Open JPEG Files From Access

I have a path to a JPEG file in a variable. I want to click on a command button and open the JPEG file. Is there code which in effect double clicks on the path to open the file? Thank you.

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Problem Opening Jpeg Files Using Runtime In A Virtual Windows En - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

I sometimes get clients who are running Windows in a virtual setting on a Mac, where I use the Runtime for my Access db's. Everything works the same as normal except being able to open picture files in jpeg format, on forms and reports. I'm doing it with storing the path of the pic in a table's field and then using an event to call the actual file and open it on a form or report.

I had this problem before and didn't know what was up with it. But I think I've narrowed it down a little. The db in the Virtual Windows environment can open bitmaps alright- it just seems to be jpegs. I understand that there's something in Windows that does some kind of conversion for jpegs when opening it? Is this correct? If so, or something along those lines, is there some way to include this function in the db itself, so it can open jpegs instead of just bitmaps? I'm not sure why this only happens in a VW environment. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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HELP! Can Not Open Access Files


For some reason Access will not allow me to open any mdb files. When i click on the file to open Microsoft opens the install wizard for office 2000 and asks for disc 2. If i press ok its says DATA2.msi is missing.

However if i open access through the Programs menu and then go and search for the mdb file i can open it with no problems.

My question is how to solve this problem as i have to copy give someone a copy of one of my databases and i don't want to pass on any bugs etc... ???


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Open DBF Files In Access

Hi All,

I am trying to open a DBF file in VBA, I get the an error:
Run-Time error '91':
Object variable or With block variable not set

here is my code:
Dim oConn As ADODB.Connection "Driver={Microsoft Visual FoxPro" & _ "Driver};SourceType=DBF;SourceDB=c:Mine01;Exclus ive=No"
I tried the following code as well, but it gave the same error :
Dim oConn As ADODB.Connection
With oConn
.Provider = "Driver={Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver}"
.ConnectionString = "SourceType=DBF;SourceDB=c:ME01;Exclusive=No"
End With

Any ideas?

I need to open the DBF Files in the code using a connection string or any other method available through code.



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JPEG In Access 2003 Through SQL Server

Hi everybody….

Since the last week I am stuck on the following problem.

I have a database table in SQL Server 2000 with an image field, witch must store JPEG files .When I want to view the JPEG in Access 2003 only the image file name appears. I have

- connected Access 2003 to SQL Server through ODBC.

-The image is displayed in a Bounded Object Frame.

-also I installed the Office Converter Pack and Photo Edit from the previews Office XP Edition.

-Through these steps I can view JPEG images in Access 2003 when I open them from a specific file and not through SQL Server

When I store a BMP file in the SQL DB it can be displayed by Access 2003 !?!?!?!?!?!?

Any suggestions?

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Open Excel And Word Files From Within Access - Version: 2000 (9.0)

Bear with me, I have no idea even where to start on this one.

I need to add a button to my form that will open a file on a network drive. I when the button is clicked, I will know the path and the first 6 characters of the file name (it is an ID number). The remainder of the file name has no conventions and could be anything. How can I get Access to go to a folder, find a file that starts with the 6 specified characters and ends in .doc or .xls, and then open it?

Thanks in advance!


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Problem Displaying JPEG Images Stored In Access DB

It may seem a really silly question but is there any restrictions as to the file types that can be stored in an Access DB.

I havent used Access in a while, but have been asked by a friend to create a simple DB holding info about cars he is selling, he only wants to hold thumbnail images of the cars so I can either link or embed the pics! However if I try to link or embed a jpeg image nothing appears in the bound object frame except for the image title i.e. bmw325i.jpg if I do exactly the same with a bitmap image the pic is displayed???

The only other difference I have noticed is that in table view of the relevant table a bitmap appears as Bitmap Image whereas a JPEG appears as Package????

Any ideas

Thanks in advance


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Can You Open 2003 Files In Microsoft Access XP (2002)? - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

Can you open Microsoft Access 2003 files in Microsoft Access XP (2002)?

Has the file format changed since 2003? I think I read that they are the same so that's why I was wondering if we had some databases in 2003, if we could open them in the 2002 version.

Also, is the maximum 2 GB for an .mdb file in Microsoft Access XP (2002)?


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Jpeg Problem With Access 2003 - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I've set up an ole object to attach jpeg images into a table which worked fine with Access 2000. I've recently upgraded to Access 2003 and the old images view correctly but adding new photos is causing me problems. The ole object now saves as a package and will only view the description of the jpeg. This is a problem as the photo is printed out on a report and the description (eg volvo.jpeg) appears instead of the picture itself. I have found how to edit the package where there is an option to use either description or picture but the picture radio button is ghosted out and cannot be used. Does any one know how you attach a jpeg into Access 2003?
I can change the file format of the picture into a .bmp and it views fine but not .jpeg?
Any help would be much appreciated.

