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Patient Management Database, Help Needed For Tables And Relationships

I am new to this post. I am a physician with interest in database designing. I have been trying to design a database for my clinic for few months but am unable to make one. I have been searching/ reading alot of info and came across this thread. Maybe someone can help me.
Actually, I want to make a database regarding ultrsound scan examinations of patients.
I have five tables.
1. Patients. (patinetid*, patientname, age, sex, address, contact no)
2. Physicians. (physicianid*, physicianname, speciality, address, contact no)
3. Scans. (Scanid*, scanname, charges)
4. Scan orders.(scanorderid*, patientid*, physicianid, scanordernumber, scandiscount, totalcharges)
5. Scanorder details.(scanorderdetailid*, scanorderid, scanid, charges, discount)

I want to have primary key for scanordernumber which wil be the patient number and should this be placed in patient table??
All the ids have been linked with one to many reltionships. Actually I am unable to set proper relationship.
So when the patient arrives he is registered with a unique number, a physian name with date added and scan ordered is entered. Sum calculated. I have done the later part with the form all designed but the relationships and primary key are all messed up.

I can post an image of relationships or blank database.

Kindly advise. Thanks in advance.

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Help On Patient/physician Case Management File

I need some help.

I have the following tables:

Patient demographic info (Patient ID, First Name, Last Name, Address, date of birth, etc...)
Physician demographic info (Physician ID, Name, Last Name, Specialty, Phone, Fax

I also have another table with patients that are being case managed. I have those ID#'s. However, I want to be able to auto-populate a form with the patient's demographic info by only typing the patient ID. Also, there are cases when the patient ID will not be in the patient demographic info table. Therefore, I will need to enter all their demographic info manually.

Same with the physician. I want to be able to select the physician and auto-populate the demographic info. However, there are occassions where the physician will not be in the main file...therefore, I'd like to add that info manually.

Please help.

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Property Management Database Needed!!!
I am looking for a database that can keep up with the full management issues relating to single family houses. Some are on a lease. Some are on owner-financed by use. Any help would be great!

I am willing to pay a designer to program this database for me. Email any samples or questions to



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Payroll Database- Advice Needed On Relationships/normalisation
I would like to get your advice on my table setup and relationships for this payroll project. The company is an engineering company with Projects (or construction sites) around the world.

The 'Candidates' are current or potential employees and contractors. There are three main pay categories:

All shift workers doing a particular job on a particular project are paid the same rates e.g. all welders on a particular project or site in England are paid the same as each other. For that reason I want to link the pay rates with the job description for these workers. This avoides creating 50 records for 50 welders on the site in England to say that they make £10 an hour normal time (or whatever it is) etc.

2. Contract
Contract workers usually get paid a flat rate per hour. As these are negociated on an individual basis I would need to have this information linked to each individuals job (M_CandidateJobDetails).

3. Salary
Again this information needs to be input for each individuals job.

For the contract and salary people the pay frequency can vary (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). So can the currency they are paid in. I haven't got as far as the currency issue yet.

The reason for the one-to-many relationship between M_JobClassifaction and M_CandidateJobDetails is that many candidates can have the same type of job e.g. there can be many employees that in the job classifaction of 'Electrician'. For many of the jobs at managerial level e.g. 'site manager' there will only be one.

I will have a table with the hours worked by each person per week. I can use this for those on shift work or contract to calculate what they will be paid.

One of the main reasons for this database is so that the company can print reports to see what is paid out in payroll for each site and in total (in euros). These will be gross figures and I don't need to take expenses, vacations, bonuses or taxes into account. They other thing we will need to be able to do is assign candidates to vacant positions and change them from one position to another - possibly between different projects.

So basically does anyone have any comments on the relationships, normalisation or anything else. Is this the best way to do it?

I've attached a screenshot of the relationships.

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Need Help With Patient Database
Hi, I am a newb at databases and Access, I work in a hospital that does not yet have an electronic medical record, so I am trying to make a simple database for our trainees to input patient information and print out daily progress notes. There is no money to buy one that is already made, and I'm very much interested in learning the basics of database design.

Our system currently has 12 teams defined by colors (red, blue, green etc.), each with 2 interns (intern 1 and intern 2).

