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Split Database. Update Linked Tables If Back End Moved.


I'm about to move to a back end / front end system, from a single database file. Before I do so, I want to make sure I have all bases covered so to speak.

My back end file will reside on a server. I am aware that path names are sometimes changed by network administrators without warning.

From tests, I notice that, if the path to the back end can't be found, one cannot open the front end database file at all (Access 2003).

My question is: if my back end file gets moved, or the path changed, how can I get into my front end file to update the linked tables.

Many thanks in advance.


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Split Database, Roll Back Can I?
I have done the mistake of not keeping a backup, what I did is split my database file access and then created my mde file, I need to change some data on my tables, but I get the msg that I cant edit a linked table, is there a way that I could put things back the way it was, also this path that was created is it possible to change for future purposes (I might have to move the dir into a different path)


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Split Database Back End On FTP Or Web Server
Hi, I am not sure where to put this thread hopefully someone here can help me.

I have spent a good deal of time developing a very effective access database for a client. It is split into a front end and back end and connected using the Linked Table Manager when necessary.

The front end is quite loaded with queries, reports, forms, macros etc and the back end simply has the tables.

The front end is about 15 mb and the back about 8 mb.

Current set up is a small workgroup network with about 4 -5 consecutive users at any one given time.

I am looking for some advice on how to set up or facilitate getting the backend on the internet so anyone with a front end can access it outside of the LAN.

Today I set up an account with WebDrive which can connect to and assign a drive letter on your pc to any FTP, HTTP site.

I made the connection with WebDrive and using the linked table manager successfully linked the tables on my local machine to the back end on the FTP server - and actually ran the database at a pretty good rate.

I noticed however that it was downloading the backend to my local pc and once I closed the (a) form it was uploading the data back to the server? Very slow and often threw errors.

This of course is not what I wanted. Has anyone heard of doing this? Any work arounds or setting params would be greatly appreciated.

I have been told to create the DB in ASP but I do not have any idea on how to do that whatsoever...

Any advice or insight would be awesome!


Fen How

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Split Database: Back End File Path (via Vba)
Hey guys,

How can I change the tables' splitted file path via vba?

Ex.: c: ables.mdb -> c:ew path ables.mdb

thank you.

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Adding Tables To A Split Database
Im trying to add 2 new tables to a split and linked database... but no matter which side i add the table to (BE or FE), it wont show up in the linked table manager.. so my question is 1.) is there some trick to getting it to show up in the link manager? or 2.) is there some way to re-merge the database, add the new tables.. and then split it again?

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Replicate Some Tables In A Split Database
Hi everyone,
I'd really like some advice on this. I have just finished a database I've been working on (thanks to everyone who helped me) and I just split it so that the tables are on the server and the front end will be on the users machines.

Its a drawings register and many of the users will just need to browse the drawings to see the drawings and revisions that are there. These users will not be able to add or delete records (I presume I do this by setting up a usergroup and permissions?)

They can sort and filter the records in different ways on a datasheet form. They can update only one field in the table and that is the 'selected' field (checkbox on the form). If several users are using it concurrently it will interfere with the drawings that others have selected. From what I understand, I could replicate the tables they would use? Is this the correct way to do this even though the database is split? I'd really appreciate any tips as I've been reading alot on this but am still v unsure..

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A User-friendly Way To Link Tables In A Split Database
Hi, all.

I have a "client/server" split Access 2003 database with an Interface file containing all the code/forms/queries and some system tables and also a Data Backend file, with all the data tables and table structure.

This is being deployed to multiple sites, each getting their own version of the backend, so sites will not be using the same backend between them all, rather multiple users in each site will all share that site's backend file.

Since users will deploy in different network locations, etc. they will have to re-link all tables. Is there a meaningful/user-friendly way of doing that without relying on user's knowledge of "Linked Table manager", etc.?


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Update Linked Tables
I've been creating a new Access application and I've run into an issue. The form I created has 2 subforms on it. The data is stored on 3 different tables related by the RMAID. The data gathered from this form needs to go into our MRP application. I have linked the necessary MRP tables to my access application. How do I get the date from the form to the tables in our MRP application? The data needs to go to 3 tables from the MRP application. Do I create an append query that's run after the user completes entering the data on the form? Thanks for any help

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Update Linked Tables When Used In Queries
I have set up a table (A) that is linked to another table(B) in my database. This linked table (A) is then used in a number of queries. When the data in the original table (A) is updated it does update the data in the linked table (B) as it should. However, when I run the queries they do not bring up any records. It seems that they are not looking at an updated version of the linked table (A) because if I rebuild the query it finds the records as it should. Any advice on this would be very gratefully received.

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Refresh/update Linked Tables
Hi all

I need some code to refresh/update linked tables to a data base in the same folder on startup. Any idea how I can do this??



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Creating Linked Tables To Access Database On Web Server

Can anyone tell me if this is possible? Please!!
I am trying to create a linked table within Access 2000 and when it asks me for the path, I am tying in the address of my web server Http://www.....and then when I enter my username and password, it shows me the folders within my web space along with the icon for the access database I am trying to connect to. When I double click the database, it does show me the list of tables however it is showing them off my local computer and not the online database. (The databases are exact copies of eachother)
I know this becasue I have entered data in the apparantly linked table and it shows up in the table on the local machine. Access does not seem to like this.
Can anyone suggest how I overcome this at all? Thanks in advance.... :-)


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Split Db: Data Being Stored In FE Tables, Not BE Tables
I have created an Access 2000 Db, and have gone through the motions of splitting the Db via the Splitting Tool. Since I have done this split, I have added forms, queries, and reports to the Front End. I have left the Back end table structures alone.

This is where my problem comes into play. To enter data into the Db, I use the forms. After splitting the Db, I assumed that the data would be stored in the tables in the BE. An issue had just presented itself and I went into the BE table structure to add a field to a couple of the tables, and when I opened the BE table in the datasheet view, I noticed that there were no records. I then became curious because when I run my reports and queries, the information is present. So I opened the FE tables and what do you know, all the data I have input since the split is housed in the FE tables.

I already attempted to Update the Table Links, but that did not solve the problem, and the data is still in the FE.

Can someone, anyone please help or offer some suggestions on how to resolve this dilemna.

Thank you in advance,


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