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How Can I Remove The Last Alpha Characters In A Query?
I have field called [LOCATION] that varies in length. I need to remove any alpha characters at the end, if there are any. Listed are some examples.

PA 109S 55W 2N 1A PA 109S 55W 2N 1
WC 155A WC 155
PB4 68N 1UNH PB4 68N 1
B 3E 1P B 3E 1
XB1 203S 14W 2N 6PU XB1 203S 14W 2N 6
PB1 6 PB1 6

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Remove Random Characters
I'm new to this so here goes...I've got an Access query that I'm trying to remove the first 5 characters from the 10 character name in each record. The name is composed of both letters and numbers. The first 5 characters vary but it is always the first 5 that need to go.

Thanks in advance!

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Remove Last 3 Characters From Field Data
I trying to figure out how to remove the last 3 Characters from my data

Such as


Like the data to look like


I Have This so far


that selects the last three now is there a remove function I can use??

Remove(Right([TYPEFY],3) ???

Need help thanks

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Remove Modal Popups In Make-table Query
I need to be able to run a number of queries where some of the queries are make-table queries. What I don't want is to have is all the messages that come up during the creation of the table ie deleting existing files and showing the number of records created to place in the file. Is there a way to block these messages?

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Select Only First Two Characters From Table
I have a table which contains a nine digit number. How do I write a query to limit the restults to just the first two digits of that nine digit number?


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Remove Ticks From A Table
i have a table that contains a column of Check boxes. in one of the forms i've made i need to create a button that removes the ticks from all the boxes in that column. does any one know a method that will do this.


if it isn't broken don't fix it

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How To Remove The Table Link?
anyone know how to remove the table link (not delete linked table) at run time?

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Can A Field In A Table Be Wrapped At 50 Characters?
I have to import a field from Excell that contains more than 50 characters in the field.

I need the line to stop at the last complete word prior to 50 characters and start the next record in that field automaticly and continue to fill and wrap at the last complete word prior to 50 characters.

Would it be better to do this in another Office 2K program?

I have several thousand lines to type if this can't be automated. What a drag.


M :confused:

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Field In Table Not Allowing Certain Characters
Hi Folks,

I have a table called tblSchemeCodes with the following field names:

Field Name Data Type Field Size Required Indexed

strCompany Text 1 Yes No
strSchemeCode Text 3 Yes Yes(No Duplicates)
strSchemeName Text 100 Yes No
strOrigNo Text 9 Yes No
strCategory Text 9 Yes No
dtmDateAdded Date/Time No No

Here is an example of some of the scheme codes I have:

HGP etc etc

however when I try to add HGE, it won't allow it, even though it doesn't exist within the table, it keeps changing it from HGE to HE, and HE already exists, so a can't add messgage pops up, which is should, because duplicates are not permiited.

I've tried turning off all of the required aspects and changed the "Yes (no Duplicates)" to "No", and the problem persists!!

Has anyone any idea why access would behave in this way and how I might resolve it.

Any assistance would be appreciated


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Trim First 4 Characters And Link To Another Table
I have the following code:

#: Mid([Emergency-Approver],InStr([Emergency-Approver],"EBF-"),5)

Here is my problem. I need the number that is at the end of EBF, sometimes there will be a dash some times a space, i know that I can use RIGHT to remove the first 4 characters, however I do not know where to place that in the above code.

My second issue is once I have the number only showing in the field I want to link that answer to a table that has a description of what that number represents.

The table name is Approval_Code. I want to have it do a VLookup type of function however that is not available in access. So I need to know how to get that result in a new field.

Any help would so be appreciated


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Need To Remove Spaces From Field In Table
I have a table that for some reason when I imported the data, placed some spaces before about 75% of the numbers in only one column. I need these numbers to be exactly the same as in another table because I use this number to compare to records and import other data depending on the corresponding numbers.

I tried doing a find and replace, but for some reason it doesn't find the spaces to replace. If I type in the space and the number, then in the replace with type only the number, it works. But I cannot do that since there are literally 10's of thousands of different numbers.

Someone mentioned a "LTRIM" command. Does this work within Access and if so, how does it work?


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How Do I Remove Duplicate Entries From A Table ?
Hi all,

I have imported a table from Excel. The table contains a long list of names and there are quite a lot of duplicates.
How do I remove the duplicates so I can import the clean list into a value list in Access ?

Thanks in advance !

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Characters In Query
I want to ask something simple but because i am new i am dont know it!!! If you try to make queries in Access, untill how many characters you can put in each query???

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How To Search An Access Table For Unwanted <cr> Characters
How to search an Access table for unwanted <cr> characters

Occasionally a stray carriage return <cr> Ascii 013 character finds its way into an Access table. These destroy the database when the table is processed by an outside utility for data cleansing.

To prevent this from happening, we have been told to clean the table before submitting it, i.e. remove all of the following:

carriage return, comma, double quotes, equals, greater than, smaller than

Is there any utility available which will remove all these characters when being run only once? (i.e. not find/replace which has to be started separately for each of these characters)

How do I search for a <cr>, even with find/replace?



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Query To Remove - And /
I have an access database and table name called student. The table includes field name such as identification_id and registration_no. The value in identification_id is 3434-34-213 and registration_no are 234/45. Can i query the field name so i can get both value without the sign - and / so the output will be 343434213 for identification_id and 23445 for registration_no?

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Remove Quote Marks From Imported Table
I am using DoCmd.TransferText to import a CSV file to a new table.
The problem is some of the fields contain quotation marks which really messes things up for me later on.
Is there some way I can go through the whole table and remove them?

Maybe a Query?

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Make Table To CSV, Remove Text Qualifier
Thanks for looking!

I'm using a query to export a table to a text file, i.e.

SELECT * INTO [Text;HDR=No;Database=C:].[test#txt]
FROM [TestTbl]

Text fields end up surrounded by double quotes as a text qualifier. Is there a property I can use to get rid of the text qualifier within the SQL (similar to how HDR=No gets rid of the headers)?

I've tried searching and guessing, but nothing has worked yet. Thanks!

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How To Use Query To Remove Info
Is there any way I can remove specific information from all the records in a field using a query?
For example- how could I write a query that would remove the "NME" from NME ACTIVE; FENCE CO INC? I know you could add text to a field by including & "text".

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