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Cant Open My Files

I have create a page in Micro Access and save it. But when I open it, it says sth like this
"db3.mdb cant be opened because u must restart the application for the new security"

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File Search Open Files


How can I open the the pdf file that I found with the script below.

Private Sub pdf_Click()

Dim stAppName$, stPathName$
Start = Me!art_Art_ID
stAppName = "F:appsAdobeAcroRd32.exe "
stPathName = "F:datadocumentatie ekeningen"
stFileName = Start & "*" & ".pdf"

Set fs = Application.FileSearch
With fs
.LookIn = stPathName
.FileName = stFileName
.SearchSubFolders = True
If .Execute > 0 Then

????????????????????(I would like to use stAppname to open the pdf)

Exit Sub

MsgBox "There were no files found."
End If
End With

End Sub


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Open Excel Files Using A List Box


I have a form named Welcome and have stored an unbound list box named lstExport which I would like to use to view and open (using the double click event) excel files that users will be saving in a specific folder on our server.

Can anybody help me with the code?

The excel files are saved in the following path:

Thank you.

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Application Error - Can't Open Files

Please help. When trying to launch MS Access 2000 I get an error: " Can't find the database you specified, or you didn't specify a database at all. Specify a valid database name in the command line, and include a path if necessary." When I try to open a valid Access file, the application simply doesn't display anything.Please help to fix the problem.

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Jpeg Hyperlink Bug??

Morning everyone,
I have a really persistant problem with my database whereby whenever I click on a hyperlink (in the database) to a Jpeg file it will display an error message, "unknown file format" then open the file as normal. The access windows then crash.
Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so doe anyone have a solution or a way round it!?
Any help much appreciated, have a good day :)

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JPEG Prossing From SQL DB

Hi everyone.

I have a problem displaying jpg files in a bounded image object.

After connecting Access 03 with ODBC to a SQL Server DB (SQLSDB) I wanted to display the image content of a table (jpg files) in Access. Instead of images Access returns the image filename.

After installing Microsoft Converter Pack and Photo Edit from an old Office XP Edition I was able to display jpg in unbounded image objects and simple image objects, but still the problem with the bounded image object witch contain the jpg files remains.

Any Suggestions ???

Thanks for your time

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Command Button In Form To Open Certain Files

I have based a form on a parameter query, so that when the user is prompted to enter a 'Hobby' to search on, the relevant records will be displayed on the form.

Now, I have created a command button designed to open a template letter in MS Word for a particular hobby. The problem is, I need the command to open certain file depending upon the value input in the parameter box intially. How would I go about doing this?

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Don't Want To Open Files To Print Them - Version: 2003 (11.0)

What I would like to do is select from a list of files in another directory that I want to print, I have this code to open a file now;

Sub OpenWordDoc(strDocName As String)
Dim objApp As Object

'Open the document
Set objApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")
objApp.Visible = True
objApp.Documents.Open strDocName

End Sub

This will open the file but really what I want to do is;
1. Print without opening the file
2. Actually I want to print .PDF files not .DOC files but haven't been able to get it to even open with Acrobat
3. and ultimately I want to batch print the selected files.

Any suggestions?

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Open/Print/Close PDF Files - Version: 97 (8.0)

I'm working as a temporary for a company that has 1500 pdf sheets. I've put them in a database so whenever anyone needs to print a collection they just get the part numbers they need and the forms are linked via ole and are now in one place and the person doesn't have to hunt through 1500 files.

What would be great is if there was some code that would go down each record, open the pdf, print it and then close it and move to the next record.

We use Acrobat Reader and Writer 7.0 and 8.0.

I have seen some pretty lengthy code on other internet sites, but is there something fairly simple that I could use?

thank you,

Pat Wright

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Open All Files In A Directory - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Hi guys,

I'm looking to write some code that will search through all .Txt files in a directory and read in their contents. I'm not so worried about reading in the contents of the files. What I am interested in is to find out how to programme the application to open/search all files in a specified directory. Is there any code that exists that will allow me to do this?

