Pulling Data From Other Tables Based On Values Entered

Dec 13, 2007

I'm attempting to build a simple database for a martial arts tournament registration. The weight division (Fin, Fly, Heavy, etc.) depends on the age, the sex and the weight. I've tried this several different ways, most recently by using one table called "competitors" with all the entrant's information, and several other tables based on the age class/sex (i.e. I have a table called Age 8-9 Male with the weights and divisions in it, and other tables for the other ages/sex).
So, basically, what I'd like to have happen is a report that will lookup in the correct table the division, based on the weight entered. In other words, for a record where the age is 8-9 and the sex is Male, the report compares the weight to the values in the 8-9 Male table, or if the record is a 12-13 Female, it looks in the 12-13 Female table for the weight, and places the correct division in the Division field of the report.
Probably going about this wrong.....but any help would be appreciated.

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Automatic Values Based On Entered Data

May 9, 2005

Hi all,
Please bear with me if I'm asking a dumb question. I've been tasked to create a database from scratch and I've not had much experience working with Access.

**My Question**
Using a form is it possible to have the form automatically enter a "value" in one field based on the information inputed by someone in a different field.
ie. When some one puts in a value between 0 and 20 in one field it automatically enters a 1 in the other, and when some one puts in a value between 21 and 30 you get a 2 and so on down the line.

Thanks for the help.

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Forms :: Pulling Top Values Randomly Depending On Value Entered Into Textbox

Dec 8, 2014

I have a textbox & button that when entered & pushed - run a query for the top values randomly depending on the value entered into the textbox.

My code is...

strSQL = "SELECT TOP " & Me.Text140.Value & " [CAN - NAME].Name, [CAN - CPT/VOUCHER].Voucher_Number, " & _
"[CAN - CPT/VOUCHER].Procedure_Code, [CAN - CPT/VOUCHER].Service_Date_From, [CAN - CPT/VOUCHER].Patient_ID, [CAN - CPT/VOUCHER].service_id, Rnd([service_id]) AS RandomNum " & _
"FROM [CAN - CPT/VOUCHER], [CAN - NAME] WHERE [CAN - CPT/VOUCHER].Service_Date_From Between " & Me.StartDate.Value & " And " & Me.EndDate.Value & " ORDER BY Rnd([service_id]) DESC "

It runs like it should but doesn't populate any records...that is until I go into the design view, deselect one of the fields and then reselect the same one - only then does it populate.

Do I need to open the query first and then update/append instead?

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Tables :: Repaint BackColor Based On Data Entered

Sep 25, 2014

I am trying to color code text boxes based on the data entered in. The column is "PHASE" and the items entered in are either "1" "2" or "3". 1 is supposed to be Red, 2 Yellow, 3 Green.

I have Microsoft Access XP (I'm sure). I've tried to do it on VB and had no luck. I couldn't figure out Macro and I don't have On Click or Code Builder.

I have tried a couple of different expressions and no luck. I'm definitely an amateur to Access. I'm only using it cause it's what we have in the office.

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Forms :: Pulling Data From A Query Based On Criteria

Apr 13, 2013

I am having a problem pulling some data from a query to populate text boxes in a form

Text27 = DLookup("'SumOfSumOfDocCount'", "SumTotalPerf", "DateReceived=" & Forms.Tracker.Text23.Value & "AND 'BookedInID'=" & Forms.Tracker.BookedInID.Value)

I am trying to pull the sum of document count from the SumTotalPerf query where the datereceived in the query matches the date on the form and the BookedInID in the query matches the BookedInID on the form, at the moment Text27 just displays as blank with no error messages displayed so I am lost as to what im doing wrong, Ive double checked all the spelling for my column names etc and all is correct.

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If Statement In VBA That Returns Messages Based On Data Entered?

Oct 31, 2013

I have two text boxes for which I am trying have show and error message when the proper data is not entered. One text box is for PLANID and the other is for Date. I would like the PLANID to be checked 1st. The PLANID needs to be either 7 digits or 10. If it is not, the message would be "Please enter a valid PLANID". If it is 7 or 10 digits, then it should check the Date text box.

