Upload File Path To Access Database

Hi all,

Im working with DAP's and i need to have an upload button on one. I only need to store the file path and name into the database but i cant seem to do it.

Any sugestions?

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MS Word File Path > Access Database, Possible?

Hi All,

I have been trying to figure this out for ages but I cant seem to get the code right or find any info on it.

In my database i have a mail merge on a button click which creates a new merged word document. I then need a way of when the user saves the document in word, bringing back the file path and putting it in a table called tblHistory with the correct customer ID in there too.

Any help appreciated



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Using Access To Login To Ssl Web Service And Upload File - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

I have a web site i need to go to on a regular basis, login, click a browse button select the local file to upload and then im done. WOuld there be a way of doing that in access vba?

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Adding FTP Upload File Capability To Sweep Function In Microsoft Access

Hi Folks,

I have created a file sweeping program in Microsoft Access via VBA in a few modules. The program simply reads certain files in certain directories, and determines if, when, and where to copy those files based on certain user inputs.

One of the features I would like to add would be to upload the files that meet that criteria to a conventional FTP server requiring a username and password. However, the last few days of research all tells me that it is not possible to perform FTP functions in Microsoft Access or in VBA.

I am just wondering if that statement is really true? I figure the worse case is that windows has its own version of FTP.exe that you can execute in a DOS window ... would one be able to perhaps create a command line execution via VBA? Any simple ideas or is it not worth the trouble trying to FTP upload some files via Microsoft Access with VBA?

Thank you very much,


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Split Database: Back End File Path (via Vba)

Hey guys,

How can I change the tables' splitted file path via vba?

Ex.: c: ables.mdb -> c:ew path ables.mdb

thank you.

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Variable Representing Database File Path - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I'd like to find out dynamically what my file path is to the db I'm using so that if someone changes its folder, then it doesn't crash when talking with other files. How can I get the file path to a db dynamically?

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File Upload To A Directory

hello good day. hope im inthe right place.
can someone point out to me if there is a way to do a file upload using ms access 2003 and not just stor the file path...thanks

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Path/File Access Error - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Hi guys,

I'm running a module that loops through a record set and creates a text file per record. Once the file is complete, it gets copied to a network folder. At the start of the module, I check that the connection is open (it's through a VPN).

The file copy is:

FileCopy strFileName, strCopyFile

What's annoying me is that, intermittently, I'll get a Path/File access error - yet the file has been copied. I added in a debug statement of:

Debug.Print Err.Number & " " & Err.Description & " From: " & strFileName & " To: " & strCopyFile

and got

75 Path/File access error From: D:Testfolderwpa_239.xml To: Y:folderwpa_239.xml

This one happened to be the eighth file out of 13. The eight files had arrived where they were supposed to, so I don't get what's going on.

Can anyone shed any light on this, 'cos I don't know whether to ignore this error and move on or cause it to stop processing.

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Reading Active Path Of Access Application To Open An Excel File - Version: 2000 (9.0)

We are about to do a demo of an application and we just needed a way that when we copy a db onto a CD that it looks in the ActiveFolder Path of the Access Database for an Excel File. When we specify the full length of the file in the str Argument it dinds it just fine.

How can we change str in the code to read the CurrentDB folder path plus the document named Quote_Template_File.xls so it runs like it odes in Production.


Dim str As String

str = "X:TestSDS_DB" & "Quote_Template_File.xls"

If FileAlreadyOpen(str) Then
MsgBox " The Short Quote is Open Please close and try again", vbOKOnly, "Error!"
Exit Sub
End If
Dim strSQL As String
Dim db As DAO.Database
Dim qdf As DAO.QueryDef

Set db = CurrentDb
Set qdf = db.QueryDefs("A_SUBMISSION")
& "WHERE Submission_ID= Forms!Frm_Submissions!Text193"

Set qdf = Nothing
Set db = Nothing
DoCmd.DoMenuItem acFormBar, acRecordsMenu, acSaveRecord, , acMenuVer70
Me!Combo9 = Me!Text193
DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, 8, "A_SUBMISSION", str, True, ""

FollowHyperlink str
Exit Sub

MsgBox Error$

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Linking A Database To Access On Network Path Level

Hi there,

I want to link an excel sheet to my database but I dont want to link the location with a drive letter but instead linking the network address. How can this be achieved?

