Sample Attendance Project?

I am trying to create an attendance application for my group of 6people, does anyone have or know where i can find any to look at. I don't even know where to begin.

Daily in and out. Keeping tabs of our vacation days/sick days.
I just need to know where to begin, or need a sample for ideas in creating this. I have looked high and low. Please show me/tell me if you have any or how you did it, if you have done it before. Thanks friends!

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Sample Attendance Database?

I am trying to create an attendance application for my group of 6people, does anyone have or know where i can find any to look at. I don't even know where to begin.

Daily in and out. Keeping tabs of our vacation days/sick days.
I just need to know where to begin, or need a sample for ideas in creating this. I have looked high and low. Please show me/tell me if you have any or how you did it, if you have done it before. Thanks friends!

I posted this here but didn't get any response.

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Small Sample Project Management Database Request - Version: 2000 (9.0)

Hi UA,

I was wondering if someone has a small sample Project Management database they would be willing to share. I was tasked to create a simple database to track "projects" among a small team of people. Things like status, due dates, comment fields, etc. and I figured if there was something out there already I would give it a shot.

If not the database than some schematic of the objects/fiedls etc that would be useful in such a database.


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Click On Project Icon And Open Project W/o Warnings - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I want to open my project without having to click the boxes for all the unsafe expression warnings. I do have a startup form but I still have to click yes several times to get past all that stuff.

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How Do I Complete This Project? Need A Few Answers To Finish DB Project.

I have tables and forms setup but I have 3 general questions on how to finish the project.

1. Should I create a folder where all the files reside for instance, create a phone log folder, put the DB file into the folder and export XML's into the same folder?

2. How do I get the form to launch as a self-contained form without the Access application in the background?

3. How can I get this form and table to automatically update an XML spreadsheet whenever records are added?

4. How can I get the form to sort all records according to time logged? The time will be entered in manually and we need all the records to sort automatically by time in ascending order.

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Attendance Dbase

Dear fellows
I need sample access dbase records and retreive attendance of students in course
thank you for help
moheb morcoss

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Committee Attendance

I have a task of creating a database to track committee members attendance at meetings. Members can be on more than one committee. I have created tables for committees, committee population and committee members.

The meetings would take place once a month and do not need an exact date. A Yes/No would suffice for record of attendance. My question is what would be the best way to set up the table to track this since members can be on more than one committee?

I'm thinking that having a separate meeting table for each committee would be a bad idea. But haven't come up with any other ideas. Any suggestions???

Thanks :)

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for some days i've a problem with an Access-Query and up to now i didn't succeed to find an answer, i'm not even sure if there is one.

So, how to explain my problem.
I'm trying to compile a Database for my small department to organize our computer-short-course
students (application, grades, attendance...)

And with the grades i have a problem as well as with the attendance. Up to now we are just using paper sheets for grades and attendance. So i just thought that it would be the easiest thing to create a similiar-looking form, drawing of planned Query-output-layout is attached.

The attendance should be set with a checkbox. New days are set with a small subform.
For the attendance i've this table-layout:


When a new day is set, every student gets a new record at the tblAttendance, which shall be compiled together for the later Attendance Form.

So now the big question comes, is it possible to create
a query that fits my needs (variable amount of days and students and the possibility to set my records)? It is important that i've a big sheet with all the days, students of a course
at the same time.

Any suggestions - i'm completly lost.
Thanks in advance,

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Calculating Attendance

i have tblmember tblclass and tblattend

the tblattend is

member 1d
class id
date of class
Attended (check box to say or no on a form)

i need to produce a quey which will calculate % attendance after each month and after each year of each member and class

how do i do this

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Access Attendance Register?


Well I'm stumped...

I am creating a new database system for my cadet organisation, and I am in the early stages of learning how to use Access. (I am using this as a learning curve, as I need to get to grips with Access for University, there's no better way to learn than by doing.)

I want a system that stores the attendance of cadets on each night we meet, so far I have:

|Table| Cadets
CadetID - AutoNumber (PK)
FName - Text
LNAme - Text
Flight - Lookup from Flight Table

FlightID - AutoNumber (PK)
Flight - Text

AttendanceID - AutoNumber (PK)
Attendance Type - Text

The table that actually contains the register I am unsure how to structure, it would have to contain Cadet Name/ID, the date and Attenance type, from attendance DB.

