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Round Up To Next $25 Increment


Need a little help with rounding up. In A2K I have a form with a textbox that displays a security deposit. Security deposit is calculated by rounding the payment to the next $25 increment, hence a payment of 324.53 should have a security deposity of $325.00, but a payment of $325.01 should have a security deposit of $350.00. The code I am using for a datasource for txtSecurity deposit usually works correctly, but for this payment ($324.53) it rounds to $350.00. Here is the code..


txtSecDepRndTo holds the $25 incremental value.

Incidentally, if the payment is $324.49 my code rounds the Security Deposit to $325.00 as it should.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Round Up Woes

I am running a query that has this function

MyRoundedValue: Round([Bonus Total],2)

I am trying to round up the value in Bonus Total.

Currently the result shows 5140.602 and I want it to round up and show 5140.61

Is this possible? For the life of me I cannot figure it out..


Fen How

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Display Full Name Other Way Round
I have a field within a table entitled "Name Display" This displays names in the format:


I have used the following:

Full Name: Right([Name_Display],Len([Name_Display])-InStr([Name_Display]," ")) & " " & Left([Name_Display],InStr([Name_Display]," ")-1)

To rearrange so format is displayed as forename,surname

However my output with some fields appears as:

SARAH WAILES, with spaces inbetween.

Can anyone suggest a way of removing these spaces?


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Round With Neg Will Not Work In Query, Why?
In a query I have placed functions that work fine. Now I needed to round a currency number to the nearest $10. ex. 224.49 would be 220.00. I used round(xxxxxxx,-2). this gives me an error. positive 2 works fine. What's the deal? thanks for anyone who can help me. :)

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SQL Round To 2 Decimal Points??
Hi, I have this query and I would like to have the avg display with only 2 decimal points. This is my SQL and I think I have to use this code but I'm not sure.

FORMAT(CountOfStudent Attended,'.00')

If I ad this after the SELECT statement my query will not work. What am I doing wrong?



This works

SELECT [Attendance for Avg].CRN, Avg([Attendance for Avg].[CountOfStudent Attended])
AS [AvgOfCountOfStudent Attended]
FROM [Attendance for Avg]
GROUP BY [Attendance for Avg].CRN;

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Query Date Round Up To Particular Day
I track reports in a database. I have a date field [Approval_Date] in the database table. I want to review the reports after they have been approved for 6 months to see if the actions fixed the problem, so I created a query based on the table and used the code "6-Month Review Date: [Approval_Date]+180". This works great except that our meetings are always on Wednesday. So, is there a way to modify my code so that it calculates the 6-Month Review Date as 180 days after the Approval_Date, but then rounds up to the next Wednesday?

I really appreciate the help.


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Round Integer Division .5 To 1
Please help me with the round function. I want .5 to round to 1.
Here is an example of my data: (18+18+18+20)/4 = 18.5 rounds to 18. I want it to round to 19.

I used the following expression:
RoundACT Composite Score: Round((([Column1]+[Column2]+[Column3]+[Column4])/4),0)

Thank you.

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Round To The Nearest Tenth
I have values for example like, 0.03, 1.14, 1.28 I'd like to round them to the nearest tenth. So resulting values will be as follows:

0.03 = 0.00
1.14 = 1.10
1.28 = 1.30

How do i achieve this? What's the formula?

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Getting Round Switchboard Limits

I've happily been working with my new switchboard only to find it tells me I am limited to 8 entries. How does one get round this - create switchboards which link to switchboards, different pages of switchboard...I've got a bit lost and would much aprreciate any advice.


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Invalid Use Of Null: 'Round'
Yes i have a round fuction on one of my calulations as it was displaying 32.222229 instead of 32.3
so i did this.

im varSumXCPIC

if (varSumXCPIC = "" or isnull(varSumXCPIC)) then

varSumXCPIC = "0.0"

end if

But now when i veiw the page with the value = 0.0 it give me Invalid use of Null: 'Round'

any help on how to get ride of that erro would be great. thanks

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