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Double Byte Data

I have a double byte data (chinese characters) in my database but they appear as ASCII characters. I already installed language pack. What should be the data type of my field names in order for the chinese characters to display properly? Coz in SQL server, the data type of the fieldnames with chinese characters must be nvarchar. Maybe, it's the same thing with access? Help me pls...

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Select Data From Double Clicking
Hi all, I have a query to recall all the events related to a certain employee by running a query and inserting the staff number, I then have a form showing the details of all employees; what I need is to add a button on the form that runs the mentioned query without having to insert the staff number again as the form is already showing that employee.

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Moving From 1 Data Base Entry To Another By Double Clicking
I am new to access and all of this and trying to create a database to record livestock (budgerigars) I have put in the reletive informnation for 2 generations but would like to beable to click on a record in forms view and for the grandparents to be automatically inserted. Something like a family tree.

Also I would like to be able to double click on a entry which shows as a parent in a form view, and for the database to go directly to that entry and bring it up onto the form.

I hope someone can help and that I'm making so sense

(anyone know a good book that would help me understand all of this)



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Double Click On A Record In Datasheet Opens A Form To Enter Data
I have a list of incidents in my Incidents Management Database. It comes up as a grid view when users open the database.

This is what it looks loke (paste the following into address bar of your browser.

I want particular incident to open in a form when users double click on any particular incident from the list above.
For example double clicking on the first incident (dated 1/03/2008 in the list above) should open the form below with THAT PERTICULAR incident. And double clicking on 22nd incident should open the following form with 22nd incident loaded, so users can edit that incident

please Paste the following into your browser to see the image.

Any detailed help is much appreciated. I am too new to understand macros and vba.

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Double Access
I have a realy serious problem that when I open msaccess (I have access 2003) and I'm trying to reach the database from my application, the application fails to get to the database. Aparently this happens because access is opened but isn't it supposed to allow multiple access to the database?

Anyone knows why?

Thanks in advance.

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Help With Double Booking
Please could someone give me help on this topic, I need to slove it for coursework in Access but im having the following problem.

Im creating a database for a hotel which rents out its room obviously. The problem i have is if a guest books a room for say march 3rd until march 6th, theres currently no way in which to stop another guest booking the room for any of these dates.

I think i know how to stop double booking for the start day, but not the days inbetween if you understand.
The database has 3 tables:
Guest Info
Room info

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

P.S the method i hope to use, is the hotel will enter the start date of a guests stay and then enter the number of nights the guest is staying for e.g. 3rd-6th of march would be input as: Begin date: 03/03/08 for:'3' nights.

Thanks for any help

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Double Bookings
hi guys nice site you got here.

I need a bit of help its been over 2 years since I used access in college so have forgot most things.

I want to stop people from making double bookings at the same time on the same date.

I have the following

Booking ID
Teacher ID
Class Room ID
Date Booked
Booked Date
Start Time
End Time

so the booked date, start time and end time is what I need to look but not sure, should I index (no duplicates) for them three?

thanks for the help

I realise there are posts about bookings but more help would be great :)

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Calculate Double OT
stuck in the middle of a project of employee payroll the following problems are for some suggestions:

if an employee is not taken off in a week and work on sundays, he's paid double OT; if he is not taken off he's not paid; i.e. he can take 4 days off in a month

how can i keep track of this in the db; can i use a table putting 7 days as fields and make it all yes/no so that user can check or uncheck the status against each employee(!); but for whole month how can i calculate

work period start from every month on 25th and ends on 24th in next month.

got tables for attendance and leave

help appreciated

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Double Booking HELP
I am wanting to prevent a double booking. I have a form called:

frm_Booking which records an ArrivalDate and DepartureDate

and another form

frm_Building_Booking which records a BuildingID number

I want to ensure that a customer cannot book a BuildingID for an ArrivalDate and DepartureDate it it has already been booked by another cusotmer or book any on the days between.

However a customer should be able to book a BuildingID on the DepartureDate.

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Add Record On Double Click??
Morning, all...

Hoping someone can help me with this. I have a form (one-side) with a bound continuous subform (many-side). I have a second unbound subform, also continuous, which is used as a reference only (no data entry) to select the record to be added to the bound subform. Is it possible to set it up so that, when the user double clicks on the pk from the unbound subform it adds that pk as a new record on the bound subform?

