CurrentDb In .adp Database Doesn't Work

Nov 23, 2004

I am trying to take a string from an input box and place it in a table. I was told to use ado. I have tried but it seems to have problems with Access Data Projects. see
Does anyone know how to get this to work in an .adp database?

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My Database Doesn't Work Like Before?

Aug 22, 2007

Hello everbody,

I'm sorry if my thread is in wrong section, cause I'm first time on this great forum :(! I hope you'll undrestand me ;)

My problem is with my database for my coffee bar, man who made database is still, and I don't have somebody to repair my database unfourtanetly :(

I formatted my C:, cause I installed new OS Windows XP PR SP2, and everything is deleted, but I save this .mdb file, but I don't have instalation CD for this program, cause man who installed me this database didn't give me instalation file :(!

And I saved this .mdb file, and now I try to run this POS.mdb,I can open "POS KASA" in english POS CASH, and I see articles - (ARTIKLI), and value of them it account values of them, just program doesn't count for me like before "sume" or "total" of EX. one count, for example coca cola 2.5 KM, fanta 2.5 KM = 5 KM, and now he doesn't count sume - total in program total is "UKUPNO", if somebody to know to repair this, or something another what is importing to work this database like before, please help me, database is on bosnian, if you need translating just ask me, cause I don't know to edit this file, and to have access to change words :(!

1'st colone in program interface (bosnian - english)

Sifarnici -something like codes

Artikli = Articles
Ulazi = Inputs
Storno racuna = storno count
Pregled storno racuna = review storno count

2-nd colone in program interface

Dokumenti - Documents

POS kasa = POS cash register
Dnevni promet = daily exchange
Trenutni saldo kase = current saldo of cash register

3-rd colone in program interface

Printanje prometa po broju = Printing exchange by number
Printanje prometa od datuma do datuma = Printing exchange from date to date
Printanje trenutnog prometa = Printing current exchange


Actually for me the most important is POS CASH REGISTER, cause it doesn't count total value of one count , total = ukupno doesn't work, sume doesn't work, and I can't give on my guests count, and I have problem with inspection cause I don't have counts :(, please help me and if you can repair this; IN ADVANCE TNX MUCH!

Greetings to all, from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegowina!

I'm sorry really on my bad english, and I hope you'll understand me :(!

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Why Doesn't This Work ?

Oct 5, 2006

i am trying to run an append query in SQL which appends a calculated value into another table 50 times incrementing the day by one day each time. When I run it it asks me for the parameter [NewDay] each time. It is obviuosly not picking up the variable.

Can anyone tell me why ?

Dim NewDate As Date
Dim n As Integer

For n = 0 To 50

NewDate = Date + n

DoCmd.RunSQL "INSERT INTO InventoryEvolution ( SAP, Stock, [Date] ) SELECT UK_Product_Estimate_Live.[RE SAP Code], ((Sum([Estimate01])+Sum([Estimate02]))/50)*-1 AS Stock, NewDate From UK_Product_Estimate_Live GROUP BY UK_Product_Estimate_Live.[RE SAP Code] HAVING (((UK_Product_Estimate_Live.[RE SAP Code])=513450))"

Next n

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Why It Doesn't Work?HELP!!

Sep 14, 2005

Hi all,
I get this error "You tried to execute a query that does not include the specified expression 'SITENAME' as part of an aggregate function."

The query is:

SELECT AS SITENAME, o1.vertical_loc/10000000 AS LAT, o1.horizontal_loc/10000000 AS LON, c.CELLGLID AS CELLID, 'traffic_total' AS Expr1, sum((MEBUSTCH_HR+MEBUSTCH_FR)*period_duration)/sum(period_duration) AS Traffic, 'traffic_hr' AS Expr2, sum(MEBUSTCH_HR*period_duration)/sum(period_duration) AS Traffic_HR
FROM objects AS o1, objects AS o2, c_bts AS c, p_generic_cell AS p
WHERE c.int_id = o2.int_id and
o2.parent_int_id = o1.int_id and
p.bts_int_id = o2.int_id

I know the problem is with the group by clause. In MySQL it just works using "group by p.bts_int_id. I learnt in access i have to include all non-aggregated fields in the group by clause, and that's what I've done!! WHY!!Please help me!!!