The table would be updated every Tuesday and Thursday, when we meet. I've been thinking for a while about how to do this and can't find a good solution.

As the data will be entered by a user (who won't know Access from Adam) I'd like a form that lists all the cadets in the Cadet table, as each of these will have to be registered, and then a drop down box listing the options from the Attendance table next to each cadet, doesn't have to be drop down, can be optionbutton, image....

In the final version I would like the cadets to be sorted by flight in the form, but lets not go mad yet!

Can anyone help me with this? Or am i simply being silly?

I haven't used Access for long, but have used VBA in Excel before and am a fairly experienced user; I will attempt anything but bare with me if at first I don't succeed.

Any help appreciated

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Attendance Data Type

Hello everyone, I am buiding up a database for activity school. Here first step of buiding the base, I got an attendance data type problem. i am now using "yes/no", but if i want to query about the number of student each class, is that possible?

Thank you for your help.

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Help! Need To Make Attendance Form!

I am trying to make a class attendance form, where user chooses classType
ex:"English, French" then the program shows all of the students from tblStudents that are enregistered in that class. And some how make it so that user could select on or many users in the same class and press add button which will add the students into attendance table for the current class and the current day,

**Allso what I would like to do if possible after the form above works, is to if the student has been allready added for the current day, the check box becomes un editable with appropriable comment in the comments line for that student or for examples the student registered for 12 classes, the attendance keeps track of the classes and when the student tryed to go to 13'th class the check box is uneditable and in the comments line for that student metions the reases.

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Attendance DB - Version: 2000 (9.0)

anyone know where i can get a sample Attendance Database?

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Using A List Box In A Form To Record Attendance

I've got three tables, one for members, one for training and a join table linked to other two both with a many to one relationship. I've been trying to create a form with a list box (multiselect set to simple, so I can sellect all memberin attendance) and subform there the training details will get entered (date, subject, etc.). Although I've different ways of accomplishing this, all me searching has lead me to believe that I need an append query.

The best I've done so far with the append query is copy records in the join table when there is data there to start, won't work at all when the join table is blank.

The append query reads like this:
Field: TrainingID:forms!TrainingRecord!TrainingID
Append To: TrainingID


Field: MemberID:forms!TrainingRecord!MemberID
Append To: MemberID

The table it appends to is the join table, "Training Attendance", which only has three fields, an auto# primary key, TrainingID and MemberID.

This database is for a volunteer fire brigade that I am a member of and if I can get the training attendance worked out, I would like to add another separate event (fire calls) that will need to two type of attendance, "on scene" and "standing by at the hall".

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Table Design Query - Attendance


i'd like some initial help with how best to set-up my tables for a database i need to create. if anyone could give me a synopsis of what i need to do it would be great and then i can try and piece it together.

here are the requirements;

one student can attend many different courses.

each course runs for 10 weeks.

i'd like to be able to have forms to;

- add a student.
- assign classes to a student.
- record absence via a combo box for each student for each week

i'd also like to have a report mechanism that can record if a student is absent for 3 or more classes.

as i said, some pointers or examples would be great as i am new to this. i pressume i need;

a table for students

a table for the courses

a table for attendance
present/absent (combobox)

Am most stuck on the date part. the data may not be entered every week so i can't really use a date function. instead i need a combobox or something to be able to select the week.


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Time And Attendance Coding Database

Hi All,

I am setting up a database to help me prepare codes for employees timesheets in order to upload them into our payroll software. The table structure below is just my preliminary thoughts and current ideas and I guess I'm looking for ideas on how to work with my codes.

EmpID (PK) - Employee ID # [Autonumber]
Surname - Employee's surname [Text]
Firstname - Employee's first name [Text]

ShiftID (PK) - Shift ID# [Autonumber]
EmpID (SK) - Employee ID# [Foreign Key]
Date - Date of shift [Date/Time]
Start - Start time of shift [Time]
Finish - Finish time of shift [Time]
CostCtr - Cost centre being billed for shift. [Integer]

When employees work they are entitled to the following:
* Ordinary hours (code 001) for all hours worked.
* 10% penalty (code 006) for all hours worked when shift finishes after 18:00
* 12% penalty (code 007) for all hours when shift crosses midnight
* 50% penalty (code 008) for hours worked on a saturday
* 100% penalty (code 009) for hours worked on a sunday

The following shows data that in my Attendance table for an employee who worked shifts on the 16th (Mon), 17th (Tue), 20th (Fri), and 22nd (Sun).
From the above data I believe I will need to make another table that contains the entitlement codes generate from each shift.

