Grabbing Last Six Digits Of Social Security Number


simple problem. how would i grab just the last six digits of a social security number?
example: 123-45-6789 to 456789

I'm guessing that I should use the Format function, but I'm not quite sure how to write it. Thanks!


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Report To Only Show Last 4 Digits Of Social Security Number

I have a report to print that only shows the last 4 digits of the Social Security field. How can I do so for the entire list of social security #'s.

Thanks in advance.:cool:

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"X" Out 1st Five Digits Of Social Security Numbers - Version: 2000 (9.0)

Is there a way to automaticly "x" out the 1st five digits of a field that contains social security numbers on a report without messing with the actual data in the table?

Desired result on report only:
i.e. xxx-xx-9999

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Hide Social Security Number

I have a database for which I would like to disguise a social security number (123-45-6789) with stars (***-**-****) in my form, but only for a group of people for whom "Employee status" is "Staff". The SSN will not be entered in this particular form, only viewed to double check for all individuals who are not "Staff". Can anyone suggest how to do this? Thanks!

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Search Queri Social Security Number


I have a query that looks like this:
Like [Forms]![Searchaddress_form]![search_3] & "*"
The filed name is "ssn"

In a form I have an unbound field that is called "search_3" and when I type a number or more and hit enter it's supposed to look it up in the table. But it´s not working

FYI! It works whith letters. I have the same query for searchin first name and it works.
But not with numbers.

Any suggestions?


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Social Security Alternatives?


I need a natural unique id for current and new enrollees, and I do not want to store social security numbers. If a new person enrolls, I need a way to know if they're already in our system.

I was wondering if a lookup table would work, where you switch a random autonumber for a social. If this will work, is it more secure than simply storing the socials?

Thank you!

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Social Security Masking On A Form

I have a form based on a table where social security numbers are entered. I would like to enter a social security number on the form and once it's entered the first 5 digits are masked. When I go to the table I would like to see the complete social security number displayed. Is this possible? Can the control source on the form be formatted to hide the existing social security numbers as well so they don't have to be rekeyed with the new format?

Thank you in advance:cool:

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Social Security Numbers Used As Identifiers.

G’day all.

I am posting this on more than one site but that should not matter simply because it asks for an opinion and, as such, your opinion should not be construed or even considered as an absolute answer…valued yes, absolute no.

What issues may emanate from using the US SSN, or equivalent numbers in other countries, as an identifier for unique records in a database?

Not under local database control?
And anything else you may care to mention.

Please, members from foreign countries to the US, you are welcome to add your thoughts here.

And please also, this is not about anything you may wish to take up with the Federal Court, Privy Council, High Court or whatever in the future in your country. It’s about your understanding of the situation as it stands, at the moment, in your country.

That’s about it…what do you think?

The following three links should take you to the other two sites…
(Sounds like a bit of gobldegook but you are already on one of those sites.)


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PageUp Gives Last User Social Security

I have a database that keeps track of vositors to our center. A student recently complained because after signing in he hit pageup and his social security was displayed.

Students enter thier number and pick a subject and class from drop downs and thenclick sign in.

Is there something I can put in the Onclick event that would not allow a new user to view the previous users info?



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Advice?: Formatting Social Security #s For Import From Excel 200 - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

I’m planning to import customer records into Access 2002 from Excel 2002. Considering the way that Access will treat social security numbers, is it better to format social security numbers in the Excel source files:

a)with or without hyphens?
b)formatted using the “Special -> Social Security Number” setting or formatted some other way?

I’m concerned that the hyphens will affect the way Access recognizes social security numbers. However, I’ve noticed that Excel drops zeros that appear at the beginning of any social security number unless it’s formatted as a social security number.

My last concern is that I don’t know how Access will treat the social security numbers based on the possible formatting options.

Can anyone help me sort through these options?


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Adjust Data Type: Number To Accept 18 Digits Number - Version: Any Version


Hope i can get help with my problem: I created a form (were a user can scan a barcode "serial number") which in turn will be fed into a table. the barcode scanned is 18 digits number therefore i set the Data Type in design view for the table to: "Number" and in the Field Properties, "Field Size" set to "Long Integer".

