Take Info From Form1 And Input It Into Form2 + 3 Based On A Number?

Jun 15, 2006

I need to make a query work so that when someone enters info into a master form, it will pull the data for that job onto other forms when the job # is entered. Thanks for any help.

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Bring Value From Form1 To Form2.

Sep 20, 2006

Hi all,
(Refer to Figure1 pls) How can i bring the value from form1 to form2 after i click the save button?


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Copy Text Between Form1 And Form2

May 25, 2005

I have 2 forms which are based on separate tables. When I open Form2 from a command button on Form1, I would like the common boxes on the Form2 (name, ID #, ets.) to automatically copy the info from the boxes on Form1 with the same names. How can I do this? TIA

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Opening Form2 With Data Related To Form1?

Jun 30, 2005


I've searched but cant find the answer,

I have an Account form (Form1) and it displays account information along with their many addresses for the account (in a datagrid embedded form). I hit "update or add address" button to launch form2 (Address Form). From this point I want to query the Address and AddressAccountLink table with a passed in Global Variable (AccountID) from Form 1 so that just the Addresses pertaining to that Account show up, instead of all the Addresses for all accounts.

How do I do this? I've tried a String Query in the Private Sub Form_Load() but it gives me errors, here that is:
sSQLQueryAddr = "SELECT tblLinkAccAdd.AccountID, tblLinkAccAdd.AddressID, tblAddress.* FROM tblAddress INNER JOIN tblLinkAccAdd ON tblAddress.AddressID = tblLinkAccAdd.AddressID WHERE (((tblLinkAccAdd.AccountID)=" & v_accountid & "))" (it's on one line in the code)
followed by:

DoCmd.SetWarnings False
DoCmd.RunSQL sSQLQueryAddr
DoCmd.SetWarnings True

Any ideas? Am I on the right track? Do I move this query elsewhere? The address form is made from a query -- querying the Address and address/account link table.

Oh, the v_accountid does have the correct value passed to it...

Please help , I'm going nuts here!! :confused:


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Populate Form2 With Form1's Subform Data

Feb 8, 2006

I have a form where a different form opens up when a user clicks a certain button. What Iím trying to do is assign a field value from form1's subform to a field on form2 and itís telling me "Run-time error Ď-2147352567 (80020009)í, You canít assign a value to this object." I'm new to VBA, but think I'm on the right track. Could someone please tell me what Iím doing wrong.

The code I'm using is: Me.txtStoreNo = [Forms]![frmCDRData4REF]![sfrmCDRData4REF].Form!txtStoreNo

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Requery Listbox On Form1 When Form2 Is Closed

Dec 12, 2006

What line of code do I need to requery a listbox on Form1 when I close Form2?

I'm pretty sure I need to put it in the OnClose Event of Form2, but I don't know how to reference the Listbox on Form1.


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Forms :: Populating Form2 Foreign Key Control With Primary Key From Form1

Sep 11, 2014

I am trying to get the Primary Key value from one form to auto-populate the foreign key value of a second form

I have tried the following code in both the second form's Load Event and the Foreign Key Control Got Focus Event but nothing doing...

Me.[NHS Number] = Forms![frm_Patient_Data_Entry]![NHS Number]

I am new to VBA so not sure of the referencing technique but have looked at the MVPS Form 'referencing' sheet to no avail.

I keep getting an error message (2450) MS Access cannot find the referenced form "frm_Patient_Data_Entry"

I have checked spelling throughout countless times so there must be something wrong with my referencing I guess.

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Forms :: Populate Combo Box Control On Form2 Depending On Form1 Which Opened It

Sep 6, 2013

I have a database of books. I have a combobox listing 3 different status W M R.

W is for Whats next to read, M is for more books too read and R for books read or reading now. I can enter a new book by calling up the add a book form from any of those 3 forms.

If I forget to enter a letter in the combo box then the book is lost to those 3 forms as what they see depends on that status letter and I have to go to the table and enter a letter from there.

I want to know if I can auto populate the field (W M R) depending on which form opened the add a book form.

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Modules & VBA :: Save Current Record In Form2 Before Enter And Send The Data To Form1

Dec 4, 2013

I have 2 form, form1 and form 2 (picture attached)

In Form 1
(main form) there are "reference" field with key pressed event
then call form 2 (list of reference that user can choose)

In form 2
the problem is, when "enter" key pressed (keypress event), selection will move to next record
so the data that transferred to form 1 is wrong (next record)

The question is : how to save current record in form 2 before enter and send the data to form 1

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Forms :: One Table Two Forms - Print Form2 Using Form1

Nov 24, 2014

I have a Lost/Found property database which we use to keep record of the lost/found property and its working fine.

The database has one table and two forms.

One form (LostFoundForm) is visible to the user in which they enter data, this form has two sections; Item(s) & Finder's details and the second section is about Restoring details.

However the second form (ClaimReceiptForm) is hidden to the users (for manual data entry) and has only one section which is exactly the same as the first form's first section, i.e., Item(s) & Finder's details. This second form takes the data automatically from the first form because the table behind them is same and fields are same (please see attachment). Up to here it's all working fine.

