Files in the code using a connection string or any other method available through code.



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HELP! Can Not Open Access Files

Feb 6, 2007


For some reason Access will not allow me to open any mdb files. When i click on the file to open Microsoft opens the install wizard for office 2000 and asks for disc 2. If i press ok its says DATA2.msi is missing.

However if i open access through the Programs menu and then go and search for the mdb file i can open it with no problems.

My question is how to solve this problem as i have to copy give someone a copy of one of my databases and i don't want to pass on any bugs etc... ???


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Open JPEG Files From Access

Sep 23, 2006

I have a path to a JPEG file in a variable. I want to click on a command button and open the JPEG file. Is there code which in effect double clicks on the path to open the file? Thank you.

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Queries :: Unable To Open Or Design Queries From Older Access Files

Jan 1, 2014

Im trying to work on an db in Access 2007 that was migrated from Access 2003 (in fact its been migrated several times starting from Access 97). It executes and runs with no problems in both versions.
The problem is when trying to open some queries (not all) - Access is unable to open the query in design mode and gives me this error :

" is not a valid name. Make sure that it does not include invalid characters or punctuation and that it is not too long.

However, as I cant open it - I cant check it. Im pretty sure none of the fields have invalid characters (they do have spaces) and Im not sure how long is too long....

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Open Excel Files Using A List Box

Oct 13, 2005


I have a form named Welcome and have stored an unbound list box named lstExport which I would like to use to view and open (using the double click event) excel files that users will be saving in a specific folder on our server.

Can anybody help me with the code?

The excel files are saved in the following path:

Thank you.

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Application Error - Can't Open Files

Feb 2, 2006

Please help. When trying to launch MS Access 2000 I get an error: " Can't find the database you specified, or you didn't specify a database at all. Specify a valid database name in the command line, and include a path if necessary." When I try to open a valid Access file, the application simply doesn't display anything.Please help to fix the problem.

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Command Button In Form To Open Certain Files

Mar 12, 2005

I have based a form on a parameter query, so that when the user is prompted to enter a 'Hobby' to search on, the relevant records will be displayed on the form.

Now, I have created a command button designed to open a template letter in MS Word for a particular hobby. The problem is, I need the command to open certain file depending upon the value input in the parameter box intially. How would I go about doing this?

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Forms :: Open And Save Doc / PDF Files Within A Form?

May 21, 2014

In a record, I want to have a text box which displays the file path to a .pdf or .doc, docx file. If you double click in the text box the file within the text box opens. If there is no file path I want a small command button to be visible next to the text box, which will launch an explorer that will locate and save the path of a chosen .pdf or .doc, docx file.

I have a field within a tblPriceList called quotefile, which I want to store the file path.

For info. This is not going to be a major multi user database, but the quote files will be stored on a vserver, not the PC the DB is being used on.

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Modules & VBA :: Open Files With Hyperlinks And Send As Attachments?

May 15, 2014

I have a database which has several records with at least 5 documents needing to be attached to each record. Using attachments or OLE would cause considerable bloat, so I opted for hyperlink fields for all the document types necessary to save with each record. However, now I am faced with an issue. It is easy enough to write code to open the files by following the hyperlinks, as well as write code to send an email, but how would I go about combining the two? I need to write a code that will attach these documents to an email, as attachments and not as hyperlinks. I know with excel documents, I could follow the hyperlink and send the document by email through excel, but I also have images converted to pdf's that need to be sent as attachments.

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Modules & VBA :: Searching Subfolders To Open Files Using File Names

May 19, 2015

I am using Access 2010 with Win-7.Shared, split database with several users.Database Purpose:PM Procedure for Medical Equipment..To be able for the user to copy the file name of 1 or more technical manuals and paste into a table used for a subform on the procedure parent form.Users can then open the related files stored in a common directory that are related to the procedure when later reviewing the procedure .

Problem:File path on the common drive for our group remains static Syspro_5VOL1BIOMEDCOMMONEquipment (Service Manual).The subfolders are not static.There is an unlimited number of sub folders by vendor, model, or make.The subfolders sometimes get renamed as vendors change ownership.The file itself usually does not get renamed.New subfolders get added as needed.Everyone in our group has access to this area of the server.

Question:Is there a way in VBA that when a user opens the procedure record form and dbl-clicks the name of the file in the subform, Access can start at the parent folder and keep searching through all the subfolders until it finds the file?I cannot depend on people in my group to be able to correctly update hyperlinks so I need a way people with no Access knowledge can even use even if its a little slow.

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How To Open A Dialog Box To Move Files Inside A Folder That Is Setup As Current Folder

Sep 2, 2015

I'm trying to automate a process of selecting a set of file/s and move them in a folder. When I click on a button, it should open a current folder that is setup in the code.

Lets say that I have a folder C:documents est, and very time I click on the button, it should open the dialog box with that path so I can select the files from another folder, drag them there and they will be saved in that folder.

This will form part of wider automation that will send an email stating that those file/s where placed in that folder.

I have in the same form where the button is placed, 3 check boxes that needs to be passed to the email as well that one or all the files where placed in the folder.

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Using Files Created In Access 2003 In Access 2000

Nov 30, 2004


The company I am consulting with uses Access 2000 and has no intentions of upgrading. I currently do not own Access on my laptop.

I was planning to purchase Access 2003 for my laptop but am concerned that files I create in 2003 might not be "editable" in 2000 even if I choose the 2000 format when creating new databases.