Now when i try to scan/enter the serial number into the table through the form, I get the following error msg:
"The Value you entered isn't valid for this field.
For example, you may have entered test in numeric field or a number that is larger than the Field Size setting permits."

as i can't change the data type for any other types (such as text) as i am applying special formula and calculation on it. the question is how can adjust access to accept the 18 digit serial number.


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Change Number Of Digits To 5

have a query with a field that contains numbers with 3,4,and 5 digits. I want to format it so it displays all as 5 digits by adding 0s to the front of the number. EX:


change to:

Help please. Dont want to do it in VBA either. I would rather build it as an expression field or something.

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Currency Convert From Digits To Number

dear frnd,

i have a access program for printing cheque. i want to use a text box which automaticaly convert number ito digits from user input text box.

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Need Longer Then 9 Digits In Number Type Field

I need a field to permit only numbers. Upon selecting number for the data type I select Long Integer for a longer number... But it only allows 9 digits.. I need it to allow to enter in longer numbers... Any help?
Thank you very much in avdance

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Define Number Of Digits In Table Fields

I'm just to work with Fox Pro, and I am therefore puzzled with how to define the exact number of digits in a field in a table in Access. If I need 9 digits + 2 decimals in a number filed, how do I define that in design view?

Also, I need to know how to export a table into a text file, with a format without any spaces, and each record is divided with a new line. This an old IBM text format file.

Thanks, Torsan

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Update Query For Number Less Than 8 Digits Long

Hi there

Im working on an update query to add 2 zeros to the front of a field where it is less than 8 digits long. I'm not sure how to go about this, can anyone help me out?


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How Can I Limit Number Of Digits Entered In The Text Box? Please Help!

Hi guys,

I have a text box, which requires a 8-digit number entry. I have wrote the code to check that the length is 8 and if it isn't a label will turn visible next to the field telling the user entry must be 8 digits.

This works for when i enter a number less than 8-digits but when i input a number with more digits as it does not fit into the text box it turns it to a scientific format value and when the code runs it shows the length is actually 8! And therefore the entry is valid!

I.e. when i input 123456789 the text box shows 1.23E+08 which is 8 charecters!

I dont want any error messages to pop up as i handle them by code and use labels to show the error message next to the problem field and i would like to keep this consistent. Is there any way i can do this by a function or a property in the table or form?

I appreciate any help/advice


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Digits In Number Format - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I need to have a number field start with an assigned number and be auto assigned. The number is 3 digits long, starting with 001. How do you set the digit length in a number format?



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Setting Min Number Of Digits In Data Properties - Version: 2007 (12.0)

We receive UPC codes from various manufactures in MS Excel format where Excel has removed the leading zero and the length of the UPC code is only 11 digits. Our data feed to requires the field to have 12 digits. It there are reasonable way of setting the minimum number of numbers required in the UPC field, so that when we import the Excel data to our database it will add the leading zero to the UPC number.

Thank you so much

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Function To Determine Number Of Digits In Field - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

I have a field with a whole number ... I am creating a different field to give me the number of digits in the number field ... What function can I use to determine the number of digits in a number "double" field ... For example, number field is 2699, I want a function to give me "4", if the number is 34567, I want the result of "5", etc.

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Function To Update A Price Field Depending On Number Of Digits - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP

How can I do this quickly ... I have 7 million records to update quickly ... if the price field length is 3 - decimal needs to be 2 places to the left, if the length is 4 it needs to be 3 places to the left and if the length is 5 it needs to be 4 places to the left....

Anyway to do this quickly in an update query?

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Creating A Social Network Database

Hi everyone, I am hoping someone will be able to help me with a problem I have. I am undertaking a social network analysis and in order to do this I need to be able to create a matrix with the following format:

Group Person
J Smith G Fowles M Jones
X 1 0 1
Y 0 1 0
Z 1 1 0

I also need to be able to store and retrieve personal and group level details. Note that people can be in more than one group and groups can have more than one person. My problem is that the data has been gathered by another institution and is only available in the following (Excel) format.