Currently my 3 tables are:

Team_Id (autonumber, PK)
Team_Color (text)

Intern_Id (autonumber, PK)
Team_Id (number)
Intern_number (text)

Patient_Id (autonumber, PK)
Intern_Id (number)
Last Name:
First Name:

Teams are set up 1 to many with interns which is set up 1 to many with patients. I've already inputted all the team colors (red, blue, green etc.) and the interns (since there is a set number of these)

I'm having a few problems

1) on a basic note, how would you go about assigning a patient first a team color, then an intern. The way it is set up now I can assign them an intern who is already assigned a team. But then I have to pick through 24 interns (12 teams x 2 interns) to select the intern. Ideally I want to first select a team, which then narrows it down to only 2 interns.

2) is there a way on a form to display text in a combo box, but have the database enter a number in the actual database. The way I have it set up above, everything is assigned an autonumber. I want to set up an easy to use form for interns to enter patient info. If I want to assign a patient an intern I would like the combo box to say (intern 1, intern 2). However each intern is assigned an autonumber so in the form it lists autonumbers 1-24 (since there are 24 interns overall)

Sorry if I am not explaining this very well. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Setting Up Database - Need Help With Relationships Between Tables

I would like to create a small HR database that holds:

* Employee details (Name, Date of birth, Entry Date, Exit Date, Function,Department, Shift)
* Departments
* Departments and capabilities needed
* Employee, departments and capability achieved (1=yes, 0=no)

The idea would be to have a link between the employee the departments capabilities I can tick fields of the capabilities they have or have achieved.

When I have this I could run a report that shows a score per employee
For example:

Name: Department: Orderpicking: Packing: Cutting:

John Warehouse 1 1 0

As the tasks / capabilities required are different per department you would see something different if you would have user Jane that works in accounting

Is there anyone that can give me some hints so that I can get any further??

For the moment I have 3 tables:

1. Employee information - John, Jane
2. Departments - Warehouse, Accounting
3. Department tasks - Department, Cap1, Cap2, Cap3, Cap4

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School Management Database
Hi Forum,

I am trying to create a access database system which will show classes, students, attendance, progress report, teachers, departments etc...

i have repeatedly failed in accomplishing this database as i dont have the knowledge.

the place that i get messed up is for example the attendance, i want it so that i can select a date and then all the students associated with that class showup. so 1 date and a list of student only on that class.

another problem was adding a progress report for every class and individual students.

this is for a community based school which teachings on saturdays, there are over 15 volunters who do not get paid to teach but are still willing to give something back to the society.

i beg you guys out there, you all are geniuses!!! please help us design this simple system. please if somebody already knows where i can get a system like this free of charge then let me know ASAP!

I would like to thankyou in advance for reading thins messge.

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Library Management Database
Iím looking for a Microsoft Access Database that is for library Management.

Any help or directions where I can get help would be great.



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Daycare Management Database
Hi all, does any one one have or knows of a daycare attendance tracking and management database. We are a non profit org. Action for children out of Columbus, Ohio.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Ronny Medina
614-224-0222 ext 163

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Contact Management Database NEED HELP

I'm new to this forum so if I ask something stupid please forgive :)

I want to do something like the contact management database which is offered by microsoft for download.

I played a little with it and my problem is I copy-pasted the "calls" tab and on the pasted tab when I browse throug the different calls the call notes field below wont change / update. I thought there is maybe a macro behind it but I looked at every macro and did not find anything appropriate in my opinion.

It is maybe only a minor but I can not figure it out,

Thanks for any help in advance,


PS.: I uploaded the database to rapidshare :

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Contract Management Database
Hi all,
I need your help.
I am in process of designing a Contract Management database.
I have three tables
The first one is Contracts Details table, with these columns:
Contract ID, Contract Name, Vendor ID, Vendor Name, Start Date, End Date, Type, and Description.
The second table is Vendors table, with these columns:
Vendor ID, and Vendor Name.
The third table is VendorContact table, with these columns:
Vendor ID, Contact Person, Phone, Mobile, Fax, Email, and id.
I want you to help me to construct the relations?
Kindly, see the attached database.

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Help With Incident Management Database

I am a newbie,
I am create Incident Management Database for our office.
I have sorted relationships & a form in the database but i need more help with a form.

The main table in the database is INCIDENT and there are lots of lookups and 3 tables with one to many relationships.
Now in my database, i must save the Incident entry first and only then i can add info in witness table. Is there any way that the data about the incident gets saved as soon as users try to enter witness info regarding that incident?

