Querying For Records From Today Till One Week Ago

Jun 27, 2006

Hello. I want to create a query that will return all records that were entered from today to 7 days ago. I have a DateEntered field on my table that stores the date information and I have been playing around with what I entered in the criteria there, but nothing seems to be working. I was trying to use the DateAdd function but with negative numbers, but I am doing something wrong.

Thank you in advance to any assistance that could be provided. :)

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Queries :: Pull Between Today's Date Minus A Week?

Feb 21, 2014

I am trying to pull between the current date minus a week in my Access query and I do not know what formula to use.

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Today's Records

Jun 24, 2005

What is the best way to determine start and end of a day? I am trying to pull all records that are time stamped with today's date and time. I tried >now()-1 but because hours are involved I end up with records from yesterday as well. I need to pull EVERYTHING that has today's date and time.



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Today Or All Records Query

Apr 14, 2008


Is there anyway to add criteria to a query so when a report is run it prompts you for:

Show all records entered today or hit enter for all records?


I use this for filtering other data but I cannot seem to make it work with a date..

Like "*" & [Enter Part of The OFFICE or Enter For All Records] & "*"


Fen How

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Queries :: Get Records From Day Before After 5 PM And Today Before 8 AM

May 4, 2015

I need to find records for the day before after 5 pm and today before 8 AM,

I'm using access 2010, the field type is a timestamp, (mm/dd/yyyy hh:nn:ss)

I'm doing it manually using date()-1 and date(), then eliminating the records before the day before that we received before 5 pm and eliminating the records we received after 8 AM.

Theres gotta be a code for this..

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Update All Records With Today's Date

Oct 11, 2006


I have a form that people have to fill in to report when someone is off sick.

The first notification they have is that the person is off sick - so they can only enter a start date on the form, and have to leave the end date blank

I want the end date to always be "today" - and to automatically update to "today" until an end date is entered by the user. To enter the end date, the user will go back to the original record where they put the start date in, and then enter the end date.

Any ideas... using date () will put today's date in, but then when I go in tomorrow, it will say yesterday's date...


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Today Or Before Today Date Criteria

Feb 23, 2007

what do you put in the criteria in a date field to show records with a date = to today or less?

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Querying And 'Tagging' Records

Oct 16, 2006

Help ! This is my first MS Access Project!

I am building a database for a real estate agent, and as such have tables of client details/requirements and properties available for sale.

I intend building a query that will match up a number of fields (number of bedromms, price etc).

How can I best build my query so as not to continually match the same properties to the same clients? I imagine I will need some SIMPLE method of identifying/tagging the properties for sale when the client has either viewed the property or has deemed it unsuitable. This would then not bring up these records when I ran the query a second time.

A SIMPLE method of remveing the 'tag' would also be useful.

Any suggestions appreciated. The simpler the better (I am only a novice) !

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DateDiff Function - Calculate How Many Days Left Till End Of Contract

May 18, 2013

I am trying to calculate how many days are left till end of contract...

whats wrong with this formula

=DateDiff("d",[Completion_Date], Date())

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General :: Querying Between Records With Date Ranges Within A Certain Time

Nov 5, 2012

I have not found the solution to this looking elsewhere, but basically what I am trying to do is the following:

person date
1 1/1/2012
1 12/15/2012
2 6/12/2012
1 6/13/2012
2 6/14/2012
3 6/16/2012

I want a query which shows the count or records for which a person has a date within 30 days of each other. This is being queried from a large table in which records would may not be sequential by person. Thus in my example above, the third record for person 1 would be omitted as well as the record for person 3.

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Show Records Only Where Date Is Within The Next Week?

May 26, 2006

Dear All, I have a field named: “reminder date” in a query and would like to show only records where the reminder date is within the next week whenever the query is run (ie if todays date is 26th may 2006 and I run the query now It would only show records that include the following dates 27,28,29,30,31, july and 1,2 June)

Ive tried the below bit of code but this shows to many records beyond one week.

Anybody have any suggestions?



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Show Records By Week Per Month

Feb 20, 2007

Good day!

I'm planning to create a form that would show total number of sales transaction per week: If today's month is February, i would like users to see records like this: (Week should start on a Monday and ends on Saturday)

GroupNo______Week1_____Week2_____Week3____Week4___ _Week5___MTD
GroupA________12_________2__________10________11__ _____15_____50
GroupB_________8_________5___________7_________1__ _____21_____42

I can't find a sample code for this particular date criteria. :-(

Thanks in advance!


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Criteria For Displaying Records For A Given Week

Mar 16, 2008

Hi guys

I'm a little stuck on three of my nine queries. Bascially, three of them display records for a given day, three for a given week and three for a given month. The criteria for days and months was pretty easy; I just got:

[Enter Date] for a single date
DatePart("m", [Date]) = [Month] for a given month

However, I'm really stumped on how to work out the criteria needed for working out records for a given week. All I managed to work out was:

<=[Week Ending] And >"Date[Week Ending]-7"

This works when there is no test data, but not when there is. I know it's something to do with the -7 bit, but I can't work out what.