I would like to introduce a Checkbox or a CommandButton in the LostFoundForm which when we click should pull up a msgbox asking "Do you want to print the receipt for this item(s)?" with a Yes/No option. On clicking "No" it should, obviously, settle down but on clicking "Yes" it should print the "corresponding record" from the ClaimReceiptForm.

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Update Order Info Based On Quote Info

Nov 7, 2006

I need help on this, from what the best concept is, to what I need to look into using:

I store Quote data from phone calls into tblQuotes. There is a seperate table that holds much of the same information except that it is for actual orders called tblOrders.

As far as function goes, I have each working much the way I need it to except for one thing... If a sales person is on the phone with a customer with a quote already in the system, right now they re-enter the data into the Order table. Most times, the order is what was quoted, but maybe with a few small changes (so I will wnt to keep a historical record of the quote). How could I copy the contents of the quote recordset into the recordset for an order, where all the sales rep does from there is edit the quote to the actual order?

Would I use VBA or an update query that is executed via VAB? Honestly, I am unsure how to do this at all, I hope someone has seen this before and has a good suggestion...

Thank you.

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Input Info Into Word Documents Using Access Information

May 10, 2006

Hi. I have been asked to find out if it is possible to automatically insert info from a access database into some word documents that require the same info i.e. a title or reference number so that, for example, if the title is changed in the database it will automatically change in the associated word documents.

Is this even possible as I have no idea or can something similar be done?

Thanks for any ideas!

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How To Pull Records Based On Input And Input-1

Sep 22, 2015

I need to be able to query the service dates for the bill. So I can query 1509 for the .billYYMM and .readdate and it will give me the TO Date. How do I in the same query tell the query to subtract 1 from the BillYYMM that I just entered and give me the read date for that field in that query? So Query 1 MBRHISTDETL.BILLMOYR and in the criteria box use [Enter the Bill Month Year YYMM you want to search for] will allow me to run the query at any time for any bill month year that I enter. So another field in that query is MBRHISTDETL.READDATE. So to get the FROM date and the TO date i need the following MRBHISTDETL.BILLMOYR (whatever I enter as input) and MBRHISTDETL.READDATE that corresponds and then I need [MRBHISTDETL.BILLMOYR]-1 and MBRHISTDETL.READDATE. The first gives me the TO date and the 2nd gives me the FROM date?

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Report Showing Both ID Number And Field Info

Jan 3, 2013

I have an Access 2010 report that is pulled from a dedicated query. When i run the report, one of the fields pull the information in both the numerical ID number and the Field information. For example, the field in question is a field for "business type"......the report comes back in some lines as Manufacturer, Supplier, distributor, or contract. In other lines it comes back as either 1, 2, 3, 4...which is the ID number form the table. I have gone through all the properties and data source and can not figure out my the information is being returned so differently.

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Need Help With Updating Number In Tables (read Post For More Info)

Sep 13, 2007

I am new to Access, so bear with me.

I am using Access 2007.

I have 4 tables created, and they are breaking out information for recording files that are being created from a PBX.
The tables are created as thus:

Key:ext_id | extension

Key:loc_id | location

Key:f-type_id | filetype

Key: mass_id | filename | date | loc_id | ext_id | f-type_id

Now I have created the relationships between the tables for the various ID's. My issue is the following:

I will be automating this process, so when the data is imported to the various tables, I need the relevant keys from tbl_1 tbl_2 and tbl_3 to be added to tbl_4 when the new data is brought into the tables.

As to the process of importing the data, I was looking at using PHP to facilitate this. Any ideas, help or direction would be greatly appreciated. I have looked around the net for an idea of how to solve this, but, being so new, I am not exactly sure how to word the question.


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Return Info Based On Other Fields

May 3, 2006

Hi All

I have 2 formulas that work for me in excel. I hope to be able to replicate the result in Access.

I have the following in a field called PROBLEM STORE NAME:

I want these to be grouped as WOWPOS or ISS460 (if not WOWPOS), so return in field STORE TYPE as:
PROBLEM STORE NAME.............................STORE TYPE
SALE (DAY 1 - HD)............................................... ..ISS
Mt DRUITT (WOWPOS) (E)......................................WOWPOS
THE MALL (WOWPOS).......................................... ...WOWPOS
TOWN HALL (RF).............................................. ......ISS
LIVINGSTON........................................ ..................ISS
I use the following formula in Excel to achieve this when I export query results from Access:

I have a field VENDOR ID that may or may not contain ANY detail. If the cell is empty I need it to return N/A. If populated I need to return VENDOR CALL. The following formula achieves that for me in Excel:

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated



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Open Second Form Based On Info In First.

Feb 2, 2005

I have a Form1 that is based on a select query with a criteria [Enter PIN number]. When we enter the PIN it returns the correct result. I want to have a button that opens a second form based on the same PIN number entered to open the first (in fact there will be numerous forms I want opened based on this PIN).


Sidewalk - button
Curb X button
Tree - button
Hydrant X button

In the example above, only CURB and HYDRANT returned an entry. Therefore when I click on the button next to CURB I'd like the frmCurb to open showing the data based on the PIN numbered entered to open the From1, and when I click on the button next to HYDRANT it would open frmHydrant showing the data for HYDRANT based on the same PIN number entered to open the Form1.