For the first shift on Monday 16/10/06 I need to collect the following codes for the total calculation:

For the second shift on Tuesday 17/10/06 I need to collect the following codes for the total calculation:

For the third shift on Friday 20/10/06 I need to collect the following codes for the total calculation:
0018.003001 'Ordinary hours worked
0078.003001 '12% penalty as shift crossed midnight hour
0086.003001 'Only worked 6 actual hours on the Saturday as 2 hours were on Friday night.

For the fourth shift on Sunday 22/10/06 I need to collect the following codes for the total calculation:
0018.00'Ordinary hours worked
0098.00'Hours worked on the Sunday

From that information the only data I really need to store in a table would be the totals grouped by code and cost centre. Eg.,
001 8.003001
001 9.003002
006 9.00
006 9.003002
007 8.003001
008 6.003001
009 8.00
Does anyone know the best way to go about this? Should I generate a new table that links these codes to an employee? Should I make a function to calculate the codes for each day and store them in a table or make the function only sum the code totals for the week and store them in a table?


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Problem Creating Attendance Records

I've got myself a little stuck!

I'm trying to create a database for our new theatre group. I've created a table for membership details (ID, Name, DOB, Address, etc.)

I want to create an attendance register - kind of the way a school register looks, so it will show on screen like a spreadsheet (names down the left-hand side, dates of the sessions across the top, and a grid for the attendance codes).

I know I could paste the membership details from Access to Excel and use a spreadsheet, but I'd like to keep it all together.

The attendance codes don't just contain present or absent, I would like to keep a record of payment 'P' or on holiday 'H' etc.

I'll keep searching and scratching my head, but any help would be appreciated.

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Feedback On Prototype Attendance Database, Please

I had trouble figuring out how to 1) register a group of people for a class, 2) create a list of dates to meet for a class (which I call sessions), 3) track attendance per sessions. Having looked for templates at Microsoft, I found plenty of Excel templates, but no Access. The closest is Student Registration template, which doesn't track attendance at all. So I figured I'd make a prototype to help me understand how everything works. Since I got so much input from everyone, I figure I'd return the favor and perhap make it a sample database, especially for those who desire a spreadsheet-like data entry while maintaining a properly normalized data structure.But I would prefer that other has tested and given feedbacks on the prototype before I put this in sample database forum (if that's okay with you admins) as this is my first time and I don't want to give others bad template. So anyway, here's the prototype.Note: The database is 100% undocumented, 100% error-handling free, and 100% unsecured. Use it wisely. :)PS: The attachment will reference a extraneous library. If you are getting an error, clear the reference for MS Office 11 Web Components.PSS: I knew I forgot something: There is still unsolved problem of correcting sorting the columns in datasheet view. While the underlying query correctly sorts the recordset, it seems to be ignored entirely in datasheet. If anyone has a solution, I'm all eyes here.

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Yearly Attendance Tracker/Calendar

I'm currently attempting to setup a small database to track a few things for the company I work for, namely attendance. Currently they use an excel spreadsheet that covers the current year. This worked great for them when they were still a small company, but with the number of employees shooting from 50'ish to a couple hundred the spreadsheet is just not a viable option any more.

What I need is suggestions on the best way(s) to go about implementing this.

First, I need to do a 1 year look back, on a montly level is fine. So from January 2008 back to January 2007 will work fine. What i have currently setup is a form with 12 of the basic Calender controls built into access 2003. Unfortunatley these wont quite work.

Basic layout of my database so far will be an employees info table, a lookup table for Attendance codes and their infraction values and an attendance (or I suppose more technically an absence) table. I would like to have a form that displays a calendar view for the last 12 months, that will allow me to view / update any absences for an employee. I would also like a way to insert company holidays / shutdowns in to the attendance table in a way that marks it on any employees calendar as a scheduled day off. I assumed i could do this with a simple "all" employee along with the dates and have the calendar search for entries with the Employee ID as well as the All flag and mark those on the calendar.

I think if i can just get the calendar setup covered I can figure out the rest of the data aspects, I'm just stuck on finding a decent way to implement the Calendar Aspect.

Thanks in advance!

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Attendance Database Table Structure

I would like to build a database to keep track of tardies and absences in my dept (~70 employees).

