Round Up To Next $25 Increment

Dec 30, 2005


Need a little help with rounding up. In A2K I have a form with a textbox that displays a security deposit. Security deposit is calculated by rounding the payment to the next $25 increment, hence a payment of 324.53 should have a security deposity of $325.00, but a payment of $325.01 should have a security deposit of $350.00. The code I am using for a datasource for txtSecurity deposit usually works correctly, but for this payment ($324.53) it rounds to $350.00. Here is the code..


txtSecDepRndTo holds the $25 incremental value.

Incidentally, if the payment is $324.49 my code rounds the Security Deposit to $325.00 as it should.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Round Down

Feb 22, 2005

What sum can I use to round down on a report

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Round Up Woes

Jan 22, 2008


I am running a query that has this function

MyRoundedValue: Round([Bonus Total],2)

I am trying to round up the value in Bonus Total.

Currently the result shows 5140.602 and I want it to round up and show 5140.61

Is this possible? For the life of me I cannot figure it out..


Fen How

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Display Full Name Other Way Round

Aug 23, 2005

I have a field within a table entitled "Name Display" This displays names in the format:


I have used the following:

Full Name: Right([Name_Display],Len([Name_Display])-InStr([Name_Display]," ")) & " " & Left([Name_Display],InStr([Name_Display]," ")-1)

To rearrange so format is displayed as forename,surname

However my output with some fields appears as:

SARAH WAILES, with spaces inbetween.

Can anyone suggest a way of removing these spaces?


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Round With Neg Will Not Work In Query, Why?

Sep 22, 2005

In a query I have placed functions that work fine. Now I needed to round a currency number to the nearest $10. ex. 224.49 would be 220.00. I used round(xxxxxxx,-2). this gives me an error. positive 2 works fine. What's the deal? thanks for anyone who can help me. :)

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SQL Round To 2 Decimal Points??

Jan 6, 2006

Hi, I have this query and I would like to have the avg display with only 2 decimal points. This is my SQL and I think I have to use this code but I'm not sure.

FORMAT(CountOfStudent Attended,'.00')

If I ad this after the SELECT statement my query will not work. What am I doing wrong?



This works

SELECT [Attendance for Avg].CRN, Avg([Attendance for Avg].[CountOfStudent Attended])
AS [AvgOfCountOfStudent Attended]
FROM [Attendance for Avg]
GROUP BY [Attendance for Avg].CRN;

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Query Date Round Up To Particular Day

Apr 17, 2006

I track reports in a database. I have a date field [Approval_Date] in the database table. I want to review the reports after they have been approved for 6 months to see if the actions fixed the problem, so I created a query based on the table and used the code "6-Month Review Date: [Approval_Date]+180". This works great except that our meetings are always on Wednesday. So, is there a way to modify my code so that it calculates the 6-Month Review Date as 180 days after the Approval_Date, but then rounds up to the next Wednesday?

I really appreciate the help.


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Round Integer Division .5 To 1

Nov 8, 2007

Please help me with the round function. I want .5 to round to 1.
Here is an example of my data: (18+18+18+20)/4 = 18.5 rounds to 18. I want it to round to 19.

I used the following expression:
RoundACT Composite Score: Round((([Column1]+[Column2]+[Column3]+[Column4])/4),0)

Thank you.

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Round To The Nearest Tenth

Oct 4, 2006

I have values for example like, 0.03, 1.14, 1.28 I'd like to round them to the nearest tenth. So resulting values will be as follows:

0.03 = 0.00
1.14 = 1.10
1.28 = 1.30

How do i achieve this? What's the formula?

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Getting Round Switchboard Limits

Sep 8, 2004


I've happily been working with my new switchboard only to find it tells me I am limited to 8 entries. How does one get round this - create switchboards which link to switchboards, different pages of switchboard...I've got a bit lost and would much aprreciate any advice.


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Invalid Use Of Null: 'Round'

Nov 9, 2004

Yes i have a round fuction on one of my calulations as it was displaying 32.222229 instead of 32.3
so i did this.

im varSumXCPIC

if (varSumXCPIC = "" or isnull(varSumXCPIC)) then

varSumXCPIC = "0.0"

end if

But now when i veiw the page with the value = 0.0 it give me Invalid use of Null: 'Round'

any help on how to get ride of that erro would be great. thanks

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How To Round Down Dates In Access

Aug 4, 2015

I have is rounding down dates in Access. I seem to be having trouble with the equation I built below:

Months Remaining: IIf(Date()<[Anniversary],Round(DateDiff("m",Date(),[Anniversary],Round(DateDiff("m",Date(),[Anniversary]+12)))))

My goal with this formula is to produce a number of months remaining (rounding down) by subtracting today's date from the anniversary date. The Round function I put in there seems to not work as the result is the same when I remove it.

Another thing I am also trying to accomplish is having the date pushed forward if todays date is greater than the anniversary date. In this instance, I tried adding 12 months to get it back on track. So say the anniversary date is july 4th 2015 and todays date is aug 4th 2015, well thats gonna show negative 1 but if I add 12 it should bring it to 11 months remaining -which would make sense because the anniversary month and day is fixed but the years just get pushed.

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Modules & VBA :: Round To 2 Decimal Places

Apr 1, 2014

Problem: I want to "round" (to 2 decimal places) numbers 1-5 down and 6-9 up. For example:

1.915 = 1.91
1.916 = 1.92

I know this is completely screwy but I have to match numbers up to a purchasing system that seems to be doing just that.