Thanx in advance for your help with this ;<)


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Double Entry Accounting
I have been searching the web for some examples of a double entry accounting systems made with MS Access. I havent found any that I can open... examine the tables, queries, relationships and everything else. Not that I am planning on spending a year or two building one :) But I want to know how to. So if anyone knows of any good examples please post the links for me. Thanks

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Double Entry Accounting DB...
I'm looking for someone who knows a bit about this one... maybe done one before. I've started a DB for an accounting system, I've worked with MANY of these over the years, but from a user standpoint. Now I'm trying a shot at putting one together, just for a learning experience if nothing else. But I would like someone to take a look at the beginning structure of the DB and let me know if I am on the right track. Any input and suggestions would be helpful and appreciated. Keep in mind there is ALOT not here yet... and some loose tables for future expansion. I didn't want to get too deep into it and find out I need to make a major change. I'll post the DB.

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Double Booking Suggestions
I am currently developing a database as part of a school assignment.
The database is supposedly to be made for an internet cafe.
I have already coded a good part of the database; time limits for certain days, at least a day in advance booking, no more than 50 computers are allowed to be booked at one time, etc.

I am currently running into problems trying to code double booking prevention; no more than 50 computers are allowed to be used at one time.
I am guessing a will need some sort of booking slot that uses a combination of the fields, but I'm not sure what.

(I also have a client details table/form which is running OK)

Booking table fields:

I appreciate all suggestions and I will try and test all of them.


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Double Click To Paste
I want to lookup a list of employees (in a form) and by double clicking a name listed, have that name pasted into another form or Sub form to add details to it.

I want to select a number of employees and add info such as attending a training session, plus the topics covered, instructors name etc. I want to add this info once but relate it to a number of employees who attend the training???

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How To Eliminate A Double Quote
I have a string with one or more double quotes in it. How can I remove the double quotes? (I was able to remove single quotes.)

Example: Purchase "other items". (This the data in a column.)

I want to change it to Purchase other items

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Pls Help, Double Booking Problem.
could someone please help me, i am having a problem trying to get rid of double bookings in the attached database.

This database is for an assignment for my students, and unfortunately i had got the point now that i have got incredbily stupid and cannot see a solution.

I want to make sure that a client cannot double book an instructor and a car on a specific time or date...

Obviously i would also want to make sure that if one client has booked a specific car or instructor no other client would be able to book it, in the same time and date slot.. All lessons are 1 hour long

for some reason i have to make sure that a client can book a specific car...
This unit is being taught alongside another unit by another teacher, who does not see the complexities of the problem, and insists that this complexity is in the database, however they do not know the solution either.

I have tried creating different types of primary key combinations, but that does not work..

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Confused With A Double Inner Join!

I'm trying to do something really simple here but I'm getting confused with the correct syntax.

I am trying to retrieve a list of data from 1 table (tblUsers) and 2 queries (spPFApprovedThreads, spPFApprovedEntries)

From spPFApprovedThreads I would like to retrieve 'Thread' and 'CreationDate', from spPFApprovedEntries I would like to retrieve the a Count of 'EntryID' for every 'ThreadID' and from tblUsers I would like to retrieve 'Username'.
Where tblUsers.UserID = spPFApprovedThreads.CreatorID and spPFApprovedEntries.ThreadID = spPFApprovedThreads.ThreadID

I have managed to do the following:

SELECT t.ThreadID, t.Thread,t.CreationDate, count(e.EntryID)
FROM spPFApprovedThreads AS t INNER JOIN spPFApprovedEntries AS e ON e.ThreadID=t.ThreadID
ORDER BY t.ThreadID;

but how do I add the Username from the tblUsers?

Many thanks for any time.


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Format Double Question

I have been asked to run a query on an existing db and output certain fields as type Double.

The fields in question are currently type Currency.

How do I change the format from Currency to Double or do I need to?