In addition, I want to startup application with a command line in a access macro and used this line but it doesnt work.

\Tgsshs11data.nl.post.comocc&sqa$OPS_ProcessesReportsAwkward est.txt

In general how can you work in access with network path strings?

best regards,


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Linking A Database To Access On Network Path Level

Hi there,

I want to link an excel sheet to my database but I dont want to link the location with a drive letter but instead linking the network address. How can this be achieved?

In addition, I want to startup application with a command line in a access macro and used this line but it doesnt work.

\Tgsshs11data.nl.post.comocc&sqa$OPS_ProcessesReportsAwkward est.txt

In general how can you work in access with network path strings?

best regards,


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VPN And Icon With Path To Access Database - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I am trying to open an Access database via an icon on the desktop that when the icon is double clicked should open the access database on a remote server through a VPN. With Windows XP Service Pack 1a loaded it is no problem but with WIndows Service Pack 2 loaded nothing happens when the icon is double clicked. Anybody got any ideas?

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Word Path > Access Database, Someone Must Know The Answer To - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Hey all,

I have searched high and low for information on this and have tried various bits of code but am not having much luck.

Basically what i need to do is when a mail merge is created from my database (this is already working), i need to get the save path of the word document back into the Access Database to put into a table with a hyperlink field.

This way the user can access newly merged documents from the database.

Someone must know the answer, the code I am currently using is :

Dim WordObj As Word.Application
Dim Link As String

Set WordObj = GetObject("", "Word.Application")
If Err.Number > 0 Then
'word not open
Link = WordObj.ActiveWindow.Document.Name
MsgBox Link
End If

Please any help is appreciated as I am completely stuck!!


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Automatic Import Of Excel File From A Specified File Path - Version: 2000 (9.0)

Is there a code I can write in access where at the click of a button, an excel file could be imported from a specified file path and appended unto an existing table in access.

e.g. I have 5 different excel files in path C:Project each representing files from different country i.e. Slovenia, Mexico, Brazil, kenya and Angola. VBA has been written in excel such that files are automatically saved in the following format "shortname of country"_"PreviousMonth"&"current year" e.g. If i'm processing in July, Slovenia's file would have been saved as SLO_June2006.

I want a code i can write in access such that when a processor chooses which country shortname he/she intends to process at the main menu in July and clicks the button "Process", access goes to the file path C:Project and picks up the file of the shortname. I also need access to be able to know that the correct file to be picked up is the one for the previous month if there are more than one file for the country in that file path.

Thanks so much.

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FileCopy Getting "file/path Access Error" - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

I have a db that is going to copy a link onto the citrix desktop of specific users.

Here is the bit if code I can't get to work. I keep getting there error "file/path access error".
Code: FileCopy "T:SWPFSouthwest Premium Finance Company.lnk", "L:Documents and Settings

If I use the .bat below, it works.
Code: Copy "T:SWPFSouthwest Premium Finance Company.lnk" "L:Documents and Settings

I have tried using the UNC, but it makes no difference. I have full rights, plus the .bat works, so I don't think this is a network issue.

Am I missing something stupid? I don't see why this is not working.


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Error 75 - Path/File Access Error - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I am getting Error 75 - Path/File Access Error on the following code...

Name strOldName As strNewName

strOldName = "\SeverNameShareNameECO IndexingWork Folderks1981.PDF"
strNewName = "\ServNameShareNameECO IndexingECO73459.PDF"

It is only happening on this one file currently, and I am unsure why this is happening and how to fix it!

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Path/File Access Error (Error 75) - Version: 2000 (9.0)

Anybody have any other options on how to delete a dir on C: drive..?

I'm having an issue with this:

If fIsFileDIR("C:DBIMAGES", vbDirectory) = True Then

RUNTIME ERROR 75: "Run-time error 75: path/file access error." This error occurs when a program is installed on a network and the user does not have rights to the program directory. For the program to work properly on a network, users must be given rights by the network administrator......

