RFP/RFI Database Specs/Design

I'm a novice Access user who has been asked to create an RFP Database. My company responds to alot of RFP/RFI's and they would a like a database to track Questions and Answers.

Seems straightforward I think? However, my first table looks "too" basic

Fields Included:
ID (autonumber)
Question (memo)
Answer (memo)
Product (text)
Keyword1 (text)
Keyword2 (text)
Keyword3 (text)

Any advice from those who have built similar DB's would be much appreciated.

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Database Design Question - Fixing Flat Database To Relational - Version: 97 (8.0)

I have an existing database, that is a mess.

It is basically one table with some lookup tables that contain repetitive data like product categories.
The field code is the product code for a specific product, it was not set as no duplicates. Most products are in specific product categories, but some products are in multiple categories. To work around this, the products were just copied in multiple times and each record for the same product was given a different category.
I am in the process of normalizing the database, and making it more relational. I understand this is something I need to correct 1st.

Any tips on steps to correct this as I do not appear to be looking at this ?

I just keep starring at the wall.

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Does anyone happen to know if the Specs... created in one database, can be copied over to another? I set up a particular database with file import specs for hundreds of fields, but I've outgrown the database file size and I need to create a new database with the same specs.

Thanks for any help!

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Table Specs

is there a way to get this info about my tables in a text file or anything that can be copy paste ?

DateCreated: 08/05/2007 11:38:58 PMDefaultView: Datasheet
GUID: {guid {A79F9FC7-D630-LastUpdated: 09/05/2007 12:18:31 AM
NameMap: Long binary dataOrderByOn: False
Orientation: Left-to-RightRecordCount: 5
Updatable: True
ISBNNumberLong Integer4
Table Indexes
NameNumber of Fields
Clustered: False
DistinctCount: 5
Foreign: False
IgnoreNulls: False
Name: PrimaryKey
Primary: True
Required: True
Unique: True

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Specs - Version: 97 (8.0)

Hi -

Is there any way i can import a specification from one database to another (the specification is used in a file import macro)


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Importing Import/Export Specs

Is there a way to move import/export specifications from one database to another?

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Documenting Import/Exort Specs

Lately I've been doing a lot of importing and exporting of data to text files using stored specs. To see what fields and sizes a spec contatins I have been going to the File menu of Tables, click on Get External Data/Import. When the Open menu comes up, I click on any random text file. Then when the Import dialog starts I can get to the spec by clicking the Advanced button. I can then copy it to spreadsheet for documentation. Is there an easier or automated way to document Import/Export specs in ACCESS 2003?

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Import Specs - Version: 2000 (9.0)

Hello all,

Is there a way to copy an import specs from one database to a newly created one?

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Import Specs - Version: 2000 (9.0)

when you import a text file you can save the specs, so that you can repeat the importing of the same text file later. can someone tell me why when you make a change to the import specs you can save them?

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Link Specs - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I have linked table Specification in a database that I want to put into another database. How do I get the Specification file into the other database.

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Import Specs - Version: 2000 (9.0)

Hello all

I just imported a txt file that i downloaded. I also put a macro together so that it creates the table for me for further analysis. There's field that with a number ending with 2 decimal places. But everytime i runs through the macro, the field eliminates the decimal places. Am i doing something wrong?

i.e - 123.45

The value in the table will show 123.

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Anyone Willing To Help Me Design A Database?

Hello everyone. Im relatively new to access, i've only been using it for a few weeks. There are certain aspects that I cannot get my head around.

Is anyone willing to let me email them what I have done so far and the criteria for the database I am making and advise me where I am going wrong and where I need to be heading to get it right?

Thanks very much. Any help will be very much appreciated.

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Database Design

When creating a database is it true that ideally i should avoid using the lookup wizard at table level and instead do that with combo boxes at form level ?


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Database Design


I have three tables

1 tblAssistFMWork in which is stored the fields JobNumber, SiteRefNumber, SurveyorNo
2 tbltable1 which has the field SiteRefNumber, Address1, Address2 etc
3 tblAssistFMSubJobNumbers which has the fields JobNumber, SubJobNumber.

JobNumber is the relationship between tables 2 and 3 and SiteRefNumber is the relationship between tables 1 and 2. There are other fields in each table but these are the relevant ones for this question.

Each JobNumber will have a minimum of one SubJobNumber but may have many. Each SubjobNumber starts at 1 for each new job so this may look like this in the table

JobNumber SubjobNumber
0001 1
0002 1
0002 2
Each SiteRefNumber may have one or many JobNumbers

I wish to enter the date a SubJobNumber is completed and have been struggling with pulling the record into a form using a combo box because of the need to enter the JobNumber and also the SubJobNumber. So I decided to create a new table tblAssistFMJobDateCompleted which has the fields

JobNumber, SubJobNumber, DateJobCompleted

I need to report on a jobs status ie done or not done, but when I created the query for this it would only pull the records which have a completed date on them.
Could someone please give me some advice as to a way forward.