If it is blank, the message would be "Please enter a valid Date". If they are both blank, the PLANID message should appear 1st. Below is what I have written. The problem that I am having is that when the PLANID is 10 digits and the date is blank, the "Please enter a valid PLANID" message is showing rather than the "Please enter a valid Date" message.

Private Sub Btn_Refresh_Data_for_One_Plan_Click()
Me.txtboxPLANID.Value = UCase(Me.txtboxPLANID.Value)
If ((Len(Me.txtboxPLANID.Value) = 7 And Len(Me.txtboxPLANID.Value) = 10) And (Not IsNull(Me.txtboxPLANID.Value)) And (Not IsNull(Me.TxtboxDate.Value))) Then
Dim stDocName As String


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Queries :: Conditional Query Pulling Data From Two Tables

Mar 6, 2014

So I have two tables:

primary key = user_id (AutoNumber)
surname (Text)
forename (Text)

primary key = user_change_id (AutoNumber)
user_id (Number) which relates to the user_id from "users" table
change_type (Text)
action_date (Date/Time)

In user_change I record any changes made to the users table.

What I am wanting to do, within a query, is pull basic details from the "users" table (forename, surname, etc.) which is working fine, but also add in SPECIFIC data from the user_change table if it exists.

I want to pull ALL rows from the users table, not just specific rows, and not just rows where my criteria for the user_change table match.

This is the data I want to pull from user_change...

The MOST RECENT action_date WHERE change_type is LIKE "*issued*".

However there won't be a change_type LIKE "*issued*" for everyone - I want it to be included only if it exists.

At the moment my query is ignoring any users who don't have a user_change record with "*issued*" in the change_type value. I'm also getting duplicate user rows where people have more than one value for "*issued*" - I only want the most recent one...

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Pulling Data From Multiple Tables Into One Form Or Report

Dec 26, 2012

I need to pull data from multiple tables in order to show a "financial summary"..Currently I have: Company; BalanceSheet; Debt; Liabilities; Income..All tables have a lot of information (which is why I built them in multiple tables).

I need to build a form where I can use a combo box to select a company from a list.Once selected - I need to the form to pull selected information from each of the above tables. (As well as perform some math functions).I've been struggling with the relationships (They don't seem to make a difference) and I believe I am above and beyond what the wizards will accomplish.

I have read thread after thread but cannot seem to find a specific answer on how to accomplish this.To make matters more complex - Once finished I want to be able to select multiple companies and create a report from the fields mentioned above (IE: pick company A, B, and C and have all of there "current Assets" add up on one report)

This task was originally achieved using an Excel spreadsheet but it has become to confusing for users and difficult to save information for future use.I believe all of my fields are constructed correctly. how to compile the data from multiple tables into one form/report.

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Combo Box - Populate List Options Based On Data Already Entered

Mar 6, 2008

Microsoft Access 2003

Novice and working on a project with deadline... please help.

I have a table w a field that I want to convert into a combo bo and use data in the field as the options:

FIELD: Student Status


How do I get the combo box to automatically pull the values from that field into the options in the field when u pull down the drop down box?

Am I being clear?

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Linked Tables Not Pulling Back Field Data Correctly

Jun 13, 2012

I'm a bit new to Access but have managed to build a very simple database.

I have a main table which I need to add 4 columns onto the end of, the data for which comes from 4 tables linked to it. Below is how they are linked.

Main table------> Table 1
Main table------> Table 2
Main table------> Table 3
Main table------> Table 4

All 4 relationships have a join type of 2 (Include ALL records from 'Main table' and only those records from 'Table1/2/3/4' where the joined fields are equal)

However, 3 of them pull back the correct data when I refresh the Main table, but the 4th one doesn't - which appears to be to be set up in the exact same way. It does bring back data, but it's the wrong data or in the wrong order.

For example, if the related field in the Main table is "Sarah" - It needs to bring back "Programme", but some Sarah's pull through Programme, some are blank and some are another option altogether. Table 4 has no duplicates or typos etc and I've tried deleting it, loading it in again and creating a new relationship but nothing seems to work.