Please see attached two images to get better idea.

Any help is appreciated.
See the link below (copy n paste in web browser)

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Help With Clothing Order Management Database

I am trying to design and build an orders management database for a clothing wholesaler.

Has anyone got any ideas on what entities i should have.

I thought:

Clients (Customer Details)
Orders (Inc. order date, ship via etc)
Order Details (sizes, quantity of orders per size)
Product Details (Product Code, colour, size, stock numbers per size)
Catergories (Shorts, Jackets, Jeans etc)
Suppliers (Supplier Information)
Delivery (Delivery Method etc)

However, loads of problems when i come to planning the sizes part. I have different product catergories with different sizes

And when i do the order details table, i need to enter order quantities for each different size for one clothing unit.

Any ideas?

I would also ideally want to link the order details and products tables by the product code number. I.e. When filling out an order In the order details table i want to type in the product code then have information from the product table automatcially fill in the gaps in the order details table, such as unit price, colour etc.

Hope you understand and can help me!!!

Thanks for your time

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Patient History Db
I need to write a db for my boss where he can access his patient treatment information. How can I make the db (Access '03) to be able to add new treatment to the same patient and to display all treatments seperately on a form? There are about 500 patients. Appreciate any assistance.

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How Many Tables Would Be Needed...
How many tables would I need for the following:

date/time order received
date/time order due
courier (the order might be shipped via two or more different couriers)
dept (the order might be sent to three different depts.)

the order will be for making photocopies of different sizes
and different width

If I need to provide more information, let me know.
Any help would be appreciated


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Generate New Patient ID Number
I am working on a database for our health services office, which includes a table "Tbl_Patients"

THe Key in this table is a number the office will enter. They have an ID number for existing patients that they will use when they come in.

However, should a new patient come to the office, they would like for the database to assign a new number, the first one starting at 4000.

I would like to put a command button on the new patient form that says "Assign Number" and have that number generated and used as the new ID.

THis may not be real clear, so ask if you have any questions

Thanks in advance!

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Combobox Selection/display In Patient Journal

I have a searchform that has subforms displaying information about patients.
In one of the subforms I would like to have a combobox where you can choose the last date they had a treatment and the information will display in several boxes depending on what header the information it goes under.
But I can't figure it out.

Please help me


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Tables And Table Structure Needed For New DB
Firstly, I want to admit that my knowledge about data base construction is fairly basic.
I am trying to build a data base for humanitarian projects that do not at all resemple of the usual examples including customers, invoices, suppliers and what have you. My problem in constructing the DB is that most of the projects will address more than one subject and also include more than one target group and even operate in more than one country.
In my first attempt I filled the relevant fields (subjects, target groups and country) with more than one value using a form with multi select lists. The problem was that it was very difficult to query these multi-value fields and kind people in this forum strongly advised my to reconstruct the DB avoiding such fields.
What I need is to be able to view/print various selections based on precise criteria that include a region (or country), a subject and a target group in all kind of combinations.
The problem is to decide on what tables to establish and their interrelation. I guess that when entering a project record (using a form) I will have to store somewhere what subjects (could be more than five) and target groups the project include. It is, of course, not a problem to establish special tables or value lists for the subjects and target groups and countries, but where/how do I store the basic project information for a project and the multi-values that are related to the individual project?
I hope that this is not too confusing and I would appreciate any suggestion for a simple table structure and the interrelation between the tables.
Many thanks in advance.

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Confused About Number Of Tables Needed
I am trying to add a new dimension to my database and have a table for 'Committees'. There are several diferent committees overseeing different tasks, each commitee will have a CommitteeID, description, Date formed, Date disbanded and field called 'office'. The idea was that the DB user could open a form and amend or add a new 'committee' electing a chairman(Office) secretary, Vice Chairman etc. The members elected to the committee can only be members of the club i.e they already have a membership number, and their data is stored in the tblMembers. I tried using a sub form of committee members but cannot get it working I keep getting problems with duplicates etc. Members are 'autonumber' as is committee ID bearing in mind you can have 1 member on several committees, and each member can take a different office after a period of time etc. Im getting confused now which is the best way to set up the tables and indeed how many tables I really need to store committee, committee members etc. Ideally I would like a form that you can use record selectors for to find a committee and have a page (tab) to enter members relating to the committee displayed on the first page. I know this is about forms but I need to work the tables out first.

