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Printing Report From Form

I had made my own database for my own business.

I am trying to print a report from a form. Once i enter an order detail i finish off by printing a letter. At the moment we are doing this via a query by entering the order id.

I want to automate this so for the form record i am in i want a button to print a report for that record only.

I know this can be done as i rember doing this in college but i cant get my head round it at the moment.

Please help

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Printing A Report From A Form

I'm pretty new to all of this. I've set up a simple database. I have a form in it for inputting information and then there is a command button on the bottom which prints out a report I've created with the information on it. This is all working great except it prints evey record and I only want the current record printed out.

I've tried the help and it goes into detail about OpenReport and PrintOut in macros. I have no idea what a macro is or what to do with it.

Can anybody please help me and give me step by step instructions as to how to print out only the current record in the report from the command button.

Your help is greatly appreciated:)

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Printing A Form To A Report
I have a form (entry screen to enter data) I then created a report in the layout I need for my order form. I want to creat a button that a user can press and it will print the current record to the report (order form layout)

Here is my current code for the print button on the form page:
Private Sub btnPrtOrderFrm_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_btnPrtOrderFrm_Click

Dim stDocName As String

stDocName = "rptOrders2"
DoCmd.OpenReport stDocName, acNormal

Exit Sub

MsgBox Err.Description
Resume Exit_btnPrtOrderFrm_Click

End Sub

The only problem is when I tell it to print if I am on record number 2 on the form, it prints both record 1 and record 2. I only want the current record i am in to print. Any ideas much appreciated


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Printing A Particular Form Into A Report Format. Thanks
Hi all,

Access has a function that allows us to print the current form that we are
viewing. However, is it possible to print the form out without printing out the interface?

I add a button on the form, when i click on the button, the function should
allow me to print out the current record only but without the interface/buttons? The primary key of the each record is Car_Number.

Please assist.

Thank you

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Printing Report Without Refreshing The Form
Okay, here is the situation that is slowly driving me crazy.Form: Clients ACTIVESubform: Clients ACTIVE - closureReport: Clients ACTIVE - closure (created by a save as by the subform)My database was created to keep track of clients in a centre. The clients files are eventually closed by a checkbox. Then a number of reasons are inputted in as for why the file is now closed by means of a combo box (lost contact, graduated, etc). After the files are closed, the users want to print a simple one-page report that they can put in their manual (paper) file. I created a subform that allows the users to preview what will be on the resulting report. I also created a button that they can click to print the report.NOW for the problem,The report will not show the new information (closed checkbox = yes, reason for closure, notes about closure, etc). I can't refresh because then the client no longer shows up in the form as it only includes ACTIVE aka open files aka Closed=No.Here is my coding for the button that I have:Private Sub Closure_Click()On Error GoTo Err_Printable_Click Dim stDocName As String stDocName = "Clients ACTIVE - closure" stLinkCriteria = "[StudentNumber]=" & "'" & Me![StudentNumber] & "'" DoCmd.OpenReport stDocName, acNormal, , stLinkCriteria Exit_Printable_Click: Exit SubErr_Printable_Click: MsgBox Err.Description Resume Exit_Printable_ClickEnd SubHELP ANYONE??? :) My only idea is to do this is something like where is matches the student numbers, refreshes the form, and prints the report. BUT no matter where I put the refresh or requery command, it doesn't work. It ends up printing a blank report as it can not find the student number in the ACTIVE form as the client is now closed.

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Printing Report From Form Including Subform
Hi there,

I am trying to save my form that i have created as a report by right clicking on the form and choosing save as report. However, my form includes a subform but the subform does not show up in the report. Any ideas as to why this and how it can be shown????

Thanks in advance


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Printing A Single Records Report From A Continuous Form
I've been trying to get my head round this one , but i'm just to thick to get it.

I have a continuous form that lists all items at a certain location.
The user selects a record by clicking on the record selector and then clicks on a command button with this code:

stDocName = "DivingInspectionCert"
stLinkCriteria = ("EquipmentID = " & Me!EquipmentID)
DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName, , , stLinkCriteria

The user then enters inspection details in to the "DivingInspectionCert" form which i want to store in a table (DivingCert) which will relate to the item. On completion of this form the user then clicks on a command button with this code:

DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord

If Me.RecordsetClone.RecordCount = 0 Then
MsgBox "There are no items to Print", vbInformation, "EquiTrac"
DoCmd.OpenReport "DivingInspectionRpt", , , ("EquipmentID = " & Me!EquipmentID)

When i click on this button, the report doesn't print and i get a message "No current record".
The inspection details are not stored in the table.
I did have the forms RecordSource based on the table "DivingCert" but that didn't work and i have just tried a query but it is still not working.

