Nov 17, 2007

I have a small problem and think I have found the answer but still would like some info on it. I have a DB that was created in Access XP, One of the bosses upgrades to Office 07 full version, and only has Access 07 on his machine. The DB would not open for him..... I noticed the reference "Missing" to "Utility" Now when I open it on my laptop it's fine.... I have Office 03, Access 03 and Access 07. So I opened an old sample DB of something I found and I got the same reference error.... As it shows the path I found the "Utility.mda" and set the reference. From my searching it sounds like this "Utility.mda" was something on older versions but now is not on Office 07.... So what exactly was the "Utility.mda" what did it do, and why is it now gone???

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Utility File

May 1, 2006


im trying to fix an access program on a computer for a friend.

I have re-installed the progam and access 2000 runtime perfectly but several errors are stopping the program running. On my computer i have carried out the exact same installation procedure and it works fine. I am therefore thinking that there must be some sort of problem with his computer config.

After quite a bit of trial and error i have found the following.

In the directory of the program there exists a file called 'UTILITY', which says it is a type 'Microsoft Access Add-In'. What exactly could this file be for? It consists of several modules and tables which seem to relevant to the program. On my computer i can go into the utility file and look at the tables ok.

On the problem computer though i can get into the file but when i try to open the tables i get an error that just says 'Unknown'.
Also after a while access then completely crashes and wants to send a report to microsoft.

Also the program has worked perfectly up until lately but no idea why this has changed.


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How Can I Tell If FE Is Corrupted? Error With JET Utility.

Apr 12, 2006

The FE of my database has been crashing during the last week and there have been a few other problems. I got errors saying that the BE was an 'unrecognised format'. I remember getting a 'not a valid bookmark' error also.

Another odd thing that was happening - when I put breakpoints in my code it was not breaking and stepping through it. It was like they weren't there. I realise now that editing the code while it was in break mode may have caused problems.

I didn't realise these issues were signs of corruption (until I started reading up on the subject and searching this forum) so have no idea when it started or what could be corrupt.

I used the compact and repair facility and it seemed to work fine. I can open all the forms and reports. I also decompiled the FE and it hasn't crashed since but I don't know if the problem is completly solved. From what I've read the problem could get much worse if I don't deal with it now.

The reason that I think that there may still be a problem is teh fact that the JEt compact utility will not work. I just get an error saying 'Error compacting database' straight away.

Is there a way to tell if something is corrupt or am I worring unnecessarily?

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How To Track Utility Bills???

Jan 24, 2007

I'm interested in tracking monthly utility bills....monthly charges, units/volumes, costs per unit and so on, by monthly date. Would I be OK using a single table for my data, since it only involves gas, electric and water each month? How would I chart the data, so I could see trends (i.e., cost per volume, etc.)

Are there any sample projects out there that I might be able to adapt to what I'm interested in?

I'd be most appreciative if anyone has a comment, idea or suggestion. Thanks in advance!!

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2007 Ribbon Utility....

Jun 20, 2007

Has anyone used this tool for customizing ribbons? http://pschmid.net/index.php
Looks like it might be a time saver.... But no examples actually showing Access.

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Utility To Search For Tables?

Dec 14, 2005


Totally new to access and was wondering if there is a way to search all queries, forms, macros, etc for references to a particular table. For instance, I am adding keys to some existing tables that do not have keys and want to test all the forms where that table is used.

Its a big database and going through form by form will take a long time.



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Question About Auto FE Update Utility

Dec 28, 2006


I have added this to my database but dont see how it would be used. I have a shortcut people use to access the database which ties in my workgroup file infomation so that they can open it.

Now when I send the MDE file to people they get the "dont have permission" typical response.

Now if people are goin to use the shortcut to the either my .mdb or .mde then couldnt I just make adjustments to those and then replace the file on the shared network?

Am I missing something or not seeing how this would be useful or needed?

Thanks for any insight.

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Modify Bob Larsons FrontEnd BackEnd AutoUpdate Utility

Nov 22, 2007

Hello everyone,

I was looking for a great way to link and relink BackEnd to FrontEnd and I sort of found it.
Bob larson build a great extensive tool to autoupdate backend en master frontend. You can find his great post here: http://www.access-programmers.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=111132&highlight=back+end

Here is my problem or wish is more appropriate.

I just want to relink the backend and if the backend isnt found I want to select it using the filedialog.

Who can help me...
Perhaps you can Bob???

I included the file

I realy hope that you can help me guys.

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