Group Person Role Group Characteristic .....
X J Smith Strategist Level One
X M Jones Supporter Level One
Y G Fowles Financer Level Three
Z J Smith Strategist Level Ten
Z G Fowles .... Level Ten

Any idea how I can go about doing this? I know how I could do it if I manually entered the data, but because there are literally thousands of individuals (and a whole heap of groups too) I am hoping hoping hoping that I can do it using Excel and Access. Any advice would be incredibly appreciated.

Thanks everyone!

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Grabbing Max Or Min Values

Hopefully this is an easy one. I've got a table with (for example) a list of books sold (field 1) and the price they each sold for (field 2). There are duplicates in both field 1 and field 2. I'd like to create a new table that has each book's name exactly once, and the maximum value it sold for. How can I do that?



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Please Help With Grabbing The Domain ID Of A Form User.

I would like to know who is using a form I am soon placing on our network. I would really like to have the database locked down by domain authentication, is this possible? I can go into the files properties, but I was hoping there was a way to do this within the DB itself. Perhaps locking certain parts of the database depending on domain security groups.
If this isn't possible, is it possible to grab the user's ID and have it stored in a field? Each time a form is submitted, I would like it to track who is making the submissions.
Thanks in advance for any help

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Grabbing A File Name - Version: 2003 (11.0)

I'm having my system open a windows dialog box and I'm capturing the location of the file the user is importing. What is the best way to take just the file name?

Can I read a string starting from the right side? I'm aware of instr function, but not sure how to find the location of the last "". Would someone be able to point me in the right direction for this issue?

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Grabbing Oracle Login From A Linked Table

Not sure if this is possible but I have in my db a linked ODBC connection to a table. I use a Oracle 8 login to access the linked table. My question is can I capture the user login in ID somewhere in my table to show who is logged in? Thanks...

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Navigating Through Records With VBA And Grabbing Data - Version: 97 (8.0)


I have a text file that comes into a Access97 database and I am grabbing some data off of it. It is imported into an import table.

When I get to a line of the table. It is possibe that there is some data to grab on the next record it can go to one
or another variable from this one line. It is possible that the next record would have some data to get also.

The table can look like this with no data I am interested in:
Australia (AU2)
Austria (AT1)
Belgium (BE4)
Brazil (BR1)
Canada (CAX)
China- Shanghai (CN1)
China- Shenzhen (CN2)

or something like this:
COUNTRY (Settlement Location) Selected:
Argentina (AR1)
faserfsdf?: Testing (need to get this)

f90iok?23-49:: pg ( this too)
Australia (AU2)
Australia (AU7)
CitiBank Only Funds
Austria (AT1)
For Austrian Residents Only: Is this fund serviced out of SSB Vienna?: Testing ( this one also)
Bahrain (BH1)

I have code that will get the data when it is there but it crashes when there is nothing there, I guess I need
a better conditional statement I am using rs.MoveNext and Move (number of rows) but when went to finish the code it crashed when nothing was there


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VBA Grabbing Data From Changing Table - Version: 97 (8.0)

I posted earliy and did not state the problem clearly. I am trying to get some data from a text file
that can change Under one set of conditions there will be data on one line but it might not be there all the time.

I have attached a file as an example. If you take a look the Argentinia is an example of this.I am using rs.MoveNext which is jumping me to the wrong place in the table if the conditions are not met

If rs!Field1 Like "*Argentina*" Then

Market = Mid(rs!Field1, 1)


If rs!Field1 Like "*SI*" Then
Argeninfo = Mid(rs!Field1, InStr(rs!Field1, "*SI*") + 1) We added this char as a prefix

'ElseIf rs!Field1 Like "*AR*" Then
' ArgentinaInitial = Mid(rs!Field1, InStr(rs!Field1, "AR") + 2)

End If


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Grabbing Values From A Table Based On Form Entry

In my database I have 4 tables for a small painting and decorating business.

These are:
tblCustomers, tblOrders, tblStock, tblPayments.

I have a form based on tblOrders to add new orders when they come in from customers.

