Running Queries Using A Macro

Mar 11, 2008


Can I use a macro to run multiple queries in sequence?

I searched on this but did not see anything that indicated how to do this.

Any pointers would be appreciated!



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Is There A Way To Know What Queries In A Macro Are Running?

May 16, 2006

I've got a Macro that runs well over 100 queries as well as sub-macros. I'd like to know what query the Macro is running. My best solution so far was to create a bunch of forms that open and close with the name of each query, but that's kind of sloppy. I don't think I can use the msgbox because it prompts me to press 'OK' to continue. Any thoughts?

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Queries :: Pop Up Messages When Running Update Query / Macro

Jan 1, 2015

I have 3 different "buttons" on my form that run individual update queries. I know these update queries are running correctly. Decided to make a macro that will allow me to run all these queries by clicking one macro button.

My question is: Is there some way to stop the pop up msg that advises I am about to run an update query and the next pop up msg that informs me of how many rows I am going to update?

These pop up boxes are starting to drive me crazy when I run the macro.

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Running An Excel Macro From Access

Jun 14, 2004

Hi all,

I was hoping that someone could tell me if it is possible to run an Excel macro from an Access database. I am importing 3 Excel worksheets into Access and this macro needs to be run on all 3 evertime that this file is imported by the user (twice a week). If this can be done could someone please tell me how ??

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Macro Running Module Failure

Nov 15, 2006

hey there,
i have a macro that has 2 actions:

set warnings to warning on: NO
runCode to Function Name: cmdImport_Click()

where cmdImport_Click() is a Private Sub in a module within the same database.

when i try to run the macro i get an error that stated
"the expression you entered has a function name that MS Access can't find."

but if i open the module called ImportMSExcelFile and set my cursor on the Private Sub cmdImport_Click() and select the green arrow to run the procedure it runs fine.

any suggetions?


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Modules & VBA :: Running A Macro From Another Form

Jan 31, 2014

I have 2 forms and a macro in Form1 which runs throught every record to update the records, however.I would like to run this macro from the main form (Form2)

I have tried
docmd.openform "Form1"
Run Macro

but it doesnt work

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Running A Query / Macro Through Scheduled Task?

Aug 25, 2012

I have a MS Access append query that updates a table from a linked Excel spreadsheet. Im trying to automate the running of the query during the night.

Ive tried a couple of ways to schedule the task with Windows Task Scheduler, although each time, it appears to start the job, but then just hang (task never completes, doesnt run the query or macro and when I log back into Windows, the msaccess.exe process is running).

Methods Ive used are:

- command line with /x macroname

- vbs script which runs the query / macro

'Read from a Microsoft ACCESS database
Option Explicit
dim oaccess
'execute another Access macro
set oaccess = createobject("access.application")
oaccess.opencurrentdatabase "H:Database.mdb"
oaccess.docmd.setwarnings false
oaccess.DoCmd.RunMacro "Macro1"
oaccess.docmd.setwarnings true
set oaccess=nothing

- .bat file which just has the command line in it.They all run fine when I am logged in, although it seems to hang when I am logged off the network. I have the correct permissions as Ive scheduled a Excel macro to run and its fine.

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Modules & VBA :: Can Manually Stop Auto-Exec Macro From Running By Holding Down Shift Button

Dec 22, 2014

I can manually stop the AutoExec macro from running by holding down the shift button - how do you do it by VBA? I'm opening the db from Excel, and I don't want the Switchboard to display ...

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Queries :: Running Multiple Queries To 1 Excel File With Different Tabs For Each Query

Jul 18, 2013

I'm using Access 2003 and excel 2003.

We currently manually run 5 different queries then copy and paste this data into 5 separate tabs on 1 workbook, I'm trying to automate some of this process if possible.

I am trying to use the 'transferspreadsheet' action within a macro to run a query and post it into a template excel file, using this code:

Trasfer Type Export
Spreadsheet Type Excel 8-10
Table Name (query Name)
FIle Name (FIle location)
Has field names No
Range Blank
This does seem to work and puts the data on a new tab on the specified workbook.

However I have a few questions:

1. Can you specify which query gets put onto which tab in excel? The tabs have different fixed names.

2. Can you specify which Cell the data gets pasted into to? As each tab has a set of headers and titles which need to remain.i.e would need to get query 1 to start in cell A4.

3. How would you expand the above out so that it runs all 5 queries, would you just add in multiple transfer spreadsheet actions in the same macro?

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Queries :: Report Or Macro To Run Multiple Queries Using Same Parameters?

