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Using Variables In A Form To Reference Table Field Names

I am working on an form (using Access 2000 and VBA) that stores registration information, along with events that were attending, in a table and later retrieves that same information from the table to display the regist. info, events attended, and allows the user to change any current info along with adding new/recently attended events to each record.
I am currently allowing a max of six events, along with event details, to be stored and I am running through six different if statements to match the Event_List (name of the combo box that contains "Event 1 Event 2...Event 6") to the appropreiate information in the table. I have started to simplify the code to remove the redundancy by running a Do While to to find the correct Event by using an integer variable that starts at 1 and is incremented until it matches the 7th character (the number portion) of the Event chosen from the Event_List. After this I want to use that integer variable to say what event information in the table to gather. My problem is this: I have tried many different varieties of the following code and I am unable to make it work. I had never used Access up until a week and a half ago, and a few days ago I went and bought the book "Access VBA Programming for Dummies" but it doesn't help for this problem. Here's part of the code:

Variables (Event_Name, PMT, Receipt, Payment_Type, PIF) refer to Form textboxes while the variables in the [] refer to table field names.

'------Code I'm Currently Working On-------
Dim intX As Integer
Dim EventVal As Integer
Dim strX As String

intX = 1
EventVal = Val(Mid(Event_List, 7, 1))
Do While EventVal <> intX And intX < 6
intX = intX + 1

strX = str(intX)
Dim E_Name As String
Event_Name = [Event strX ]
PMT = [PMT strX]
Receipt = [Receipt strX]
Payment_Type = [Payment Type strX]
PIF = [Paid In Full strX]

'-----Old Code That I'm trying to simplify-------
If Event_List = "Event 1" Then
Event_Name = [Event 1]
PMT = [PMT 1]
Receipt = [Receipt 1]
Payment_Type = [Payment Type 1]
PIF = [Paid In Full 1]
Camp_Site = [Camp Site 1]
Cabin_Number = [Cabin Number 1]
ElseIf Event_List = "Event 2" Then
Event_Name = [Event 2]
PMT = [PMT 2]
Receipt = [Receipt 2]
Payment_Type = [Payment Type 2]
PIF = [Paid In Full 2]
Camp_Site = [Camp Site 2]
Cabin_Number = [Cabin Number 2]
ElseIf Event_List = "Event 3" Then
Event_Name = [Event 3]
PMT = [PMT 3]
Receipt = [Receipt 3]
Payment_Type = [Payment Type 3]
PIF = [Paid In Full 3]
Camp_Site = [Camp Site 3]
Cabin_Number = [Cabin Number 3]


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Update Field Based On A Reference Table
I would like to update two fields [Category] and [ProdType] in tblAccum based on a reference table.

The reference table is tblReference and contains the fields [Code], [Category] and [ProdType].

tblReference example of field values:

Code Category ProdType
A Blank Accessory
BS Blank Blank Stock
O Printed Offset

So if the Code field in tblAccum has a value of O then based on the tblReference table the Category value would be Printed and the ProdType value would be Offset.

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Reference A Field On Parent Form From The Child Form

how do i reference a field on the parent form from the child form e.g.

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Use Form With Duplicate Field Names
Hi Again everyone,

I have a form say with 20 text boxes. I would like to have these text boxes indexed for earier access etc. So I would have them listed like so....

TxtBox(2) and so on......

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Is There A Way To Alphabetize Table Field Names When You Look At Them In Design Mode?
Other than manually moving fields in a table in design mode, can I get the fields alphabetized?


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Form Event (Before And After Update) Copy Form/Field Value To Another Table/Field

I thank you in advance for considering this inquiry.

From within a Form.field (based on a master table query), I desire to trigger two events; one before update and one after update.

This function will serve to document specific form.field value changes to a "log" table for review prior to being committed back to the master table.

What I'm looking for are functions, which I can use in a Macro or VBA code to facilitate a field read and copy before change and a read and copy after change triggering.

I'm sure this is absurdly simple.