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Help With Database Design

I have been reading other posts, and this where i should have started from the beginning,I am not very experienced with access (or forums as yous propably know) but can learn anything in no time (hopefully).

I would like to design a database to store all the info about a drag racing event including;

• event info (Event name, track name, event date)
• car info (Car name, gearbox type, diff ratio, engine name,)
• driver info (driver firstname, driver lastname)
• Engine info (make, model, engine compression, carburetor, front carburetor jets, rear carburetor jets, fuel pressure, engine timing at idle, total engine timing)
• Race info (track temperature, relative altitude, milibars, humidity, air temperature, tyre type, tyre size, tyre pressure hot, tyre pressure cold, stage RPM, shift RPM, reaction, 60foot time, 330foot time, 660foot time, 660foot MPH, 1000foot time, elapsed time, elapsed MPH, comments.)

My issue is design of tables and relationships. as you can probably see, obviously cars will do many runs at each event, and there engine setups and car setups(diff ratio) can differ each run. there might also be different drivers for the same car. weather info like track temp etc also change from race to race so I think it is possible I might need some sort of race time as-well. My main reason for the database, apart from organizing all my results would be so that I could do a run at an event and search previous races by the current runs weather info (relative altitude, milibars, humidity, etc) as to set the car up similar to keep it’s elapsed times consistent. Please, please, please help as I am at a total loss.
Thanks in advance!!

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Database Design

Hi all

I've created a database from scratch. No data attached anywhere yet - I'm planning to input the data manually through my Form.

Well I have about 15 tables - CustomerInfo_tbl is the main table with the field RefNumber my primary key (it's an Autonumber which is sequentual). The rest of the tables are normal tables which I plan to link.(these tables also have RefNumber fields which are LongInteger) All the tables have about 10 fields in them.

So then I have 2 choices - I can make one big table (about 150 fields) or 15 tables with 10 fields each and the join them. I heard somewhere that it's better to have small tables and then link them up. So I'm going the smaller tables route.

I'll tell you what I did. I joined all the tables to my CustomerInfo_tbl with a one-to-one join. Then I made a Query, and then I set the RefNumber of the other tables equal to the RefNumber of my CustomerInfo_tbl.

I have 1 problem. When I enter some data into the form (I do not enter all the fields I leave some blank) it isn't displayed in the query, but it is displayed in the appropriate table. Only when I enter all the fields it is displayed in the query correctly and also in the tables.

Any help? I hope I made my question clear enough.

Thank you in advance.

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Database Design

Hi, i got back to working on databases again for the first time in years and ive got confused on the offset.I went to set about desigining my tables and cant figure out how to do it.most of its simple stuff however this one bit stumps me.

Im designing a database to hold stock information in work we manufacture parts for rally cars and when a customer rings up i need to have the price at hand.I can store the prices etc of individual parts,however some people request kits which would have there own stock number and all the same relevant data i.e. Item Name,Type,Cost,Number in stock,Selling Price.......

These kits would consist of several items from the stock table.and when a kit is sold it will be inserted into the Sold Items Table together with the other individual parts a Customer may order.

Any help would be gratefully recieved.

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Database Design

Hi all

I have a new project but before I get started, I need some advice on design.

I'm designing a student report card which I'll implement for 1300 students next year. The concept is an ongoing electronic markbook where teachers update the progress of each student and then at the end of the year print a report based on the captured data. The data is then passed on to the next teacher the following year.

My problem is data storage. During the course of a year a teacher may mark off up to 550 things a student can do. After 7 years of schooling (7 x 550) this amounts to a large amount of data. The thing is, I could reduce the number of fields if the multiselect list box stored multiple pieces of data. Option groups are no good because only one piece of data is stored and I certainly don't want thousands of check boxes.

Basically, I'm looking for a way to store multiple pieces of data in the one field. I'm also looking for a way in reducing the amount of clicks (i.e. one click instead of 2 to enter data)

I can't delete data because it's an audit requirement to keep it.

Any ideas??

I appreciate any help

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Database Design

Can someone help me out with the design of my database? I currently have it set up one way and I am running into problems when I need to update information?

here are the attributes I have to put in the database for Printer cartridges:

There can be numerous products with the same name
(for example: C120 is a product name but can be made by HP and by Canon)

There can be numerous products with the same ProductCode
(for example: F416301700 is a product code but can have multiple products with that code)

Currently I have it set up like this:
3 Tables



I have created that combine table to link the two other tables together.
I am running into problems now when i want to update a product and I don't know where to take this from here. I think if I have a better design from the get go it will prevent problems in the long run.
Can anyone help me with this?