Aug 9, 2013

So I run cash flow for a business, and we export data from Oracle and insert it into an access database. I have to run about 25 queries, entering in the same parameters for each. We number each week of the year. So for say the first week in January, I would run the first query and it asks: Beginning Week, I enter in 1, then another paramter value asks me the ending week. I have to enter in these parameters for each of the 25 or so queries, and it becomes quite irritating. Each query has a number of columns, but I am only interested in obtaining the sum of one of the columns, titled Distribution amount. So I am looking for something that will run each of my specified queries, then spit out the total of the distribution column for each in a table like.

Query 1: Total Distribution
Query 2: Total Distribution

Is there anything that would allow me to do this, with entering in the week parameter once, say week 1 start, week 1 end. and it use those same parameters for each query?

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Running Queries

Jul 7, 2006


I did 2 ways:

If I created a query named qry1,
then, I created another query (qry2) which include qry1.
Is that meaning running 2 queries?
Firstly, run qry1 result, then run qry2.

Please let me know, thanks.

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Modules & VBA :: Write A More Complex Macro That Will Start Another Macro At Preset Time

Dec 8, 2013

I am trying to write a more complex macro that will start another macro at a preset time, however I am getting stopped at the first hurdle - getting a macro to run another macro.

Here is the code i am using at the moment, all I want to do currently is click the first button, then get the second macro to execute. But no luck, getting error 2157 "cannot find the procedure"

Private Sub Command3_Click()
MsgBox "1st macro running", vbExclamation, "Note"
Application.Run "teststart1"
' Application.OnTime TimeValue("19:55:00"), "teststart1"


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Forms :: Run Macro Having Three Action Queries

Jan 9, 2014

I want to run a macro which is having three action queries from the another database when i click the button from my current database. I am using Access2010.

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Queries :: Error Handling In A Query That Was Run From A Macro

Aug 19, 2013

(I'm not sure if this belongs in the macro or query forum)

I have a macro that opens 15 queries and ends with opening a report.

The final query asks the user to type in beginning date, then an end date. Now when there's a data mismatch (i.e., he spells feburary), the macro halts. No harm no foul, they can just click the command button again, but I'd rather not.

What I'd like to do is place a msgbox (i.e., "Check Your Spelling") and then reroute them back to the query.

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Queries- Running/Display Results?

Aug 30, 2007

Hey guys-
I have a database of properties for sale. I want to calculate the asking prices of each record (for sale) against the sold prices of all the houses in the same area. Area is defined as a numeric number, and each property has one assigned to it. My question is this-
I have a table of all the properties. Do I run the query and store the results in a specific cell in the table- and then use a form to display those results? Or do I run the query from a form and not store the calculated results at all? I will be adding/updating info on a daily basis, so these calculation results will also change daily. Obviously I am fairly new to Access and trying to figure out how to do this stuff. Using Access 2002. Either way, I assume i'll be using a form to display the results one way or another...

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Running Queries With Multiple Criteria

Dec 20, 2005

I need to run a query using a list of unique values. I open a new query in design view, pick my table that I want to use, pick the field, but then in Criteria, I need to use a list of values. The list is 62 values long. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I hope I am explaining myself thoroughly.

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Running Queries In Access 2003

Jan 6, 2006

Not sure what happens.

occassionally i will run queries that have run before,
the hourglass will turn on, then turn off, and access does nothing
visible, but tack manager says its running 90% cpu. . .

any ideas on what is happening or i am doing wrong?



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Running Two Queries From One Inputbox Result!?

Feb 25, 2005


I have created the following function in my datebase so that i could specify the date a query works from.

Option Compare Database

Function GetParmValue() As Date

GetParmValue = InputBox("Please enter the date you wish to update!?")

End Function

I have a button on a form that runs the query in question, there is also an identical query that needs to be ran using the same result from the input box but rather than it display the input box twice i wondered if there was a way i could use the result from one of the boxes with both queries!?

Here is the code for the button;

Private Sub bImport5_Click()

DoCmd.SetWarnings False
DoCmd.OpenQuery "Update"
DoCmd.OpenQuery "UpdateFuture"
DoCmd.OpenQuery "MoveFuture"
DoCmd.SetWarnings True
MsgBox "Files have now been updated to the specified date and moved to the Future Dated table!", vbOKOnly, "Update Complete"

End Sub

Any ideas guys?

Many thanks

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Queries :: Running Count Within Group

Sep 15, 2014

I have data like so:

SubjectID VisitID
1 5
1 5
2 7
2 7
2 9
2 9

And need to return a running count for the number of visits per subject, so:

SubjectID VisitID VisitCount
1 5 1
1 5 1
2 7 1
2 7 1
2 9 2
2 9 2

I'd like to use DCount and have tried all variations of the following, but none of them returns the correct number:

VisitNumber: DCount("*","mytable","VisitID >= " & [VisitID] & " AND SubjectID =" & [SubjectID])

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Queries :: Running Sum Query Across Groups

Mar 16, 2014

creating a query with a running sum (cumulative total) across two categories. I need to accumulate Wages by employee, by calendar year for every day/every job worked. I have a table containing over 33,000 records, the years span from 2009 to 2014 with multiple employees.

