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Vacation Scheduler

There are some ideas floating around these forums on "booking" databases and whatnot, but I have a bit of a different twist with what I am trying to accomplish.

I am trying to develop at database that will allow users to log in and schedule their vacations. I have 2 tables at the moment tblEmployees and tblVacations. In the tblEmployees table you have:

EmployeeID (autonumber)
EmployeeName (text)
HireDate (date)
weekseligible (text)

the weekseligible field will be entered manually and be between 3 to 6 weeks of total possible vacation weeks.

The tblVacations has the following fields:

ID (autonumber)
weekofyear (date field with week starting sunday for all 52 weeks)

Only 4 people can take vacation any one week of the year. The vacation fields will be combo boxes where an employee can select their name from a query based on the employees table.

What i need to happen is to prevent someone from scheduling more weeks than their weeks eligible - I have no idea how to do this. My guess is there should be someway to do this using queries and somesort of a count function, but I am having a hard time getting started.

any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

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Vacation Calendar

I was wondering if there was a way to make a calendar in Access 2003? I work in a group of 60 employees and we track their vacation, and personal days in a web-based application. The web-based application is going away, as it it no longer supported. Could I use Access to create a calendar for the 60 employees and have it require a user name and password for them to log into the database to look at what vacation they have?

Would Visual Basic or C++ be a better program for this?



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Employee Vacation Tracking
My computer crashed and I lost my employee vacation tracking database.

Does anyone have an Excel spreadsheet or other tracking method they could share please? I really don't have time to build a new database.

Thank you for your help.

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About 2 years agao I created a FABTASTIC database in Access that was scheduled to run each day. Since then I have move companies and now can't remember for the life of me how to create this in Microsoft Scheduler. I can get it to open Access, but not a specific .mdb and not a specific Macro

Please Help


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Time Scheduler

I just returned from quite a long trip browsing and searching the forums, but I am unable to find anything that could help me. Some things were more or less related, but most weren't close enough.

I have a classroom and this classroom is full of computers. People can make reservations on those computers and generally do so ;-) I want to be able to get rid of the silly excel-spreadsheet I am using now to schedule these computers and people. People can come whenever they like and stay for a fixed number of hours (generally anyway ;-) ).

What I want is:
- to be able to store the people's personalia (no problem)
- to be able to assign the people to computers on certain dates and certain times (no problem)
- to check whether the people can actually use a computer (whether one is available). This is more difficult, I guess, but I think I can do this
- to be able to see 'at a glance' who is scheduled to come for today (or this week and at what time. (Let's say I want the computers in columns and the time in the rows, per half an hour). I'll try and draw a picture below this post). I have no idea whether this is humanly possible. I don't mind spending some time with it. First I would like to hear your thoughts about before I pursue this project...

So, any input about this is welcome. I am sure I must have missed some relevants posts on this forum here, so please feel free to submit any links or search queries to help me...

Also, your thoughts about this are much appreciated, especially about the overview table.

Thanks in advance!

| |comp 1|comp 2|comp 3|comp 4|
|10:00 |John | | | |
|10:30 |John |Maria| | |
|11:00 | |Maria| | |
|11:30 | etc |Maria| | |
|etc | etc | etc | | |

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Appointment Scheduler

I'm creating a medical journal for privat home use.
Is there anyone that know about a free appointment scheduler preferable in Access 2003 format?
Or how should I solve this?


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Room Scheduler
I want to build a room scheduler. Before I get too far in to my first attempts, does anyone know if there any examples out there I can use to give me ideas?

If not I wonder can anyone advise me as to a difficulty I currently can see with what my attempts so far. I have built a very basic database with fields for each room and time slots through each day. This works ok. The problem I see is finding a way of setting a room booked for say "every Thursday between 14.00 and 15:00". I have considered using a query to do it but cannot see how to formulate it.

Thanks in advance for any help you may offer.