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Why Doesn't Like Work

Mar 14, 2007


The following what I do not understand:

Set cmd = New ADODB.Command
Set cmd.ActiveConnection = CurrentProject.Connection
cmd.CommandType = adCmdText

cmd.CommandText = "SELECT par1 FROM tblparameters Where tblparameters.gcnf = 'XMLexp' AND ((tblparameters.ccnf) Like 'ExpTijd*')"
Set rec = cmd.Execute()

Do While rec.EOF = False
MsgBox rec("par1").Value

I don't get any result back. If I changed it likt the following:
tblparameters.ccnf = 'ExpTijd1' , in the query, I get one record back.
So my conclusion the query is right but the Like doesn't work in these circumstances?

thanks in advance.


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Why Doesn't This Work?

Apr 14, 2005

hi folks,
I am designing an application for an assignment for college, all seems to be going ok except that I have to teach myself access from a book. When I update a record on a form and go to another page it works fine, but if I attempt the same action ( for example creating an appointment then moving to a new form to confirm they have arrived) a second time I am getting an error which tells me I can't save the record. I think it is to do with updating the recordset when the new form is opened. I have an update record button on the form (created by the wizard) but it wont update on the second attempt. Could someone please tell me the code to update a recordset on the formload procedure. Ive tried me.recordset.refresh and me.recordset.requery but I still can't solve the error. Please help I've got to hand this assignment in in 2 weeks. thanks in advance

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Why Doesn't This Work Anymore.

Jun 7, 2007

I'm trying to run an update query to trim a field to the first 8 characters.

I've used this in the past, but now it wont work. I'm stumped.


Now when I try the records remain unchanged, i.e. 13 characters.

Any ideas?

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Copied MDW Doesn't Work

Jun 14, 2007

Hi! I'm relatively new to Access (2003) . I had to modify a shared network app so I copied it off and renamed it, made my mods and everything is fine. I then went to another app that connects to the original app to obtain data for display and synchronization, modified the call to open the new app including the new mdw. When it hits the new mdw, it can't open it because it says it's being used exclusively or the workgroup file is missing. It's not being used exclusively and it doesn't appear to be missing. The network path is correct. If I use the mdw from the original source app, it works fine. Please advise! :(

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Queries :: IIF With Sum Doesn't Work

Jan 9, 2014

I need to do the price in table [price] multiply by 1.20 if the price is higher then 150. If the price is between 75 and 150 it have to multiply by 1.25. Continue... continue... continue...

expr1: IIF([Price]>"150",[Price]*1.20,IIF([Price]>75,"[Price]*1.25",IIF([Price]>50,"[Price]*1.28",IIF([Price]>30,"[Price]*1.35",IIF([Price]>15,"[Price]*1.45",IIF([Price]>0,"[Price]*1.6"))))))

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Bypass Startup Doesn't Work!

Jul 28, 2005

If I hold down the SHIFT-key and click on my access database the database boots up with the startup options! I can't get into my database even if I hold down the SHIFT key!! Help me, please

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DoCmd.TransferDatabase Doesn't Work

Dec 5, 2007

I have an Access 2003 database which is soon going to run out of space when we hit the 2Gb limit for the linked MDB that holds our biggest table of 2.5 million records.

So, management decided that we had to migrate the table to linked-Oracle - however, the performance of the large queries that depend on this Oracle linked table is abominable - they take up to 15 times as long to return as when using an internal Access table - hours instead of minutes.

So management have decided to migrate the whole application to Oracle - but in the meantime until this new system goes live, I have to make a cut-down version of the original Access table with only the fields necessary for the queries that are slow under Oracle, and populate it from the Oracle table as a kind of cache. This also saves relinking all the other databases and spreadsheets that refer to the original Access table.