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SQL Pass Through Form Variables
I know this is probably obvious but how do I pass through form variables to sql server I currently have:

exec QStudent @_param_cmbYear="0708", @_param_SelID="S", @_param_SelForename="d", @_param_SelSurname="S"

this executes correctly SelID being a student ID or partial ID also allowing for surname forename partial search. I thought it would just be:

exec QStudent @_param_cmbYear=[Forms]![Attendance and Lateness Main]![cmbYear], @_param_SelID="S", @_param_SelForename="d", @_param_SelSurname="S"

to switch acad year to a form variable and repeat for the others but it errors on trying to save the pass through. Thanks for the help.

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Can Variables Be Used In A Form Control??
hi all, Newbie to access and am making an asset tracking database for work. I have written a sub that opens a hidden form and queries it. I want to get a value from that hidden form and stick it into a combo box on my origianl form. I have got most things to work. The problem i am having is using a variale in a control form i.e. [forms]![ & strVar & ]![Field] here is the code i have so far
Private Sub Form_Search(strFname As String, strField As String, strFField As String, strWhere_Next As String)
Dim strWhere As String
strWhere = strField & " = " & "" & strFField & ""
strWhereA = "[Forms]![" & strWhere_Next & "]![ALLOCATEDTO]"
DoCmd.OpenForm strFname, acNormal, , strWhere, , acHidden
Me.ALLOCATEDTO.Value = strWhereA
DoCmd.Close acForm, strFname

the strWhereA shows the correct field but is shown as [Forms]![Formname]![ALLOCATEDTO] in my combobox, not the actual value of that form. Please help. I know this is probably a simple syntax error but am now at my wits end!!!

Thanks in advance!

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Using A Form For Criteria Variables
I have a table Names containing Recnum and Last Name. I have a table Grades including Recnum, Names and Grades. I have a Report which Through a query Reports the grades and averages for each name. I would like to be able to query for an individual name using an entry form. How do I get the name from the form into the Criteria in the query grid.

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Different Text, Same Variables - Form/Reports

I'm planning to add a "document creater" to my (Webhost) CRM-db.

The documents contains mostly the same variables, like domains, customer info, etc. But the text and headings can vary a great deal.

The documents I want to generate is for example, domain transfer, domain deletion, closure, etc.

The best I can come up with is different forms for each document connected to the same table/query. A type-var selects with form to open.

Is there a better way of doing this? "writing" the text with vba?

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Field Names
If 2 tables have a field named 'EmployeeID' (for example), are you screwed when it comes to queries and vba, as far as selecting fields / specifying data goes?

Thank you!

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Field Names
I need an opinion. I'm new to access so I'm really lost I have to create a database consisting of 20 clients. Then they gave me 4 steps I had to accomplish:

Create a total of all account balances, so the total number of recievables are known.

For each account, calculate the number of days each balance has been outstanding.

Classify the account into 4 groups three late (30,60,90 days overdue) and one current (under 30 days), Total the amount of outstanding recievables for each catagory.

Sort using number of days balance is outstanding as primary sort key and outstanding balance as the second sort key.

My question is should I make a field called Days overdue and a separate one for outstanding balance. It also seems they want me to do calculations in the table. I thought that was not an excepted taboo? Are the 4 goals possible to accomplish in access? Please give me some help!

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Reference A Field By Date
I have a large table that is appended daily. I need to be able to specify two dates, a start and an end, and pull only the records in the table with those dates. There will be two records for each account number, one from the specified start date and one from the specified end date. I then need to calculate the difference between a value in a single field from the end date and a value from the same field from the start date. DLookUp will not work because there is an input parameter. How could I accomplish this task?

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Reference A Field On A Subform
I have 10 fields on a subform. they are named value1 to value10 consecutively. I would like to loop thru them, and get their values to use in subsequent events. I tried the following to reference them...

Dim iLoop as integer
Dim fldVal as control
Dim ItemValue as string

For iLoop = 1 to 10
fldVal = ("Forms![Form 1]![Subform 1]!value" & iLoop)
ItemValue = fldVal
Next iLoop

I also tried a couple of other variations, but cannot get this **** thing to work. Any help would be appreciated.

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Reference Query Field
I have a form bound to a query. The query result has a field that I would like to reference, however I do not want the field on my form. Is there a way to reference a field in the query results that is not on the form?

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Send A Content Of Unbound Field In A Form To A Field In The Table
in my form I created an unbound field with a requested combination, now how can I put those in a table field.
in other words, how can I send the content of a form's unbound field to a field in the table?

your help is very appreciated.


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