Please help :(


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Reports :: Inserting Page Break To Show Week By Week Pages

Feb 11, 2015

I've created a report based on a query that shows me the jobs that have been added to tblJobs between two selected dates.

The report works fine and displays all the information I need, however other than being sorted by day of the week i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. The records just run on one after another.

I want to create a page break, so that a full week is shown on a single page before then forcing a new page when it moves in to the next week.

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Selecting Week Of Records From This Weeks Date

Jun 27, 2005


I am trying, and getting nowhere...so would appreciate your help... to create a query where records with dates from 8 weeks, or two months ahead appear in the query.

That is I have contracts ending in two months in my table and I want to run a query on who I should call now to renew contracts.

I have a contract end date in table.

I have tried
only to get all sorts?

only to get all sorts of things appearing?

Anyone that could help would be great.
I have contact info in a TBLCONTACTS and linked to TBLMOBILES via COMPANY_ID

Thanks heaps!


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Forms :: Filter Records By Week Number

Apr 23, 2013

I have a summary form with the company name,week number, week-ending automatically populated. e.g. this week is week 4 and users enter records for week 4 as the week number is automatically generated. Basically the system will just recognise today's date and generate the week number. Problem is I am trying to display previous week records and I do not know how to filter it as my week number is generated automatically, week by week. All the other forms are linked to this week number. How can I display records for a specific week that I want? say, I want to display all records for week2, etc. I am dumbfounded as I am on a learning curve with Access.

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Queries :: Sorting - Show Records From This Week Only

Apr 23, 2013

I'm doing a query and I want it to show records from this week only.

Is there a formula I can use in criteria?

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Query A String For "today's Records"

Jun 22, 2005

hello once again,
i'm trying to generate a report based on a query i'm attempting to create right now. I have a field in my table that is a timestamp. The problem is that the timestamp is "text" and the timestamp is not only the date, but also the time. how could i view all the records for today? i'm thinking regular expression or something similar to that effect, but i don't have any clue how to do something like that. I was able to say "between" [string value] and [string value]. that worked, but i want the report to be autogenerated. i don't want to have to type in the day's date everyday. any ideas?

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Week Commencing Day From Week Number

Nov 6, 2006

I have a query that groups records by date into week numbers using the following expression.

WeekNumber: DatePart("ww",[Date],2)

I would prefer to display the result as the week commencing Monday date.


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When The Last Week Of The Year And The First Week Of The Next, Are The Same!

Mar 18, 2006

I have the following expression which works nicely to group all of my dates into their respective weeks of the year, by week dates beginning Mondays:

WeekStart: ([MyDateField]+1)-DatePart("w",[MyDateField],2)

However, since the week beginning 12/26/05 crosses over both '05 and '06 (as week 53 and week 1), I get two groups of dates recorded for the week of 12/26/05 when I run my query.

Since my chart is based on weekly totals, I can't have two separate totals with the same 'week beginning' date.

How can I adjust my code to get one total group of dates for the week of 12/26/05?

Help greatly-needed!....

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Run Today Only

Mar 6, 2008


How can I have a query only run the records with Todays date only?

What do I put in the criteria for the date field?



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I've Done This Before - Can't Think Today

Apr 11, 2005


I am creating a dB that has several different "parts" to it and creates several different reports and such.

I am trying to create a form - frmExpenses that I can put down several different types of information to creates these multiple reports.

Part of the form has combo boxes based on information from other combo boxes.

I am having troubles getting the second ComboBox AgencyStaffCMBO populated based on the AgencyID from the first ComboBox AgencyIDCMBO.

Any help would greatly be appreciated!

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Look Up Today's Date?

Aug 15, 2005


Is there anyway to retrieve the value of today's date?


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Counts Before And After Today

Dec 19, 2006

Hi All
I need to be able to do a count before and after the current date.
My table has fields named month and year and I need to find the count before and after the current month. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Today's Date

Mar 14, 2005

Hi I have a form that I use to capture information. The "DateReceived" field prefills with todays date. I also have a "DateResolved" field that I would like to prefill with the current date, however that date would be different from the Date Received date. The reason for this is because user logs information then goes back into the form and closes the case by entering a Date Resolved. Thank you

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Help! Need This Report Done Today!

Nov 2, 2005

I have an unbound text box. I would like to use the Iif function so that if someon'e preferred address is B (business) It returns the field [BUS JOB TITLE] and if it isn't B it returns [BUS JOB TITLE] and then [BUS EMPLOYER] on the next line. I tried this:
=IIf(([PREF TYP]="B"),[BUS JOB TITLE],([BUS JOB TITLE] & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & [BUS EMPLOYER]))

And it's returning "#ERROR". Help! I need to finish this today for a big meeting. Thanks!

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