Resize ListBox Columns

Sep 28, 2005

Hi Everyone:
Just wondering if there's an easy way in Access 2000 to resize listbox columns if necessary to show all information - like you can in a table by clicking, or by the columns autoformatting. Thanks for your help.

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Forms :: Can't Get Columns On A Form To Resize

Apr 4, 2015

I can't get my columns on a form to resize and have the rest of the columns move along with it. So e.g. if I have a form with headers and under that a couple of records, I want to resize the middle of three columns. If I select the column and then select, with shift, also the column header, I can resize the column. But the column on the right side doesn't move along with it. So I have to reposition every column after the resized one.How can I get Access to pick up that I want to move the other columns too?

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Adjustable Columns In Listbox?

Mar 6, 2013

Is there anyway to make columns adjustable columns in a listbox?

I want to be able to shift the column horizontally so you can see all the text.

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Save Columns Of Listbox Selected Item

Jul 23, 2007

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to get the columns of a listbox selected item and store it to a string? There is no multi-selection so it should be easier. I tried
s$ = Me.list1.selected but it keeps giving me an error

Thanks alot

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General :: Distribute Field Value Into A Listbox In 2 Or 3 Columns

Sep 25, 2013

i want to display a single field values in list box with query as row source.the query will produce variable number of records or rows. sometime 1, sometimes 3 or 6 my thought is to distribute these records/row into list box column. for example:

if query = 1 then listbox column = 1

if query = 6 then listbox column = 3 (two rows per column).

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General :: Listbox - Use Columns Data As Where Clause Of SQL String To Populate Another Form

Oct 5, 2012

I have a listbox that is populated with data from a table. I would like to use one of the columns data as the where clause of a sql string that will populate another form, how do I get the selected items column data that I need into a variable? This is in Access 2010 vba.

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Resize Form

Oct 13, 2006

In my db, I have a form set to open on start.
Is there anyway to set this to auto resize Maximize? (if you know what I mean)
Thanks again,

"On The Bayou"

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Form Resize

Jul 19, 2006

Every time I open my database the windows like to resize themselves. How do I remedy this?

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Resize Switchboard

Sep 17, 2006

Hi grus!!!
I have my switchboard that when opened it looks like pic "switchboard 1" when I use the menu to open and then close any form my switchboard appears like pic "Switchboard 2". I have the code maximise on the on open event of the switchboard.
Do you have any idea on how to get back the switchboard as on the first pic??
Thanks to all

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Can't Resize The Properties Window

Aug 13, 2007

I have been running 2003 on XP SP2 for some time but a couple of days ago I needed to do a 'detect and repair' on Word but without resoring defaults. When I opened Access, the Properties Window was back to its default (small) size and couldn't be resized. An uninstall/reinstall made no difference.

Has anybody got any idea what might have happened and what I can do to put it right? I usually have it the height of the screen and this is driving me nuts!

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No Minimize, Maximize, Or Resize

Apr 3, 2008

Ok, this seems really lame to have to post this but in Access2007 none of my form or table windows have Mininize, Maximize, or the ability to resize. There is a Close X but nothing else. Being used to Access2003, I am used to being able to resize the windows or at least minimize them. The properties panel has control for these items but they do not appear when I set the properties to yes.

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Auto Resize Of Forms??

Sep 6, 2006

Hi People,

Whilst at college was positive there was some coding, to automatically re-size the form when opening?? can anyone help with this, have spoken to a few people and they say to change in design view but i am finding this annoying. Any help would be appreciated.


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Access Main Window Resize

Mar 10, 2006

I'm working on an MS Access app.

The clients use this app with their monitor resolution set to 800 x 600.
Whenever I edit a form I need to set my screen resolution to 800 x 600 to make sure the form is within bounds.:mad:

I wan't a fast way to set the Main Access Window's size too 800 x 600 pixels.

Application.DoCmd.MoveSize(,,800,600) is supposed to work but I get a syntax error.

Any ideas?:confused:

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Form/Window Resize To Specified Dimensions?