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Queries :: Calculation Based On Values Selected In Table By Looking Up Corresponding Values In Other Tables

Aug 29, 2014

I'm using Access 2010. I need to calculate a score based on values selected in a table by looking up corresponding values in other tables. I have a "Project" form to create new entries into the Project table (see Table 1). When I create a new project record, I will select values for the Payback and Need fields by selecting options from a list. The Payback list is pointed at Table 2 and the Need list is pointed at Table 3. In the below example, I created the "ABC" project and selected "1 year" for the Payback field and "Repair" for the Need field. Pretty simple.

Now that I have the "ABC" project loaded to my Project table, I'd like to create a report that will show a "score" for this project. The score should be calculated as follows: Payback Impact + Need Impact. In this example, the score should be 30 (Payback Impact of 20 + Need Impact of 10).

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Forms :: Disabling Fields In Access Based On Data Entered In A Previous Field

Sep 9, 2013

How to disable fields in Access based on data entered in a previous field? For example if "yes" is chosen from a drop down show "Date field" if "no" is chose hide "Date Field".

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Forms :: Default Entry Into Subform Based On Data Entered In Main Form

Apr 23, 2014

I have a form that request the User to enter a Parcel ID number (99-9a-99-99aaa-aaa-aaaa). The sub form asks for the subdivision number, block number, and lot number. The subdivision number, block number and lot number are normally part of the Parcel ID number but sometimes they can be different. I want the sub form to fill in the Subdivision number, block number, and lot number as a default but allow the user to change the value if needed. currently the sub form will only show what is entered into the table itself if a change is made on the main form the sub form does not reflect the change.

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Comparing Data Entered Daily With Data Entered Monthly?

Jul 30, 2012

I am fairly new to access but so far I have been able to get what i need from it, until now. I am trying to find a way of comparing two sets of data to find out an employee's average productivty.

Table 1 -Hours Worked (by day)
- contains 'name' 'date' and '# of hours' worked
- an employee would enter the hours here on a daily basis

Table 2 - Contracts Keyed (by month)
- contains the number of contracts worked that is derived from seperate system
- this is entered on a monthly basis (so for example: John keyed 30 contracts for the month of January)
- the system i am pulling this info from does not have the ability to pull a daily count of contract per employee, only a range of dates and it then provides the sum for that range (unless I ran a query for each day, for each employee which would take me hours)
- employees dont have access to this system to enter their own # of contracts keyed on a daily basis.
- for entry, so far i have just been putting the first of the month and then the # of contracts.

In a nutshell, this is the calculation I am trying to create:

(Sum of "# of hours" for the month) / (total "# of contracts keyed" for the month) = employees average hourly productivity.

I have tried to do this with various types of queries and reports but with no luck, I get a prompt saying that access can't compare the 2 fields.

Is there a way to compare the data that is entered daily with the data i would enter monthly?

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Update A Field Based On Data Entered In Another Field?

Jan 9, 2015

I am wanting to update data in one field which is being pulled in from another table based on an entry in another field in a form

Attached is the database. In the sales form I want to enter a customer ID which will then pull in the customer name from the customer table and put it in the Customer Field in the sales table.

I know I am duplicating the data by having customer name in both tables which is bad database design!

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Pulling Values From A Table Onto The Net?

Dec 10, 2007

Hello all,

I would consider myself a novice to almost intermediate with access.

Anyways what I need to do seems pretty simple. I just need to make a web page that pulls values from a table we have stored on our server. The users WILL NOT need to modify the info, they simple need to view it.

I want it set up so that when users modify the table locally here at our company, people from another site can view the changes on the internet...

Thanks for your time!

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Update Query Based On Lookup Tables Values

May 30, 2005

Hi, not sure if this is possible or the most economical approach but here goes:

I have a lookup table (tblHolidays) with a list of holiday dates (fieldname "HolidayDate") in it.

I need an update query that can check all "StartDate" values on a table called "tblMasterLog" and where this date matches the ones on "tblHolidays", will add 1 day to the "StartDate" and then keep repeating until there are no more dates to change.

Can this be done?!