However, there seems to be no way that Access can get these records without taking a ridiculously long time, or raising errors that are so STUPID that it implies Microsoft didn't bother testing the Access Import methods (probably programmed by an intern) before releasing the product.

PLEASE can anybody help?


Here are the methods I have tried:-


DoCmd.TransferDatabase acImport, "ODBC Database", "ODBC;DSN={DSN as shown in ODBC Administrator};UID={uid};PWD={password};" & "DATABASE={Oracle Service name}", acTable, "{Oracle Table Name}", "tbl_ORACLE"

First, it returned the following error, as I hadn't created a target table (I thought it would auto-create one with the correct schema):-

"The Microsoft Jet database engine could not find the object 'tbl_ORACLE'. Make sure the object exists and that you spell its name and the path name correctly."

So, I used Copy/Paste (structure only) to make a blank target table 'tbl_ORACLE' with exactly the same schema as my linked Oracle source table. It then gave this error:-

"The Microsoft Jet database engine could not find the object 'tbl_ORACLE1'. Make sure the object exists and that you spell its name and the path name correctly."

So, it's added a "1" on the end of the name of the table I explicitly supplied ... and then said it couldn't find it!!! So, I created a copy table named 'tbl_ORACLE1' - it then said it couldn't find 'tbl_ORACLE2' !!!


I tried writing a simple SELECT...INTO statement, where I insert the linked-Oracle fields that I want to keep into the blank target Access table. 14 hours later overnight, and it still hadn't finished!!!


The Oracle programmers also have the data in a text flat-file format, so I tried importing using the

DoCmd.TransferText acImportDelim, "ORACLE_Import_Spec", ...

method, which works if the flat-file is empty apart from field definitions.

However, if there is any data in the Oracle flat-file, Access returns inexplicable "Numeric Overflow" errors (with no helpful debug text like row number, field name, etc) if there are any non-skipped numeric or date fields in the Import Spec - despite my spending about 2 working days trying all possible variations of datatypes in the Access Import Specification dialog.


In desperation, I decided to try loading the data the hard way, using LINE INPUT to get each line in turn from the flat-file and rs.AddNew, etc, to add the records one-by-one to the Access table.

However, since Microsoft didn't bother putting an optional "input date format" parameter on the CDate() function, I have to use the Format() function to convert the entirely normal "YYYYMMDD HH:MM:SS" date format in the flat-file to something that Access can understand with no possibility of confusing US (MM/DD) and non-US (DD/MM) date parameter orders.

So, I hit the bug in the Format() function where it always returns "Jan" regardless of what month you supply. Try this:-

Debug.Print format("09", "MMM")

or with any month you like instead of the "09".

Likewise, the other bug in the Format() function where it returns random dates. Try this:-

Debug.Print format("0109", "DDMMM")

You won't get 9th Jan or 1st Sept...

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CopyPaste SQL From Query Doesn't Work

Sep 27, 2005

If I copy paste the SQL from a query (View->SQL) to a macro it doesn't work.
I've tried removing quotes,Caps, adding quotes, parenthesis nothing worked.
Any ideas?

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Qry To Accumulate Values Doesn't Work?!?

Jul 24, 2006

My table has a list of calculated values corresponding to a date.

I need my query to sort by date/time and accumulate the values.

Pls see the simplyfied attached db with the table and query.

I can't see what could possibly be wrong with it :confused:
It works fine when I accumulate non-calc'd values e.g. the record ID ..

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Two Queries Almost Identical Except One Doesn't Work

Nov 23, 2006

I have an access 2003 database which holds data for lorry loads of timber delivered to different places at different prices and by different hauliers who get paid different ammounts.

I have tables that hold the prices for both haulage (sorted by the delivery location and haulier) and product price (sorted by the delivery location and the haulier.

I have two almost identical queries which give the haulage price for a particular load and the product price for a particular load.

Only the haulage prices seem to be returned - i have checked the settings and relationships in each of the tables invlovled and they appear to be that same.

