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Iif Statement In Default Value

Is it possible to add an Iif Statement to a default value?


This does not work?

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Default IIF Statement In A Table
I am making a default value statement in a table that looks like this
IIF([company name] IN(“name1”, “name2”, “name3”), Date()+14, Date()+30);

this statement says that if the companys name is any of the names in the list, then the date outputed will be todays date +14, otherwise, the date will be todays date +30.

whenever i try to use the statement, access keeps giving me the error...
"you omitted an operand or operator, you entered an inalid character or comma, or you entered text without surrounding it in quotation marks"

what is wrong with my statement??

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Default Combo Box Based On Default Table Value
Hi Everyone,

I hope someone can help.

I have a form with a combo boxes and a table with relevant list and additional field, fldDefaultDrive (Yes/No Field).

Currently in order to set the default value, I have used the following code for each default;

Private Sub Form_Load()
Forms!frmMediaLabeller!CboDriveName.DefaultValue = """D"""

End Sub

However, I want users to be able to go into the table and change the default value if thier CD player default Drive is anything but D: Drive. I have tried to replace the D above with an SQL statement but with no success.

Private Sub Form_Load()

Dim Drivename As String

Drivename = SELECT tblMediaDrive.fldDrivename FROM tblMediaDrive WHERE (((tblMediaDrive.fldDefaultDrive)=-1));

Forms!frmMediaLabeller!CboDriveName.DefaultValue = """Drivename"""

End Sub

This is definetly not working, can anybody help, I have a feeling it is syntax but not sure where? :confused:


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Your Help In Default Value?Please
Dear Sir...:)

Please your help it is urgent for me.

There is to table:
First table name (UserName) with fields:
1- UserID
2- name

Second table (Website) with fields:
1- Id
2- UserID
3- WebSiteURL
And there is one-to-many relationship between them.

what I have to do if any new users register by default; it gives him URL (I have to let default more than one).:confused:

Please your help ASAP.

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Set Default Value
I am trying to set up two date fields in a table, and I would like the second date field to default to the value of the first date field for each record - is this possible to do in the table design?

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Default Value
I want to set the default value on a table to 'Previous'. Basically I want to display the value in the field above it, so say if I have a company name "bobs boats", I want the next company name to default to "bobs boats". Can you do this??

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Default Value

Ive got a table set up which is not calculating properly (or least i cant seem to get it to) Basically i have a row for quantity and a row for unit price. What i want to do in my table if possible is times the unit price by the quantity so it will come up in my reports which at the moment it isnt doing, as the default value is 0 in my table!
Might anyone be able to help me on this matter?

Thanx in advance

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Default Value
How can I set the previous record as data source for default value in MS Access table?

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Default Day
I have a billing date on my form.
Each billing date should be on the 15th of any month (1/15 or 2/15 or 3/15, etc…)
Is there a way to default a day to the 15th and then make the user enter month and year?
Or if there is no way to default the date to the 15th, may be there is somehow I can check to see if day that user entered = 15th?

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How can I Default a Text Box value by the input of another two Text Boxes. This Expression on the Text Box Default Value does not work.

=IIf([Text0]=0 Or ([Text8]="<" And [Text0]=1),"White",IIf(([Text0]>=1 And [Text0]<=49),"Blue",IIf(([Text0]>=50 And [Text0]<=499),"Orange",IIf([Text0]>=500,"Yellow","No Input, left blank")))) :confused:

Other Text Boxes follow, I want to see the Default Value as soon as I leave Text0 and Text8.

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Default Value
Hello again,

I have two controls on an inventory form Called PurchasePrice and CurrentValue.

The user would like the default value for the CurrentValue to be that of the PurchasePrice when it is entered and able to change it after time.

I have tryed:
Default Value: =Me.[PurchasePrice]

Any Ideas


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Default Value
Hi, I am trying to display a default value of 06 followed by 3 digits, that the user would enter in. Would this be done in the Input Mask, if so how?


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Default Value
Hi, I am trying to display a default value of 06 followed by 3 digits, that the user would enter in. Would this be done in the Input Mask, if so how?


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Default Value
Hi I have tried to look, but have not find the solution!

I have a form wich I need in certain fields to have a default value, at themoment I have a default value on the properties of the form, but this cannot be changed by the final user.
Ho can I display the same value of the last record of the database?

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Default Value
I have a combo box, Table/Query type. It selects a query then propergates the values. Nice, but any ideas how I could select a default selection from the query, ie the top record ?

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Default Value In A Textbox
Is it possible to display text as the default value in a textbox which is bound to a field with a numerical data type?

For example, I want to display "N/A" as the default value, so if no one enters a number "N/A" is displayed on my report.

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Default Page
Hi there..

I have an access 2003 database. Properties are set as whenever open it a default form appears. I want this to be changed to some other form.
Please Advice.


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Default Value For A Combo Box.
can anyone tell me how i can have the default value of the combo box field as the first value in the combo box drop down list?

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Default Values? :(
Hi all,

Is it possible to make the default values of a table with symbols in it?

I have a database that returns results with pictures and links included. What Im trying to do is make it as quick as possible to enter information, i've got the ASP page returning everything correctly but I still have to copy n paste certain things onto every form entry in the database.

<img src="
<a target="_blank" href="
<a href="notify.asp?choice=

These are all the things I couldn't get into the ASP code on the page. When i enter data I just have to flick back a page, copy, flick forward and paste for every section that has symbols (theres about 7 of em)...... gets a bit annoying after only 5 pages.

I hope thats enough info and not too confusing. Thanks to anyone that can help.

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Combobox Default Value
Hello Everyone,

I wanted to know how I can set a default value into the combo box. The value I type in the Default value box doesn't seem to work.

Here's what i want to accomplish.

My default value should be my computer user id

How can I do this?


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Default Value From Other Table?
Is there any way I can have a default value in a table set to the value in a field in another table?

I have a table that has event information including the number of the event, e.g., this year is the 51st one. This event information table only has one line because after the event I'm going to save the record to an archive table and then update the information for the next year.

I have another table with participants in the event and records for it come from a form. I'd like to have it so that it automatically inserts the event number for each record. In this way when I archive that information, we'll know which event the participant was involved in. The participant could be involved for a number of years.

I'd rather not have the input person have to type in the event number every time. Doing a combo box also involves an extra step for them. It seems like I ought to be able to automate this info. I don't know anything about VBA.

Would one of you help me? By the way, I've learned an awful lot reading on this forum. I can't tell you how many problems you've solved for me. Thank you.

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Set Default Value In Field
guys.. i'm using ACCESS 2000.

i wish to add a field
1. fieldname : mytext
2. fieldtype : text
3. default value : none

i have try

but failed to set the DEFAULT value

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Month, Default Value
I have a month field on my table, I have tried to ass "Now()" on the Default Value, but its not seems to be working, what I want is when the form is opened the default value would be the current month.


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=now() Not Working In Default Value
Hello all,

I have a table in access and one of the fields (date) has a default value of =now().

I have an excel spreadsheet that has all the fields in the access table inlcuding the date column (but the column is not populated).

When I import the spreadsheet into access, I get some errors...violations...when I open up the table, it does not have the date field populated, do you know why?

Thanks for your help.

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Default Value In A Table

I have a field named dblNumber and I want it's default value to be it's value in the previous record + 1. How can I do this ? If it's not possible in a table, can I do it on a form?

op.: I don't wan't to use the "autonumber" option...


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