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Maintenance Scheduler
Morning guys and gals

I am trying to create a sceduling calendar for my department which displays given events day by day.
I have created this using subforms for each day and a combo box to select the month.
For display purposes it works fine but I am having a little difficulty with the functionality.
I want to be able to click into any of the subforms, and depending on whether there is data within, open a specific document.
1)If there is an item in the schedule the I want to open a report filtered for that date.
2)If the day is blank then I want to open a form to input an item. (This works but I cannot get the date to pre-fill)
I have created a seperate piece of code to do this but it doesn't want to work. It may be because my knowledge of VB isn't what it was or it may be that I am completely barking up the wrong tree.
Hopefully someone can have a look and let me know where I am going wrong.


Private Sub OpenCalRep(date1 As Date)
If date1 = Null Then
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmmaintenance", , , , acFormAdd
Forms!frmmaintenance.txtDate = Forms!frmcalsite.txtDate
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptmaintenance", acViewPreview, , "Tables!tblmaintenance.txtdate" = "forms!frmcalmain.sf1.form!txtdate"
End If

End Sub

I realise that there is no counter to increment the subform name yet (SF1, SF2, etc) but I want to get the code to work for just the first box initially so I know that I'm heading in the right direction.

This code is the prefilled from the subform by using:

Private Sub SF1_Enter()
OpenCalRep (Forms!frmcalmain.SF1.Form!txtDate)
End Sub

I realise that there is no counter to increment the subform name yet (SF1, SF2, etc) but I want to get the code to work for just the first box initially so I know that I'm heading in the right direction.



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Creating Job's Using Scheduler In Access
Does anybody know how to schedule in access like sql. Like a "job" in sql server?

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Creating Jobs Using Scheduler In Access
Does anybody know how to schedule in access like sql. Like a "job" in sql server?

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Windows Task Scheduler, Access Is Left Running
WHen I used Windows task scheduler to start my application, and then close the application normally, the application closes but Access is left running, still visible in the task bar. The only way I can get it to close is by using task manager to kill it. I found an old KB article ( # 246953) that hints that this (or something like it) is a known bug in Access 2000 but supposedly was resolved by an Office 2000 service pack 2. But I am already running Windows XP, SP2. Anyone else having this problem? Any workarounds?

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The Dreaded "Vacation Accrual" Queston.
Please bear with me.

I'm fairly new to access, and have learned much in the past three weeks I've been "learning" how to use it.

I was simply sick of the process that was going on at my place of business where I'm a Manager (I've been there for about 3 months). We keep about 10 Excel forms for the different pieces of information (production numbers and such) we keep for each individual in the department. There are 115 people, 3 shifts working 24 hours a day. Each morning I would go in and open each excel file to analyze what happened the day before.

We're also tracking an individual's days off, tardiness, quality... you name it.

I finally decided it was time for a database... I had worked with them in the past, but I had never actually "built" one. I've actually knocked out a significant portion of what needs to be done, and I'm proud of my product thus far... except for one thing:

Vacation accrual is "kicking my posterior"!

I've searched these forums (finding some answers, most of which I don't understand), but I almost need to be handed the answers. My other struggles I've overcome with the help of these very forums and Google.

I'll lay out our policy and what I need and hopefully someone can help me. As I learn access (and I will!), maybe one day I could come back here and help someone else that may be in need.

Our policy is as follows:

90 Days to be eligible for accrual.

1-3 years of service - 6.67 Hours a Month (10 Day a year or 80 Work Hours... all the same, and whichever makes things easier)
4-7 years of service 10 hours a month (same deal as above as 15 days or 120 work hours)
+8 years -13.33 hours a month (blah blah)

The hours do NOT carry over, they are all use it or lose it. I can make manual entries when necessary, so it doesn't have to be all "automatic".

Like I said, the searching I've done has come up with some things, but not in the language I yet understand. I do know "modules" and some expressions, but the more that could be "spelled out" the better.

I've got your (what I consider) normal Employee fields, and would like to use something like "DateStarted" as a beginning point, but I'm open to anything.

Thank you VERY much in advance for any help that can be given. This has stalled my project almost a week trying to figure out a solution!

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