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Path/File Access Error: "VB4.tmp"

All I am trying to do is import a Report from one MS Access db into another.

When I do this I get the following error:
"Path/File access error :"VB4.tmp"
Press okay and then I get this . . .
"Name conflicts with existing module, project, or object librabry.
Press okay and then I get this . . .
"No Current Record"

Any ideas??

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Excel To Access Upload

Hi All,

I have an existing database in access now I need to add records (10000 rows) in this table from excel. When I try to do an import from Excel to Access it gives me an error.
Please Help!!

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Upload CSV Data To Access

I have converted 6 Excel spreadsheets to one CSV text document distinguished by their sheetnames. Where I am stuck is trying to import that CSV file into 6 separate tables in my Access database. Does anyone have any ideas how to do this using VBA. I am still a newbie at this, so any help would be appreciated.

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1st Upload Access DB And Pages

I've uploaded a test dbase and pages created in access but when I try to view the page I get and so do other people the following:

Data Access Pages has detected that your security settings will not allow you to access data from a site considered to be insecure.......

Then the page goes on to tell you how to change your settings to get round this little problem.

Is there anything that can be done to the DB/Pages or server side to stop this happening??



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Upload Data From Excel To Access

Hi all,

I have an access mdb file and just added a new field to one of the tables.

I also have several spreadsheets with bits of information that I would like to use to update the newly created field for each record.

Not sure what is the best way to approach this. Can I use a query that will look into the spreadsheet and copy the specified cell to the newly created field using an if statement? or

Do I need to get all data into a table and upload as a new table in Access then use query to update the records?

Please keep in mind that I do not wish to append new records, I need to update existing ones.

The above represents my thoughts on how to approach this task, I would appreciate any help.

I must also state that I am totally new to access and would appreciate as much detail as is possible in the response(s).


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How To Upload Data From Ms-Exell Ms-Access Table Automatically?

I am Oracle Guy & new to Ms-Access. I want to load the data from Ms-Exell into Table in Ms-Access automatically through Procedure / Macros. How to do this process?. Help me, if anyone knows.


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Get Path Of File

I have a button that allows a user to select a file using the windows select file dialog using the following code:

Dim fd As FileDialog
Set fd = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker)

With fd
.Title = "Select A Text file to Import"
.Filters.Add "Text File", "*.txt"
.FilterIndex = 1
.AllowMultiSelect = False
.InitialFileName = CurrentProject.path
result = .Show
If (result <> 0) Then
Me!txt_path = Trim(.SelectedItems.Item(1))
End If
End With

Is there a way that I can capture the path of the file they select in a separate text box?



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Specify Path To File With UNC

I went to the Microsoft knowledge base (304408) and found a routine that automatically logs off users with a short warning. It works fine, but depends on the presence or absence of a small text file which is named chkfile.ozx. The file is referenced in a form timer function as follows:

Dim StrFilename as String
strfilename = Dir("c:MyDirectorychkfile.ozx")

The function then tests for its presence and does its thing. You trigger the logoff by going in as sysop and changing the name of the file so it is no longer found.

The problem I have is that on the network, I use the backend file on the network and different users map different letters to it. I get around this by linking using UNC eg. \ServerNameSYSData_be.mdb.

I put the chkfile.ozx into this directory since all users presumably have access to it.

I tried changing the trigger function to

strfilename = Dir("\ServerNameSYSchkfile.ozx")

but the program doesn't recognize the presence of the file. When I map it as "F:SYSchkfile.ozx" it works, but since all users will not be mapped to "F", it really isn't a solution.

Does anyone know the proper syntax to include in the Dir method for UNC naming?

