Where Did My Snap To Grid GO?

I have Grid X and Grid Y set at 24. Usually I see dots all over my forms.... which allows me to snap controls to the grid. Today I only see large boxes instead?

Did I change some setting?


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Open Snap Shot - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP


Can i have a piece of code to sit behind a button on a form that'll open a Snapshot document?

The Snapshot document is Called "Costs.snp" and it sits on "C:Docs"


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Convert Microsoft Snap Viewer To A PDF File - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Does anyone know of a way I can convert Microsoft Snap viewer to a PDF file.

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Make A Form Snap To A Specific Location When Moving It - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I am trying to setup a nice menu form that will have most of the controls for my program.

While the user will do most of the work in other forms, i want this form to stay in the same place all the time.

I want to have the form snap to a location when you start to drag it. When the user grabs the title bar and begins dragging the window, they should be able to move it wherever they want, but when they get close to the sides of the screen (say within 10-20 pixels) the form should snap to the side of the screen and then lock the user in only up and down movement. The user should also still be able to pickup the form and move it wherever they want, but every time they come near the sides i want to have the form lock to the side of the screen.

I cannot seem to find anything that will do this. Is it even possible with access??

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I would like to seek guidance again on my new project, I wanted to create a data entry form that the user can input records using my unbound label boxes, then upon hitting an add button it will go automatically on a subform below or a GRID so that the user can see all the records at a glance.

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Using DCount() In Query Grid

I am a beginner with aggregate functions.
I have two tables, one describing parts, and one describing assemblies that use those parts:

tblParts show all the part descriptions, including fldPartNumber.

tlbWhereUsed shows zero or more fldAssemblyNumber records for each fldPartNumber.

I want a query that shows, for each record of tblParts, the number of assemblies that use that part. I specifically want to do this with an aggregate function:

DCount("*","tlbWhereUsed ","[tlbWhereUsed].[fldPartNumber]=[tblParts].[fldPartNumber]")

but I don't know where to put this function call in the query grid.
(I do not want to do this in VBA, if I don't need to).
Thanks in advance...

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DB Grid In MS Access Form?

Hi, I am beginner in Visual Basic and MS Access. Before, I worked with Delphi and there it was easy to use DBGrid component to view the database content on the form. Is there anything similar in Visual Basic forms? Thanks...

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Schedule Grid - Version: 97 (8.0)

A while back when I posted the Schedule Grid in the User Interface Design section, several people asked how they could acquire a copy of it. Well, then, it was a propriatery instrument of a company that no longer handles the product and has since given it to public domain. So here it is.

- Month Grid

- Hour Grid

The attachment is an Access 97 db with two files; 1) Orchid.mdb (the demo) & 2) DesGrid.mdb (the un-altered components) and each contains a Month-Grid and an Hour-Grid.

The manual can be found here: Design Grid Manual (600k)

The company that originally deployed this product no longer supports it and renders it soley as an "as is" device. Their information has been stripped out of the attachments and manual. Nor will I provide any assistance with this application. This tool is what it is and is considered "skilled" to "advanced" for level of developer skills to manipulate successfully.

Basically, you're on your own with this one. But it is an excellent portrayal of Access' capabitlies.

Though done in Access 97, it converts easily to Access 2000 but has not been tested in A2K2 or A2K3.


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GRID - Version: 2000 (9.0)

I noticed in alot of examples," I downloaded from Utter" that the Grid in the design mode has been changed.

I can't seem to find where to adjust the grid.
Would be a great help on a cheap monitor!


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Flex Grid Control In MS Access

Hi all,

Can I add a flex grid control on a MS ACCESS form.

IF yes, does MS access 2003 has a flex grid control, i cant find one in the toolbox.

MAy I know where can i find the control?


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Adding Two Fields On A Query Grid

trying to add 2 fields

=[field1] + [field2]

works but I want a space between the 2

how do you do that?


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UK Postcodes In The Query Design Grid.

Hi everyone;

I am using Access 2003 with Windows XP Pro. I have a problem with using a query and the dreaded UK Postcodes!

I have a Client table that contains a field “Client Postcode 1”, in which is entered the first part of the UK postcode i.e. AB11, WC1A, E1, EC2V, etc.

In a Candidate table here are many text fields where we enter which postcode a Candidate wants to work in, i.e. TN, CV4, EC, W, etc.

We have a separate Candidate Search form where we select a particular client (Combo box from the Client table) which then displays the Client’s Postcode 1 data i.e. the first part of the UK postcode before the space.

We have a select query that then tries to match the Client Postcode 1 with the postcode that the Candidate wants to work in from the Candidate’s table.

In this query design grid I have successfully created criteria that will match the Client Postcode 1 field to the Candidate’s postcode field – very straightforward. This, for example, will match a Client with a TN39 postcode with a Candidate who wants to work in the TN39 postcode.

In the same query design grid I have also been able to successfully match the Client Postcode 1 field to a Candidate’s Postcode field using just the first 2 letters (using Left). This matches a Candidate who wants to work anywhere in the TN postcode area (TN1, TN2 etc.) with a Client whose postcode starts with TN

However, what is stumping me is where a Client’s Post code has only 1 letter followed by numbers (E1, B2 etc) in the first part of their postcode without returning EX, BL etc. I would like the accumulated wisdom on this forum to point me in the right direction to design criteria to input into the query design grid that will match ONLY the first letter of the postcode IF the second character is a number.

