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Split Access Column In Two...

I have a column in my table which contains DATE information in the format: 23/02/2005

I would like to split this date into two additional columns:

A) the MONTH as a number eg. 02
B) the YEAR also as a number eg. 2005

I know this is possible in Excel but can it be done in Access 97? :confused:

Cheers for your help!

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Split 1 Column Data Into 2 Separate Column

I need a query that could split data into 2 different field.
The table pic is attached for your ready reference. I tird with Left & Right funtions with no results.

Any one can help me please.

Table name is Agcad and field on which I need to split is Board_Size. The problem is Board_Size data is sometime in 3 digit (first half part) and sometime second half part is in 4 digit. It is a text data type field.

Thanks in advance...

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How To Split Letter&number Field Into 2 Column And Skip Brackets?
I have big problem I have telephone number field like this
Tel(XX)XXXXX - X are numbers

I have to split it into two columns and skip brackets like this

Column1 - Tel
Column2 - XXXXXXX

Is it possible?

I have no idea how to manage it...I'd be very thankful for any
examples ? Or Help....I'm beginner

Thanks a lot
in Advance

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Access 2003 To Access 2007 Split Database
Hi All,

Background Info: I developed our main department's Access 2003 split database which is on a server for 15+ Users. I've now been given Access 2007 for development -- Users still have 2003. There are also 2 other smaller databases that are not split (.mdb).

Problem: In the split database, I've saved the Application .mdb as 2003, relinked and made a new .mde. But the Users still cannot open the database. (I did this in a copy until I figure out the nuances with 2007.) The 2 other unsplit databases can be saved as 2003 version and Users can open OK.

I'm grateful for any suggestions on working with Access 2007. I've been trying to tackle the ribbon which is a whole other question.

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Access.LockFile.9, Even With Database Split
Hi there

I'm a bit confused with this.

I have a database which I've split and I've put both the frontend and the backend onto the network drive.

I'm pretty sure it's the case that the backend should be on the server and the copies of the frontend should be deployed to each of the computers that people are working with rather than each person working on the same frontend copy within the server. would this be right to say this?

At the moment there is two people working on the database and the third person cannot access the database because it's freezing and the 'access.lockfile.9' is showing on the third users computer for both the frontend and the backend.

Does anyone know how I can resolve this problem? is it a case of copying the frontend to each of the computers that the users are working with rather than them accessing the same frontend from the network drive.

Thankyou in advance for any help.

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Populating A Column In A Table Based On Values In An Existing Column
Hi all,

In the organisation that I work for employees get paid every 2 weeks on a Saturday. So for this financial year the pay period end dates have been 08/07/2006, 22/07/2006, 05/08/2006 etc

I have a column in an Access table listing various dates. I want the next column to be
populated with the next pay period end date after that date.

So if DATE is 05/07/2006 I want PAY PERIOD END to be 08/07/2006
and if DATE is 09/07/2006 I want PAY PERIOD END to be 22/07/2006 etc

How do I do this?

Kind Regards,


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Referencing Dropdown Column Diffferent To Boun Column

im wanting to reference a value of a dropdown which is already serving a function - the dopdown already has it's bound set to 3 but i want this new function to refercne the second column-

im tyring:

"Tutor = '" & Me.ComboStaff.Value(2) & "'"

which isn't working- how do i reference the second column of a dropdown if its bound to its third?



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Moving And SORTING Multiple Column Data Into One Column
Hi. I have a question I'm hoping someone can help me with. I would like to take data from multiple columns and put the data into one column. Additionally, I do not want to exclude any data (union all) and I would like to group the resulting union by another field. For example:

Original data layout:

Column Headings: Sample Event, Depth 1, Depth 2, Depth 3,
1st Row Data: 1, 6, 9, 12, 9
2nd Row Data: 2, 7, 9, 8, 3

Desired data layout:

Column Headings: Sample Event, Depths
1, 6
1, 9
1, 9
2, 7
2, 9
2, 8
2, 3

So far I'm using the following SQL. What do I need to add or change to get my desired result of grouping the unioned depths by the 'sample event' field?

I appreciate any help anyone may have to offer. Thank you.

SELECT Depth1 AS Depths
FROM Depth_Velocity_Substrate_Correct
Union all
FROM Depth_Velocity_Substrate_Correct
Union all
FROM Depth_Velocity_Substrate_Correct
Union all
FROM Depth_Velocity_Substrate_Correct
Union all
FROM Depth_Velocity_Substrate_Correct

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Spliting A Column Into Several In Access 97
I have a field in a table that looks like this:



there is no set length to the bits between the slashes.

I want to write a query that moves the data into a new table in three separate fields using the slashes as field separators.

Can anyone help ??

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Copy Data From A Column In One Table To A Column Another.
Please would you be able to advise me how I would copy data from a column in one table to a column another table.

But I need to only use table not a query.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Column Permission In Access Table

I have a table in Access database. I would like to set read only permissions to some of the fields/columns in the table. I do not want user to alter or edit some fields/columns in a table. Could someone give a solution for this?

thanks in adavance


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Filling Data Down A Column In Access.
Is there something fast to fill down a new column into approx. 900 records with the same data similar to using Excel (Fill Down)?

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Export Access Data Into Excel Column

I have a table in Access and would like to export it using code into specific fielfs of a template in Excel.

My table has 3 fields:


I would like to export the recorsed to a template named MyTemplate. This template has a workbook named MyWorkbook.

The only problem is that I need to copy the active recorset (meaning the one which I will select) in a column and not into a row.

Example: I will select a record using a combo and then data will be copied from my Table into the cells B1 (ssn), B2 (FIRSTNAME), B3 (LASTNAME)

Any idea or help? Thanks

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