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Help With Tables Relationships
CompanyID pk (just one company)

EmployeeID pk
companyID fk
roomID fk
extensionID fk

LocationID pk
RoomNumber (many employees might share same room)

PhoneDirectoryID pk
ExtNumber (employees might share same extension number)
roomID fk

ItemID pk
ItmName (messengers take envelopes to different employees)
equipmentID fk
employeeID fk

EquipmentID PK
eqmtName (equipment might be used many times to deliver jobs)

I just need to know if the relationships for these tables are right.

If you need more information about this, please let me know.

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Relationships Between Several Tables!?!
I am converting / developing a database that stores information pertaining to individual birds and their recaptures over many years. Here is a condensed version of the many tables in this database:

tblIndividual Bird:
Autonumber (Primary Key)
Band Number - also, unique to the individual bird
Sex - M or F
etc ..

Autonumber (Primary Key)
Band Number - look-up from tblIndividualBird (using hidden Primary Key)
Capture #- # which indicates what capture this is (ex. Intial capture - 1)
etc ...

Each time a bird is captured, we record information pertaining to TIME, MEASUREMENTS, and NEST INFO. So, I have seperated the data based on these headings and made them into individual tables.

Now, my problem .... I have already created a relationship between CaptureInformation and Individual Bird. However, in the last 3 tables I would like to create a drop-down menu which shows the Band Number and Capture Number and make relationships there. What is the easiest way to do this? As of now, when I make a look-up field in the last 3 databases to show this info, the Band Number comes up with the Autonumber (because I am using the CaptureInfo table) which does not really help someone entering the data. Thanks for your help.

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I am trying to create a db for service orders for customers. At the moment I have four tables, customer, service_order, parts and totals.

I have one form for customer records that has a button that when clicked opens another form for that customer's service orders. The service order form has two subforms, one for parts and one for totals.

When I try to add a new service order for my test customer it says "you cannot add or change a record because a related record is required in the table 'customer'.

As you can see here ( I have three relationships setup. cust_no in customer table is a PK and so is service_order_no in service_order table.

Also I am having problems with the totals, as the fields are from different tables the equations won't work from within the subform (I guess I need some kind of query). I need the totals in a seperate table other wise I have a total for every part entry.

Any help would MUCH appreciated.



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Are My Tables And Relationships Set Up Right?
The attached application is what I need to design a form in Access around. Please see if i set up the tables correctly and the relationships. Thanks.

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What Relationships / Tables Should I Set Up
I am trying to set up a database to detail dances published in a magazine over the years.

I currently have all the information in an Excel Spreadsheet but know that Access would be better.

The columns in my spreadsheet are:

Date Published
Song 1
Artist 1
Count In 1
Song 2
Artist 2
Count In 2
Song 3
Artist 3
Count In 3
Song 4
Artist 4
Count In 4
Song 5
Artist 5
Count In 5
Song 6
Artist 6
Count In 6
Song 7
Artist 7
Count In 7

There can be two or more dances with the same name
The same choreographer(s) could have written more than one dance
The same count can be used for many dances
About 15 dances are published on the same date
One artist can have more than one song used
One song can have more than one artist singing it
One song and relevant artist can be used for more than one dance

I tried using Access For Dummies but it has confused me even more. I cannot work out what tables there should be and what relationships.

Not all dances have 7 songs for it - some have 1, some 2, some 3, etc.

What is listed as song 4 for one dance could be song 1 for another or song 5, etc.

Any advice gratefully received!

Thanks in advance


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Tables And Relationships
I'm a novice and I'm confused. Maybe it's the way I think. I feel like there is an easier way that I'm overlooking, but I can't seem to get a satisfactory solution.How would YOU create your tables/relationships if you had the following:* The general purpose is to manage orders* You have to store information about the order (like order number, date)* You have to store information about from what company the order is from (like address)* You have to store information about from which department of that company the order comes from, each department has their own information that needs to be stored (like contact person).Keep in mind that you don't want to memorize which department is from which company nor do you want to be able to make the mistake of entering an order from a department that is not a part of that company.It seems like it should be an easy thing to do, but I'm stumped. I've thought about creating a new table for every company with a sub table for every department but that doesn't seem very practical. I tried creating one table called Company and one called Department, then merging them on a third table which is then linked to a fourth table called Orders. I'm not convinced this is the best way to do it, but it's my best guess at this moment.All help is greatly appreciated.

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