Regards to all - and what an excellent site!

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Date Value Query Grid Problem

I have the following field which is stored as a string: [field3]"2006090111123500"

the first 8 characters represent the date but backwards.

I want to filter between dates.

I have the following in the query grid:

CallDate: DateValue(Right(Left([Field3],8),2) & "/" & Mid(Left([Field3],8),5,2) & "/" & Left([Field3],4))

with criteria: >=#01/10/2006# And <=#31/10/2006#
This seems to work on october data no problem

I had hoped to put all the september data into the same data table and filter but it failed so I created a new table called september data and pointed the query to it but for september:
with criteria: >=#01/09/2006# And <=#30/09/2006#

however the query fails if I take out the calldate expression it works no problem.

In fact it works providing I dont try and filter on date or sort by ascending.

it says data type mismatch in criteria expression. I had hoped that datevalue would turn the string into a date.

Its strange that it works in one query and not in the other with only the data being different.

Can anyone see why this should fail have I done something stupid?

kind regards in advance.


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Grid To Track Data In Common

I have a table with a list of dentists and which carrier's networks they are in. I want to produce a grid that will show a count of which ones each carrier has in common. The table has the following four fields; ID, Last Name, First Name & Carrier (see attached example). How do I set up the query to produce a grid like the one below:

Carrier ACarrier BCarrier CCarrier D
Carrier AN/A324
Carrier B3N/A44
Carrier C24N/A3
Carrier D443N/A

I tried a crosstab, but it is not quite getting me what I need. It shows the names along the rows, but then I have to look by hand to see where the name is in more than one carrier in the column.

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How To Create A Report With Grid Lines?


In my first steps working with Access I feel unable to find out how can I create a report that shows the data (records from a Clients Table - Name, Phone, e-mail fields-) in a "spreadsheet like" format with gridlines. Can anyone help me on this?


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Calendar 10.0 Ill Not Show Dates In Grid

I've coded a scheduling application (adp front end squel backend) that makes use of the activex calendar 10.0 control to allow for point and click filling of textboxes (schedule to and from) I forwarded the application to my brazil office and the clendar fails to display dates in the grid for
some users...I asked local IT support to make sure their regional language settings were all the same and still no dice??? I coded in a registration tester and I didnt get an error? Does anyone have any thoughts??? oh yes funny thing it works fine in Singapore and the UK?

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Remove One Data Grid Control

I create form with master detail relation ship. It shows two data grid control. I want to remove one. I want to use one grid control by which i can add delete data in both tables.


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Formating Date Field In Query Grid


How do I format Date field in query grid to make field into "11/11/2007" if the data originally has time, or in form "11 Nov, 2007" ?

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What Is Best Control To Display Data In Grid Format?

I have a search page and would like to display the search results in a grid/table format. User will be able to select a row to go to a detail screen. What is the best component type to use for this?

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Grid In Access Reports - Version: 2003 (11.0)


I would like to have gridlines in the Access Reports in detail section. How can i achive this


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Grid Effect In Report - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Greetings guys. I have a report with several columns (representing fields) and then obviously the rows as record. Now to have a word wrap effect on the entries which exceed the size of the box i have it set to 'can grow'.

To enable me to havea grid effect seperating all entries i have the boxes set with an outline. This is all fine until one of the entries 'grow's and knocks it all out of sync. Is there a way i can have a horizontal line underneath the 'lower most' entry rather than what is shown in the attached file.

THanks in advance guys

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Alternating Grid Colors On Report - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Is there a way to color the detail of a report in alternating colors using the grids? i.e. 0"-1" is grey, 1"-2" is white, 2" - 3" is grey.

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Data Grid Clipboard To Recordset? - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I'm using the clipboard to copy some data from a grid type program. I'm wondering if there's a way to parse the data (which is delimited with "Chr(9)") into an ADO recordset? I found a function to get the clipboard into text... which I was going to put into a CSV file. But this didn't achieve the desired results (Access locked the CSV file from being modified). Any help is appreciated!

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Access VBA Code And Logic For Grid Structure - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Hello all, I'm stumped on this one. Hoping someone can provide logic and/or code for the attatched grid. I have two text boxes (txtWeeklyPts1 & txtPotentialPayout1) on a form in Access 2003..... all unbound.

fyi: The entire calculator is coded in VB

This is how the calculator should work:


Person inputs 150 into (txtWeeklyPts1). Now the tiers should work by taking 100pts at $1.00 and the remaining 50pts $1.15, summing both of the tiers up for a total of $157.50, which should appear in (txtPotentialPayout1). The attatched makes this easier to understand.

Any assistance is much needed. I've tried everything to no avail. This is the last part of my project, and it unfortunately has caused the most issues for me. Thanks in advance!

Please hit Enlarge on the attatched pic so it shows properly.

Edited by: markey on Thu Nov 8 15:43:36 EST 2007.

Edited by: markey on Thu Nov 8 15:44:19 EST 2007.

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Freezing/highlighting Columns In A Grid On Data Access Pages - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I have a grid in DAP which has more than 30 fields. Is there a way to freeze the first few columns as well as the navigation bar, so that it is easier to update the records. Also is there any way we can highlight the row selected by the record selector.
Please help!!

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Can You Grid Results? - Version: Any Version


I have a report which is producing a set of result. What I want to do is create a grid around those results. So for example when you put a grid around your result in excel. is there any easy way to do this without using the fiddly lines!


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