Thanks in advance


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Problem With Double Join
I've done double and even triple joins before, but this isn't working for me, probably because I'm using a SELECT statement instead of a table. Here's the basic (working) query:

SELECT Employee.*, NewPositionID AS [Position], NewStoreID AS [Store]
FROM Employee
[Position Change] INNER JOIN [Store Change]
ON [Position Change].EmployeeID=[Store Change].EmployeeID
) ON Employee.EID=[Position Change].EmployeeID;

Now that works perfectly fine, but the problem is I only want the employee to join with the most recent position and store change. So I tried something like this:

SELECT Employee.*, NewPositionID AS [Position], NewStoreID AS [Store]
FROM Employee
(SELECT TOP 1 * FROM [Position Change] ORDER BY EffectiveDate Desc)
INNER JOIN (SELECT TOP 1 * FROM [Store Change] ORDER BY EffectiveDate Desc)
ON [Position Change].EmployeeID=[Store Change].EmployeeID
) ON Employee.EID=[Position Change].EmployeeID;

It tells me "Syntax error in JOIN operation" and it highlights the first occurence of "[Position Change]" (the part in bold). Using the 1st query I don't see how I can filter out the correct records.

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Double Entry On Forms?
Hello All again,I am working on a form for my database this time and I have noticed something odd that I cant figure out. I have managed to make the following form ( from a Staff Table, Activities Table and a Total Expense Query, all in the one form. My problem is that I only have two entrys in the activities ( but I am recieving 4 entrys in the form. 2 of witch the totals do not add. (see other 2 entrys here: Does anyone know why this would be happening?

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Form Has Double Vision
Does anyone know why on my form that the first line looks like it is double vision? The label and the control look like I inserted it twice. But when i click anywhere on the form, it goes away and looks normal.

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Double-click Name To Add To Adj. Listbox
I have a list of companies in a table which Is being accessed through a list box. I wanted the user to be able to double-click on the name of a company from that long list and then for that selection to show up on an adjacent shorter list box which in turn will be used for a search. How can I do this? Another option would be to drag and drop the name from on list to another.

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Double Click Event

I have a form which has a tab control on it. The form itself is based on 1 table (tblCustomers). The tab control has 2 pages.

Page 1 shows 6 fields from tblCustomers.

Page 2 of the tab control shows 2 embdedded forms. Those forms are based on queries created from tblCustomers. one shows records with a date entered into one of the fields, the other shows records that have no dates.

What I want to be able to do is when I see a company name in one of the ebedded forms (Page 2), I want to be able to double click that record and it switches me back to Page 1 and shows the the related details of whichever company I double clicked.

I have changed the double click event in the emdedded form and using the builder to create something. I also added a setfocus command as I read about that somewhere (but i have no idea what it does). Through this I managed to get it to switch from Page 2 to Page 1 when I double click, but it only ever takes me to record 1 regardless of which company i double clicked.

i may have this deisgned totally wrong so please feel free to point me in the right direction.

any ideas?

thanks in advance

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Cant Get Double Hyphen (--) To Work!
I cant get the comment feature to work in SQL. If I type the following...

Code:SELECT * FROM tblMembers WHERE OrderNo='xxxx' -- Finds the member

An error message is returned saying 'Syntax Error (Missing Operator)'. What am I doing wrong?

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Double Sided Page Break
Hey, I tried searching for this one, but I'm not really sure what to search for.

I am running a report that is double sided. However, I do not want the start of the next group, on the same physical page. I also do not want a starting blank page (as I thought about inserting a blank page after the section).

Any way to do this?

Maybe I have to write a function or something? Depending on if the page is an even or odd number? I honestly have no idea.

Thanks for the help!

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Double Booking Property Problem

I have created a database to take bookings for holiday properties but can't figure out how to stop the properties from being booked over the same period. I have a table called booking order with the fields Booking no, property no, start date and end date. On the equivilant form for a property i need to be able to stop start and end dates being entered that are between existing start and end dates already booked for that property.

Thanks for your help

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Getting Double Entries Using Recordset (AfterUpdate)
I'm stumped....(newbie):)

I"ve got a unbound combo box (customername) that has two events (on click); AfterUpdate and NotInList.

The AfterUpdate uses a 'me.recordsetclone' in order to display other data in controls associated with customerid/customername from the Customer table.

The NotInlist, does just that, adds a new customer name to the
list along with a new autonumber (used as customerid).

The problem is that I'm getting two entries (different autonumbers). I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. If I remove the 'AfterUpdate' event, then I can't bring up the customer's data, since then there's no connection to the customername/customerid.

If I remove the Not in List, then there's no way to add a new customer. I reconfigured NotInList many many times and still I get 2 entries. One entry has Customer 'name only', The second entry has name, address, city and the rest of the fields as entered.