Would be much appreciated if you can help me.
Thank you

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Printing A Report Query Using A "print" Button On Form
Hello everyone,

How can i have a form with a "Print" button on it for print a report instead of going to file, print?

I will appreciate if a sample of such database can also be attached.

Stay well.

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Duplicate Report Printing
Hi I am new to the forum. :)

I am creating an access database that holds customer information for a friend of mine. I am struggleing to think of ways to make Access do several tasks.

I have created several forms that display when reletive buttons are clicked and some run automatically using queries, one of which runs a query that displays any upcoming service inervals that are within thirty days of the current date, and allows the user to print a report that is designed to be a service notice for the relevant Customer/s which contains the customers address, phone numbers and service due date with a small pre-made text insert that advises the Customer about the upcoming service recommedation. The Form also provides the ability to print address labels for the same customers, making it quick and easy to send them out by post. The problem that I am having is that I would like the customers information that has already been printed to be removed or greyed out in someway so that the query does'nt print out duplicates but also have the ability to allow user control to reprint any result that may for any reason need reprinting.

Thanks for any help

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Colour Printing From Report
Hi all, i'm having a rather annoying problem. When I view my report I have 2 sets of conditional formatting that run, one that changes the back colours of certain fileds when the criteria is meet, and the second, the text colour of certain fields, both of which work fine when previewing the report. However, when I print the report, any of the back colour in the preview does not print out but text colour does. If I print from another office programme i.e. Word, block colour is printed fine its just seems to not work in my access.

Please note that if the same report is printed from another computer, it prints fine.

Please does anyone have any idea on why this is happening and how to sort it. Thanks in advance for any ideas and help.

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Focus On A Report Before Printing??

I have a pop-up form which I use to filter data on a report that prints out labels. I also have some code on my report which asks the user if they wish to skip labels, they enter the number of labels the wish to start printing from. This code runs when the Apply button on the form is clicked.
Everything seems to be working fine on the report.

When you click the print button (on the form). The report/labels print out but they are no labels skipped. The labels start printing from the top of the page.
If I click on the report and then click the print button it works fine. The labels start printing at the desired one showed on the report.
I canít seem to set focus on the report without manually clicking on it. Has anyone got any ideas/suggestions.

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Printing One Forms Report
Hi, Ive read all I can on forums and web and am still unable to print the current forms report using a command buttons on click. This is the code i have been playing with:

Dim strDocName As String
Dim strWhere As String
strDocName = "Home_Oxygen_Report"
1. 'strWhere = "[general_info.HospitalNumber]= Me!Home_Oxygen_Form!general_info.HospitalNumber"
2. strWhere = "[general_info.HospitalNumber]= "" & Me![general_info.HospitalNumber] & """
3. 'strWhere "[general_info.HospitalNumber]='" & Me![general_info.HospitalNumber] & "'"
DoCmd.OpenReport strDocName, acViewPreview, , strWhere
Number 3 gives the closest result but it prompts me to enter the primary key when i hit the command button but i need it to do this automatically. The primary key is a text box not number. Note that the primary key is HospitalNumeber of Table general_info (form and reports record source is query of many tables).

any help would be muchly appreciated!!


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NOT Printing Image In Report
MS Access 2003

I inserted an image (jpg) in a report, it appears in PrintPreview, but not when I print it on my printer.
Please help me. I do not if the problem is with my printer or I'm doing something wrong when inserting the image.

update: It seems to work when printing from Print icon, but does not work when printing from File/Print menu. Is this a known bug?

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Help On Printing Report From Server
Need how to help on printing reports in Access

Problem: I have a databse that is on a network at the office. My users are out in the field using mobile data computers linked to the network using verizon air cards (56.6 kbps modem). Whenever they want to print a report, since the front ends of the DB are on their computers and the back end is on the server, the mobile computer has to send the actual report from the computer over the air card to the server for printing. Each page takes 5-7 minutes before it prints at the office.

Question: Since the data resides in a table on the back end on the server, Is there a way to have the reports reside on the server as well and have the Mobile computers simply send a command to print the report from there so it's not having to send all that information over the incredbly slow air card? Or am I just going about this the wrong way altogether?

I'm not totally up to speed yet on all this computer lingo so please use little words (LOL).

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