Why would one query return the value and the other not???

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Hyperlink To PDF Doesn't Work With Acrobat 7?

Feb 9, 2005


I am currently on maternity leave and trying to troubleshoot this from home, so I hope I've got all the details right!

Our form, which shows details of a specific document, contains a hyperlink field into which we insert a link to the PDF file of that document...then we can just click the link to open the PDF. We've never had a problem with this. However, since I left, the office has upgraded to Acrobat 7 and the links no longer work. Apparently when you click on the link it looks like Acrobat just opens and closes immediately. They are using Access 2003.

Anyone have any experience with this, or any suggestions on what to try? I'm not even sure where to start.


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Formula Doesn't Work When Copying Dbs

Feb 13, 2006

I have created a new inventory db based on our old one. It looks very similar with a few minor changes. In the old db, there was a formula in the subform that calculated the # purchased minus # used. In the main form, the Units in Stock referenced this formula.

I copied the formula exactly for the new db, but it doesn't seem to want to work. I can't see any vb code attached to the formula. This is frustrating. I'm also wondering if it's because they used an access template to create the old db, and I am doing the new one from scratch.

Can someone help or would be willing to look at the old and new db. I have eliminated most of the data... only a few things left in inventory to help guide me with the formulas, etc. The form in the old db is Products and Products subform. The form on the new db is frmProductEntry and subfrmTransactionDetails.

I would appreciate any help possible. We want to get started entering our real data. Thanks.

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Searching By Date Doesn't Work

May 11, 2006

I have a table called tblorders for orders. So I have a form for this, frmOrders.

I also have a form to perform various searches on the orders. So I have a date textbox on this search form and a command button which I want to open the frmOrders according to the date I enter in the textbox. But even though the date on the search form matches the date in tblorders it does open the relevant record??!!

The date textbox is linked to the date field in the tblorders but it doesn't recognise it even if the date is correct! Everything is set to Format: Short date

Any ideas? This system works for other things like serial number etc but not the date for some reason.


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Docmd.close - Doesn't Work

Jun 18, 2006

Hi there Access-Experts

I've got a strange problem in that when I use docmd.close acForm, "formname" it doesn't actually close the form...

I have a form which is exporting data to excell. As the process takes ages, I have another form which is a progress bar. The progress bar works well, but when I'm done and I close my export form, the progress bar form is sitting there still, unclosed. Despite being told to go away.

Any ideas?


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Insert-command Doesn't Work

Jul 11, 2006

Hi there!

I'm quite new to this SQL-stuff, and I'm having some troubles with an onclick-command, that I was hoping you could help me with... I know that it is a very simple question to you SQL-guru's, but what the hell...:-)

In my form I have three text-boxes (I1, II1 and III1) and in my table called 'sælgerdata' i have a yes/no column called "kursus1" and my keystring is called "sælgernr" (which means employee-number).

In the textboxes i list three employees, and when the button is pressed I want all the employees whose numbers are entered to have the value "-1" added to their "kursus1" column.

When I press the button I get no error, but no data is added to the

Here is my code. What is wrong??? I really hope you can help me...


Private Sub Kommandoknap16_Click()

If I1 <> "" Then
strSQL = "INSERT INTO sælgerdata.kursus1 " & _
"VALUES ('-1');" & _
"WHERE sælgernr = " & Me!I1
End If

If II1 <> "" Then
strSQL = "INSERT INTO sælgerdata.kursus1 " & _
"VALUES ('-1');" & _
"WHERE sælgernr = " & Me!II1
End If

If III1 <> "" Then
strSQL = "INSERT INTO sælgerdata.kursus1 " & _
"VALUES ('-1');" & _
"WHERE sælgernr = " & Me!III1
End If

End Sub

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Form Suddenly Doesn't Work

Aug 26, 2004

I have a form that worked when I left work Tuesday. It is supposed to look at all the information in my "courses" table in descending order by year, ascending order by date, in edit mode. There is also a look-up list that allows me to select the date of the course and jump to that record.