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Database Design

Hi, I’m fairly new to access and I’m creating (well, want to create) an employee database. I was wondering if anybody has created an employee database that keeps track of employees information like; personal information, salary, training the employees have taken, performance reviews and much more and if so do you have any suggestions on the design. Pretty much this database will be an electronic version of the employees personnel file.

Or does anybody know of any sample databases, not necessary an employee database that have been shared here in the past that I could look at and get ideas (formulas, qrys, tbls. etc.) from there.

Thank you.

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Database Design Help Please


I am designing a db for my car event that happens once a year.

It needs to hold car info like engine specs, car specs. Entrant details and event details, merchandise info.
I started out designing on paper (Can’t stress how much this helped a definite must for all noobs and experienced I would imagine) and went from there.

Ended up using northwind and modified it to suit my situation.definately recommend this to beginners as it gives you a good look at databases and great starting point. anyway this db has everything I need I think, the db is for holding info about participants in a car event. There is a form that the entrant would fill out asking there details and the car details. There is also a section on the form to buy merchandise as the car event has its own T-Shirt and DVD.I have added this into the database but I am having trouble finding where to put the T-Shirt Sizes.

E.g. there has been 3 events so far (1 per year), car event 1, car event 2, car event 3.each event has had a T-shirt. this t-shirt comes in sizes, xxs,xs,s,m,l,xl,xxl,xxxl,xxxxl,xxxxxl.my problem is do you add the same t-shirt in the products table 10 times just with different sizes.

also the Entrants form has subform event, where you select the event each year as to not have to enter entrants twice.i can not seem to figure this out either.

Once you look at the db you will have a better idea.

The database only has a very standard form for getting around while I complete the design, all the beautification will come after this stage.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Access 2000

Access 2002-2003

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Help In Database Design


If anyone can give me some friendly advice in design I would really appreciate it!!

I have a database of people who are assigned to one location at any given time (usually yearly). They may have up to six jobs in this location. A job may have its own location that is different from the assignment location.

For example: person #1 may be assigned to School X for the year. They may have the following assignments: school principal (location: school X), PTA director (location: school X), student (location: local college), and member of board of directors (location: local hospital).

What is the best way to set up these tables and the forms to enter information into the tables?

Thanks so much for any help!

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Access 200 & Importer Specs ? - Version: 2000 (9.0)

Good evening,

How come when I go into the Advanced btn of the Import Wizard that it never saves my changes to the specs ?
The Access file is not read only. I have hit Save As and tried justing the OK btn but it always gets rid of any fields I add to the current list of fields.
The extra field is in the text file that I wanted imported. Just dont know why it refuses to save the field to the schema.
Its a plain text field 20 long.


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Transferring Import Specs - Version: 2000 (9.0)

Good Day Everyone ..

Can anyone tell me if you can tranfer import specs from one database to another? I have a database with 4 saved import specs in it and when I transferred my database to a new one the import specs did not come with so all my macros are failing? Or am I hosed and I have to start all over ?

Thanks - kt

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Import/Export Specs - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Lately I've been doing a lot of importing and exporting of data to text files using stored specs. To see what fields and sizes a spec contatins I have been going to the File menu of Tables, click on Get External Data/Import. When the Open menu comes up, I click on any random text file. Then when the Import dialog starts I can get to the spec by clicking the Advanced button. I can then copy it to spreadsheet for documentation. Is there an easier or automated way to document Import/Export specs in ACCESS 2003?

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Editing Import Specs - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

Does anyone know of a "better" way to tinker around with import specs? I have a large import spec that I wish to edit. I need to divide a fixed width field into to fields. The field is near the beginning and the design view "table" in the import spec editor will not allow me to insert a column in the middle. I will have to completely rebuild the import spec from the point where the field needs to be inserted forward. Also the MSysIMEXColumns table that holds the import spec details does not allow edits, can I programmatically alter the data in this table through DAO/ADO?

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Split Database Design

I am combining 12 Databases. I have split all 12 between the server and the desktop. My question is “Should I combing all of the data table on the server into one database or should I leave all of the individual application data tables in separate Databases on the server”. Additionally, is there a limit to the number of tables an Access DB can handle? My inclination is to keep the functionality separated but the problem I have is that some of the functionality within the applications overlap. Recommendations!

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Help With Database Design - Analysis

Hi Guys,

I have sort of problem - I'm trying to desing the database for one of the organisations.
The entities are: Family, Child, Referral, Voucher, Receipt, Provider, Activity.

That's ok so far. I've been asked to do the option for the new address of the Child - in case if they move to the new place and keep the old one as well.

Family table is the 'child table type' for the Child table - family can have more than one child, but one child can be part of only one family (one to many relationship).

