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Supermarket Database

I am unsure about the relationships for this database, which is a big problem. Also, I created a query but some fields do not allow data entry, which in turn had the same effect when I created a form from the query. I think it's because i selected the fields from the wrong table or i donno. You will understand exactly what i mean when u see my database (attached). If u see disabled fields in my form i did that in purpose because i expect them to be displayed automatically when i enter the data.
If u have time can u please make the changes needed and send me the modified database attached, if not just give me a textual description of what i should do..

thanks a lot, please reply soon...... i need urgent help

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Supermarket Database... Unsure About Relationships
Is this relationship correct (see attachment)? When i create an orders query with the fields:-Barcode number (source: orders/products table)Product name (source: products table)Quantity (source: orders/products table)Unit price (source: products table) Total (calculated - [Unit price]*[Quantity] )it does not allow data entry for barcode number and quantity (product name and unit price should appear automatically when barcode no. entered) why is that? and how could i resolve this? attached also is my database to see what i mean... if u have time can u please make the modifications NEEDED and send me the modified one, if not just give me a textual description of what i should do..... (btw it is actually a school canteen system databse, thats why i have customerID field as student administration number or staff initials)please reply soon.. this is urgentthank you

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How Do I Automatically Update Client Database From Master Database?
Does anyone know if there is a form or sample database out there that can check the version of a specific database a person is running on their pc against a master version; and if the 2 versions don't match automatically update the local version from the master version?

Is this possible? I would need the autoupdate to do Tables, Queries, Reports, and Forms.

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Forms Count Of Other Database Without Opening That Database Physically
Hello All...

Well, I am facing one my application; I need to show all forms / reports name of other database( .mdb ) file without opening the other database physically. I tried a lot but didnt succeded. I tried with below code..

Set AcApl = New Access.Application
Call AcApl.OpenCurrentDatabase(strfolder, True)
Set AcProj = AcApl.CurrentProject

Set frm1 = AcProj.AllForms

intCount = frm1.Count

But here wen the second line AcApl.opencurrentdatabase get executed at that time the database get open physically, and i dont want that..So is there any other way around..If so..please please help me..

Thanks in advance..!!

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Jet Database Engine Error On Non-shared Database
I have a problem that seems to be happening on several users' databases and is causing a big problem. None of the databases is a shared database...they are all single-user databases on stand-alone computers. I have tried looking for help within previous posts, but all seem to be related to shared databases.

I am getting an error message: "The Microsoft Jet database engine stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time." The database cannot be opened, imported, repaired...nothing seems to work.

Again...these are NOT shared databases. I appreciate any help I can get. I created the database for all of the secretaries in our school district to keep up with absence data. It involves many tables, queries, forms and reports, and has generally worked well. However I am now seeing several that are getting similar errors as mentioned.


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Best Way To Import SQL Database To Local Access Database?
I'm new to Access and VBA, for the record. What I need to do is copy a SQL database (table structures and records) and save it as a local Access database, so that the user can query and make any changes on the local file without editting the SQL database.

Looking around, it seems like the best option would be to use the TransferDatabase method with the acImport option. Does this sound reasonable, or can someone with more experience suggest a better way to go about it? Thanks.

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Synchronise MySQL Database With Website Database

I am trying to update the stock levels on our company website on a daily basis with those found in our stock system.

Our stock system uses MySQL for the backend and Access 2003 for the front end.

Our website ( uses php and a MySQL database. The website was not built by me but is a piece of software that allows me to log into the backend and add products, categories, update stock levels etc. Unfortunately the company we paid the software for will not give me/tell me how to gain direct access to the MySQL database, apart from using the back end provided by them. I am assuming/hoping the the user name and password to log into the back end is the same to access the tables in the database.

Does anyone know how I can find out the table structure or gain access to the tables in the website database?

Also I cannot run my own php scripts on the server, which is how I was originally hoping to update the site.

Thanks for your time

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Opening Form In Different Database Using Criteria From First Database
I have two separate databases. I need to be able to open database 2 using a criteria of a field on a form from Database 1. I have successfully used the shell command to actually open database 2 but I can't get the correct form with filtered information to open. I have used the following code behind a button:

Dim Varset, varpath
Set Varset = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase("S:RESETIB Station ModuleDSA USE ONLYIB Intelligence_be.mdb").OpenRecordset("Select LogIn.* from LogIn Where Login.[Hash ID] = '" & Environ$("username") & "';")
If Varset.EOF Then
MsgBox "User does not have an account. For access email", vbCritical, "Invalid User Account"
varpath = """c:program filesmicrosoft officeofficeoffice11msaccess.exe"" ""s:RESETIB Station ModuleDSA USE ONLYIB Intelligence.mdb"" /wrkgrp ""s:RESETIB Station ModuleDSA USE ONLYsecurity.mdw"" /user "
If Varset!Permission = 1 Then varpath = varpath & "agent /pwd randjont"
If Varset!Permission = 2 Then varpath = varpath & "Supervisor /pwd randjont"
If Varset!Permission = 3 Then varpath = varpath & "Superuser /pwd randjont"
Call Shell(varpath, 3)

End If

End Sub

Database 1 is sourced from and ODBC connection and database 2 is from a local table. They both have the same field (although named slightly different). Where do I put the query/sql that will do the last part of opening the Subject Form for the person with the common field value? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Accessing A Table In Database A From Database B
Is it possible to access a table in one Database (Database A) from a separate Database (Database B) and if so how. I should clarify that this is an Access Database.

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Linking To Another Database From On Database
I am working on a database that will be an addition to an existing one on the company server. However, to make the overall layout not so complex and allow room for other additions in the future, I'd like to keep the databases separate. This will also ensure more efficiency, integrity and troubleshooting overall.

Does anyone know how this is done?

Thank you in advance for your help,

~Kilch :eek:

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How Can I Save My Database As A MDE Database.
The menu for make a MDE file is blanked out or grey’d out. The database is partly made using access 2000 then xp


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Car Database Help!
I have a car dealership database and have a servicing section.

I want to create a form to service these vehicles.

The only vehicles which will be displayed on the from are the sold ones (because you cannot service a vehcile which hasnt been sold) which i have a query for.

I also want the form to display the customer who owns the car the service details (eg what they need), the parts availiable and the parts required for the service.

The calculations i need to make in this form are as follows

quantity needed (parts required table) - quantity in stock (purchasing customer parts table)

quantity needed (parts required table) * price (Parts Table) + labour (servicing table) = part/labour costs (servicing table)

any suggestions on how to do this would be fantastic

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ECO Database
Hi All,
I am looking at developing an Engineering Change Order (or Engineering Change Notice) database.
Before I go and reinvent the wheel, does anyone out there have one I can look at/have?
I really do not have the time to put into a full blown development at this time.
Appreciate any thoughts on where I may get help finding one also!

Thanks in advance!


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