I've researched rounding in Access a lot and I understand Bankers rounding (that won't work), I understand Int() and Fix() both don't do what I need. I've something about rounding half down (which is what I think I need) or Floor which I don't quite understand.

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Modules & VBA :: Round To Nearest 10 Cents

Feb 13, 2014

How can a I round to the nearest 10 cents

10.04 = 10.00
10.06 = 10.10
10.28 = 10.30 ........

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Reports :: Round Up Calculated Field In Report

Jun 25, 2013

I have a report and I am trying to Round Up the calculated field SumOfAccrual Amount to 2 decimal places. I am attaching a screenshot of my report and output.

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Queries :: Rounding Function To Always Round UP In MS Access?

Oct 10, 2014

I know the Round function exists in MSAccess, but what I need is one that will always round up, and never round down!

Easy enough in Excel, but I can't find one in Access?

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Forms :: Decimal Entry Rounds Down - Want To Round Up

Mar 20, 2015

On one of my Access forms, a specific textbox rounds a value down if the user enters the decimal. The table field bound to it, is a long integer as to not accept decimal values.

For example = user entered .5 rounds to 0
user entered 10.5 round to 10

I would like this to behave in the opposite manner and always round up, but how??? Since users are estimating their hours for specific tasks, I would prefer any decimal value to round to the next integer. I have tried many adjustments to get this working to no avail. I did come across something about key press for decimal and to disallow user to even enter a decimal in this textbox. I would be fine with that solution as well, but could not implement as seen.

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Queries :: Currency Format - Trying To Round Down To Nearest .05 Or .10

Apr 23, 2014

I am increasing prices and after increasing I am left with 4 decimal places and am trying to figure out how to run an UPDATE query to round down prices to the nearest 5 cents, examples below:

42.4516 round to $42.45
42.4659 round to $42.45
42.4489 round to $42.40
2.49 round to $2.45
2.46 round to $2.45
2.44 round to $2.40
2.04 round to $2

I am using "Currency" format.

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Queries :: Access 2007 Query Expression Round And IF

Mar 27, 2014

I have an expression that sets an AI Buy It Now value that is 125% of AI Value and rounds it, which follows AI Buy It Now: Round(([AI Value]*1.25)/10)*10

I need to add to this expression that I only want this calculation applied if AI Values are greater than 999. But I can't figure out how to add this stipulation to the above expression. I have tried IIF but it is not working.

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Queries :: Get A Query To Perform A Calculation And Round The Results?

Feb 20, 2015

I'm trying to get a query to perform a calculation and round the results.

The fields that I am running the calculation and am trying to round are Data Type Number, properties Field size Single and decimal places Auto.

I have tried the built in function described in Allen Browne's site to no avail.


I have tried rounding the individual fields and then adding result.

I have also tried rounding the result (as attached).

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Tables :: Field With Calculation Expression - Round Function

Jul 28, 2014

I create e field with calculation expression and I need to round the results. I insert the following expression:


I have back the following error message: Could not find field 'Round'.

I do not understand why, because Round is not a field, but a function.

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Queries :: Round Query Values Up To Nearest Table Value

Sep 15, 2014

I have a table of standard Circuit Breaker (CB) sizes. I then calculate a minimum CB size in a query field. I want to use that calculated minimum value to look up the next largest CB size from the table and fill a field in the query with it.

For now, I am going to add a field to the CB size table with the smallest size CB which would be assigned that standard value. I will then use a Dlookup with conditions of greater than "smallest size" and less than "standard size" fields from the CB size table.

I think this will work fine, but there must be a better way.

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Queries :: How To Round Off Times To Nearest Half Hour

May 23, 2014

I am trying to round off times to the nearest half hour. To be clear, I don't want to only round down or only round up. I need the rounding to be to the nearest half hour. I want to do this in the query, not vba. I've attached a picture of the query.

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General :: Formatting Columns To Not Round Dollar Amounts

Mar 7, 2013

I've run into a situation with our Access Database where sometimes when we import information into it from an Excel sheet the dollar amounts get rounded out. For example, the amount of $726.68 shows as that in the database but when you click on the field/cell it's in it shows as $726.6799. It doesn't do this for every field which is weird. The data from the excel sheet is not roudned out either, it shows the amount as $726.68 so it appears to be something funny going on with Access. Under the formatting area, the data type is set as currency and format is currency.

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Queries :: Timesheet Calculations - Round Up To Nearest Fifteen Minutes

Sep 2, 2013

I have a timesheet database, which has the exact start time and exact end time. I want to ignore this if it is five minutes either side of the half hour, and display the exact half hour, but otherwise want to round it UP to the nearest fifteen minutes.

For example:

Exact Start: 09:58:23 Displays as: 10:00:00
Exact Start: 09:42:16 Displays as: 09:45:00
Exact Start: 09:02:08 Displays as: 09:00:00
Exact Start: 09:07:01 Displays as: 09:15:00
Exact Start: 09:23:03 Displays as: 09:30:00
Exact Start: 09:33:00 Displays as: 09:30:00
Exact Start: 09:36:04 Displays as: 09:45:00

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Queries :: Group Financial Data To One Main Table - Round To 2 Decimal Places

Feb 25, 2014

I have about ten append queries to group various financial data to one main table.

I have used the round function (iff (Round(Nz([FIN_data]),2)) in the queries to round the original data into 2 decimal places but there is still one or two lines exceeding 2 decimal places.

What is the better approach to have only 2 decimal places for all append data?

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