In this form there are 3 important fields: "CustomerID" (Lookup to tblCustomers), "StockID" (Lookup to tblStock) and Quantity (Entered by user).

However, I want a calculated field that will be worked out automatically when the user is entering these details. The calculated field should go to tblStock and grab the "Cost" field.

However the main problem is specifying what price it will grab from the table. I want it to get the "Cost" where "StockID" = (the stock ID selected in the lookup). I then want to multiply the price by the quantity which the user has entered.

The control source should be worded something like:
= ([tblStock]![Cost] where [StockID] = StockID)*Quantity

but that isn't valid.

Could anyone point me to a piece of VBA or some way to get around my problem?
Many thanks for any help,

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Grabbing Data From A Spreadsheet Cell - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Good evening all,

I have a "Profit" field in my database for which I plan to give my users some options on a form - there will be a dropdown box where they can choose to use either a standard formula, enter the value manually or - and here's the bit I'm stuck on - use a value from a cell in a spreadsheet.

Ultimately I really need this to link to a Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet, but if I could get it to work with Excel it would be a start!

If anyone's familiar with the Sage forecasting software, you will probably know what I mean - when the user selects "Link to Spreadsheet", they choose the spreadsheet to open, which then loads in an inline frame within the software, and they can pick a cell to fetch the value from.

I am guessing I would be talking about some sort of ActiveX control to display the program, so if anyone can suggest a control that would be great, or any other suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!

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Grabbing LonLat From GoogleMaps (Very Very Hard) !!! - Version: 2003 (11.0)

Well ... this is it

I know that this is going to be very very very difficult.

Have a look at the example. This access form is linked to the page:

web page

as you see, clicking on this page gives us Lon,Lat and Zoom.

And the question is ....

Are we able to grab these data ????

The source code of this link (HTML code) is :

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
<html xmlns="" xmlns:v="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml">
<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/>
<title>Google Maps JavaScript API Example: Event Arguments</title>
<script src=";v=2&amp;key=ABQIAAAAzr2EBOXUKnm_jVnk0OJI7xSosDVG8KKPE1-m51RBrvYughuyMxQ-i1QfUnH94QxWIa6N4U6MouMmBA"
<script type="text/javascript">

function initialize() {
if (GBrowserIsCompatible()) {
var map = new GMap2(document.getElementById("map_canvas"));
map.setCenter(new GLatLng(37.4419, -122.1419), 13);

GEvent.addListener(map,"click", function(overlay,latlng) {
var myHtml = "The GLatLng value is: " + map.fromLatLngToDivPixel(latlng) + " at zoom level " + map.getZoom();
map.openInfoWindow(latlng, myHtml);
map.addControl(new GSmallMapControl());
map.addControl(new GMapTypeControl());

<body onload="initialize()" onunload="GUnload()">
<div id="map_canvas" style="width: 500px; height: 300px"></div>

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Grabbing Data From A Bound Control From Within A Function? - Version: 2007 (12.0)

Hi people,

I understand well enough that if I write VB code for any one control within a form, I can simply refer to other controls on the form by name.

However, for simplicity’s sake, I have decided to perform the required tasks using a combination of macros and code. (Also because I am yet to figure out how to open and close forms without relying on macros)

To perform one of my functions, I used the ‘runcode’ macro and assumed I would still be able to refer to my bound controls by name. It became evident that I needed to pass the values within my controls to the function; but how?

Let’s assume I have three bound textboxes containing string values:


I tried:

Function CheckRoutine([UserID] as String, [Passcode] as String, [ValidationKey] As String)

‘ Miscellaneous code here
‘etc etc etc

End Function

Upon clicking the control button I receive the following error message:
“The expression you entered has a function containing the wrong number of arguments”

So my question is, “How exactly do I pass the data from within bound textboxes into a function called from the ‘Runcode’ macro?”

Thanks in advance!

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Grabbing Time Values From Table In Visual Basic And Performing Calculations With Them


My boss wants me to program in visual basic, instead of using queries, a calculation between times, which values are gotten from a table. How do I perform a calculation between two fields from a table in code and what functions are there to calculate the amount of difference in minutes between times in visual basic? THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!


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