I thought to make a seperate table 'tblAddress' and store all addresses in this table - then link them to the family - this however requires from me to have additional field for - for instance - second address, third address, which in case there was no change in address would remain empty value.
The other option - which obviously is absolutely waste of space is to add straight away additional address fields in the 'Family' table itself.

Don't you know of any other, more appropriate solution?
If you need more detail - I can send the copy of the database which I have created so far.
I would appreciate any help.



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Request For Help On Database Design

To all you access Gurus

I have been asked to look at setting up and access database to do the following

To keep a record of pupils and 9 tasks the pupils have to do and also the total amount of time it took a pupil to do this task
They have a total of 25 Hours to do all tasks but this is spread out over the year.

What I need is someone to tell me the best table layout to do this

The pupil record has to have the following
First Name
Total Hours taken for all 9 Objectives
A description of what the pupil did to achive each Objectives
record if that task is complete
Also Date Task was Complete

I have done a test database with just one table in it and inside that table
had all of the above but apart from name, form and total hours I repeated the rest nine times.
This just does not seem right

What I want is to pull up the pupil name and then select Task say from a Drop down box this would then insert a new field if it did not allready exist in pupil recored and then you can fill in the task details of course if the field/s all ready existed then to open that up to allow you to update this

It would then need to update the total Hours field in the pupil record with the hours it took to do that task/objective.

I have basic Access knowledge but i cannot think of best way to achive this can anyone help please

Stuart Purvis

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Questions On Database Design

New to forum. Beginner/Intermediate Access Experience.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

The database i am creating will basically need to have a user check-off a list of Fire Extinguishers that he has checked, on a monthly basis. For example, the user will enter a date, and then a form with a list of all the extinguishers will pop up, and he will place a check mark by each one. When he enters the check mark, that date will be stored so that we have a history of when each extinguisher was checked and by whom (using initials or something)

Currently, my design is simple, something like this:



My question is this:
-Am I going down the right track with the 2 tables?
-Do I need a third table to Store the Historical Data?
-I am not quite sure how to layout the form so that all the extinguishers are listed.

I know these questions may seem vague, but any help would by highly appreciated.
thank you.

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Survey Database Design...

I am trying to set up a database that manages responses to a variety of survey questionaires, and I want to know if I am on the right track before I proceed. Sorry if this gets a bit verbose:

Here's the general 'business rules':

1) There are many different historic survey types. Some have also not yet been defined.

2) A specific question may appear on more than one survey type.

3) Each survey type can have a different number of questions.

4) The 'valid' answers to a survey question fall into two general groupings:
- multiple choice (variable number of choices)
- freeform text (and "other__________ " could be a multiple choice response)

5) There will be a lot of repetition in the multiple-choice choices. For example, there will be lots of "TRUE/FALSE" or "YES/NO" questions, lots of 'Rate the following on a scale of 1 to 5' type questions, etc.

6) Some of the multiple choice valid-answer-sets may be more unique, such as '200,400,600,1000,other'.

7) We (sometimes) want to capture such information as 'don't know', or 'answer illegible' or 'not answered' or 'don't care', but these can just be more 'pre-set' choices in the db that do not appear on the paper forms

After some whiteboarding, I arrived at the attached db structure....

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Database Design Issue

Hello, I'm designing a database for a small country club for skiing, and am running into an issue. One of the goals of the database is to keep track of how many times potential members try out the skiing, currently we are storing the dates they ski in the same table as all of their personal information, We need to keep track of each individual date, so there are field for first visit, second visit, etc. We need to be able to run a report in which it can search the six date fields and pull up all records within a date range, is this possible, or should I create an additional table which stores dates, and is linked to the guest ID?
your help is greatly appreciated!!!!!

Thanks, Brian

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Database Design - Structure.

I have 7 tables:

Booking - BookingID
Course - CourseID
Company - CompanyID
Materials_on_course (had to have this in order to avoid many-to-many.)
Employee - EmployeeID
Employee_runs_course (had to have this in order to avoid many-to-many.)

I'm stuck with the Course and employee thing. Each employee has an expertise or two, and therefore each course has an expertise needed to run it (a specialist if you like).. so the PK in 'course table' is Course ID, you cannot have two PKs in one, so would it be right to say that the 'expertiseID' would have to go in 'Employee_runs_course' ?.. what would i do then? place 'expertise ID' as an FK in both employee and course tables?

Extra info:

Clients (tblCompany) can book one or many courses
A course can have one or many bookings made for it
A booking has one or many employees/courses
An employee can work on many bookings (obv if available)
Each employee has one or two expertise (usually only one)
and therefore a course has on expertise attached to it.


If you have a better way of designing it, shoot!
Attachment: ERD (kinda) of first draft.

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