The Dsum option I have found on the internet is too time-consuming and locks up my query for the over 33,000 records I need to generate results for. It needs to be a SQL statement. Although all the SQL statement I have tried simply total all Wages for every entry ever made in the column, instead of per calendar year, per employee.

Here are my fields:
Calyear = Ascending
Employee Name = Ascending
WorkDate = Ascending


There may be more than one entry per day per employee in a given year. This is so I can calculate certain payroll taxes which are based on cumulative wages amounts.

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Queries :: Running Sum Of Percentage Field

Jun 17, 2015

I am trying to make a query that give me an output of an aggregate percentage column, or running sum of percentage. Please see my example:

Month Sales in % Running sum percentage
Jan 5.03 % 5.03 %
Feb 2.17 % 7.20 %
Mars 1.28 % 8.48 %

I have the column Month and Sales in %, What do I have to do to get an output like the example over?

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Queries :: Reset A Query Or Macro When Open A New Record?

Oct 15, 2013

Is there anyway to reset a query or macro when you open a new record? My database seems to be holding on to data from the previous record. The data is gained from two queries and one macro.

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Queries :: Stop Query From Running Automatically

Jan 14, 2014

I have a form with tab set one tab called "Enter Receipt" and another that houses 2 queries called "Reconcile". My issue is when I open that form, I have an On Current Macro to go to NEW record for my Enter Receipt, but I am getting a delay while the query status bar runs the other queries. I was hoping not to have those ran until i enter the parameters and hit the run button on that "reconcile tab".

Everything else works, i just need the queries to keep from running when i load the form. my queries i moved from EDITED to NO LOCKS thinking the On Current new record may affected them, not change in delay.

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Queries :: Running Total Field In Query

May 20, 2015

I have a table with dates in field1 and an amount of seconds in field2.

field1 field2
01/01/2015, 1345
02/01/2015, -132
04/01/2015, 259

I would like to produce a query that performs a running total in the third column like so:

field1 field2 field3
01/01/2015, 1345, 1345
02/01/2015, -132, 1213
04/01/2015, 259, 1472

This is quite simple to achieve in Excel. (eg =SUM($B$1:B3))

What is the query formula for Access?

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Queries :: Running Totals Access Query

Jun 18, 2013

I have a table for timesheet entry for a local building firm. I have a separate table containing employees and rates. I have created query "Qry_ Time Costs" which calculates the cost of hours worked by each employee by multiplying the hours field in the timesheet entry table by the rate field in the employees table.From "Qry_TimeCosts" I have created "Qry_TimeCosts1" in which i have included a running total field for time costs per day using the DSum function.

SELECT Qry_TimeCosts.[Project Title], Qry_TimeCosts.[Build Element], Qry_TimeCosts.[Date Worked], Sum(Qry_TimeCosts.Hours) AS Hours, Sum(Qry_TimeCosts.Cost) AS Cost, DSum("[cost]","qry_timecosts","[project title]='" & [project title] & "'" & "AND [build element] ='" & [build element] & "'" & "AND [date worked] <=#" & [date worked] & "#" & "") AS RunTot
FROM Qry_TimeCosts
GROUP BY Qry_TimeCosts.[Project Title], Qry_TimeCosts.[Build Element], Qry_TimeCosts.[Date Worked], DSum("[cost]","qry_timecosts","[project title]='" & [project title] & "'" & "AND [build element] ='" & [build element] & "'" & "AND [date worked] <=#" & [date worked] & "#" & "")
HAVING (((Qry_TimeCosts.[Build Element]) Is Not Null));

This seems to be working for some projects and not for others. In particular dates 3rd 4th and 5th of June seem to be showing null fields, where all other dates have values. A few projects are showing inaccurate running totals whilst others are working fine.

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Queries :: Adding Another Field To SUM Running Total

Jun 24, 2013

I have qry with these fields: DateOfPayment and Ammount.

I would like to add another field with running total sum. I am trying this:

RunnTot: Format(DSum("[Ammount]";"qryCFSUM"; [DateOfPayment] <=#" & [DateOfPayment] & "#" );"0 000"" Kč""").

But It still does not work.

Example of my data in "qryCFSUM":


1 2000 Kč
15 456 Kč
23 465 Kč

And what I would like to have:

1 200 Kč
16 656 Kč
40 121 Kč

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