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Resize ListBox Columns

Hi Everyone:
Just wondering if there's an easy way in Access 2000 to resize listbox columns if necessary to show all information - like you can in a table by clicking, or by the columns autoformatting. Thanks for your help.

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Linking Listbox Columns In A Database
Will you help me with access . I just cant link two
different listbox of the same table namely data format and feature type.

1) if you select Raster in the Data format listbox the
feature type listbox should only allow you to select pixel in it and

2) when you select Vector in the data format listbox the feature type listbox should only allow you to select point,polygon and line only and restrict you from
selecting pixel.

Thanks sirjones

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Save Columns Of Listbox Selected Item
Hi all,

Does anyone know how to get the columns of a listbox selected item and store it to a string? There is no multi-selection so it should be easier. I tried
s$ = Me.list1.selected but it keeps giving me an error

Thanks alot

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Copying Data Within Same Form From A Listbox Containing A Query To A Blank Listbox?
Hi, I'm new here, so I hope I'm posting this in the correct place. I've searched the forum to see if there are any existing threads that might help me, but I've not found anything that does...
(I think this thread ( )may be trying to achieve something similar to me, but I'm a beginner and don't really understand it)

I shall stop waffling! I'm not entirely sure that what I'm trying to achieve is possible, I expect it probably is!

Right, I have a form (frmGroupRegister, which contains exactly the same fields as the table it comes from, tblGroupRegister), which consists of three things:

-GroupDate - The date a group took place on. It is my primary key, as no more than one group occurs on a specific date.

-ParentList (A listbox which contains a query showing the ID number, forename and surname of everyone in a table, tblParentDetails)

-ParentsAttending (A blank listbox)

I would like to place buttons in between the ParentList and ParentsAttending, which would allow users to conduct a 'register' of attendance by copying individual/multiple details from ParentList into ParentsAttending (much like you get when choosing which fields to include in a form when using a wizard for example). I would also like them to be able to remove people from ParentsAttending by using a button in case of accidentally adding the wrong person into the ParentsAttending box.

I'm aware that another, probably simpler way of achieving this would be to use a tick-box system, but I feel that visually, the first method would both look better and demonstrate who is present more clearly.

Any help would be much appreciated, but my Access skills are quite basic and things will probably need to be spelled out for me.
I'm using Access 2000 and Windows XP.
Thanks for your help,
Alice :)

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Resize Form
In my db, I have a form set to open on start.
Is there anyway to set this to auto resize Maximize? (if you know what I mean)
Thanks again,

"On The Bayou"

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Form Resize
Every time I open my database the windows like to resize themselves. How do I remedy this?

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Resize Switchboard
Hi grus!!!
I have my switchboard that when opened it looks like pic "switchboard 1" when I use the menu to open and then close any form my switchboard appears like pic "Switchboard 2". I have the code maximise on the on open event of the switchboard.
Do you have any idea on how to get back the switchboard as on the first pic??
Thanks to all

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How Do I: Sum Of Selected Columns & Linking Columns
Currently I'm building tables and forms. My first table (called Clients) lists the details of fictional clients. My second table is for invoices.

In my invoices table, I wish to link the column for client reference (note: stored in the Clients table) to the column that precedes it. This column will list the clients’ names and is selected from a drop down list that is linked to the Clients table.

What I want to do (if its possible) is to have the respective client ref. automatically show up in the next cell once I've selected the client to whom the invoice relates?

Am I making sense? Is that possible? If so, how do I do it?

Secondly, how do I do a sum of selected columns for my “totals” column? Basically, I want to add the figures found in several cells that precede it?

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Totalling Columns & Rows Into Columns
I'm affraid my confusing topic title is an indicator of how confused I am by this. I can't even understand the variables well enough to fully utilize Access Help or the Search function here...

What I have is a database hat has column headers that look something like this:
Customer_Name, Order_Date, Qty_Ord, Unit_Price, Total_Price

What I'm trying to get is a query output that will have

Customer_Name, Total Orders (in Dollars) for January, Total Orders (in Dollars) for February, Total Orders (in Dollars) for March, etc.

I've been able to set it up to SUM for one month, but not multiples.

I know I'm totally lame (for proof read any of my previous posts) but you guys totally bailed me out the other time I asked a lame question.

Thanks in advance!

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Copying Values From Listbox To A Listbox - Easy Question
I have a blank listbox on a form with a 'add' button beside it, once 'add' is clicked a second listbox appears (had visable = false) on click visable = true. The second list has many values listed within it (based on a query), a second button also appears with the list box '<' - with the intention to move values from one list box to the other.

I believe theres a 'MoveLeft' command that will move the values from one listbox to the other?

Will moving the values update the query? ie. its its moved once the value will not be visable in the second listbox again? As I dont want this to be the case I want to to copy the value to the first listbox rather than remove it from the query

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Can't Resize The Properties Window
I have been running 2003 on XP SP2 for some time but a couple of days ago I needed to do a 'detect and repair' on Word but without resoring defaults. When I opened Access, the Properties Window was back to its default (small) size and couldn't be resized. An uninstall/reinstall made no difference.

Has anybody got any idea what might have happened and what I can do to put it right? I usually have it the height of the screen and this is driving me nuts!

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No Minimize, Maximize, Or Resize
Ok, this seems really lame to have to post this but in Access2007 none of my form or table windows have Mininize, Maximize, or the ability to resize. There is a Close X but nothing else. Being used to Access2003, I am used to being able to resize the windows or at least minimize them. The properties panel has control for these items but they do not appear when I set the properties to yes.

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Button Form Resize
Hi People

I need to expand a form on button press, am using the following code with a toggle button to resize form, depending on the toggle state of the button. Hence :

If tglDetail.Value Then
nOrgWidth = Forms![WIP Update].Width
DoCmd.MoveSize , , nOrgWidth + 700
DoCmd.MoveSize , , nOrgWidth - 3800
End If

As I understand it - the values shown are in twips and although the numeric values do not match to restore the form to its original size when the button is reset - this works perfectly.... (not too sure why-any ideas?)

The main problem is : when the form width increases, I am concerned that users with a reduced screen resolution to me may not see the edge of the form and so I need to center the form on the screen when the toggle button is pressed as the form is resized. Any ideas on how I can do this please (am using '97) ?



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Auto Resize Of Forms??
Hi People,

Whilst at college was positive there was some coding, to automatically re-size the form when opening?? can anyone help with this, have spoken to a few people and they say to change in design view but i am finding this annoying. Any help would be appreciated.


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Access Main Window Resize
I'm working on an MS Access app.

The clients use this app with their monitor resolution set to 800 x 600.
Whenever I edit a form I need to set my screen resolution to 800 x 600 to make sure the form is within bounds.:mad:

I wan't a fast way to set the Main Access Window's size too 800 x 600 pixels.

Application.DoCmd.MoveSize(,,800,600) is supposed to work but I get a syntax error.

Any ideas?:confused:

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Resize Form To Application Window
I have a form without any toolbars etc, that contains the logo of the company. It has to be always on the background. And needs to be the same size as the application window.

I can't maximize the form because that means that my other forms will also be maximized. And they weren't designed for that.

So I would somehow need to get the width and height of the main access window.

somethin like this:

docmd.MoveSize 0,0, acceswindow.width, acceswindow.height

Is there any way to do this?

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Form/Window Resize To Specified Dimensions?
Hey guys,
I know how to maximize a form when it opens, but I was wondering if there isn't a way to actually shrink down the Access app window to specified dimensions when it opens the form? I'm trying to write a dimension-specific app, so there is no distortion what-so-ever. thanks!

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