I tried setting an index (on Customer table) with CustID and CustomerID, making them unique, but still I'm getting 2 entries whenever I use the 'NotInList'..........Help Help,,

Here are these events:

Code: ( text )
Private Sub customername_AfterUpdate()
Dim rst As Object

Set rst = Me.RecordsetClone

rst.FindFirst "CustomerID=" & Me![customername]
If Not rst.NoMatch Then

Me.Bookmark = rst.Bookmark
'Not found!
End If
Forms![Add or Delete Customer]![customername].Requery
End Sub

Code: ( text )
Private Sub customername_NotInList(NewData As String, Response As Integer)
Dim strSQL
Dim FirstName As String
Dim LastName As String
Dim SpacePosition As Integer
Dim lngNextID As Long

' Find the highest Cust ID in the Customers table and add 1
lngNextID = DMax("[CustID]", "Customers") + 1
custID = lngNextID

SpacePosition = InStr(NewData, " ")
If SpacePosition = 0 Then
MsgBox "Your entry requires a space to separate First and Last name." & _
vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _
"Please enter a First and Last Name or choose an entry from the list.", _
vbInformation, "Invalid Data !"
Response = acDataErrContinue
Exit Sub
End If

' Trim the data into first and last name using the space position.
FirstName = Trim(Left(NewData, SpacePosition - 1))
LastName = Trim(Mid(NewData, SpacePosition + 1))

If FirstName = "" Then
MsgBox "You have not entered details for the first name" & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _
"Please fix entry.", vbInformation, "Invalid Data !"
Response = acDataErrContinue
Exit Sub
End If

If LastName = "" Then
MsgBox "You have not entered details for the last name" & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _
"Please fix entry.", vbInformation, "Invalid Data !"
Response = acDataErrContinue
Exit Sub
End If

MsgBox "An account for this person does not exist....." & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _
"Now creating new Customer Account.", vbInformation, "Unknown Customer Details....."
strSQL = "Insert Into Customers ([custID], [FirstName], [LastName]) " & _
"values ('" & custID & "','" & FirstName & "','" & LastName & "');"
'MsgBox strsql
CurrentDb.Execute strSQL, dbFailOnError
Response = acDataErrAdded

End Sub

Is there anyone that can help....thanks Shasha

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Trouble Opening Via Double Click
I have a database that is used in academic labs by student workers. In order for them to open the database they have to double click on the actual file via a network folder. This works for all but one computer. It will only open the file if they open Access first. It seems very strange to me seeing as other computers in that same lab (all the same image) will open it via double clicking. I have googled till my eyes bled but haven't found a solution. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Access For Double Entry And Correction
Does any one have links, examples, or ideas on how to create/modify an Access database for Double-Entry & Correction purpose? (double-entering data and then compare for discrepancy for research purpose)

My idea is to split a database and have 2 people work on 2 separate Front-Ends, but both connect to the same central Back-End database. After the first person enters the data, the 2nd person "verifies", rather than "entering" the data and make any corrections on the spot.

I'm not sure if that's the best method and it may not adhere to the double-entry rule. Are there any other methods or software that would compare Access databases?

Thank you!!

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Linking Problem (Autonumber To Double)
I am trying to link Primary Key (autonumber) to a double field in another table as a FK.

I get this error.

Relationship must be on the same number of fields with the same data types

What is the problem? There is no problem with the data should work. But is it a problem with the autonumber?

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Normalisation & Reservations/double Bookings
I am writing a booking simulation for a sports hall.

A customer makes a phone reservation for a date & timeslot (Book in 30minutes segments) in a facility (South Sports Hall, Swimming pool, Tennis Courts) and an area which determines which sport can be played.

A coach can be booked for a sport, typically a coach will only work xx number of days a week.
The coach rota can be the same for every single week.

Sports can be played in different areas in different facilities.

Ive started off my database model and applied normalisation (Though would appreciate if someone could check this)

The whole problem Im having is trying to prevent double booking, Im a newbie to access too.

Confustion comes with how to create the coach availability.
30mins timeslots for each day of the week? Using day & time fields i.e

Day 0 08:00
Day 0 08:30
Day 0 09:00
Day 1 08:00
Day 1 08:30
Day 3 09:00


Also unsure of how to use the date on the booking form to work out date of week to be used for checking coach availability?
Another factor is do I need THREE fields in the booking table or sould I use TWO and include the date & time within start and end times?

The booking table is the table that requires updating, with all the other are just looksup.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, im a student and deadlines creeping up on me in ALL modules :(

Thanks for your time

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