Jul 5, 2006

Hey guys,
I know how to maximize a form when it opens, but I was wondering if there isn't a way to actually shrink down the Access app window to specified dimensions when it opens the form? I'm trying to write a dimension-specific app, so there is no distortion what-so-ever. thanks!

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Reports :: Unable To Resize Chart

Jun 12, 2014

I can't seem to size any of my charts to 100% of their object's size. I've attached screen shots of a chart in Design View, the chart properties, Chart Design View, and Print Preview. I've tried all of the Size Mode options.

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Combo Boxes That Resize To Fit Contents

Jan 3, 2012

I have seen and created combo boxes that resize when clicked to fit the size of the data inside. That is, the bound column might be a small string, like a in-house code (i.e. "aa", "ab", "bb" etc), but the combo box, when opened, expands to show the code in one column and the definition of what that code actually means in another to be all user friendly like.

I am trying to do this again, but I can't seem to get the box to expand when clicked. I have looked at a form where the box does expand, checked the settings (there was no code behind the other (sub) form), but I can't see why that combo box gets bigger and mine won't. I googled and for some reason can't find the answer to this question. It must be something obvious. What's going on?

I should just make the column larger, but this was requested to be added to a form after the fact, and everything would just be... nicer if I could get it to behave this way.

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Resize Tables And Save Settings

Nov 8, 2014

Under Current Database, I have "Overlapping Windows" checked. When I open a table, it opens to pretty wide. Then I resize it so that it takes up less space. After resizing, whether I click Save or not, after closing, then reopening the same table, it opens back to its original size (very wide), instead of opening at the smaller size that I resized the table to.

Is it possible to resize a table, and get it to open at that size next time you open that particular table?

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Reports :: Dynamically Resize Text Box And Keep Them In Line

Apr 15, 2014

I am creating a database and need to produce a report that will form an itemised quotation.There can be up to 8 items on the quotation along with their associated costs to the customer. I am trying to make the "item" field dynamically expand if necessary when longer text is entered into it and then expand the corresponding "Totals" fields to match the new size.I have tried using the "Can Grow" property however for some reason the formatting does not cascade down to the fields below and the "Totals" fields remain the same size.

To try and explain better I have included a screen shot of the relevant part of the report and how it looks when printed. I should point out that the "QuotesQuote" box at the top of the screen is set to "Can Grow" and when that expands the boxes below automatically move to accommodate this.

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Modules & VBA :: How To Copy And Resize Multiple Pictures

Nov 25, 2014

Any way to copy files from a camera, to a new location using the dialog window and then resizing them before they reach there new destination. The selecting and copying them works fine, but I cannot find a way of resizing them in... or after the copying process.

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Reports :: How To Have Subreports Automatically Resize And Push Down

Mar 13, 2014

I have created a report that includes 4 subreports. The subreports are displaying survey results from 4 different survey channels. New survey data is added to the tables monthly so the subreports will grow in size. Is there a way to have the subreports automatically resize and push down the subreport below? Currently what is happening is a subreport will grow and the additional data disappears underneath the next subreport. Is there a better way to create a report that displays information from multiple reports that will change in size?

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Modules & VBA :: Auto Resize Memo Field In Subform

Apr 28, 2015

I have a subform that I use in a few different ways on my database. It has a comment log with a memo field for people to insert their comments. The struggle is some can be long some can be short. Is there any way to have each record height adjust to the length of the memo?

If it cannot be done for the subform in regular use, my main concern is having it formatted for reports that are generated for clients.

I clipped and attached an example from a report. Its not the best example but the extra column height is adding additional pages to my report to accommodate one long comment.

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Reports :: Unbound Textbox - Resize According To The Length Of Word

Nov 16, 2013

I have a report, in which i have a unbound text box i want to control the size of the text box as actual characters means,

if the word is in box is elephant so in report it show complete word then next and if the word is small like cat then it resize then the other word next to cat comes automatically at normal space by auto resizing of text box ..

