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Reset Access To Factory Defaults?

Is there a way to reset access to the out-of-the-box defaults?

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Snapshot Defaults
I am having a problem with 3 pc's attached to our network but at a different campus. They have been complaining that the Snapshot Views of reports they are running are stopping the print queue by asking to load paper type 'bond' to the printer. I have checked the Snapshot Viewer printer settings on thoses machines and indeed they are defaulting to 'paper type - bond'. Setting the paper type to Plain or Unspecified will only print on that type for that instance. Is there anywhere to set the default paper type, i cannot find anything!!

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Qbe Size Defaults
Is there a way to change the default size of the design view query window, the QBE grid, and the table diagrams?

I find that almost every single time I create a new query, I have to drag the window bottom down, drag the pane divider down, and resize all the tables.

The whole point of QBE is that it is supposed to be a visual tool, right? Shouldn't a visual tool default to showing more? After years of Access development and creating many thousands of queries, I'm still really frustrated by this.

Does anyone know if there are registry settings, AccessObject properties, or some other means of changing the defaults for these features?


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Kens Tips - Defaults
To set the default values for controls, select the control on the tool bar and press F4. The default value properties list will appear. I like to turn off all of the 3D stuff by resetting some the values like 'Special Effect', 'Border Style', etc. This way I don't have to manually change them after the fact...

Thanks Ken have done this - however when I go off and word with a differant mdb file then come back to the original which I had open when I entered the defaults - the defaults have disappeared.

Any suggestions.


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Option Group Defaults
i have set up option groups (using the wizard) with Yes=1, No = 2 and N/A =3 with the default set to 3. After creating the option groups the default does not default even though the properties box clearly shows the default being set to 3 - can anyone suggest why this would be?

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Combo Box Defaults Without A Default Set
I have combo boxes that have all been created using the wizard with the options Yes, No and Not Applicable. There is no default set but they default to the second entered option ("No") every time. I have created the form a second time in the hope this would do something but to no avail. Any ideas??

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Changing Field Format Defaults
Does anyone know how to change a field FORMAT default? I am creating lots of tables with lots of number format fields. I don't, however, want a zero default value (or any default value for that matter) for all of these fields. I can go in and delete them manually, but that seems like a backward way of doing things. Does anyone know how to elimate that default value from the format of a number field in general?


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Updating Combo Box Defaults With Optionbox And/or Check Box For A Table
Hi All,

I am wondering if it is possible using VBA to update using either an option group or check boxes as shown in the frmDefaultValue in the attached file to update two tables tblLabelNumber and tblMediaType.

The form frmMedia contains two combo boxes. I am trying to use the form frmDefaultValue with an option group and check boxes as shown as not sure what is the best method here to update the values in the two table tblLabelNumber & tblMediaType at the push of a button Update as in the form?

Look forward to any comments on this.


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Reset All
This forum was such a help before, I should post my latest dilemma.
I have created a Certification form. This form will allow tracking of a submitted form by Department. Upon receving the form the person tracking the forms selects the checkbox and it populates the date validated for the department. When all Departments have validated the Certfied button will be selected at the top of the page and set the date for all the departmental forms in the database. In 1 year they will select clear all and it will clear the fields and reset the tables to null the cycle begins again.
I have a form that contains 30 checkboxes Caption " Validated" (1 for each department )and 30 text boxes Caption "Certified Date "(This will set the current date once clicked for all records. , Reset all button ( Will clear both the checkboxes and validation departments.

My dilemma each department has at least 30 forms, I do not want to write a huge convulated group of vb and spells out each department. I simply want to select the department button and it updates the field. Has anyone done a similar update or perhaps there is an easier method. I have reviewed the forum for something similar.
Thanks in Advance

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In my DataBase I want to reset the the records back to the first record. The only way to reset is to exit the form tehn go back in. Is there another way?

Please help this MS Access beginner

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Autonumber Reset

I have a autonumber function in my form, but i have deleted all the records and want to start again but the autonumber has not reset back to 1, is there a way to do this??

Thanks in advance.

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Reset Primary Key
Hi all,

Ive written a program in .net and am currently using an access db as the backend.
In the db I had 200 test records which i deleted to get the db ready for deployment. When i add a new record now the primary key on my "booking" table carries on from the old test number so 201.

Can I resest this so it starts back at #1 as once the db gets updated, the program i wrote then takes the data and updates the accounting system and uses the primary key as the invoice number and so I would like to start at 1.

Thanks in advance


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Reset Tables
How can I reset my Tables without affecting the Relationships


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Reset Identity Key
Hi there....

How can i reset the identity key?


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How Do You Reset The Menu Bar?
I was in the startup options and unchecked a couple of toolbar boxe and now I dont have a full menu any more.

Please help

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My Autonumber Has Reset To 1 ?
I have an inventory split database. It has been working fine. I noticed when I try to enter a new record, it will not let me as it would create a duplicate record. It has actually started to use the autonumbers in the pk again reusing numbers that already exist starting at 1 and moving up sequentially.

How can I make it continue from where it left off or at least not duplicate any of the existing records. This database has many tables with a bunch of relationships.
Bill Hesson :confused:

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Reset Autonumber
just a small question. I have a database that assigns a unique 'audit id' to each entry. the ID is in the form of : DEA-[client prefix]-autonumber. Everything is working fine except the autonumber part. I have gaps in the numeric sequence. Ex: DEA-AAA-1, DEA-AAA-2, DEA-AAA-8, DEA-ABC17, etc.

is there a way that I can reset this autonumber so that it may look like this:
Ex: DEA-AAA-1, DEA-AAA-2, DEA-AAA-3, DEA-ABC4, etc.

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Value Reset On January 1
I'm building a form for a clinic.

Insured patients have deductables and copays that usually reset on January 1st.

To be clear, a deductable of $500 is reduced each time the patient pays, but jumps back to $500 at the beginning of the next year.

The table containing patient records has a deductable field, where the form gets the initial value. I'll be making a running calculation of how much remains after each visit, but that calculation has to start over again each year.

Can anyone suggest code to do this or point me at something similar?

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How To Reset AutoNumber
Anyone know how to reset the autonumber for access ? Cox It keep running the number and I just seem can't make it back.

Also if there is some records which mistaken keyin I deleted it keep go for next new number. It would be a waste for that number.

:confused: :confused: :confused:

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Reset Primary Key
Is it possible to reset the primary key?

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Reset All Id Numbers To Zero

having tested my forms etc and now they all work! i would like to reset all the id numders back to 0 to start from scratch
there are lots of links in the relationships
how do i do that

thank you

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Reset Autonumber
Is it possible to set autonumer to start from 1 again after all records in a database have been deleted?

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