I came in today and it doesn't work! The form LOOKS like it's in add mode--completely empty. the data is still in the table. I checked all the properties and they all look right. The query still looks like it did when I left. It just quit! When I use the look-up list the dates appear in the list, but nothing happens when I select it.

I know I'm not giving you much to go on, but any ideas?

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Table Validation Rule Doesn't Work...

Jan 28, 2005

Hello, all.

I have a table that contains a field (list) for categories [Inquiry Type], and a field that tracks category of any follow-ups [FU Inquiry Type].

The rule is: If [Inquiry Type]="F", than [FU Inquiry Type] Is not null.

For some reason, when I'm entering data, the validation rule does not take any effect....does not notice when [FU Inquiry Type] - which is also a list box - remains empty when [Inquiry Type] is an F.

I have entered the rule this way in the table property validation rule field:

(([Inquiry Type]="F" AND [FU Inquiry Type] Is Not Null) OR ([FU Inquiry Type] Is Null)

I already have data in this table, but have ensured that it conforms to the above rule. Can anyone help?

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Tabbed Pages - Code Doesn't Seem To Work

Nov 13, 2006

I'm using a 5-tabbed form and have put it in my detail section.
Within the on click event of one tab knob i would like to activate some knobs in the form header where the tab resides on.

I've coded everything properly but in one or other way access doesn't seem to communicate between the tabbed form within the details and the form header. Anybody an idea?

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Error Handling When LostFocus Doesn't Work

Jun 7, 2006

Hi, hope somebody can help with this problem.

I have a med-large db shared on network. Am under some pressure to split front/back so more people can do data entry, but want the forms to be semi-finished before putting them on everybody's c:drive.

The problem is error handling for required fields. Some fields are required in the underlying tables because if users don't fill them in, reports are useless. But Access error msg for required fields are too strange, users just close down, maybe wrecking the thing. Don't want to eliminate Close button yet in case they get stuck in Access hell.

I got one ( !! ) field locked in well using LostFocus event, but what do you do if users just mouse into fields at random? LostFocus won't work if it never had focus, right?

(Would much prefer to just use unbound form and give choice of "Field is required" and "OK" or "Cancel this record" but realize that's asking for a lot of help here.)

Any assistance you can offer would be MUCH appreciated!! Vba course isn't until July.


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Modules & VBA :: Why Does Emailing A PDF Work But Saving A PDF Doesn't

Jul 24, 2013

I'm trying to figure out why I can email a report as a PDF, but not save it as a PDF using the code below? When I save, I get the dreaded error 2501.

The searching I did for this said to uninstall and reinstall printers (I've done that - seems to have no effect), or took issue with filtering the report with a where clause (but if that was an issue, why does it email a PDF just fine?).I'd just like to be able to save a report as a PDF to a specified location.

Developing in: Access 2010; Win7
For use in a mixed 2007/2010 XP/7 environment


Private Sub EmailDietCardBtn_Click()
On Error GoTo MyErrorHandler
Dim stReport As String
Dim stWhere As String
Dim stSubject As String
Dim stEmailMessage As String
Dim stCaption As String
Dim myPath As String


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General :: Started Form Doesn't Work?

May 24, 2015

I have a DB: This DB was sent to me via eMail (dropbox). It consist in a BE and 3 FEs. In each of the FEs I have a started form with some code activated by the Open event.

The issue: Access do nothing when I open the FEs. Note please that the DB is designed by me and it work very well on the user"s computers.

I use A2007 on Win7

The DB is in a trusted folder. Compact and Repair is not useful.

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Modules & VBA :: Switchboard Form Doesn't Work

May 27, 2014

I have developed a project in Access 2003 and it works absolutely fine. There is a switchboard form too and that works fine as well. But now in our company we are moving all the projects developed in 2003 to 2010. And so I have noticed the switchboard form doesn't work in Access 2010 the way it works in 2003. The Switchboard form doesn't display all the options in 2010.

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