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General :: Auto Resize Fields Width To Match Length Of Name

Dec 26, 2012

I would likw for my first and last name fields width to match the length of the name. So if the last name is Smith then the field width will resize itself to fit perfect fit the name. Then if I have a last name of Connor then it will grow to fit it perfect. I dont need this but it will be nice so everything looks a bit nicer an cleaner. I thought the following would have worked:

Code : Me.Lastname.width = Len(Me.Lastname]

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Modules & VBA :: Union All Query - Transposing Columns To Rows With Variable Columns?

Aug 8, 2013

I was able to use the UNION ALL qry. But, when I have another file (like original2) that does NOT have all the columns listed in the UNION ALL qry, I get a Parameter value box asking for the missing columns when I run the qry.


original1IDDateGroupChristianJohnnySteve 18/5/2013A1528/5/2013B338/5/2013C2348/5/2013D2358/5/2013E5

original 2IDDateGroupChristianJohnny18/6/2013A212528/6/2013B2338/6/2013C2248/6/2013D22

The UNION ALL qry includes all the possible resources ( includes all the possible column fields Christan, Johnny, and Steve).

When I run the UNION ALL qry with the original2 file, An "Enter Parameter Value" box is displayed with the mssing column name "Steve".

Is there a way to Map the original2 table into a working table with all the columns, or use VBA code to construct the UNION ALL qry to only include the existing columns? My data has variable columns and I'm trying to avoid the parameter popups.

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Copying Data Within Same Form From A Listbox Containing A Query To A Blank Listbox?

Apr 21, 2006

Hi, I'm new here, so I hope I'm posting this in the correct place. I've searched the forum to see if there are any existing threads that might help me, but I've not found anything that does...
(I think this thread ( )may be trying to achieve something similar to me, but I'm a beginner and don't really understand it)

I shall stop waffling! I'm not entirely sure that what I'm trying to achieve is possible, I expect it probably is!

Right, I have a form (frmGroupRegister, which contains exactly the same fields as the table it comes from, tblGroupRegister), which consists of three things:

-GroupDate - The date a group took place on. It is my primary key, as no more than one group occurs on a specific date.

-ParentList (A listbox which contains a query showing the ID number, forename and surname of everyone in a table, tblParentDetails)

-ParentsAttending (A blank listbox)

I would like to place buttons in between the ParentList and ParentsAttending, which would allow users to conduct a 'register' of attendance by copying individual/multiple details from ParentList into ParentsAttending (much like you get when choosing which fields to include in a form when using a wizard for example). I would also like them to be able to remove people from ParentsAttending by using a button in case of accidentally adding the wrong person into the ParentsAttending box.

I'm aware that another, probably simpler way of achieving this would be to use a tick-box system, but I feel that visually, the first method would both look better and demonstrate who is present more clearly.

Any help would be much appreciated, but my Access skills are quite basic and things will probably need to be spelled out for me.
I'm using Access 2000 and Windows XP.
Thanks for your help,
Alice :)

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Forms :: Dynamic Row Source For Listbox From Multi-select Listbox

Jun 10, 2015

I am using the selections made of the form to generate a query for the user.

I have a CITIES listbox that is populated with values from a stored query.

I would like to make it multi-select and populate a LOCATIONS list box and a NAMES list box based upon the CITIES that are selected.

I have the locations currently populated from a stored query that reads the City selection from the Form. It looks like this


FROM t_location INNER JOIN t_asset_master ON t_location.LOCATION_PHY_ID = t_asset_master.LOCATION
WHERE (((t_location.CITY)=[Forms]![MasterQueryGenerator]![CityList]));

I also want multi-select so that is you can un-select all and get the results for all cities.

Here is my half thought approach.


Private Sub CityList_AfterUpdate()
'Dim LocQryStr As String
'Dim r As Integer
'Dim ctl9 As Control
'LocQryStr = "SELECT DISTINCT (t_location.LOCATION) " & _

[Code] ...

I intended to have the variable LocQryStr as the row source but I abandoned the idea of having multi-select when I saw that .Selected(I) never returned true. Its like the values aren't read in this subroutine.

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