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Military Watchbill Creator

I am trying to create an automated watchbill creator.

Watches (for those that dont know they can be treated like shift work).
We stand 2 differant watchs a day.
8 hours watchs. 1 starts @ 1600., 1 starts @ 0800.
We are in 4 sections - so that mean each section has about 20 people.
10 that can stand the first watch, and 10 that can stand the second watch.

Currently I have 3 tables
Personel, Excuse Log, Watch

SSN (Last4)
Last Name
First Name
Duty Section
Watch (watch they stand) (sdo, dd)

Excuse (its basically for people who are on leave, school, ect)

Watchs. (this one I am not to sure how to do.)
right now I have

I have input all the users in the personel table.
Which is great for right now, setup basic query for duty section, watchs they can stand.

What I wanted to do was have it autogenerate a watchbill for each duty section. So 4 sections requiring 5 people per day. Dont know how hard that is, or feasible by myself.

I hope I explained it as best as I could.

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My new job requires me to use access so I'm learning as I go. :confused:
I have already used previous threads from this forum to answer another problem I encountered. Thanks for providing this forum to the public!

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