I need Date, Name, tardy or absent,

My current table:

EmployeeID PK
Last Name
First Name

EventID PK
Event (Tardy or absent)


Is this a good structure? I need to be able to run a query that will sum the total number of tardies and divide by 6. That number will then be added to the total # of tardies. The query needs to only show the values over the last 6 months.
Any help is appreciated.


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Pupil / Student Attendance / Register

This idea has been sending me nutty for months!

Iím a travelling music teacher. So my many pupils are split into many small groups (of 1, 2 or 3 pupils).

What I want is to open a form with lesson details. Iíd select a date and then a group and then the details of the pupils in that group would come up (probably in a subform). I could then enter data for each pupil for each lesson e.g. whether they were absent.

Thatís it!

My current tables are

pupilID (pk) (autonumber)
pupilname (text)

groupID(pk) (autonumber)

lessonID (pk) (autonumber)
lessondate (date)
group (text)

pupilinlessonID (pk) (autonumber)
group (text)
pupilID (number)
absent? (Y/N)
lessonID (number)

This last table is supposed to store the data of each pupil in each lesson.


[groups]groupID 1 Ė M [pupils]group

This is probably quite easy for someone who knows how. Lots of people must need registers of pupils!


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New User Creating An Attendance Database

Hello, I am in the process of creating my database and I was looking for some guidance. My goal is to manage and track clients attending our program and ultimately being able to print and individual report with that information. Example: john doe on 12/28 attended 3 groups X,Y and Z.
I have created two tables one with the client's ID, name and starting date.
The second with the groups offered, the instructors and days and times of the groups.
The third I believe should be a dated table that would have groups and all the people who attended that day. This is where I am getting confused. I am not sure how to proceed.
Any ideas or suggestions would be welcomed.

Thanks in advance.

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Count Vs. Function For Attendance Report


I'm trying to make an Attendance Report for my students. I want the report to show each student and how many times they've been "Present", "Late" or "Tardy" in a month and in one year.

I've set up my db with two tables.

Table 1 - contains Student ID and Student Names
Table 2 - contains Attendance ID, course id, student id and the Status ("Present", "Late" or "Absent")

I used the sum queries and it doesn't do the count function properly. This is a copy of my query.

Thanks :o

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Help With Attendance Form - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Hi! I'm so excited to have found this forum!
I know just enough about Access to be dangerous! All I know about Access has been self taught. I started with the NorthWind sample db and revamped it for a private school to track parents, students, health forms, tuition, payments, etc.

Now I'm attempting to help our church secretary by creating a project that will track members, groups & boards etc. We have tried expensive software, but we were trying to make our data fit what the programer thought was important. Didn't work for us.
Our secretary would like to input worship attendance by date for members on a single form by date, rather than updating each individual member.

I have an All Memberes db and a Worship Service by date db. when I create a form and subform, the only date shown is the first date on the list.
Subform has a list box for members, but when I test it my "attendees" appear as new members in All Members db.
What am I doing wrong?
If I need to write a query, I'm a real novice. I need expert advice. Thanks for any input.

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Using Access For Attendance Records - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I am trying to create a database that takes care of attendance for 10 employees. I have a table set up with the following columns: Employer Name, Date that vacation was taken, Vacation Day, Floating Holiday, Sick Day. In the table, there will be a number next to the type of vacation that was used. For example, if I took 3 sick days, there would be a zero in that row under vacation and floating holiday, and a 1 under Sick day. This would go on for 3 rows.

What I want to be able to do is to create a weekly attendance report. I have a form set up so that I can type in the week that I want the report to display, and that is linked to a query that pulls all records that fit into the right date. The report has to be in a specific design - It has to be a chart that looks like this:

Employee 1 Name---------V---------------------------------FH--------------------------------S
Employee 2 Name---------------------------S-----------------S---------------------------------
Employee 3 Name---------V-----------------V-----------------V--------------V----------------V

where v = vacation, s = sick day, ...

I can't figure out how to tranfer the data from the query into this format. Can anybody help me? The query pulls all the correct data, so all I need is the report to be displayed like this. Where I am struggling the most is that in the table if I took a vacation day 2 twice during the week, it is two rows with the same employee name. In the report, each employee name can only be listed once (as you can see from the chart above)

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Suggestions For Keeping Attendance - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I am looking for suggestions on the best way to keep attendance for a Church database. There are about 275 members, of which 175 attend in any given week. With 52 weeks, I see the Attendance Table growing very quickly, if I simply use a foreign key to link the Individual, and a foreign key to link the Sunday Date Table. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm new here and to Access, so go easy on me. Thanks, Allan

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Structure For Attendance Records - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

It's been several years since my Access training, and I'm now having to develop a database to track the salespeople in my office...and having difficulty with some basic structural issues.