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Link All Tables By Special Number Will Info Auto-populate?

Aug 20, 2013

I have a few questions about tables and forms joining, and auto-population of data.

If I join all 8 of my tables one to one to one to one to one, is that possible? That is my first question.

Secondly: If I have my RSN number that I'm using to track each record, is it possible that if I type in the number on a different form, and two of the fields are similar on every form that they will auto populate since the tables are joined?
And if they're filled out in one form, they should know that these were the fields we said were attached to this number it'll just appear? Is that a real thing?

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Append Query Based On Existing Info

Oct 6, 2005

Wow, seems like this is my favorite place in the world now.

My problem is that I need to append data from one table to another, on the condition that any of the fields in the record have changed since the last time the query ran.

For example,

tblEmployee has the fields 'EmployeeID', 'Name', 'Position', and 'Office'. We are appending to tblEmployeeHistory with the same fields in addition to a field for a date. When executed, the query should append the records where something has changed and attach today's date to them. This enables us to later use another query to call up old information based on the date.

Once again, this is a hypothetical situation and not my actual database. Any solution or comments are welcome.

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Filter A Database Based On Text Box Info

Nov 20, 2014

I want to filter a database based on the info typed into the text box, after this, clicking on the button search and filter the database..I have an issue in my code, because I know just how to filter it based on a field but not for all..The fields I have are: Batchnumber, ModelnumberID, OperadorID, Datet, TestResults, Units and Status

My code is:

Me.Filter = ""
Me.FilterOn = False


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More Info Button Based On Combo Box Selection

May 21, 2012

More Info" button based on Combo Box selection. I need to create a command button that can be used to see all of the data in the table for whatever name is selected in a combo box. For example, if John Smith is selected from the combo box, the user could click a "More Info" button, which will open a separate form showing all the data in the table for John Smith.

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Auto Insert Field Info Based Upon Combo Box

Mar 15, 2005

Someone once posted an database on how to do this but I was not able to see how they were able to automatically input the data into a text field.

I know how to do a combo box to query and input those results into a combo box but I am confused how they got the information from the combo box selection to automatically put the other variables into the testbox. They did this without using the dlookup command. In fact it was done without any code.

They showed how to do this automatically without code and with two other methods (one being dlookup). Can someone please help me if it is clearcut as I don't have too much time to search the forums for empty answers (believe me I have already wasted too much time) Thank You

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Report/letter Based On Info On Current Form

Feb 25, 2005

I have a booking form comprising of a main form which holds the person details, and a sub form which holds the details

of each course they book. I want to be able to produce a report/ letter from the current form (ie once a person has made a booking)

confirming that the booking has been made and giving a print of the details.

How I can produce a report based on just the current booking information just entered in the form?

Can anyone please give me some advice on this one, I know how to produce general reports but cannot see how to link one to a current form's data?



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Forms :: Auto Generate File Number Based On Number Of Records In Year

Jan 21, 2014

I have a form [IUDATA]

I have a add record button.

I have a date field [DATEIN]

I have a text field [DRPNO]

If the [DPRNO] field is empty, I would like the user to have the [DPRNO] field be automatically populated after the user enters a date.

I'd like the format of [DPRNO] to be "dpr YY-XXX"

YY is the year of the [DATEIN] field and
XXX is number of records in that year.

So for example, if it was the 4th record with a 2013 date the [DPRNO] would be dpr 13-004.

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General :: Adding A Path For Photo Based On Table Info

Nov 18, 2014

I have a form where I can add a new resident. It runs off a query that shows ID as null and has a button to add the data and refresh the form and query. I used to drop in OLE files but have since changed it to a linked image file. What I want to do is pull the info from the data that I input as a new resident.

Basically it means that any staff member can take a photo of the resident and put it in a folder and the database will point to that file.

The location is..."C:UsersRP"&[First Name]&" "&[Last Name]&".jpeg" First Name and Last Name are in the table already. I have tried using an append and an update query to no avail.

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Open Form Based On TableA / Add Info And Save Results To TableB

Dec 1, 2012

We have Cardiac Rehab patients that come 3 times a week (M-W-F). Once they are on program they stay there for 3 months. There are classes given hourly from 8am thru 6pm. There are 12 available slots per class. Right now this is being handled in Excel, but I thought I might improve things by putting it in Access.

The Excel "form" I built has fields for PatientName, MedicalNotes, DoctorName, and Notes. Because the names rarely move (a patient gets a slot and stays there) the user opens Excel, reviews the form to make sure no one cancelled-is out sick-etc, then prints the schedule. When the day is complete I have a macro that takes this information and saves it in a tablelike manner on another sheet. A dynamic pivot table references this info to give the user quick answers as to daily volume, etc.

The thing I can't get my head around is how to make this as easy in Access. My thought was I could have a PatientT, listing all of the fields mentioned above. I could have DailyF open, bound to PatientT, with additional unbound textboxes to add "today's date", cancellations or no shows, and then Save all of this in another table and print out the daily schedule.

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