I'm just wondering if anyone has tried creating a file in 2003 (using the 2000 format - as I'm told you can choose what format you want to use) and then edited it in 2000. I want my client to be able to edit the files in 2000 once I've moved on. (I can get 2003 for about the same price as 2000 - so my preference would be to get 2003.) The other obvious reason for going for 2003 is that I could run into the reverse challenge if I own 2000 and my next client uses 2003. At that point, I'd be forced to upgrade to 2003.

My databases are not complex - but do include some customized macros.

Any help, comments... appreciated.



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Access DLL Files

Jun 13, 2006

Does anyone know that path to the folder that the dll files are stored in that Access uses?

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Modules & VBA :: Loop Through Files And Then Compare With Files In Database Table

Nov 11, 2013

I have to write a code for my database,i have folder with files "pending Review" and a table with column "tblExcelLocation". when i run my database all the files from pending review folder goes to "tblExcelLocation" on a click of button.But,if the files already exists it should not insert those files and insert the rest.For this i tried to write a code but i think i m unable to do that .

Loop through files in folder
folderspec = "O:QA FilesQC ReportingPending Review"
Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set f = fs.GetFolder(folderspec)
Set fc = f.files


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Protecting Access Files?

Feb 2, 2006

:confused: is ther anyway to lock ms access files , so that people would not be able to modify then and only view them, would not get to vbs screen etc, and give a limited password that will expire in given ammount of time.

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Importing CSV Files Into Access

May 12, 2006

Hi, Iím trying to Import an external CSV file in to Access and then Update/Add the record into a table. I need to be able to do it using SQL and Iím not allowed to touch RecordSet!
Does anyone know How I could do this or where I would be able to find help on this.



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MS Access- Workgroup Files

Jul 18, 2006

We are running two versions of Access (97 and 2003) on some of our machines. We recently set up a new workgroup file, but it seems that on the machines that have the two versions of Access the workgroup file reverts back to the old setting everytime the user logs in again.
What do we need to do to prevent the workgroup file from switching back?


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Add Files To An Access Record

Jan 24, 2007


Complete Access Newbie here. I am trying to create a Customer Complaints / Quality Assurance database and I am pretty much sorted except for one final thing that I wouldn't mind doing.

Because there is often a lot of support evidence with a complaint I wish to add this electronically to a record (it could be a Word Doc, Excel, jpg...etc..etc). So that whenever there is a link to the document to the supporting document on the record.

So really looking for an Add (and Browse for button) on the Form for each record.

Hope I have my dilema clear. Thanks. :)

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MDE Files In Access 2002-03

Feb 20, 2007

I have no problems creating an MDE file from a newly created database but the system hangs when I try to do the same with a former Access 2000 database that I converted.

Any ideas?

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Pcx Files And Access 2003

Jul 9, 2007

Hello all

This morning I converted an Access 97 db to Access 2003. Unfortunately the db will not now open any .pcx files. Does anybody know if there is there an issue with .pcx files. According to MSDN Access should (and you would expect it to) open .pcx files. I did notice that when office 2003 is installed it does not install the pcx graphics filter PCXIMP32.FLT and it does not appear in the graphics conversion tools download for 2003.


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Holding Files In An Access Mdb?

Nov 21, 2007

Hi all.
I have been asked to develop two DB apps in Lotus Notes which filled me with despair since I would rather do this in Access 2003 but aparantly Notes can hold files. I know Access can link to files stored on a network but can Access match up to Notes in this feature and actually hold files the ame way as Notes ?

Any advice on this is greatly appreciated.


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Betrieve Files With Access

Apr 7, 2005

I am trying to link a table from an admin system in Access. I'm not real confident that I will be using the correct terms here, so please bear with me. We recently migrated our admin system from Unix to NT. When we did that, the ODBC driver that we used to use to link to a table through Access changed to something that is called file.ddf. I have been able to run a Crystal Report by going through various steps:

Database file path:

Then I have to Set Location in Crystal:
cin***filelocation (example)

However, I can only seem to run a report against one table at a time.

I like working with Access a whole lot better than Crystal but nobody here knows how to set it up in Access.

Is there a way to do this?

I know I probably didn't give all the information needed, and maybe it's not even possible, but any help would be appreciated.


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Importing Txt Files Into Access

Feb 5, 2008

how do i Import the data from text files so that i can create the database structure?

for example i have 3 files called - data.txt, booking.txt and, other.txt and want them imported into access?

this is because these tables will be holding all the entities etc

Thanks in advance

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Viewing PDF Files From Within Access

Jun 30, 2005

I've been reading everywhere on this site trying to find out how
to do this, but just can't seem to grasp it. I see people saying it can
be done, but can't find more specific details on how to go about it. I
just want to view a pdf file from within the access environment. I need
to be able to view contracts from my app, and joy oh joy they are all
in PDF form.

Any help is greatly appreciated to get me started on this. I've
tried using the Active X Adobe Acrobate Control but to no avail.

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MS Access 97: Printing PDF Files

Sep 14, 2004

I would like to be able to print PDF Files from MS Access 97. I have a table with records containing all the information necessary to create full pathname of the file (i.e. strPathName). But how do I get it to print (not view) the file once the record is selected from a drop-down box. Do I have to create a module to do this? Or is there some simple trick? If anyone has come code for doing this, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Tulsa, OK

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.DBX Files Linked To ACCESS DB

Jan 23, 2004

I'm trying to link .DBX files to an ACCESS database. My problem is that the Dates are in this format. "20040123" and times are in "730" or "1630" and, all fields are TEXT. The Database is being used to help analyze production times and employee dates worked, so you can see I need to be able to perform calculations on these fields. Is there any way to translate them to Dates and times that ACCESS understands?



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