I have 50 sales people, and want to track several of their weekly activities to monitor compliance with company attendance at sales meetings, mentoring sessions, etc. Turnover is quite high, so each week the active salespeople may be different.

My intent is to end up with several data entry forms to update their individual attendance, and herein is my problem.

Using our weekly sales meeting as an example, I'd like to be able to open a form which asks me to insert a date of the meeting, and the meeting topic. I would like the form to list all of the names of the currently active agents, along with a check box next to each name that could be marked to indicate their attendance at that particular meeting.

Eventually, I intend to have a summary report that I could pull by salesperson to identify their compliance in several categories.

If anyone can help me with the basic structure, I would be forever grateful. I can handle all of the detail stuff.....just struggling with the structure, and maybe the proper relationships.

Thank you!!!!!

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Student / Pupil Attendance - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

Iím a travelling music teacher. So my many pupils are split into many small groups (of 1, 2 or 3 pupils).

What I want is to open a form with lesson details. Iíd select a date and then a group and then the details of the pupils in that group would come up (probably in a subform). I could then enter data for each pupil for each lesson e.g. whether they were absent.

Thatís it!

My current tables are.....

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Structure Of Daily Attendance - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Hey I have a question about an optimal way to structure the next stage of my project.

I need to monitor the attendance of children in various classes which need to be populated by the directors at the various centers daily. Children may be in different classes at the same time. My biggest issue here is how to log the data for everyday, I would like to know how taxing it would be on disk space.

It seems too much to have a different table for each individual class, is that how it would have to be done? I have many ideas and all seem to be very... well stupid, and needless to say quite... not normalized

Thank You for looking.

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Attendance Form - Need To Auto Update Names And Dates


I'm trying to create an attendance form for my school. I have an Attendance Form already that has the following information:

Student Name
Date of Attendance
Attendance Code

What I would like it to do is, automatically populate the date for all the students enrolled in the class. So if the Math class has 5 students, the form would automatically have all five students with March 28, 2006 and the next day have March 29, 2006 and so forth.

Any suggestions on how to go about achieving this task?

Many thanks in advance!

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Venue Project "Regular Bookings" - Project Help

Hi there, I wasn't sure where to post this so I'll post this in the general section.

I've got a project on venue bookings to do, and one thing's stumped me. Basically I've got a set of "regular bookings" for 6 months, which go like this:

Monday - Evening - Group name/Customer ID
Wednseday - Evening - Group Name/Customer ID
Friday - Morning - Group name/Customer ID

You get the idea.

How am I to go about accomplishing this? A bit of VB programming? An Access table?

I need to be able to:
- Implement regular bookings for a period of 6 months
- Link the regular bookings to a "Customers" table.
- Prevent users from making bookings if there's already a regular booking slot filled.
- Create a form to to be able to change/update regular bookings.


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Access Sample


do you know where can I get a file sample of ms access database with the following features:

- entry of persons,
- entry of projects,
- calender of projects,
- payement for their work,
- print-out of vouchers,
- on-line access for persons to DB (with password).

i've looked around the internet and couldn't find anything. I would love to have this just as an example, to build my own on-this-sample-driven database.

i've done something in PHP but since VB and PHP are not similar, i really would love to have an example.

thank you for your help

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Sample DB Structure Ok?

Hi all,

I am on my way to building my first relational DB. Is anyone able to look at the attached sample and tell me if I am on the right track?

The DB is being desined to record Repair information carried out on a machine. (TblRepair)

The DB will also eventually record refurbished machines (TblRefurb) and also many other situations like stock control, etc.(yet to be designed). Before I go on I just want to check:

> Is this roughly correct so far?
> If I create a new record in the existing form, why can I not enter both UnitID and EmployeeID? Relationship conflict?
> Should I be building forms on a query? (I think the answer is Yes, just need confirmation).
> Is it because of a problem with the query I cannot enter details correctly? (as per the above question).

Any pointers would be very welcome. PS Sorry its v.old A97!

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