Any help is appreciated,



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Changing JPEG In Subform

I am working on a database with two main tables: One table that is linked in from another database, and another table contains addresses to the location of jpegs that correspond with the records in the linked table. (Every record does not have corresponding jpeg, only some of them do.) The way the forms are currently set up, there is a main form and a subform. The main form contains only a combo box where the user can choose a record. The subform shows the rest of the information pertaining to the record, including the jpeg. The problem is that all the other information changes when the user chooses a different record - except for the jpeg, it stays the same. The code to pull the jpeg into the form works when under the form load procedure, but the jpegs do not change when a different record is selected from the combo box on the form. I tried to do this a straight forward way, and then I tried using the RaiseEvent command, but nothing seems to work. I have a relationship b/t the 2 connecting fields, and I have tried all 3 join types. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Using Forms To Open Documents Or Files - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Is there a way to configure a Macro to open a file?

I'd like to open JPEGs (not with a hyperlink) or even Publisher documents. Since my folder is located directly in C, I'd like to source folder names and file names directly from the Database (i.e. Division (folder) and item number (file name)).

Is there a way?

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Open Different Files In Folder Search - Version: 2000 (9.0)

I use a get file dialog routine to allow users to view different folder contents.

If user selects a .txt file I want to find/open that pc's default text editor program,
if user selects an MDB file I want to find/open Access,
if user selects a .xls file I want to find/open that pc's Excel program, etc.

I know I've seen code like this somewhere in Utter Access but I've been looking for an hour and cant' find.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Steve H.

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Jpeg In A Form - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

I have an Access form that shows equipment information. The information and the other tabs are linked to the equipment number that was entered. I would like to have a tab that would have a list of jpeg files that link to the equipment number and as you clicked on the file name, it would show the picture to the side so as you clicked on other file names the picture would change. You might have pictures from the front, side, and rear for instance.

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Open Multiple Pdf Files When Report Opens - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I have looked most places and seem to have come up blank, to a degree, I mostly tend to read and self solve but now I need some help.
My database is based on a part number and associated drawings. Each part number may have multiple drawings saved as PDF files in a folder.
I have a report that shows all the information about a particular part and what I would like to do is to automatically open any associated PDF files ready for printing. Opening one file seems easy using the shellex command but to open many seems hard. I have a query which returns all the associated files and I considered using the recordset to loop through the query and open the files but I am not really a good programmer, mostly I will cut and paste code to suit. Can this be done easily or am I asking to much of access and external file interfacing??
Thanks for your help

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Command Button To Open MSExcel Files - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

Is this possible? If so, hope someone could share a code.


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Importing JPEG Of A Form - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Is there any way to use an existing form like a .doc as the basis of a report? I tried converting a doc to a jpeg, then inserting the jpeg, but the database size blows up when you do that. I imported a 623K jpeg into a report, nothing else is in the dbase and it shows as 15MB now. What gives? I really, really don't want to try and recreate the form in Acces from scratch.

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Hyperlink Works For Doc File But Not For Jpeg Or Pdf - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

I followed the instruction on the post "hyperlinks on DAP" to drag a hyperlink field from the field list onto my (first) DAP and the hyperlink will now work whenever the field contains a MSWord (.doc) files.

However, when I click on a field with a hyperlink to a jpg or pdf file nothing happens. These same hyperlinks work with my forms, so I don't understand the problem. Can someone please help?



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Creating File Open Prompt For Importing Data Files Not Saved In - Version: 2000 (9.0)

Hello everyone and thankyou for reading. I'm a user who considers he has reasonably good Excel skills, apart from writing scripts, but who has relatively beginner level skills when it comes to Access, so please excuse my questions if they seem just too elementary.

Iam a hydrogeologist and groundwater modeller. One of the packages which i use, creates what is known as a 'Zone Budget' output data file, which is essentially a .txt file of data consisting of the 'flux' from one zone to another zone at every time step in the model run. After the model has been run, I'm required to use the model package to create individual .txt files for each of the different zone combinations, ie flux from zone 1 - zone 2 right upto flux from zone 23 - zone 7.

I thought that I might be able to write something in Excel to import the data file into a worksheet, and then use a series of formula to adjust the data into a useable format. My ideal goal was to then be able to paste one row of data into the output worksheet, with cells such as Z1-Z2 | Z2-Z3 | Z23-Z6 , and have the worksheet automatically calculate the result for me. This would save our workgroup countless hours of simple data manipulation. I started creating the workbook, but when I got to about 70Mb (due to formula) I had to look for another solution.

Now I'm trying to come up with a solution in Access, but I think I still have my Excel hat on, so to speak. Sorry for my rambling, just trying to paint the whole picture, because sometimes there is a much simpler way than to help me if I'm heading in the wrong direction.