Thanks in advance

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Forms :: Returning Values From Tables Based On Criteria

Jun 27, 2013

I have two tables that will contain the information that I need the third table that will be used for constant data entry to auto fill in two of the fields (Class, Rate)based on four criteria from the first two.

Table 1
EmpID Name
1 EMP1
2 EMP2

Table 2 (A Subtable of Table1 based on EmpID)
EmpID ACDate Class Rate MJob SJob
1 1/6/13 A 15 100 1A
1 2/6/13 B 20 100 1A
2 1/6/13 A 18 100 1B

Table 3
Name WDate MJob SJob Class Rate
EMP1 1/7/13 100 1A A 15
EMP1 2/5/13 100 1A A 15
EMP1 2/6/13 100 1A B 20
EMP2 1/6/13 100 1B A 18

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Tables :: Limiting Table Input Based On Variable Values

Feb 7, 2014

I'm quite new to Access and am just working on a little practice database where I keep track of sales of a product.
Basically I have a table keeping track of the different types of products, a table keeping track of customers, a table for orders and one for replenishments of stock. I have a query that calculates the stock of each type of product based on replenishments and sales.

Now I want to make sure that a customer can't order any more than there is in stock. I know you can restrict what's entered into a table with a validation rule but that's only for static restrictions. After searching the internet for an answer I've pretty much learned that I can't really make this restriction directly in the table, correct? But then how can I achieve this? Do I have to restrict the amount through a form somehow?

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Tables :: Data Entered In Table Linked With Other Table

Nov 11, 2013

I have two table

1 is name master containing EMPID(Primary Key)
2 is Saving which also contain EMPID

i want to entered data in Saving with each and every EMPID with Master

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Tables :: Converting Excel Table For Lookup Of Values Based On Row And Column Headers

Sep 3, 2014

how data is best structured in Access.I have a table of values (for instance: weight) and I need to be able to look up a weight based on the column header (age) and row header (height).How is this sort of data best structured and accessed in Access?

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Pulling Latest Record Based On Date And Time?

Sep 21, 2007

Hello All...
I'm very new to Access.. so please forgive my ignorance..

Here is the scenario..

I have a table with two fields named "item" & "description" that contains 10 records total.

I have another table with 100 records with the fields "invoice #","item", "price paid","date paid","time paid".
The item fields are linked between the two, and the 100 records contain different invoices for these ten items.

I want to pull the price paid off of the latest invoice, based on the time and date... What is the easiest way to do this?


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Queries :: Pulling Records Based On Date Of Another Record?

Sep 29, 2014

I have a file of transaction history from the accounting system. All of the payroll cash payments are coded as ZG. Payroll accruals are coded as ZC. I need a sum of payroll accruals by department that have the same date or later than the last payroll cash payment. How do I write that query?

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Queries :: Pulling Comment Based On User Selection?

Sep 17, 2013

I have a tblCommets that has 2 columns in it. The first is an identifier (1,2,3) and the second column is a comment associated with that identifier. Is it possible to use a query to pull that comment based on a user selection? So, if the user selects 1 then the comment associated with 1 is pulled, but if the user selects 2 then that comment results.

Code : =Select[tblComments].Column(2)

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Queries :: Pulling A Cell From One Table To Another Based On (Account Number)

Jul 22, 2013

Table 1:
Account Number
Start Date
End Date
Cost data**
Budget data**

Table 2 (Imported excel file with cost/budget data):
Account Number
Cost data**
Budget data**

Table 1 is the main table that will be viewable in this database. The idea here is that new Account Numbers can be added to Table 1 throughout the year. It then pulls the cost/budget data into Table 1 based on the matching Account Number between table 1 and 2.

So, if the Account Number (Table 1) = Account Number (Table 2) then it pulls the cost/budget data into the cells on that row. I am trying to make this automated since this data is updated weekly and imported into Table 2 from excel.

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Forms :: Dialog Box For Certain Values Entered

Apr 2, 2015

I have a form that collects a survey where the user selects between 1 to 9. I was wondering if the user selects a certain range, for example between 1 to 4 a yes/no dialog appears. If the user selects a range from 5 to 9 , they get no dialog box.

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