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File Path Help


I nave a code which allows the user to upload a file to a folder "images". I want to be able to record the filename and path in a table called "attachments". But I am not sure how. Can anyone help

Private Sub Command0_Click()

Dim FD As FileDialog
Dim Name As String
Dim Name2 As String
Dim Pathx As String
Dim Path As String
Pathx = Me.Application.CurrentProject.Path & "Images"
Path = Me.Application.CurrentProject.Path
Set FD = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker)
Dim vrtSelectedItem As Variant
With FD
.AllowMultiSelect = False
'Add a filter that includes GIF and JPEG images and make it the second item in the list.
.Filters.Add "PDF", "*.pdf, 1"

'Sets the initial file filter to number 2.
'.FilterIndex = 2

If .Show = -1 Then
For Each vrtSelectedItem In .SelectedItems
Name = Dir(vrtSelectedItem, vbSystem)
Name2 = Pathx & Name
If Name2 = vrtSelectedItem Then
FileCopy vrtSelectedItem, Pathx & Name
End If

Next vrtSelectedItem

End If
End With
Set FD = Nothing

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Path Of The Db File

How can i let a db find out the folder path, without its own file name, and save it in a variable?


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Get File Name From Path

Returns a filename from a path. For example, calling this function with a value of:


would return:


Sub GetNameFromPath ()
' ==============================================
' Example code for GetNamePart()
' ----------------------------------------------
' Returns the file name of the specified file.
' ==============================================
Dim strFullPath As String
Dim strName As String


strName = GetNamePart(strFullPath)

MsgBox "The file name is " & strName

End Sub

Function GetNamePart(strIn As String) As String
' Comments : Returns the name and extension of a fully qualified file name
' Parameters: strIn - path and name to parse
' Returns : file name + extension
Dim intCounter As Integer
Dim strTmp As String

For intCounter = Len(strIn) To 1 Step -1
If Mid(strIn, intCounter, 1) <> "" Then
strTmp = Mid(strIn, intCounter, 1) & strTmp
Exit For
End If
Next intCounter

GetNamePart = strTmp

End Function

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Get File Path

Returns the path part of a string

Returns a path part of a path/filename string. For example, calling this function with a value of:


would return:


Sub GetFilePath ()
' ==============================================
' Example code for GetPathPart()
' ----------------------------------------------
' Returns the path of the specified file.
' ==============================================
Dim strFullPath As String
Dim strPath As String

strPath = GetPathPart(strFullPath)
MsgBox "The path name is " & strPath

End Sub

Function GetPathPart(strPath As String) As String
' Comments : Returns the path part of a string
' Parameters: strPath - string to parse
' Returns : path part
Dim intCounter As Integer

For intCounter = Len(strPath) To 1 Step -1
If Mid(strPath, intCounter, 1) = "" Then
Exit For
End If
Next intCounter

GetPathPart = Left(strPath, intCounter)

End Function

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Create An Automated Procedure To Export Access Tables To XML And Then Upload To Web

Hi I'm not sure if i am posting this in the correct area but i'm guessing that since i am starting of in access this is the best place to start.

I am wonderin if it is possible to create an automated procedure that will export several access tables into XML format and then using a server upload them into a SQl Server database.

The reason for this is I want to keep the information on the website as up to date as possible whice means taking the data from the access and firing it accross. currently we have a procedure in place that we run to create the xml documents and then i run a ASP script that deletes the SQL table and then creates a new one using the xml, this is quite timely and means the website is not consistently up to date.

can any of you think of a way for me to automate this procedure and to make it more effecient.

any and all help is greatly appreciated.


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File Browser To Specify PATH Only

i am using file browser to save a file in MS ACCESS forms. However, i want another file browser to allow the user to specify the folder he wants, then from the folder he selects, i will generate a series of codes. Any advice on How can tat be done?


FT :)

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Code To Upload Access Data To Mysql Server On Web? - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

I would like to have an access database loaded onto a few laptops that go out into the field. when they come back with their data I want them all to be able to upload their new data to a mysql database on the web. is this overly complicated?

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File Path - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Dear all :
1- I want some thing to brows the file any file
2- and after browsing the file >>> selecting the file needed!!!!
3- after selecting the file I don't want to open the file
What I want :
I want to save (the path of the file to variable ) or text box
The variable will hold
Dim MyFilePath as string
MyFilePath = "D:MyExcelbook.xls"
Thank you

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