Firstly, I have noticed that Access 2000 V9.0 doesn't seem to support text files (to open as a table) which are in a different file format. The file I'm trying to open is .ZOT

I googled my problem, and had a look around on UA, and have come up with the following solution thus far:

I have used a command button with the following script:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
DataImport "C:TempBud.ZOT", "Zone_Budget"
End Sub

Then, I used the script below (obtained at ) to open the above file.

Sub DataImport(strPath As String, strTableName As String)
'Variables used to create and modify the file extension
Dim objFileSystem
Dim objFile
Dim strFileCopy As String
Dim intExtPosition As Integer

'Create an instance of the FileSystemObject to access
'the local file system
Set objFileSystem = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

'Use the GetFile method to return a File object corresponding to the
'file in a specified path.
Set objFile = objFileSystem.GetFile(strPath)
intExtPosition = InStr(objFile.Name, ".")
If intExtPosition > 0 Then
strFileCopy = Left(objFile.Name, intExtPosition - 1) & ".txt"
strFileCopy = objFile.Name & ".txt"
End If

'Create a copy of the file with a .txt extension
objFile.Copy strFileCopy, True
DoCmd.TransferText acImportDelim, , strTableName, strFileCopy, True
End Sub

And finally, my question is:

Is there a way to alter this procedure, so that it opens a File | Open dialogue box, which staff can use to search up the neccessary file which they want to convert?

Thanks for reading this far, I appreciate any help which you may be able to provide.

Mick Stadter
Hydrogeologist / Groundwater Modeller

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Open Recordset In Open Access Database - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Hello everyone..

How I can make it possible to open the recordset of a database that is being used by a different user (not a front-end - back-end database). The database that needs to be read creates a .ldb file when it is open.. when I try to make a connection and open a recordset I get a 3050 (can't lock file) error.
The database is a file on a network and has not been properly setup as a front and back-end database
Thanks in advance,


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Unable To Open An Access Db On Another PC When It Is Open On Tha - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Greetings, I have a coworker who has an Access db on her computer. I can only open it across the network if she does not have it open.

If she has it open, it will not open for me. I get an hourglass for about 2 seconds then nothing happens. If she does not have the file open, I can open it without problem.

Other computers in the office can open her Access file across the network regardless if she has it open or is out of it.

Why would my computer care if she is in it or not when others in the office do not?

Strangle, I can open other Access documents across the network on that same computer that she has open but not the one I need regularly.

Seems so strange to me.

Thank ye,


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Open And Close Files On Any Remote Workstation/server With Vba - Version: Any Version

check out this link!

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How To "Open Files" At A Specific Location After Outputs Complet - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Good morning,

I have a little difficulty regarding how to write the command to open the files. My Codes are as follow:

Sub 1_Report()

Dim strP1 As String
Dim strP2 As String
Dim strP3 As String
Dim strP4 As String
Dim strP5 As String

DoCmd.SetWarnings (WarningsOff)

strP1 = "C:MytestTest1" & ".xls"
strP2 = "C:MytestTest2" & ".xls"
strP3 = "C:MytestTest3" & ".xls"
strP4 = "C:MytestTest4" & ".xls"
strP5 = "C:MytestTest1" & ".xls"

If Dir(strP1) <> "" Then Kill (strP1)
If Dir(strP2) <> "" Then Kill (strP2)
If Dir(strP3) <> "" Then Kill (strP3)
If Dir(strP4) <> "" Then Kill (strP4)
If Dir(strP5) <> "" Then Kill (strP5)

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, "QryTest1", acFormatXLS, strP1
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, "QryTest2", acFormatXLS, strP2
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, "QryTest3", acFormatXLS, strP3
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, "QryTest4", acFormatXLS, strP4
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, "QryTest5", acFormatXLS, strP5

DoCmd.SetWarnings (WarningsOn)

MsgBox "Reports Completed", vbOKOnly


End Sub

My objective is to have five (5) Excel files opened from that directory, c:Mytest after the outputs have been sent or created. Do I have to write more sub-procedures? Please assist. Thank you.

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Access 2000 - IMPORTING FILES INTO ACCESS? - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

Newbie here - how do you import files from excel into access whilst still maintaining all the formulas and calculations that have been made.....if anyone knows how to do this, I will email them the database (confidential material enclosed) as well as the necessary spreadsheets, and all I need is someone to show me how to do one and then I can do all the rest - approx 100spreadsheets need importing. i also have other general queries but please please PLLLLEEEAAASSSEEEE can someone help - took on too much at work, and only got 4 weeks to finish this project before i move away



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